Miguel Vargas Parents: Father Lazaro Vargas And Mother Ivonne Echarri

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Miguel Vargas parents, Lazaro Vargas and Ivonne Echarri, raised two baseball sons in Cuba. One of them has now become a top MLB prospect.

The 24 years old Miguel Vargas made his MLB debut for the Dodgers last season. There has been hype surrounding Miguel since a young age. Why won’t there be? After all, he is the son of a Cuban baseball hero.

Miguel Vargas Giving Thumps Up To The Crowd In The Dodger Stadium During A Game In October 2022
Miguel Vargas Giving Thumps Up To The Crowd In The Dodger Stadium During A Game In October 2022 (Source: Instagram)

His father, Lazaro, is a baseball icon of the island nation. Earlier this year, when top Dodgers players like Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman were representing their nation in WBC, Miguel also had the chance to represent Cuba.

But he rejected the idea of focusing on the 2023 MLB season. And it looks like his hard work is paying off. This season he homered twice against Milwaukee and has an OPS of .768. 

The future looks bright for Miguel in the Dodgers jersey, who has already improved himself from last season. 

Miguel Vargas Parents: Lazaro Vargas And Ivonne Echarri 

Miguel Vargas’ parents, Lazaro Vargas and Ivonne Echarri, are Cuban nationals. The couple raised their two sons in Havana, Cuba, before Miguel set off to chase his MLB dream with his dad, Lazaro. 

Only a few people in Cuba probably haven’t heard the name Lazaro Vargas. The father of the future MLB star is a national hero in the island country.

The 60 years old former baseball player Lazaro Vargas even has his own stamp back in his country. 

Miguel’s father, Lazaro Vargas, was a one-man team for the entirety of his baseball career.

Lazaro began his career in the team Havana Industriales as a first baseman/third baseman in 1985. He played 16 seasons with Industriales until 2001. 

Lazaro ended his career with 872 games and scored 51 home runs with an OPS of 0.869. During his career, Lazaro also won two gold Olympic medals, the first in 1992 and the second in 1996. 

Miguel Vargas Pictured With His Mother, Ivonne And Brother Alejandro In A Pictured Shared By Ivonne In 2022
Miguel Vargas Pictured With His Mother, Ivonne, And Brother Alejandro In A Pictured Shared By Ivonne In 2022 (Source: Facebook)

During an interview with a Cuban website in 2013, Lazaro talked about his relationship with his sons. He said he was more of a friend to them than their father. 

The 13-year-old at the time, Miguel, said there are times when people talk about he is only in this position because of his father.

Though just a recently turned teenager, Miguel, with great maturity, said talks like that only make him want to train harder. 

His mother, Ivonne, has stayed away from the public limelight. During the interview, Ivonne said it was difficult to manage a baseball family and that are no off days.

It became big news in 2015 when Miguel and Lazaro defected from the island nation. But in 2023, Miguel was allowed to represent Cuba in WBC Tournament. 

The youngster decided not to take part in the competition so that it wouldn’t affect his preparation for his first full MLB season. 

Miguel Vargas Brother Alejandro Echarri Is A Former Baseball Player

Miguel Vargas’ brother, Alejandro Echarri, is a former baseball player of Industriales. He played three seasons with the Cuban baseball team till 2013 before quitting the sport. 

In his Instagram bio, Alejandro has listed himself as a personal coach and conducts batting practices. On the Instagram page team_vargas20, Alejandro has shared pictures of training sessions with young prospects. 

The older brother of Miguel Vargas is seen repping the Dodgers jersey on his Instagram handle. Earlier this year, he was in Miami, Florida, for a Dodger event. 

Miguel Vargas(Left) Pictured With A Friend And His Brother, Alejandro(Right) In 2022
Miguel Vargas(Left) Pictured With A Friend And His Brother, Alejandro(Right) In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Alejandro is engaged to Maria Gonzalez, and the couple shares two kids. Alejandro and Maria experienced parenthood for the first time in 2017 with a baby boy.

Last year, the couple welcomed their second child. Along with being a personal coach, Alejandro also runs a sneaker page where he sells fresh kicks. He also runs a YouTube page sharing videos of his brother’s training sessions. 

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