Prichard Colon : Early Life, Coma, Net Worth, Legal Issue & After surgery.

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Prichard Colon Melendez is an American former professional boxer who won multiple national championships in his native Puerto Rico as an amateur. In February 2013, Colon made his professional debut. Xavier La Salle was knocked out in the first round by the rising star.

The fallen star with a tragic end of his success, where is he now?

It is said that life is full of twists and turns, and it came out true for Prichard Colon. Prichard Colon Melendez is an American-Puerto Rican-born former professional boxer.

He also was a gold medal champion at the 2010 Pan-American Youth Contest in the 64 kg (141 pounds) group.

As expected, Prichard was a widely celebrated boxer in his time. He had 16 wins in his professional career since 2013.

Not only that, but Melendez was an undefeated champion until his last match, which eventually ended his entire boxing career. His fans are still deeply saddened about the incident that led him to such a loss.

Prichard Colon
Prichard Colon (Source: Internet)

In this article, you will find out in-depth information about former boxing star Prichard Colon. Including his Age, Height, Net Worth, Coma, Present-day, and social media profile.

Before that, let us sight at the player’s quick facts.

Prichard Colon | Quick facts

Full Name Prichard Colon Melendez
Date Of Birth September 19, 1992
Place Of Birth  Maitland, Florida
Nick/Pet Name Digget
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnic Belonging Hispanic
Father’s Name Richard Colon Melendez
Mother’s Name Nieves Melendez
Number Of Siblings 2 (Natalie Colón-Meléndez, Ricardo Colon Melendez)
Education Universidad del Sagrado Corazón
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Age 31 Years Old
Height ‎6 ft (1.83 m)
Weight 64 kg (141 pounds)
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Body Measurement Unknown
Figure Athletic
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend No
Children No
Occupation Former Boxer
Net worth $100K – $5 Million
Salary Base Salary 39K
Active Since 2013
Social Handle Instagram, Twitter
Last Update March, 2024

Prichard Colon | Age, Height, And Body Measurements

Prichard was born on September 19, 1992, which makes him 31 in 2022. The former boxer stands at a height of 6 ft (1.83 m).

Colon’s weight is considered as Light middleweight, also known as a super welterweight or junior middleweight. It is a heavy class in combat sports.

Before he was injured, he had a very toned body, as it is the basic requirement and a plus point in combat sports.

The term super welterweight is a kind of weight division that is only available in professional boxing. It is for 147 pounds and above, nearly up to 154 pounds (66–69 kg).

Prichard has a fairly brunette complexion, with brown eyes and brown hair. Furthermore, he has a unique style of placing his facial hair, making him look pretty attractive and good-looking.

As a September-born, Colon’s zodiac sign would be Virgo. Virgo male recognizes that hard work wages off and also toss themselves into their creativeness as much as their other passions.

They are also known to be Dependable, Enduring, and Caring. All of these traits can be clearly seen in Colon before and after the major accident.

Prichard Colon | Early Life

Colon boxing
Colon boxing (Source: Twitter)

The former boxer Colón was born in Maitland, Florida. His father is Richard Colón, a pensioned-off serviceman, and his mother is Nieves Colón.

At the tender age of ten, the Colon family decided to transfer to Puerto Rico.

His dad moved so that Prichard could exemplify the island in the championship. Then the family settled down in the countryside of Orocovis, Puerto Rico.

Prichard started his high school and also his amateur profession at the Albergue Olímpico in Salinas, Puerto Rico.

Similarly, Colon was very good at what he did, so he received the nickname “Digget.” It comes from the word “digger” concerning his tallness and stature.

After progressing from high school, Melendez underwent the study of Business Administration at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Prichard Colon | Career

Prichard Colon Melendez
Prichard Colon Melendez (Source: Internet)

Amateur Career

Throughout his amateur career, Colon was famous for winning five national tournaments in the division of 141pounds (63 kg) and 152 pounds (68kg).

Not only that, but the glorious player also bagged a gold medal in Pan-American Youth Championship in the 64 kg category. He was a hard-working boxer, and he gained massive fans throughout this time.

Colon even fought at Brazil pre-Olympics and won a pass for Summer Olympics in 2012 held in London. But sadly, he lost in the last round to a fighter from Venezuela.

This all happened in Prichard’s amateur career. As he saw new heights of success, he decided to be a professional fighter in 2012.

Colon terminated his unprofessional career with a 170-15 record.

Professional Career

Melendez fought with Xavier La Salle in an opening match. It was situated at the Cosme Beitía Salamo Coliseum in Cataño, Puerto Rico.

In this way, he made his professional entrance on February 23, 2013.

Fans celebrated Colon after the match, as he knocked out LaSalle in the very first round.

Prichard was well known for his on-edge program. He boxed five times in 2013 and seven times in the following year.

The talented boxer’s most notable match came on September 9, 2015, when he wrestled in contradiction of Vivian Harris, a more skilled combatant.

Everyone eagerly waited for the fight held at the Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The spectacular show ended with Colón bashing out Harris in the fourth round.

Colón was scheduled to fight Terrell Williams in an undercard contest situated at the Eagle Bank Arena in Fairfax, Virginia, on October 17, 2015.

The combat wasn’t initially part of the agenda but was added when Andre Dirrell walked out from his fight with Blake Caparello for medicinal causes.

The contest befell just one month afterward Prichard’s most recent battle contrary to Vivian Harris.

Melendez clashed with Williams for nine rounds, throughout which both combatants were penalized. Colón was penalized for a low knockback, while Williams was penalized for striking Colón in the head’s back.

In the ninth round, Williams bashed Colón down two times, and Colón didn’t come back for the tenth round.  It was clear that Colón was disjointed and feeling faint.

Afterward the contest, Melendez was vomiting and was taken immediately to the hospital, where he was identified with brain blood loss. As a result of that fight, Colón went into a coma.

What happened to Prichard Colon

After the match with Terrell, Inova Fairfax Hospital in Virginia treated Colón as he went into a coma for numerous weeks.

But he needed more expert treatment, so the hospital ultimately relocated him to Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

The misfortunate event left him in a coma for 221 days, from the very time of his combat alongside Terrell Williams. Colón was moved from the hospital to his mother’s home in Orlando, Florida.

Since then, Colón has continued in a persistent vegetative stage.

In the year 2018, Prichard’s mom displayed a video of Colón on her Facebook account. In that video, he was taking physical therapy and replying to verbal instructions.

She also specified that he was learning how to converse over a computer.

Colon in different stages
Colon In Different Stages (Source: Internet)

Prichard Colon | Injury, Recovery, And Legal Issues

Prichard’s parents filed a lawsuit for 50 million dollars against ringside doctors and organizers, and promoters.

A complaint in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia clearly asserts doctor Ashby’s negligence.

He blamed doctor Ashby failed to give proper coaching when Colon was clearly indicating the problems he felt in the seventh round.

According to the ex-boxer’s father, Colon told the doctor that his head hurt after Terrell punched him.

The lawsuit further alleges the co-organizers Head Banging Boxing and DiBella Entertainment couldn’t deliver a capable and skilled doctor on the ringside.

The reason for such huge money is that the former boxer needs extensive care throughout his life.

As he had to undergo an emergency brain operation to displace a subdural hematoma and relieve pressure on his skull.

But even 1½ years later, Colon remained unconscious and insensitive. Prichard is not on a ventilator, but breathing is the only thing he can do independently.

Colon’s mom, Nieves, upkeeps him in Winter Park, Florida, home-based. It was the same home where she and her ex-husband, Richard, praised him.


Colon with his father
Colon With His Father (Source:

Why Prichard Colon needs justice?

Prichard Colon sustained brain injuries because of multiple people’s negligence. Tyger Williams administered illegal blows to the back of Colon’s head with no intervention.

Similarly, Referee Joe Cooper ignored Prichard’s complaints of feeling dizzy and also did not respond to William’s repeated illegal blows. 

When Colon told the doctor of the commission about his dizziness, the doctor checked him and asked him to return to the bout without any hesitation.

Similarly, Executive Director David Holland of the Virginia Boxing and Wrestling Commission also did not take any steps to intervene considering Colon’s complaint.

Looking at the situation with a rational mind, it can be held that Colon’s condition proliferated due to the negligence of the concerned people. Williams should be held guilty and imprisoned for the malicious attack breaching the bout’s code.

Prichard Colon | Opponent 

Colon was traumatized by brain damage in that fight, and Terrell Williams weighed down with culpability for putting him there.

Terry said that he is taking things one day at a time and walking his walk. Terry is on indeterminate deferral from the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission.

It was after the Grayton contest because of damage on his right hand.

Terrell Williams in the middle
Terrell Williams Is In The Middle (Source: Twitter)

He said that he prayed for Prichard each day and added that all boxers are brothers.

Additionally, Terrell said that he would never purposely damage somebody like that.

He said that he was still healing and added that he would be healing for the rest of his life.

Terrell said he fairly never sought to fight again after the fight with Colon.

William has said publicly that it’s been hard on him.

He didn’t place any blame on himself but prayed about it instead.

Williams said, “I wish the young man really well. It’s a hard situation for me and a hard situation for Colon’s family. We were in a hard, tough fight. Things happen in boxing. It’s a contact sport. Do I wish that had happened to Colon? Of course not! I’m a man of faith, and I know I’m a good man. I pray, and I may not have all of the answers, but I am walking on the right path. One thing I won’t do is question God. Things happen.”

Prichard Colon | Social Life

There is little to no social media presence of the former boxer. The only updates fans receive are from his mother’s Facebook account.

He was quite active on Facebook, but we can no longer find him there after the misfortunate event.

Prichard has some trending hashtags on Instagram and Twitter as the boxing world often talks about him.

Many articles were written in his favor and things that the boxing world needs to change.

Prichard Colon | FAQs

Who was Prichard Colon’s last fight?

Colon’s last fight was against Terrel Williams. The fight concluded his MMA career after Williams threw multiple illegal punches to Prichard’s head. 

The punches eventually led Colon to the hospital, where he slipped into a coma for 221 days. 

Is Prichard Colon’s documentary available on Netflix?

No, the former fighter’s documentary is not available on Netflix, and no news surfaced regarding this. 

What is Richard Colon’s boxing record?

Prichard Colon’s boxing record is 16-1-0, according to the previous information that surfaced on the internet.

How is Prichard Colon’s health condition?

Prichard Colon has suffered from paralysis and life-threatening brain damage ever since after the match he had.

What surgery did Prichard Colon undergo?

Richard Colon underwent emergency surgery because of heavy bleeding on the left side of his brain after the match.

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