Manny Machado Bio: Early Life, Career & Net Worth

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Manny Machado is a professional baseball player. He holds the third baseman’s position and shortstop for the San Diego Padres Of Major League Baseball.

He plays his game magnificently. As a result, he is seen as a really valued player in baseball.

Manny Machado
Manny Machado

Machado once said,

I can’t control what people think of me AND can’t control any of that. I can only control what I do on the field.

This statement proves how wise and certain he regards his game. So let’s run into the amazing stage this guy has made till now.

Manny Machado’s Quick Facts

Full Name Manual Arturo Machado
Birth Date 1992, July 6
Birth Place Hialeah Florida, USA
Nick Name El Ministro de la Defensa
Religion Christianity
Nationality Spanish
Ethnicity Dominican
Education Florida International University
Horoscope Cancer
Father’s Name Manual Machado
Mother’s Name Rosa Nunez
Siblings Yasmine Nunez
Age 32 Years Old
Height 6’2″
Weight 98 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Build Athletic
Profession Professional Baseball Player
MLB Draft 2010 
MLB Debut August 9, 2012, with Baltimore Orioles
Team  San Diego Padres 
Position Third Baseman/Shortstop
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Wife Yainee Alonso
Kids None
Net Worth $50 million
Social Media Instagram
Merch Jersey, Rookie card, Head Socks
Last Update July, 2024

Manny Machado | Early Life, Family, and Education

An incredible guy born in Miami, Florida, Machado was properly raised in Hialeah, by Rosa Machado, his mother, with the help of Francisco Nunez, his grandfather, and Geovanny Brito, who is his uncle.

It’s not clear how Machado was introduced to baseball; he was clearly involved in the game since he was young and naive.

Manny Machado as a kid
Manny as a kid

This active guy initially rose to play with Albert Almora, a Chicago Cubs player who grew up within Hialeah; the two young people started playing baseball at a tender age.

As a young boy, Machado held his MLB franchise that was located in his birth town, i.e., the Miami Marlins, where he has spent rich shades of life.

After high school, Machado moved on to a notable university, i.e., Florida International University, where he resumed playing baseball.

Baseball gradually became his passion. As a result, he served his heart and has everything he hoped for as a kid. As a result, he is a king of many hearts today.

Machado is a huge celebrity with a pretty lot of fan following. He is a role model because he aspires to inspire his generation.

Manny Machado | Career & Achievements

Baltimore Orioles

Out of the many views, saints believed that Manny Machado would be amid the 2010 MLB draft’s early picks. People were hopeful because they assumed Machado would be chosen as the Baltimore Orioles, the third overall pick, just as many felt and hoped for.

While meetings over his contract were ongoing, Machado’s incredible player was with the USA Baseball’s 18 and under national team.

It was a time around August 2010; few minutes remained before the deadline set for signing players. It listed players for the new season; Machado penned Baltimore Orioles for a deal worth $5.25 million.

Along with his sign-up, Manny headed on to play for many minor leagues for minors. His first ever match was for the Gulf Coast League Orioles in August 2010. He had debuted for the Orioles before.

Machado led on to play in the New York–Penn League for the Low-A Aberdeen IronBirds.  Machado played as a shortstop with the Low-A Aberdeen IronBirds.

Along with his work with the 2010 season license, Machado began with the South Atlantic League’s Delmarva Shorebirds during the 2011 season.

After securing 5 home runs, he was awarded SAL Player of the Week in the last week of April 2012.

He ran out of action for a short period after he had a mild knee injury. However, his work got him a place in the SAL All-Star Game during the season and promoted the High-A Frederick Keys.

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It was declared that he’d play in the All-Star Futures Game, held in 2012.

Los Angeles Dodgers

It was the time of July 2018, Manchado was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. As a result, he had to switch jersey numbers at Los Angeles Dodgers.

Manchado then chose the number 8 because it was the prevalent Kobe Byrant’s number, and he is a fan of the top basketball player since he was a kid enjoying his boyhood.

He tried for the Dodgers in July again. He also altered the position from his shortstop position of prestige.

In 2018, Machado played around 66 games for the Dodgers and registered 42 RBI and 13 home runs successfully.

San Diego Padres

On a fine day in February 2019, Manchado signed a 10-year deal worth about $300 million with the San Diego Padres.

The deal was the noblest and largest deal for a free agent in America’s sports history for two weeks and more.

San Diego also brags the best farm system in baseball, a system that includes one of the top shortstop recruit Fernando Tatis Jr., likely to be Machado’s partner on the left side of the field for a long period.

In every full-year match Machado has played, he would’ve led the Padres in wins above replacement.

But last season, he posted the best analytical year of his work, doing so amid constant trade talk and a position change. Finally, he was dealt with the Dodgers on a fine day of July.

Guess who’s joining the All-Star Roster?

On Saturday night, it was announced that Manny Machado from Padres would be joining the All-Star Team. He will be replacing Braves outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr who has been injured. 

Likewise, with this, the stellar third baseman joins Fernando Tatis Jr, Jake Cronenworth, Mark Melancon, and Yu Darvish on the NFL squad, securing his 5th spot. 

As Machado and Padres fans could be happier with the news, but having said that, his spot in the team was expected. Because all seasons, Manny had shown excellent defense and statistically had “one of the better seasons in the league.” 

And of course, the man himself had few words to say about his pick. 

Honestly, it’s a great honor.

Manny then went on and said, “To be selected and be able to participate in an All-Star Game is always a blessing and a great accomplishment.”

He further added, 

“… To be able to go with the San Diego Padres for the first time and the teammates we have here, it’s an exciting moment.”


Draft player Manny Machado is high compared with his fellow friend Jose Altuve. However, both of these are incredibly talented.

As a matter of fact, they had to be compared by the general public because every celebrity has to go through this ugly comparison game.

Jose and Manny hugging each other
Jose and Manny hugging each other

Jose Altuve and Manny Machado are real good friends on the other side. They appreciate each other and ignore the comparison that’s going on among the equally talented players.

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Manny Machado 2021 Outlook

Draft 590 93 163 29 2 35 106 65 114 10 4 .278 .350 .510 .860
Week 14 34 5 9 2 0 2 6 4 7 1 0 .271 .340 .528 .868
ROS 241 40 65 12 1 13 46 31 47 6 2 .271 .361 .493 .854

Manny Machado | Criticisms


Machado was highly criticized for being who he is. He has always been criticized for his straightforward and confident nature.

The player’s confident nature is considered as over-confidence by the majority of people. Like some players, Machado also failed running in the field. This normally happened during an important match.

Because of this reason, he was highly criticized and blamed. After all these, the player added a brief statement.

He mentioned that he is a player who has completed several seasons so far. Therefore, people should not expect him to become Johnny Hustle, run down the line, slide to the first base, and expect whatever can happen.

Machado further added that it was not his cup of tea, and it’s not the personality that defines him.

The statement meant that he doesn’t expect or look forward to becoming “Johnny Hustle.”

Machado’s straightforward answer offended a lot of people. This again extended a huge talk. His statement was a fair prospect of overconfidence. It is exactly what fans think.

His retort led to massive criticism. But this bold personality does not even care. Instead, he continues to become what he wants to and leads himself to a broader area.

Reply to critics

We all are familiar with a trendy saying that goes on saying, “You either retire a hero or play long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

If you have to talk about Manny Machado, he has already entered the villain colony.

While chatting with Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the San Diego Padres new third baseman made a statement.

He said that he would be the villain no matter what. Machado further added, saying that he regularly has to deal with harsh criticism, and they do not matter to him anymore.

The incredible player would never discontinue being what he is just because someone doesn’t like it.

Machado drew a more open target on his back when he signed a 10-year, $300 million contract with the Padres on February 21.

Still, Machado told Sherman that he doesn’t see his San Diego era as a chance to remake him, preparing a better version of him.

Machado opened up that his time as a Padre will be about “me being me.”

So far, Padres fans embrace Machado for exactly who he is, according to increased ticket sales.

Just two weeks after Machado landed in San Diego, president of business operations Erik Graupner told Alden Gonzalez of that the team had seen nearly $3 million worth of additional ticket revenue.

While Machado admitted to Sherman that the Padres weren’t his “first choice” at the beginning of his free agency, but the team ultimately “showed me the love.”

This is how he is being embraced by fans who initially seem to catch the love Machado felt from the front office.

 Machado has received plenty of love and appreciation once the season started, and the pressure was on; however, the reality is what will matter.

Manny Machado | Personal Life

Talking about today, Machado is happily married to his beautiful wife, Yainee. Besides, the couple met through Yainee’s brother, Yonder, who also plays in the MLB.

As a true gentleman, Machado approached Yainee’s brother to seek permission to date her. Impressed by his very own friend Machado, Yonder granted permission to date.

Manny Machado and his wife
Manny Machado’s Insta post on his anniversary.

As a result, these two are a happily married couple today. There are no rumors about their divorce or talk of separation yet. These people are an inspiration to many.

You might be interested to learn about Machado’s better half, Yainee Alonso. Click on the link.

Manny Machado | Net Worth & Income 

Along with being supremely talented, Machado holds a massive net worth. His struggle and passion for the game have paid the player right.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Manny Machado holds a net worth of as much as $50 million.

Machado is in Forbes and is one of the most popular millionaires. According to the reports of 2019, Forbes listed Machado as the world’s highest-paid athlete. 

He also owns his own Machado car accessories at the official online store of MLB.

Manny Machado's house in Miami
Manny Machado’s house in Miami

It stands for Major League Baseball. For example, baseball All-Star Manny Machado lately bought an 8,305-square-foot waterfront mansion in Coral Gables for $11.3 million he earned from his own talent.

And he got it at a vital discount from the original $13.4 million asking price for the mansion.

The house is in Cocoplum’s elite Tahiti Beach neighborhood on Tahiti Beach Island Road, a gated community close to downtown Coral Gables.

According to recent news, the house is now for rent, at $30,000 per month.

Machado, a four-time All-Star, has also successfully played for the Baltimore Orioles for seven seasons since then before helping the Los Angeles Dodgers get to the World Series held a few years ago.

Before, he had a 10-year contract with the Padres in February, the largest free-agent contract in the history of North American sports.

Manny Machado | Social Media

Machado holds a great fan following. He isn’t active on any other social media platform than Instagram. He influences many through his Instagram handle.

Instagram: 651k followers (@machados13)

You may want to know:

Who is Johnny Hustle, as stated by Machado?

Johnny Hustle is just a phrase Machado gave to clarify his rumors regarding his inability to reach the baseline once while running. Johnny Hustle isn’t a person. It’s just an example of Machado expressing his views.

What is Manny Machado’s salary?

As per the sources, his average salary is USD 3 million. However, it’s not sure and public yet about the exact amount he earns per month.

Is Machado into any controversies?

Not yet; this guy has been far from controversies. Although, critics criticize him for his overconfidence sometimes.

They mislead the player’s talent to a different term considered as “over-confidence.” Other than this, he has remained far from any serious controversies.

How many awards has Machado earned so far?

Manny Machado has won a pleasant amount of 13 awards so far. His awards include the Player of the week award. This is the award he has won six times, where he managed to earn it four times consecutively.

Other than this, he has also landed his hand on many prestigious awards such as the Gold Glove Award, MLB play of the week, Fielding Bible Award, and many more.

Is Manny Machado the most hated player in baseball?

During his days with the Dodgers, Manny Machado was hated for his uninterested attitude in the game and whatnot. It evidently turned the Dodgers fans against him. 

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