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Priyana Thapa is Keith Thurman Jr.’s wife, an American professional boxer. He is a former unified welterweight world champion and has the WBA title from 2015-2019. Keith is nicknamed “One Time” for his intimidating knockout power and orthodox stance.

Thurman made his career debut in November 2007 when he defeated Kensky Rodney.

He is ranked as the world’s fifth-best active welterweight by BoxRec as of July 2022.

Priyana Thapa With Her Husband
Priyana Thapa With Her Husband, Keith Thurman Jr.(Source: Instagram)

Nepal, a small country where we see nothing out of the ordinary except its scenic beauty, was suddenly propelled into a frenzy.

It is because a Nepalese woman, Priyana Thapa, wedded the American boxing star Keith Thurman Jr.

This news was the town’s talk and remained so for a long time. Nepalese news media covered it, and we could see pictures of the couple plastered in many newspapers.

It was just an ordinary marriage to the people outside Nepal, but to the Nepalese folks, it came nothing short of bemusement.

Indeed, it’s a big deal in Nepal when one of their daughters/sons achieves some popularity, be it professional or due to personal betrothment.

In this article, we are here to talk about the lovely Priyana Thapa. First, we will try to cover as much information on the Nepalese, including her life, career, net worth, and current status with Keith.

Before we get on with it, check out some quick facts below!

Priyana Thapa | Quick Facts

Full Name Priyana Thapa
Birth Date Undisclosed
Birth Place Nepal
Nickname Priyana
Religion Hinduism
Ethnicity Asian
Age Early 30’s
Education Not known
Nationality American (By Marriage); Nepalese (By Birth)
Height 5 ft 4 in / 1.64 m / 164 cm
Siblings Unavailable
Profession Unknown
Net Worth Not disclosed
Married Yes (Keith Thurman Jr.)
Children Yes (One Daughter)
Keith’s Social Media Instagram
Last Update April 2024

Priyana Thapa | Early Life & Ethnicity

Priyana Thapa is a native of Nepal, and judging by her age, she was born sometime in 1992 or 1993. However, the details of her parents and siblings remain unknown to the general public.

Priyana's Mother-In-Law and Her Husband
Priyana’s Mother-In-Law and Her Husband (Source: Twitter)

Even though it is not proven, Nepalese beauty looks to be from a very well-educated family. Likewise, it is a kind of tradition in Nepalese culture to receive an education at the University level.

Hence, by the time Thapa decided to tie the knot, we assume she had completed her graduate-level studies in Japan. The Nepalese lady is of Asian ethnicity and is a devoted Hindu.

Priyana Thapa | Age, Height, & Body Measurements

A Nepalese newspaper published the story of the union between Thurman and Thapa, wherein it suggested the age of Priyana be 24 years old during the time of marriage.

If we fast-forward three years, it comes to one’s assume that she is in her early ’30s at the time of writing.

The American boxer is 4-years older than his Nepalese wife.

Although such age difference is of little concern in Nepalese society, they believe a woman must find a man more mature than she is.

Priyana’s height is not available at the moment. However, there are photos of the Nepalese pictured alongside her husband; assumably, Thapa could be standing at 1.64 m tall.

Since Keith is a modest 1.73 m, his wife is slightly shorter than him; thus, our estimation could be valid.

Priyana has a lean body frame and is somewhat ectomorphic, considering her petite frame.

Moreover, occasionally, Priyana can be spotted donning Nepalese attire as a Hindu.

But, most importantly, Thapa has black hair, dark eyes, and a photogenic smile and is distinguishable with her beady eyes, thin, manicured eyebrows, and soft complexion.

Priyana Thapa | Career

As mysterious as the Nepalese beauty is, her career is even more enigmatic. While the rumors of Priyana completing university-level study might be true, the exact occupation designation is in the dark for the time being.

She resides in America and is the wife of a prominent boxer; it doesn’t come as a necessity to seek employment.

Conversely, we live in a modern progressive society where men and women are independent of each other.

Despite having a successful career himself and considering his love for his lovely wife, it is no surprise that the boxer must encourage Thapa to pursue her dreams. Thus, it is just speculation that Priyana is employed.

Her husband, Keith, is a well-renowned professional boxer, a unified welterweight world champion, defending the title for four long years until 2019.

Due to his heavy knockout punches, the fighter earned the moniker “One time.”

Priyana Thapa | Net Worth

Priyana’s career is not disclosed, and estimating a net worth seems a little farfetched. Nonetheless, she is, after all, married to Keith Thurman. So let’s discuss in brief the boxer’s income and salary.

Keith accrued a stunning net worth of $10 million. Added to that, the career earnings in boxing depend on the wins.

Despite the defeat, the losing member is fortunate enough to walk out with a briefcase full of money.

There is a vast difference in the amount of money distributed between the winners and losers. One can reckon how much Thurman has rocketed in recent years by this factor.

The boxer competed in 32 fights, of which 30 were wins, one was a loss, and one was no contest. Accordingly, it can be deduced that Thurman’s bank balance is overflowing with cash.

In a fight against Manny Pacquiao, the Floridian received a whopping $8 million in cash to Manny’s $20 million, regardless of the loss.

WBC Champions reportedly earn around $50k to $100k as prize money.

Similarly, with fortune, a person desires to drench oneself in an exquisite life.

The American boxer and his wife, Priyana, live a comfortable and luxurious life that includes vacationing in exotic locations.

Besides, Thurman owns a Ford Mustang Shelby GT-526 (2017), which cost him around $100k.

Keith is also a proud owner of a Ranger Rover priced at $88k and a Cadillac pickup truck valued at $64k.

According to some sources, Keith’s net worth is estimated at $3 million as of 2022.

Priyana Thapa | Relationship, Husband & Kids

Moving on, it was fate’s decision for Keith to find Priyana. When the Nepalese native resided in Tokyo (Japan), she stumbled upon Thurman at a nightclub.

The two clicked almost instantly. The couple took a chance on each other and dated for a whole year. During this period, neither the media nor their families had a whiff of what was going on.

Thurman couldn’t get enough of Priyana, and on the warm summer of July 2017, the two tied the knot after the former popped the question, surprising the latter.

Priyana With Keith
Priyana With Her Husband Keith Sitting (Source: Instagram)

At the same time, the ceremony took place in Thapa’s hometown.

Furthermore, the wedding venue was a top-notch hotel in Kathmandu (the capital of Nepal). The marriage ceremony was purely Hindu, as per Thurman’s wish.

The bride draped a red saree embroidered with gold pellets and looked fabulous while lined with jewelry.

Thurman followed suit by wearing the traditional Nepalese ceremonial attire, the Daura Suruwal, made of a unique Dhaka material.

Likewise, the couple was blessed with a baby girl Ananda in 2021. Priyana and Keith are living a happy life with their daughter.

Keith’s Career In 2022

Thurman did not return to the ring after his first professional career defeat for almost 31 months, declaring, “Until my retirement, every day is a day closer to my fight.”

He fought former WBA super lightweight champion Mario Barrios on February 5, 2022.

Thurman imposed himself on Barrios and proved to be a class above his opponent, securing victory with a unanimous decision from judges’ scorecards of 117-111 and 118-110 two times in a dominant display on Fox Sports pay-per-view.

Social Media Presence

As much as the fans would like to know more about Keith Thurman’s wife, we regretfully inform you that she isn’t active on any social media platform.

However, Keith is available on Instagram, where he posts about his games, practice sessions, and family.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Keith Thurman Jr. (@keithonetimethurman)

Feel free to check it out:

Instagram: 321k followers (Thurman’s @keithonetimethurman)

Popularity Graph

Priyana Thapa is the famous wife of the renowned professional boxer Keith Thurman Jr.

Priyana Thapa
Priyana Thapa Popularity Graph (Source: Google)

The above graph shows Priyana’s popularity over the past twelve months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many kids does Priyana have?

Priyana and Keith are blessed with a daughter named Ananda. They have not added another family member as of now (2022).

Where does Priyana reside now?

Priyana, along with her husband and daughter, resided in Japan earlier. According to Keith’s bio on social media platforms, Priyana probably lives with Keith and their daughter in Florida.

IPriyana’s husband, Keith, still active in boxing?

Yes, Keith is still participating in the various boxing contests. On February 5, 2022, he won the fight against Mario Barrios.

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