Maggie Bustamante Bio: Birthday High School, Engaged & Ring

Maggie Bustamante suddenly came to the hype after her relationship with renowned song and screenwriter Zach Kornfeld got out. As you may know, Zach is one of the original members of Try Guys. But she still has marked a strong impression with her talent and hard work.

Mostly she is known as an Instagram star, celebrity partner who usually likes to share lifestyle and travel pictures of her on social media for her followers. But few of them are only aware that her main profession is a pediatric nurse, and has been working as a nurse for the past 5 and a half years. 

Maggie with her fiance Zach
Maggie with her fiance Zach.

Maggie Bustamante is setting a perfect example of balancing two professional careers and personal life. She is making the best use of opportunities provided by social media in the present world.

Moreover, Maggie is attracting and influencing people to share her lifestyle and working as a nurse in the hospital. Likewise, she is engaged to Zach, and both of them are living happily without any misunderstanding and difficulties.

Other than that, to find out more amusing facts about Maggie’s life. Stay with us until last but at first, let’s look at her quick facts.

Quicks Facts

Full NameMaggie Bustamante
Date of Birth5th Nov 1992
Age28 years old
Place of BirthPeru
Nick NameUnavailable
EducationBachelor in Nursing (Mount Saint Mary University)
Father’s NameUnknown
Mother’s NameMagali Bustamante
SiblingsTwo Sisters (name unknown)
Height5 feet 6 inches (1.70m)
Weight59 kgs (130.07 lbs)
Body Mass Index (BMI)21
Body MeasurementUnavailable
Shoe numberUnknown
Hair ColourDark Brown
Eye ColourHazel  
Marital StatusEngaged to Zach Kornfeld (July 2020)
Profession/ JobSocial Media Personality/ Celebrity partner/ Paediatric nurse
Active SinceNurse (2015)
HobbiesTravelling, Workout, Dancing
SalaryUnder Review
Net worthUnder review
Social MediaInstagram @magsbustamante (281k followers)

Twitter @magsbustamante (7k followers)

PodcastYou Can Sit With Us
Try Guys Merch Apparel, Audiobook
Last Update2021

Where is Maggie Bustamante from? Early Life, Family and Education

Maggie Bustamante was born on 5th November 1992 in Peru. She was born to a Peruvian unnamed father and a mother, Magali Bustamante. She is the middle child among 3 sisters.

Sadly, Maggie still has not mentioned the name of her father and sisters anywhere. Her real name is Margaret, and she changed to Maggie when she was in kindergarten.

She grew up in Irvine, southern California after her parents moved to the United States of America. During her childhood days, Bustamante spent doing southern California activities like going to the beach, hiking, biking, camping, mainly with her best friend, Samara Asrat.

During childhood, she also used to go to Peru every year to visit her grandparents and relatives there. Furthermore, she is Peruvian by nationality and Scorpio as per horoscope charts. 


As of now, the name of the middle and high school Maggie attended is unknown. However, on the podcast, Maggie said that she went to an all-girls school.

For college, she attended Mount Saint Mary University and got her nursing degree in 2015. During her final year at college, she also received the 2015 Nursing Spirit Award.

Before famous and rise of fame

Maggie Bustamante first posted on her Instagram in the year 2012. Her life before she rose to stardom is still unclear except the fact that Bustamante used to be active on her social media. She gained everyone’s attention and limelight after her relationship with Zach Kornfeld became public. Currently, she is residing in Los Angeles with her fiancé Zach and dog Bowie.

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How tall is Maggie Bustamante? Age, Height and Body Measurement

As of 2021, Maggie Bustamante is 28 years old. The social media star’s birthday falls on the same day as National Thanksgiving day, i.e., 5th November.

maggie bustamante
Maggie Bustamante stands 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Maggie is a beautiful woman standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighs about 59 kg. After calculating available data of Maggie’s height and weight, her BMI is 21. Being health and wellness conscious, she has an attractive body figure with a remarkable appeal.

What does Maggie Bustamante do? | Career

Instagram model/ Star

Currently, Maggie has accumulated a huge following on her Instagram, with about 281k followers. She is an Instagram star/ model who posts about her lifestyle and travels.

Likewise, Instagram has helped to gain and draw more audiences booming her social media career. Not to mention, she is having a good carrier and earning by taking advantage of her social media for promoting products. 

She has already promoted various brands such as clothing and cosmetics like Aritzia, Bailey Nelson, One & Only Wolgan Valley, etc., on her Instagram. Mainly her social media have provided a platform to express herself, see around the world, and positively shape her life.

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Maggie Buchamante Is A Pediatric Nurse 

As Maggie became popular after her relationship with Zach, everybody sees her as an Instagram model or celebrity partner, but her main profession is a pediatric nurse. During her second episode podcast at ramble, it was revealed that she has been working as a nurse before she even met Zach.

It has been five years for her working as a pediatric nurse providing medical and health assistance to children from birth to their late teens’ age. But the name of the hospital where she is working is not mentioned anywhere.

Covid 19 pandemic

During the recent Covid 19 pandemic also Maggie was stationed as front-line health workers. Through her Instagram, she also mentioned being tested positive from Covid 19 during her service.

Later after recovery, she donated her plasma for antibody research. Besides, Maggie also supported Zach, who was suffering from intense back pain diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. She always assisted him to relax from pain through care, and eventually, he was able to defeat the disease.


Maggie, along with Becky(Keith’s wife) and Ariel(Ned’s wife), joined ramble and started podcast hosting weekly audio content series known as “You Can Sit with Us” since 6th July 2020. To date, already 26 episodes have been made where they have podcasted about their friendship, current life events, and many other things.

Before that, she also has made several appearances in some videos of The Try Wives (online comedy series) with Ariel and Becky. Looking or listening to her podcast is the best way to know more about her life.

Maggie Bustamnate | Personal Life and Relationship

In life, a precious moment is felt when you fall in love with someone with whom the whole time goes smoothly. It seems Maggie Bustamante and Zach Kornfeld, in their life, are feeling the blossoms of beautiful things.

Maggie revealed they both met at a bar with other Try guys members. Later, after going on a couple of dates, things turned out great, and both started dating way back in 2016.

Zach and Maggie
Zach and Maggie.

But they were dating secretly for two and half years until Dec 12, 2018; Zach revealed their relationship publicly in the Try Guys Channel with a video titled “My Secret Girlfriend.” The Instagram post of Maggie shows the full timeline of their relationship.

Even when their relationship was not public, she posted her first photo with Zach back on Oct 30, 2016. But during the whole time, try guys must have known as her posts suggest she has shared many moments with Try guys before.

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On September 1, Maggie announced in the podcast that she is engaged. Maggie further mentions that the whole time she thought it was his birthday celebration until he proposed with the ring.

Later both of them posted lovely photos on their Instagram from their proposal spot. Although the date has not been fixed, Maggie did confirm the two will marry in the near future. 

Regarding her relationship history in the podcast, the social media star revealed that she dated an unnamed boy during high school and broke up four years later. 


As of now, Zach and Maggie don’t have any children. But they both together have an Australian Shepherd dog named Bowie, although Zach claims to be a Cat-person. In her first Instagram post with Bowie, Zach wrote, “Life update: we have a son.”

Her Instagram bio also shows she is a dog mom and loves Bowie as much as Zach.


Travelling, music, and workout are some of the hobbies of Maggie. The pediatric nurse loves to go hunt for delicious food, enjoy live music, explore beautiful places, do a workout, dance, and other mom dog’s things during her free time.

As an avid traveler, the 28-year-old has already traveled to countries like Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Thailand, and other beautiful places. Her Instagram posts also clearly display her hobbies.

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Maggie Bustamante | Salary and Net Worth

Maggie, to date, has not disclosed her salary or net worth to the public. But her social media popularity surely has helped her to make money through endorsement deals and sponsorship.

Also, working as a registered nurse, she must be making 5 figure digit salary. According to Zip Recruiter (online website), on average pediatric nurses and the American Instagram model makes $70,335 and $50799 per year, respectively.

Not to mention, Maggie is one of the aspiring Instagram models and registered nurses. Even though her salary details are not yet published, her income might be on the same figure as other nurses and models.

As per her lifestyle basis portrayed on social media, it can be assumed she is making good money, but her exact salary and net worth are still undisclosed. Her fiancé Zach has a net worth of $2.1 million from the YouTube channel, The Try Guys. 

Social Media Presence:

Instagram account: 281k followers

Twitter account: 8292 followers

Some FAQs:

Is Maggie Bustamante engaged?

Yes, Maggie is engaged to Zach Kornfeld. They got engaged in August 2020, but the date of marriage is not yet disclosed.

How long have Maggie and Zach been dating?

Maggie and Zach have been dating since 2016. But their relationship became known to the public only in 2018. 

Is Maggie Bustamante a nurse?

Yes, Maggie is a registered nurse, as well as a health and wellness advocate.

Which college did Maggie Bustamante go to?

Maggie went to Mount Saint Mary University and completed her degree in nursing.

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