Mike Babcock Net Worth And Salary: Why Did He Resign?

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Mike Babcock has a net worth of above $20 million, which he earned through a highly successful hockey coaching career. 

When talking about coaches, Mike Babcock is certainly a name that rings around. He has transformed and led dynasties to historic victories.

The coach is highly demanding, with several teams wanting his signature. Throughout the years, Babcock has earned huge salaries, making him one of the most paid figures in hockey.

However, that might all change as some distasteful news about Babcock has just leaked. Mike has since resigned, and further actions are pending.

NHL Coach Mike Babcock
NHL Coach Mike Babcock (Source: Bleacher Report)

Mike Babcock is a 61-year-old ice hockey coach hailing from Ontario, Canada. He has had one of the longest coaching careers, starting in 1989 and potentially ending in 2023.

Babcock initially got into hockey as a player back in 1980, playing in the WHL. Then, he opted to join McGill University, where he was in the hockey team.

Moreover, he was not that affixed with playing, so he became a player-coach, leading to his transition.

His tactical understanding of the game, plus a degree in physical education, helped him quickly become an influential coach.

Babcock coached college teams and teams in minor and junior leagues before landing a job in the NHL.

In 2002, he became the coach of the Anaheim Ducks of the NHL, leading them to the Stanley Cup finals.

Then he joined the Detroit Red Wings and led them to a Stanley Cup. He established a historic era for the Red Wings and later joined the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2015.

Furthermore, Babcock has also coached Canada’s national team. He is the only coach to win an Olympic gold medal, World Championship, World Cup, and Stanley Cup.

Mike Babcock: Net Worth And Salary

The Canadian champ is undoubtedly a man of high demand. Teams from all over the NHL are asking for his signature as head coach.

Thus, according to various reports, his estimated net worth is more than $20 million, while some sources even report up to the extent of $50 million.

Likewise, Babcock also demanded a pretty hefty salary during his peak years. In 2015, he became the head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs and started earning huge income. 

In detail, he inked an eight-year deal valued at $50 million, averaging $6.25 million per year.

This move catapulted him to the NHL’s highest-paid coach status, surpassing the previous record holder’s annual earnings by over twice the amount.

In 2023, he was speculated to make $5,875,000, totalling his career earnings to $56,250,000. 

What Was The Reason Behind His Resignation?

Just recently, the NHL Players’ Association raised its voices against Mike Babcock for his inappropriate behaviour.

Apparently, Mike asked players for their personal photos, so much so as to violate their privacy.

Although he defended it, saying it was just a way to know his players, the players’ association lodged a complaint.

Mike Babcock then resigned from his post as head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets just two months after his appointment. 

Mike Babcock And Johan Franzen
Mike Babcock And Johan Franzen (Source: The Detroit News)

Throughout his career, the coach has been on the receiving end of several criticisms. Be it from the media, fans, or even his own players.

Former players like Mike Commodore and Johan Franzen have blamed him for mistreatment and creating feuds in the dressing room. Johan took it to the next level and said that Babcock was a terrible man, the worst he’d ever met.

There are also reports of him mistreating Mitch Marner during his rookie season.


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