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As smooth as his career, Paul George‘s personal life has been a bit dramatic. Looking back to Pail George’s kids and wife, there have been multiple events in his personal life with several partners.

As for his current family life with his partner, Daniela Rajic, the duo started their relationship as a fling which got severe over time. However, their controversial attachment turned into a lifelong bond. 

Paul and Daniel with their family
Paul and Daniel with their family (Source: Instagram)

In this article, we will venture into the personal length of Paul George’s life. We will cover his family, kids, and many more. However, before we discuss any of those, let us first get through a quick dose of his general facts. 

Paul George’s Kids: Quick Facts

Eldest Child Olivia George
Date of Birth May 1, 2014
Zodiac Sign And Age Taurus, eight years old (as of June 2022) 
Hair Color Black and light curls
Eye Color Black
Middle Child Natasha George
Date of Birth November 1, 2017
Zodiac Sign And Age Scorpio, four years old (as of June 2022)
Hair Color Light brown curls
Eye Color Black
Youngest Child Paul Vuk George
Date of Birth October 4, 2021
Zodiac Sign And Age  Libra [is eight months old (as of June 2022)]
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Father’s Name Paul Clifton Anthony George 
Mother’s Name Daniel Rajic
Grandparents’ Name Paulette Ann George and Paul George Sr.
Aunts Teiosha George and Portala George
Profession Paul George (Basketball player: Small Forward)

Daniel Rajic (Model and Entrepreneur)

Net Worth Paul George ($90 million)
Social Media Instagram: @danielarajic, @ygtrece


Last Update June 2022


Who Are Paul George’s Kids? 

Though Paul George did have his share of a rough ride with his relationship, he shares three children with his current life partner, Daniel Rajic. 

Their first child, a daughter named Olivia George, was born on May 1, 2014. She was born under the star sign of Taurus. Olivia is a beautiful child with luscious black curls and eyes of a similar color. 

Their second child is also a daughter named Natasha George, born on November 1, 2017. She falls under the star sign of Scorpio. Natasha is a cute child with tight light brown curls. 

Paul George's Kids
Paul George’s Kids (Source: Instagram)

Lastly, their youngest child is a son named Paul Yuk George, born on October 4, 2021. He was born under the star sign of Libra. 

Mother Daniel Rajic 

Born on November 12, 1990, their mother, Daniel Rajic, is a gorgeous lady born and grew up in Middle Village, Queens, New York. Daniel graduated with a degree from the University of Miami during her educational days. 

As for her professional line, Daniel used to work as a stripper in Tootsies to pay her college tuition fees. In the meantime, she had also worked as a personal shopper at Saks Fifth Avenue.

However, she later left that line and commenced her swimsuit clothing brand named Nude Swim. Additionally, she co-owns a company alongside Sarah Nasser, Patrick Peterson’s wife.

Altogether, she is involved in the modeling industry at the moment. Not to mention, she also stated her desire to be a fitness trainer and start her fitness clothing brand.

Eldest daughter Olivia
Eldest daughter Olivia (Source: Instagram)

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Father Paul George

Nicknamed “PG-13”, Paul George is a professional small forward basketball player. He currently plays for the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 

He has been on the field since his high school days and is one of the top players on the field right now. Overall, Paul established himself as one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA. 

How Did Paul George And Daniel Rajic Met? 

Daniel Rajic and Paul George first met during the summer of 2013. Back then, Daniel used to work as a stripper and dancer at Tootsies in Miami.

During the days, Paul was one of Daniel’s clients; however, he fell for her during his visits. Yet again, Paul was dating Los Angeles Clippers head coach’s daughter named Callie Rivers. 

This made things worse as Paul had an affair with Daniel, and hence, Callie and he broke up. Right then, Daniel and Paul got physical, resulting in getting Daniel pregnant. 

Lawsuit By Daniel Rajic 

Just a year after their first date and when Daniel got pregnant with their eldest child, she filed a lawsuit against Paul. Daniel then accused Paul of offering a million dollars to abort the baby.

Youngest daughter Natasha
Youngest daughter Natasha (Source: Instagram)

As the matter was taken to the Manhattan Family Court, Paul fought the case denying the accusations. Doubting about whose child it may be, Paul stated to take full responsibility if it was his. 

“If and when there is legal confirmation that I am the father, I will fully embrace my responsibilities. This personal matter is still being sorted out, so I hope you can respect my privacy.” – Paul George. 

Following it, Daniel sued Paul for a paternity lawsuit and confirmed the baby as Paul’s. Moving on, Paul backfired Daniel with the full custody of the child; however, Daniel was unemployed back then. 

Altogether, the duo ended up having joint custody. Later, Daniel moved to New York to help Olivia and Paul have a healthy father and daughter relationship. 

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A Beautiful Family 

After years of togetherness with three children, the duo has been through several ups and downs. While everyone thought the pair was done and the relationship ended, Daniel and Paul got back together to start fresh and new with their family. 

Not long after, the duo got engaged in 2017. Soon, Paul got down on his knees for a proposal on November 6, 2020. 

Their wedding took place in a beautiful exotic resort facing the bright blue sea. 

Paul George and his family live in Los Angeles, California. After selling his Hidden Hills residence for $8.4 million, Paul George’s kids live in a $16.1 million mansion. 

This mansion is a three-story house detailly decorated with an open floorplan, detailed wood paneling, coffered ceilings, and hardwood floors throughout. 

Net Worth 

Paul George currently maintains a net worth of a whopping $90 million. 

Youngest son Paul Yuk George
Youngest son Paul Yuk George (Source: Instagram)

Currently, he has a four-year, $137 million contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Not to mention, he also makes around $8 million just from the brand endorsement deals. 

Some of the top brands that Paul endorses are Nike, New Era, Foot Locker, and Gatorade.

Similarly, Daniel Rajic working as an Instagram model, charges about $48,000 per professional photoshoot.

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Social Media 

You might as well be interested in checking out the personal uploads and posts of the family. Follow their social media sites. 

Daniel is on Instagram as Daniel Rajic (@danielarajic) with 225k followers. Likewise, Paul is on Instagram as Paul George (@ygtrece) with 9.5 million followers. 

He is on Twitter as Paul George (@Yg_Trece) with 2.4 million followers. 

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