Manchester City wins the Premier League title

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Manchester City has won their third Premier League title in four years after players close to Manchester United were beaten by Leicester City.

Pep Guardiola’s side now has 10 points ahead of second-placed United, with just three games left.

The seventh time City has finished top of the English football tower, and it is the fifth time in nine years.

“This season was really a memorable season with a Premier League title that is like no other games,” Guardiola said.

“This has been a very difficult one. We will never forget this season the way we won. I am proud to be the local manager and this team of players.

“They are crucial. With all the limitations and difficulties we face coming to this season. And it shows the consistency we have is remarkable. There is no denying it.

“Every day, they are present there, and they are fighting very hard for their success. They are always trying to get better. They have been strong, strong.

“I was in Spain, I was also in Germany, and I would love to say that it’s the toughest league ever. I can say it from afar. So it means a lot to everyone.”

Guardiola has won eight home trophies since 2016.

Fifty years old Manager Guardiola has now won eight home trophies since 2016 after he arrived in Manchester.

The City had a chance to wrap up the title themselves on Saturday. But once they were beaten 2-1 by Chelsea at the Etihad Stadium.

However, Leicester finished the job with a 2-1 win at Old Trafford on Tuesday.

Guardiola has won eight home trophies since 2016 (Source: 90min)
Guardiola has won eight home trophies since 2016 (Source: 90min)

It is the sixth time the Premier League title has been decided at Old Trafford – the most prominent venue. And three of them have been for other teams.

It is City’s second trophy in more than two weeks after beating Tottenham to claim the Carabao Cup. They are in their first Champions League final after beating Paris St-Germain in midweek.

Since being taken over by Abu Dhabi Group in September 2008, City has won 12 cups. And this is the third time the team has won the league and the EFL Cup twice.

They got expected to lift the Premier League trophy after their final game against Everton on May 23.

Up to 10,000 fans will be present inside the stadium after the recent removal of coronavirus borders in England.

How City won the title?

Guardiola’s side had finished 18 points behind Liverpool last season. And after losing another key player in the recent success to David Silva, Guardiola needed to do something.

But City has not had an excellent start to the season, conceding a 5-2 defeat in their opening game at home against Leicester City.

However, Just a day later, Guardiola had moved to fix the problem. And the signing of Ruben Dias has changed the course of the season.

Dias has brought calm, leadership, and stability that has been lacking since the departure of Vincent Kompany

And his collaboration with the newly formed John Stones established City as the saddest team in the league.

However, when Tottenham beat City on November 21 to advance to the seemingly unexpected stage. 

Team Manchester City celebrating the Premier League title win (Source: The Wall Street Journal)
Team Manchester City celebrating the Premier League title win (Source: The Wall Street Journal)

The City was in nineteenth place from the momentum, and it looks like this may not be their year again.

But despite doubts and questions about the future of Spain, City kept their mouths shut.

They went on to win 22 of the next 27 games.

They went on to win 22 of the next 27 games, including a 15-match winning streak. And a record 11 consecutive wins in the league.

At Anfield in February, where they have not won a league title since 2003, City thrashed and controlled defending champions, with Phil Foden winning 4-1.

Stones’ partnership with Dias back then was crucial, conceding just three goals in 15 games after Spurs’ defeat. With Ilkay Gundogan a star at the end of the pitch, his 12 goals so far leading City’s top scorers.

The chase pack didn’t have enough to fit in, and the title goes back to the blue part of Manchester.

The City captain Fernandinho has said that leading the team was “an honor and a great privilege.”

“I am very proud and pleased with what we have achieved,” he said.

The City captain Fernandinho after winning Premier League (Source: Mykhel)
The City captain Fernandinho after winning Premier League (Source: Mykhel)

“The Premier League is the toughest in the world of football games, although every game is challenging. Winning means the world to the rest of the team and me.

He further added: “Football is everything to us. And we will strive every day to be as good as possible in the hope that we can bring success to Manchester City.

“And winning the Premier League title this season is an honor; the ultimate fulfillment of our aspirations. That’s what we all dreamed of as young players, so doing it is a great feeling.

“We missed the fans very much. And we wanted to do this for them.

“We will now enjoy this moment and hope that the fans will do the same in the coming days too. Rest assured that we will continue to do our best to bring the Champions League home this season.”

The way the ball performs

Former City midfielder Michael Brown, speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live: “City has been impressive all season.

“They did not even stop for a while at all in any of the competitions. And it was a great pleasure to watch them win. They showed off their striking splendor, but that was also the case with four beautiful ones.

Former City midfielder Michael Brown (Source: Alchetron)
Former City midfielder Michael Brown (Source: Alchetron)

“Pep Guardiola has found a team on which he can rely and the team’s entire performance.

“You can only imagine about the thing that people’s phones would melt away while trying to get the tickets to see the trophy go up.”

The team manager of Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, speaking to BBC Sport, said: “We have run the team Manchester City all the way, with up to 10-12 days left this season. And it is an outstanding achievement because they are an excellent team.

“They are perfect champions. I have to say congratulations because they have played great things this season.”

The team Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers, speaking to BBC Sport: “They’re an average. They’ve excelled. They’re smart players, an amazing manager, and worthy of the title.”

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