Louis Riddick Bio: Wife, Career, Net Worth & Personal Life

Louis Riddick is a former football player currently working for ESPN as an analyst. He also holds a management position for professional football teams.

Riddick is a former NFL player and has been there for eight seasons. To any football lover, joining the NFL is a big dream; not everyone gets the opportunity to be in NFL.

Undoubtedly, Louis is an inspiration for many football players and those who adore football or follows it religiously. From a very early age, Riddick was fond of playing football.

That is why he thought of pursuing his career as a footballer and making his own name.

Louis Riddick smiling
Louis Riddick

Louis is one of those players who have won the World Bowl Championship, an outstanding and prestigious achievement for any football player.

Even after retirement, Louis couldn’t stay from football. Hence, he found a way to be a part of football indirectly.

Today, we dive into the life of Louis Riddick. Here, we will discuss his early life, career, net worth, personal life, and many more. But first, let us have an instant glance at the quick facts section.

Quick Facts

NameLouis Angelo Riddick
BirthplaceQuakertown, Pennsylvania, United States
BirthdateMarch 15, 1969
Age53 years old
Father’s NameNot known
Mother’s NameNot known
  • Perkasie Pennridge
  • University of Pittsburgh
SiblingsRobb Riddick
Drafted bySan Fransisco 49ers
Famous NameLouis Riddick
Weight98 kg
Hair ColourBald
Eye ColourBlack
ProfessionFootball broadcaster
ShowNFL Live
Started Career asFootball Player
NFL Debut1991
NFL statistics
  • Tackles- 172
  • Sacks-2
  • Safeties-1
Net Worth$10 million
Works asAnalyst
Works atMonday Night Football ESPN
Sexual OrientationStraight
  • World Bowl Champion (1992)
  • USA Today High School All-American (1986)
Marital StatusMarried
WifeNot known
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter
Last UpdateSeptember, 2022

Louis Riddick | Early Life And Family

Louis Angelo Riddick, famously known as Louis Riddick, was born in Quartertown, Pennsylvania, United States, on March 15, 1969.

However, not much has been mentioned about his early life, family, and education. Louis has successfully kept his early life a secret.

In an interview, Louis revealed that his parents were super supportive of him. But his father was the one who supported him the most.

Louis Riddick playing
Louis Riddick in The National Football League

Besides, Louis has a brother named Robb Riddick; they were born and brought up in Pennsylvania.

Louis and Robb went to Pennridge School District. Similarly, Riddick loved playing football from his early childhood, and he was also on his school’s football team.

Undoubtedly he was a fantastic football player, and he was also honored by Parade magazine as they included him in its list of Parade High School All Americans.

Likewise, Louis was also included in the US Today publication’s All USA High School Team.

Besides being a splendid player, Louis was the captain of his school’s team during his high school days.

Later, after graduating from Pennridge School district, Riddick joins the University of Pittsburgh.

He was there for 4 years and worked as a letterman playing for his college team, The Pittsburgh Panthers. Similarly, Louis graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.

Louis Riddick | Professional Career

Louis Riddick started his college days; he used to play football for his college Pittsburgh. After completing his studies, Louis decided to pursue his career as a footballer.

Finally, Louis made his NFL debut in 1991. Similarly, in the 9th round of the NFL draft, the San Francisco 49ers drafted Louis.

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College And NFL Career

After Louis’s NFL debut, he started to perform really well in his games. Undoubtedly, Louis Riddick was one of the best players of his time. Likewise, He has been rewarded with various achievements.

But before Louis’s NFL debut, he played for his college team. Similarly, he was a letterman there and played there for 4 years.

Nonetheless, Louis was the team captain of his college team, and he played in a safe position as a quarterback.

Likewise, he has also won 2 times the Academic All-American award during his college years. Similarly, he was a USA Today and Parade Magazine All-American during his senior years.

Talking about his professional career, he has been active in 8 seasons of the NFL. However, he was active for a short period of time in the NFL, but undoubtedly, he has made some remarkable impacts.

Louis Riddick With The His College Team's Helmet
Louis Riddick With The Pittsburgh Panthers’ Helmet

Besides, in his 8 years long career, he has played for various teams. Similarly, he has also played for Sacramento Surge, Atlanta Falcons, and Cleveland Browns.

However, Louis played for Cleveland Browns for 2 years, which was the longest time he had stayed on any team from 1991-to 1995.

From 1996-to 2001, Louis was drafted by three different teams. Among them, he stayed in Atlanta Falcons for two long years. Similarly, he also played for Oakland Raiders and Orlando Rage.

But Louis Riddick ended his football career in 2001. However, he couldn’t stay away from football and started working in various fields related to football.

Life After Retiring from Football And ESPN

After retiring from football in 2001, Riddick joined Washington Redskins as a pro scout. Similarly, after 4 years of joining Redskins, Louis gets promoted to Director of Pro Personnel.

Similarly, in 2008 Louis joined Philadelphia Eagles as a pro scout, and shortly after 2 years of joining, he got promoted to Assistant Director of pro personnel. Further, he was even promoted to the post of Director of Pro Personnel in 2010.

Later, in 2013, the safety regions from the Philadelphia Eagles and joined ESPN as an NFL Front Office Insider. However, after that, there is no looking back for Louis.

Former footballer and ESPN Broadcaster Louis Reddick
ESPN Broadcaster Louis Reddick

Currently, the footballer is one of the most reputed and respected personalities in the industry. Similarly, at the beginning of his career Louis, he covered the NFL Draft on ESPN radio.

However, in 2015 the athlete made his first television debut in NFL Draft. Since 2016 Louis has been the key contributor for Super Bowl Wolf, the NFL draft, and the NFL scouting Combine for ESPN.

Besides, he also has good contributions to Sunday NFL Countdown, Monday Night Countdown, and NFL Live.

He also has a valuable role in SportsCenter and ESPN radio. In 2019, Steve Levy and Brian Griese helped Louis Kick off MNF’s 50th season.

Likewise, in August of 2020, Louis, an analyst for Monday Night Football. Undoubtedly, Louis is considered one of the best voices in the industry. He is renowned for his speaking skills and presentation techniques.

Opinion in Urban Meyer

Recently, in December 2021, Louis stood out to comment on former Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer stating his short-lived tenure as one of the all-time coaching failures in NFL history.

“This is the biggest failure of leadership, on the part of a coach, probably in the history in the NFL. At least in my time anyway. What did Urban Meyer do with it? He made it about him. He didn’t make it about the team… As far as his career in the NFL, it’s over. It’s done.” – Louis Riddick.

Opinion on Players

Recently, the former footballer criticized former Washington Redskin Quarterback Dwayne Haskins for his decision-making skills. Furthermore, Riddick added that he was disappointed as he put a lot of hope and support behind him. 

Moreover, during the 2020-21 Super Bowl game, Louis mistakenly called Patrick Mahomes “Pat” while broadcasting. However, his mother, Randi Mahomes, wasn’t too happy about it. 

Patrick Mahomes’ father went by the name Pat while serving in the Major League Baseball.

She tweeted, “If this announcer doesn’t stop calling my son Pat.. ugh, I may scream… lol,” and tagged ESPN on the post. 

Louis Riddick | Stats


Louis Riddick | Age, Height, Weight, And Features

At the time of writing, Louis Riddick is 53 years old. He is mixed by ethnicity, an American by Nationality, and Christian by religion.

Similarly, Louis is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs around 98 kg. As a presenter, he needs to look sharp, neat, and tidy. However, Louis has maintained a good personality, as always seen on television.

Riddick currently has no hair on his head, but he had beautiful black hair in his young days. Likewise, talking about his eyes, they are black.

According to Louis’s birth chart horoscope, he is Pisces. However, people with this zodiac sign are usually open-minded, talented, and open-minded. Undoubtedly, Louis is one talented person with some good communication skills.

Definitely, Louis is respected in his field because of his good presenting skills. Indeed, Louis has been an inspiration to many players and other individuals as well.

It is because of Louis’s hard work and consistency in his work that he is famous today. He didn’t make his retirement his excuse and kept working in the field of his interest.

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Louis Riddick | Net Worth And Salary

Since Louis Riddick has been working for quite a long time, obviously, he must have earned a good amount of money.

It is assumed that Louis has a net worth of $10 million.

Likewise, Louis earns $800,000 per year. Besides, he also receives bonuses when a guest arrives at his show.

However, not much information has been disclosed regarding his lifestyle. But, indeed, he lives a lavish life.

Undoubtedly, the former Raider has worked hard to be in the position he is today. Indeed, he lives a luxurious and lavish life.

Louis Riddick | Personal Life

Louis has successfully kept his personal life private. He doesn’t talk much about his family and the things happening in his personal life.

Furthur, Louis is married, and he has kept the identity of his wife secret. But in 1999, after his career ended, he spoke about his family for the first time.

Wife And Kids

One of his interviews expressed that he wanted to spend some quality time with his wife and oldest daughter.

However, due to his busy schedule, he couldn’t give much attention to his family, and hence, he wanted to break from everything to be with his family.

After his retirement, Louis Riddick spent time in Atlanta with his family, thinking about the next step in his career. However, in 2000 Louis was offered to join the team again, but he resued the offer because his wife had given birth to their second child then.

Even though he shared some of the moments with the family, he didn’t give the identity of his wife and children.

According to sources, Louis is a big fan of his kid’s laughter and does everything possible to make them happy.

Sadly, life has not always been kind to Louis; his father passed away at 65 in 2013. He shared this news via tweet and was deeply saddened by the incident. Louis was very close to his father and loved him very much.

Even though Louis is a private person, he loves to share his children’s achievements.

While his daughter was joining the college, he tweeted his happiness. He mentioned time flies, and he couldn’t believe his daughter was in college.

Louis also shared about his son going to elementary school; however, Louis was nervous as a normal father, whereas his son was excited for the first day at school.

Definitely, Louis is a loving husband, caring father, and responsible family man. Clearly, he loves spending time with his family and cherishes every moment with them. Indeed, he lives a happy life with his family.

Louis Riddick | Social Media Presence

Twitter: 358.7k followers

Instagram: 85.8k followers

Common Queries:

Who is Louis Reddick?

Louis Reddick is a former NFL player and ESPN broadcaster. While in NFL, he played for teams like the San Francisco 49ers, Sacramento Surge, Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Browns, etc.

Besides that, he has also worked as an executive for Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles. Finally, he left the Eagles to accept the job as an analyst with sports network ESPN.

How many children does Louis Reddick have?

Reddick has two kids. He explained that while being in the NFL, he had very little time that he spent with them. However, he spends almost every minute of his free time with his kids and wife. 

Is Louis Reddick a general manager?

No, Louis Reddick is not a GM yet. Nevertheless, there are rumors that NFL teams like Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears,s and Houston Texans are interested in him. 

As the broadcaster has had plenty of experience as a player, executive, and analyst, he would be perfect for the job. 

Where was Louis Reddick born?

The former athlete was born in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, the United States. 

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