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Felicia Jones is the proud single mother of the American professional football athlete Lamar Jackson. Even after the loss of her husband in a car accident, Felicia did not shed a single tear, thinking that she had to raise her son without letting him feel the absence of his father.

Lamar was just eight at the time of his dad’s death. Over time, he grew up exactly as his mother had imagined.

Lamar became a quarterback in the United States’ biggest football league, NFL, fulfilling his mother’s wish. He currently plays for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League.

Lamar Jackson With His Mother
Lamar Jackson With His Mother Felicia (Source: 247 Sports)

It is, of course, Lamar’s hard work and dedication that brought him to the place he is today.

But he knows and acknowledges that he would not have been in the NFL had his mother not goaded him to practice running with her on the bridge near their home every morning when he was a kid.

Now, let’s explore more about Felicia Jones’ life and her contribution to shaping her son’s professional career. But before we proceed further, here are some quick facts about her.

Lamar Jackson Mother | Quick Facts

Full Name Felicia Jones
Date Of Birth Not Available
Residence Pompano Beach, Florida, United States
Age Not Available
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Height Not Available
Weight Not Available 
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American 
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Dark Brown 
Marital Status Widow 
Deceased Husband’s Name Lamar Jackson Sr.
Kids Lamar Jackson
Famous as  Lamar Jackson’s mom
Net Worth Not Available 
Lamar Jackson on Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch of Lamar Jackson Framed Photographs, Signed Baltimore Ravens Mini Helmet 
Last Update May 2024

Lamar Jackson Mother | Life & Family

Lamar Jackson and his mother, Felicia Jones, do not wish to disclose much about their personal life, so nothing about her early life is known.

Similarly, there is no information about her parents, upbringing, and education on the Internet.

Felicia was married to Lamar Jackson’s Father, Lamar Jackson Sr., in the nineties.

Together, they gave birth to Lamar and his younger brother, Jamar.

Lamar Jackson's mother Felicia Jones (Source: Bossip)
Lamar Jackson’s mother, Felicia Jones (Source: Bossip)

Although their economic background was weak, they resided happily in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Sadly, she lost her husband, Lamar Sr., in 2005, in a car accident. Adding to her grief, Lamar’s grandmother, too, passed away that same day.

Even though Felicia knew it would be hard for her to raise her child as a single parent, she did not falter.

Lamar and his younger brother remember that she told them not to cry for the lost ones but to move on and be stronger.

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback, James Pierre Jackson, is her nephew.

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Lamar Jackson Mother | Her Role in His Success

Early Influences

As mentioned above, Felicia Jones is the primary reason Lamar Jackson got into football.

After their father’s death, she devised an idea to engage her little kids in fun activities, so they could forget about the tragedy and focus on something pleasing. 

She used to take Lamar running on the bridge nearby their home.

After running to and from many times, they played various games in their backyard.

Lamar’s little brother, Jamar, too often joined the game to level the enjoyment.

However, Lamar was not so enthusiastic about games in those days. Felicia worked hard to enhance his athletic side, lifted his spirit, and pushed him to participate in competitions.

Although Felicia could not afford to train Lamar in the camp back then, she had arranged a local coach named Van Warren for him to train with. 

Lamar Jackson with his mother Felicia Jones (Source: Pinterest)
Lamar Jackson With His Mother, Felicia Jones (Source: Pinterest)

Lamar’s progress in football was gradual, but he was an excellent runner.

So, later when Lamar began to take football seriously, his mother suggested he always play the quarterback position because she trusted his football skills.

According to the Louisville Cardinals assistant coach Lamar Thomas, Felicia negotiated with him to let Lamar play in the quarterback position for the team. 

Lamar Jackson’s Agent

One thing that often gets talked about in the media about Lamar besides his gameplay is his unwillingness to hire an agent.

One of the best contemporary quarterbacks in the NFL has never hired a formal agent to date.

In 2018, he signed a rookie contract worth $9.47 million with the Baltimore Ravens without any agent talking for him.

He believes a player can speak for himself and does not need a third person to make the deal.

Many media had then speculated that maybe his mother, Felicia, was his agent.

However, he denied those rumors saying that he does not see the need for any agent and that his mother is only his “manager.”

In September 2022, when he faced trouble reaching an agreement for a new contract with Baltimore, concerned people suggested he hire an agent.

The matter about his contract extension with the team is still on hold, even though he is still playing for them.

Let’s see whether he would hire an agent in the future. But, for now, it seems his mother’s advice and the NFLPA’s help are enough for him to negotiate new deals.

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About Lamar Jackson

Lamar Demeatrice Jackson Jr., commonly known as Lamar Jackson, was born on January 7, 1997, in Pompano Beach, Florida, to his parents, Lamar Jackson Sr. and Felicia Jones.

Growing up with his younger sibling, Jamar, in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Florida, Lamar completed his high school education at Boynton Beach Community High School.

Following his graduation, he chose to study at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, where he played college football for the Louisville Cardinals for three seasons before dropping out of college to pursue an NFL career.

Lamar Jackson
Lamar Jackson For Ravens (Source: Wikipedia)

Even though he had started his college career as a three-star recruit, Lamar became one of the best quarterbacks at the end of his time at Louisville.

For his performances in his junior season, he received over half a dozen prizes, including Heisman Award, Maxwell Award, and Walter Camp Award, among many others.

Proving his decision to forgo his senior season right, the Baltimore Ravens chose him as the 32nd overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

His NFL career so far is going well, as he already has over 95 touchdowns and 35 interceptions in about five seasons.

The Louisville Cardinals honored him with their ring of honor and retired his jersey number 8 in 2021.

Lamar Jackson Mother | Social Media Presence

Lamar Jackson’s mother, Felicia Jones, is unavailable on social media platforms.

However, Lamar Jackson has a huge following on almost all popular social media handles. You can follow him through the links given below:


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Instagram: @new_era8

Twitter: @Lj_era8

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is Lamar Jackson in a relationship?

Yes, Lamar Jackson is in a relationship. He has been dating his girlfriend, Jaime Taylor, since 2017. However, they have not yet disclosed much about their relationship in the media.

How much is Lamar Jackson’s net worth?

According to sources, Lamar Jackson has a net worth of about $5 million. 

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