Michelle Jenneke: Viral Dance, Hurdler, Model, Marriage, & Net Worth

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Michelle Jenneke is a silver medalist at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics, including the gold at the 2016 Australian Championships 100-m hurdles; which led her to qualify for the Rio Olympic Games. Back in 2012, Jenneke grabbed the attention of everyone after her warm-up dance went viral online.

Straight from Australia, she is a professional hurdler and also a model.

Not to mention, Michelle has tasted fame in both national and international contests.

Michelle Jenneke
Michelle Jenneke (Source: Pinterest)

At a young age, Michelle has achieved a lot more and made some stellar records as we speak. And we are sure the journey is not over yet for this jubilant talent.

However, not many are aware of her family and personal life. Being a fan, it is common for them to take an interest in Jenneke’s life. Hence, today we will be introducing some aspects of Jenneke to fans.

Michelle Jenneke: Quick Facts

Full Name Michelle “Shelly” Jenneke
Birth Date June 23, 1993
Birth Place Kenthurst, New South Wales, Australia
Alias Shelly, Dancing Hurdler, Jelly Beans
Religion Unknown
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity Caucasian
University Sydney University
School The Hills Grammar School
Horoscope Cancer
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name  Nicky Jenneke
Siblings  Sister
Age 30 Years Old
Height 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm) (1.7m)
Weight 59 kgs (130 lb)
Build Athletic
Body Measurement 36-26-36 inches
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Figure Type Rectangle
Dress Size 6
Shoe Size 9
Alma Mater Sydney University
Coach Mick Zisti
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend Unknown
Event 100 meters hurdles, Sprint Medley Relay
Personal bests 100 m hurdles 12.82 (Brisbane 2015)
Profession Professional Hurdler and Model
Active years 2010-present
Team Athletics Australia
Net Worth Estimated ($1 million-$5 million)
Salary Unknown
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Merch of Athletics  Shoes, Leggings
Last Update February, 2024

Who Is Michelle Jenneke?- Where Is She From?

Michelle “Shelly” Jenneke, widely known as Michelle Jenneke, is a professional hurdler and model who is from Kenthurst, New South Wales, Australia. Born and raised in Australia, the athlete has not revealed much about her parents.

But yes, we are aware of her mother, Nicky Jenneke, who is currently her manager. Okay, that’s a fun fact. However, nothing has been revealed about his father. except for a tweet in 2013 calling her father “the best dad I could ask for.”

Along with that, the young hurdler has not accurately disclosed information on their current whereabouts. But in some articles, Michelle mentioned having a sister.

Likewise, Michelle is an Australian citizen, and her ethnic background happens to be Caucasian. As for her religious practice, she follows Christianity.

How Old Is Michelle Jenneke? Age And Body Measurements

Aside from being a hurdler, Jenneke is also a model, which means she has a stunning figure and a gorgeous face. Standing at 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm), Michelle poses gracefully in front of the camera.

Whether it is the jersey that shows her toned physique in the track or dresses that showcases her femininity, Michelle slays in all of them.

This Australian beauty was born in the year 1993, which means she is 30 years old at the moment.

Not to mention, Michelle celebrates her birthday every year on the 23rd of June.

Similarly, Shelly weighs around 55 kgs (121 lbs) and has a stunning figure of 36-26-36 inches. Also, with her long brown hair and pair of brown eyes, Michelle always steals the show.

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Training And High-Calorie Meals

To keep her fit body and make it track-ready, Michelle consumes a lot of high-quality foods. She admitted to having six meals per day.

“I actually eat a lot. I talk to my sister, and she says she has three meals a day- sometimes two if she’s busy- and I’m like ‘I have to eat six times a day!”

Likewise, Michelle starts her day with a quick and simple meal like cereal or oatmeal and goes for her morning training session. Then she has a protein-packed smoothie and prepares a hearty meal consisting of bacon and eggs.

Michelle Jenneke
Michelle Jenneke (Source: Greatest Physiques)

Aside from these, Jenneke’s meal is relatively simple and convenient.

Her lunch consists of a sandwich with a high-quality meal, and for dinner, Jenneke eats grass-fed meat with a bunch of vegetables.

For someone who consumes so much, her training regime is equally daunting and demanding. To stay fit, Michelle trains five times a week and has three track sessions and two gym workouts, each lasting two to three hours.

Not to mention, her workouts are always intense, where she is lifting heavy weights. By the end of her routine, Jenneke has admitted to finding herself “lying on the ground.”

Education And Early Career

The talented athlete Michelle Jenneke completed her education at Hills Grammar School. There she proved herself as an avid student and sportswoman both.

At the moment, the 30 is years old and is studying at Sydney University. There she is majoring in mechatronics, a combination of mechanical and electric engineering.

While growing up, Jenneke indulged herself in sports like soccer, handball, hurdle, quad biking, and spending time in nature. But as she grew older, Jenneke developed a passion for hurdles and decided to pursue them.

“My first memories of hurdling were at club competition at the Cherrybrook Little Athletics center when I was nine. I loved it from my first race because I remember thinking I could fly.”

Hence, by the age of ten, Michelle was training to be a hurdler. Shelly’s apt for hurdling and coaching helped her sharpen her skills, and by the end, she was able to run 90 and 200m hurdles.

Jenneke Running.
Jenneke Running. (Source: fanbuzz.com)

Likewise, in 2008, young Shelly took part in her first competition at the Pacific School Games hurdle in the 200 m and 90 m categories. But Michelle had to wait two years to claim victory.

That same year, Jenneke broke the Australian record at the 2010 Australian Junior Championship in the women’s sprint medley race.

It was then both she and her coach realized her potential to be a world-class athlete.

International Competition And Breakthrough

After her recording-breaking performance, Michelle made Australia’s team at the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games.

In the 100 m hurdles, she came second with a time of 13.46 and set her personal best.

Aside from that, Michelle was first Australia had ever won at the Games up to this point. By 2011, she competed in numerous international games, including Cooks Classic and the 2011 Australian Junior Championships

However, her hip-wiggling warm-up video in the 2012 World Junior Championships in Athletics in Barcelona elevated her stardom to the next level. Her pre-game ritual attracted many people, and even some who witnessed it claimed that it was as fascinating.

Just in weeks, Michelles’s dancing video was everywhere on the internet, crossing 20 million views, and she was deemed a dancing girl.

The signature step also earned her the nickname Jiggling Jenneke.

The video was featured on the American late-night talk show, The Tonight Show. 

Also, Michelle’s genuine reaction to her viral dance video was something like it did not come out of pure intention, it just happened.

“It’s just something that sort of happened in one of my races. Like, Someone got ahold of the footage and then decided to forward it on YouTube. And boom, somehow it racked up a lot of hits,”

Similarly, in January 2013, Jenneke was ranked tenth on AskMen.com‘s 99 Most Desirable Women. That year, Michelle graced the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
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Apart from that, Michelle also became a part of Australia’s team for the Commonwealth in 2014. Despite failing to win the match, she made a record as the youngest contestant to reach the final.

Moreover, Jenneke became the second-fastest woman to run a 100m hurdle in Australian history.

Michelle achieved her career-best during the 2015 Australian Athletics Championships, which was 12.82.

In April 2016, Jenneke qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. But she finished sixth with a time of 13.26. However, her performance was not much appreciated by Australian head coach Craig Hilliard.

Michelle represented Australia at the Commonwealth Games, finishing fourth at 13.07, after running a qualifying time of 12.99 in April 2018.

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Michelle Jenneke Meets Mac Faulkner Of Forever Alone.

Someone who already broke the internet with her dance video in 2012 and got all the lifetime recognition at a young age once again was shining on social media.

This time it was the video called “Forever Alone Meets Michael Jenneke” from the minds of those procurers of hilarious images, The Chive. The video featured Mac Faulkner, aka Forever Alone, and the Aussie hurdler Michael Jenneke.

In the video, we can see the members of The Chive team glance over her infamous warm-up dance that she did before attending a track meet in Barcelona for the first time.

It would be an exceptional case, I mean, who can stop staring at her, especially when it’s her viral dance video?

Having said that, Mac Faulkner, also known as Forever Alone among the men, just could not have his eye off her.

He watches intently without a blink while the other team members stand around him sharing their stuff randomly.

Some say, My Scoliosis is cured and some say, I can see color again, or I think I just forgave my father. One also spilled, I can talk to animals.

And the moment his friend leaves Forever Alone drops himself into a sheer fantasy of Jenneke as a perfect girlfriend, making him delicious pancakes, and playing video games with him. 

And also, the two are brushing their teeth together, and all of this going with her sexy grooves.

While Forever Alone is still engaged in the video, one of his friends offers, Jenneke as his date, and Forever Alone does not even notice, even when Jenekke herself speaks to him.

Moreover, the video crosses 6,00,000 views on the release date.

Michelle Jenneke, Finest Catch For The Reality Dating Show, Bachelorette

After coming fourth in the 100m final at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Michelle disclosed to take some time away from hurdling.

And why not? Taking a break is not a bad idea for someone who is so passionate about her task. Her hurdling career was at the break, but then other things were still active, and the limelight refuses to quit here.


As per New Idea, the brunette beauty athlete was a ‘favorite’ to be the next Bachelorette for the 2018 season, and Channel ten was apparently making a serious proposal to get her on board.

According to the sources, the producers were willing to cast her as she really was the sort of person they were looking for.

The magazines also reported that Sports Illustrated model Kate Wasley and Married At First Sight alum Davina Rankin would also be joining her in the show.

The only problem was Michelle did not want to be a part of the show. The kind of public exposure the show leads to is not meant for everyone. 

Is Michelle Jenneke Married? Who Is Her husband?

At the moment, Jenneke is a world-famous athlete and model who has amassed many fans and friends.

Whether from her world-class performance or dancing video that went viral, people know about her. But what do we know about Jenneke’s personal life?

Well, from what we know, the beautiful Australian athlete is still single at the moment. It seems she is busy with her routine workouts and training to focus on having a relationship.

However, this has not stopped. Jenneke from taking inspiration from other people. She aspires to be equally talented and influential as many other athletes in the world.

On the other hand, Jenneke plans on setting impressive results and improving her records as she goes.

Here Are Some Favorite Things About Michelle Jenneke

  • Hobbies: Quad Biking, Futsal, Handball, Climbing Trees, Soccer
  • Favorite Foods: Nutella, Peanut Butter
  • Favorite Sports: Futsal, Handball, Soccer
  • Favorite Song: We found love.

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Michelle Jenneke does sport a temporary tattoo of the Australian Flag that she applies when she competes, despite the fact that she may not have any permanent tattoos.

Temporary Tattoo
Temporary Tattoo (Source: Getty Images)

She may not have any permanent tattoos, but she does wear a temporary tattoo of the Australian Flag when she competes.

Net Worth And Income- How Much Does She Earn?

Thriving as an athlete and a model, Michelle Jenneke has acquired fame and wealth both from her career. The profession of an athlete is challenging as well as rewarding. Hence, as of now, Michelle’s net worth amounts to $3 million. 

Michelle Jenneke modelling for PUMA
Michelle Jenneke For PUMA (Source: Twitter)

Besides being a professional hurdler, she is also a model featured in some magazines. Not to mention, Michelle also makes an extra amount from her brand deals, endorsements, and so on.

However, all the income and salaries as of now are not there for the public to see. So, we cannot be too sure about her total income.

Popularity Graph

The popularity graph of Jenneke rose this year more due to her getting viral for her unique and amusable pre-gamer dance.

Michelle Jenneke
Michelle Jenneke, Search Graph

Charity Work

After hitting 20 million videos on her viral pregame dance video, numerous opportunities dropped her way.

Michelle appeared in the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Australia TV’s A League of Their Own, and at the Sydney Top Gear Festival. She starred in a World Star Hip-hop Fitness Video.

Jenneke Running.
Jenneke. (Source: Sports Illustrated)

In 2012, Michelle stayed in an orphanage school doing volunteer work for several months. The next year, she was appointed as the Ambassador for the City 2 Surf Westpac Life Saving Rescue Helicopter Service,

Adding the Run the Hills Charity and the Daniel Berry Campaign to the list.

The following year, Michelle became an ambassador for the NSW Cancer Council and their ‘March Charge Campaign.’

Not to mention, Michelle also released a fitness App named “Stretch with Michelle Jenneke.”

Social Media Presence

We can surely catch this brunette beauty athlete on Instagram and Twitter. There is no going anywhere because you will freeze yourself to her Insta profile once when you get into it.

Just have a look and keep scrolling down through her posts. The details are, 

Instagram– 555 k Followers

Twitter–  70.5 k Followers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did Michelle Jenneki ever go through plastic surgery?

Many fans were doubting and commenting whether she had a boob job, comparing side-by-side photos from 2012 and 2016 onwards, but she has neither even confirmed nor denied all the accusations.

Has Michelle Jenneke ever posted any nude photos of her or been involved in any scandal?

No, there are no records regarding this. But yes, as per sources, Michelle was offered to pose nude for a ‘sizeable donation’ to the Australian Sports CommissionbySex.com.

However, Michelle did not comment anything on this offer.

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