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As a human, all a person can think of is making an impact in life significantly. However, the amount of ambition and hard work they put into making their dream successful matters.

And in doing so, the conquest of being a triumphant person with a more significant impact in the world, very few succeed.

On top of that, having a successful career as an actress in Hollywood sounds more challenging than ever.

However, the French actress Lucie Boujenah has ambitions, and her hard work has paid off since she has been making remarkable contributions in the entertainment industry.

Lucie Boujenah
Lucie Boujenah

Moreover, Boujenah’s role as Jenna in the series Soda has gifted her recognition in Hollywood’s competitive world. 

The 33-year-old French actress Lucie has amassed many fans who are curious about her personal life and many more.

Therefore, here is everything about Marianne actress Lucie Boujenah’s net worth, personal life, and further ventures. 

Quick Facts:

Full Name Lucie Boujenah
Date of Birth 31 July 1987
Birth Place Paris, France 
Nick Name None
Religion Not Disclosed 
Nationality French
Ethnicity French
Zodiac Sign Leo
Age 36 Years Old
Height 5 ft 7 inches (1.70 m)
Weight Not Available 
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Build Slim
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Not Available 
Siblings One brother, Michel Boujenah, and One sister, Jeanne Boujenah
Education Conservatoire national supérieur d’art dramatique (CNSAD)
English: National Academy of Dramatic Arts
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend Thomas Solivérès
Profession Actress 
Active Years 2010-present
Movies & Series  Marianne, Little Tickles, R.I.S., police Scientifique, Cyrano, My Love, Nina, Vera, Brune Renault, Haiku, Babylone, P.J., Zak, Edmond, etc.
Net Worth $1million-$5 million
Social Media InstagramTwitter
Last Update July, 2024

Lucie Boujenah | Early Life, Family, and Education 

Once a person enters the world of television, there is no way one can maintain their privacy.

However, Lucie Boujenah has managed to retain it partially. She has kept her family away from the media scrutiny, but some of her ties came out exclusively. 

It turns out Lucie Boujenah is not the only actor in her family. Lucie Boujenah’s uncle, Michael Boujenah, is also an actor who gained fame in France and Tunisia.

Furthermore, he has also directed a few movies. Lucie is also the niece of French-Tunisian film director Paul Boujenah.

In addition, the French beauty is the sister of comedian Matthieu Boujenah.

Likewise, Lucie Boujenah’s family’s contributions to the French-Tunisian entertainment industry are massive.

However, she had a humble beginning. Moreover, Lucie continues to live a grounded life and keeps her family away from public attention.

Although we know very little about Boujenah’s parents, she maintains a loving and close relationship with her brother, Michael.

He often appears on her Instagram. Likewise, Lucie also has a sister named Jeanne Boujenah.

Lucie Boujenah
Lucie Boujenah with her sister.

Additionally, Lucie’s sister, Jeanne, is a scenographer, aka production designer. The Boujenah sisters seem close and often appear on Lucie’s Instagram. 

Moreover, there is very little information about her childhood, but seeing her growth, Lucie had a beautiful childhood surrounded by aspiring directors and actors.

The National Academy of Dramatic Arts graduate later followed her brothers’ and uncles’ footsteps into the entertainment work, which gained great popularity and added several zeros to her bank account. 

Lucie Boujenah | Age, Height, and Body Measurement 

The 36 years old French actress Lucie Boujenah is beautiful. Born in a reputed family, Lucie had a wonderful upbringing.

She is known for her dark hair and slender look. Furthermore, the Five actress stands tall at five feet and five inches.

Her correctly scaled facial structure and shiny smile have embraced many fans.

Lucie Boujenah
Lucie Boujenah is a French actress.

Born in late July, Lucie is a proud Leo. And as the sign suggests, she is outgoing and radiates positivity. Moreover, she is charismatic and warm.

Her passionate attitude helped her in her career, assisted her in her life, and welcomed positivity.

 Moreover, Lucie’s fashion sense and beauty could readily embrace the fashion industry. 

Besides loving animals and excelling in her career, Lucie also has a talent for photography. Although she doesn’t consider herself a photographer, she could make a decent one.

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Lucie Boujenah | Net worth and Earnings 

Aforementioned, Lucie Boujenah is a budding actress. She first entered the entertainment world through shot films before getting a significant role in 2010.

Lucie Boujenah’s net worth has been proliferating rapidly along with her fame. 

Furthermore, Lucie’s career as an actor is pleasantly astounding, and the exponential amount of movies she played has earned her substantial money.

Despite the amount of cash flow in her bank account, Lucie keeps her bank balance low-key. 

Income from Movies 

Despite having an outlandish family’s involvement in the entertainment industry, Lucie Boujenah had a humble beginning.

She initially appeared in several short films before bagging her first television role in a French police show, R.I.S., police Scientifique.

Since then, Lucie’s career took off remarkably. Moreover, Lucie made her first career debut in the 2013 romantic comedy It Boy, followed by her 24 Days in 2014.

Although the roles were small, she has always managed to grasp significant attention and landed in the comedy Five in 2016.

Lucie also had minor roles in Le juge est une femme and Cassandre. In 2019, after great struggles and breaks, she starred in Edmond by Alexis Michalik.

She later played Camille in the Netflix horror series Marianne the same year.

All the big and small roles throughout Lucie Boujenah’s career have raised her fame and net worth equally.

Lucie Boujenah In A Film
Lucie Boujenah Starring In A Movie

Furthermore, the average salaries of an actress range between $264,500 and $11,500 per year.

However, the paycheck differs from an actor’s experience, success, and roles; it is safe to assume that Lucie Boujenah’s salary is commendable to support her luxurious lifestyle. 

Moreover, Lucie has been mesmerizing her fans via other series and movies as well.

According to other sources, she has at least 21 credits as an actress, including Marianne, Little Tickles, etc.

Besides, Michel Boujenah’s sister has also appeared in Cyrano, My Love, Nina, Vera, Brune Renault, Haiku, Babylone, P.J., Zak, etc.

Therefore, the overwhelming number of movies she has appeared in several films and series have multiplied her wealth massively. 

Besides her emerging persona as an actress, Lucie also garnishes 23.3k followers on Instagram.

The overwhelming number of followers earns her money via endorsements and modeling as well. 

Does Lucie Boujenah have a boyfriend? Personal life and Relationship

Aforementioned, the French wonder, Lucie Boujenah, is a private person. She keeps her life away from the spotlight and has managed to save her life away.

However, Lucie Boujenah’s boyfriend is her work at the moment since she has been rigorously working hard to launch her career worldwide.

She has been a treat to watch on Netflix, and her affair with acting is one of the most admirable relationships. 

Apart from having a career relationship, Lucie Boujenah is most probably in a relationship with fellow actor Thomas Solivérès

The couple starred on Mon Inconnue together and thus has appeared on several premier shows side-by-side. Moreover, Lucie rarely uploads their picture together. 

Lucie Boujenah With Thomas Soliveres
Lucie Boujenah With Her Boyfriend, Thomas Soliveres

However, Boujenah’s Instagram is filled with her time with family and friends as she travels places.

Although she is yet to announce their relationship exclusively, they seem to spend quality time together with their fur baby. 

Lucie Boujenah’s boyfriend, Thomas Soliveres, is also a French actor known for his work in The Intouchables, Les gorillas, and Cyrano, My Love. He also co-starred Lucie in a couple of movies.

Moreover, there aren’t many details about how their relationship began, but they probably met on set and bonded during work.

Therefore, we might be seeing more of Lucie and Thomas in the coming days. 

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Lucie Boujenah | Active Participation In The BLM Movement 

Lucie Boujenah is a beautiful person who is yet to make a debut in Hollywood. However, she has made big fans worldwide through Marianne.

Besides maintaining a successful career, Boujenah is very humble and aware of situations worldwide. She also participated in the BLM movement actively. 

The BLM movement began to fight against racism and raise awareness regarding the injustice people of color experience.

Despite the global pandemic, millions of people came out on the road to awaken people’s integrity.

Lucie Boujenah
Lucie Boujenah

However, the pandemic prevented people from participating in the protest, which initiated the virtual campaign to show their solidarity. 

Thus, to show the support, Lucie Boujenah participated by posting a black square on Instagram.

Moreover, her pictures are mostly a blend of either numerous mentions or simple stickers. But Lucie joined the virtual solidarity with utter silence. 

Right next to Lucie’s silent and virtual protest against inequality and brutality is a beautiful picture of her pet dog named Lundi. 

Lucie Boujenah | An Avid Animal Lover 

Amongst 7 billion people globally, there are very few people who don’t love animals less. However, Marianne actress Lucie is an avid animal lover, especially dogs.

She has a fur baby named Lundi. Her pet dog makes several appearances on her Instagram and shares their love of spending time together. 

Surprisingly, Lucie is yet to jump to the trend of making her dog’s Instagram, but Lundie has taken over the majority of her Instagram already.

Furthermore, anyone who owns or ever owned a pet will explain the unexplainable bond between their pet and themselves.

Lucie with her dog
Lucie Boujenah with her dog.

But Lucie and Lundie are practically inseparable, and visual representations of an ‘unexplainable bond’ between them are all over her Instagram.

Also, Lucie and her partner, Thomas, co-parent their fur baby and keep in touch even when apart via video calls. 

Besides having an intense love for dogs, she also loves adventures. Going through Lucie Boujenah’s social media, her passion for travel is quite immense.

Despite having a hectic career, Lucie balances her love of being outdoors and her career. 

Lucie launched her career a decade ago and has accumulated a considerably massive loyal fan base. Naturally, therefore, we could anticipate more of her in the coming days.

Moreover, worldwide success could also open doors for a bigger world of cinematography. 

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Social Media Presence:

Lucie Boujenah is quite active on social media. You can follow her via these links:

Instagram: 22.3k followers

Twitter: 419 followers

Some FAQs:

Where is Lucie Boujenah’s origine?

Boujenah’s origin is from Paris, France.

Is Lucie Boujenah also a journalist?

No, the Marianne actress is not a journalist and does not have any experience in journalism.

What role did Lucie Boujenah play in Edmond?

Lucie Boujenah played the role of Jeanne d’Alcie in the film Edmond.

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