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Ara Raoul Parseghian was the full name of an American football player and coach. He had also guided the University of Notre Dame to national championships in 1966 and 1973.

Moreover, he spent his childhood in Akron, Ohio, and started to play football from the high school. He won the league championship in 1948 and 1949 after playing professionally. In 1974, he was retired from coaching and started broadcasting career calling college football games, and it was for ABC and CBS.

You can see a few of his quotes below that will help you in each and every step of your life. So, follow them once.

Ara Parseghian on field
Ara Parseghian on field

“Getting to the top of the mountain is a heck of a lot easier than staying there.”― Ara Parseghian

“I remember virtually everything about every loss. And the wins are hardly memorable.”― Ara Parseghian

“The harder you work, the less mistakes you make. The fewer mistakes you make, the better your chances of winning.”― Ara Parseghian

“After Notre Dame, what is there?”― Ara Parseghian

“I don’t make hasty, impulsive decisions.”― Ara Parseghian

“I came to Notre Dame to renew the winning tradition.”― Ara Parseghian

“The best way I could describe it at Notre Dame was that I was accepted as a member of the family.”― Ara Parseghian

“The 1973 team is real special. I had never coached against Bear Bryant. Alabama had never played Notre Dame. It was North against South; the Catholics against the Baptists; both teams were undefeated, and everything was on the line.”― Ara Parseghian

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“It’s not true that I never left South Bend to recruit a player. It is true that I didn’t leave very often.”― Ara Parseghian   

“I don’t give a damn what anybody says. I don’t think at 70 and 75 that you can be as productive and efficient as you were when you were 40 or 50.”― Ara Parseghian

“My kids grew up here. My son and daughter both went to Notre Dame.”― Ara Parseghian

“One of the reasons I never went into pro football was because I wanted my kids to grow up around an academic environment. And that’s exactly what we did.”― Ara Parseghian

“I became a head football coach when I was 27 years old at Miami of Ohio.”― Ara Parseghian

“The burdens of being a head coach are different from being an assistant. If I had been an assistant coach for a while, then become a head coach, I probably would have lasted longer.”― Ara Parseghian

Ara Parseghian with his family
Ara Parseghian with his family

“That’s one thing: When I left Notre Dame, when I left every school, what I’m the proudest of is we never compromised the rules, never were on probation, never had any major problems of any kind.”― Ara Parseghian

“Money talks; there’s no question about it.”― Ara Parseghian

“It’s a terrific honor. To be associated with the number of people who represent the Cradle of Coaches, it’s sort of unreal in a sense.”― Ara Parseghian

“I say college football began with Rockne.”― Ara Parseghian

“One thing about Notre Dame, it’s like a service academy in a lot of ways. There is a closeness.”― Ara Parseghian

“That’s the unpredictable part, and that’s what worries every coach: Protect the football. That’s why, when you go into a ballgame, you may be favored, but there’s no guarantee you’re going to win it.”― Ara Parseghian

“I’ve missed the association with players and coaches but haven’t missed the recruiting and the travel.”― Ara Parseghian

“I was a 52-year-old coach. But people don’t realize I had 25 years as a head coach. Most coaches my age only had a few years as head coach. I had six years at Miami of Ohio, eight years at Northwestern, 11 at Notre Dame.”― Ara Parseghian

“On any play where there’s a scramble of 22 men, blindside hits and unprotected hits on knees occur.”― Ara Parseghian

“I learned long ago not to tear into anyone for a mistake.”― Ara Parseghian

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“I remember when I drove into Notre Dame, getting ready for the first day of work. I had an electrical charge go up my back because I realized all of a sudden that I was responsible for the traditions that the Knute Rocknes and the Frank Leahys had set, and what Notre Dame stood for.”― Ara Parseghian     

“As you move through life, it’s not going to be a bright, sunshiny day every day.”― Ara Parseghian

“You’re going to have disappointments. But how you handle those disappointments is the important thing for you and everybody that’s around you. That’s what I found from being not only a player but also a coach.”― Ara Parseghian

“I don’t think I was a miracle man. Neither were Lou Holtz or Frank Leahy. We all found ways to win.”― Ara Parseghian

“Success in football is relative. If you take a job at a school that finished with a 1-9 record the year before, you’re considered a good coach if you finish 5-5 in your first season. But what happens if you start with 8-2 or 9-1?”― Ara Parseghian

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“Whether you like it or not, you’re a national figure after five games at Notre Dame.”― Ara Parseghian

“To me, going for a tie means kicking the extra point for a tie instead of going for a two-point conversion to win.”― Ara Parseghian

“I coached at Northwestern for eight years, where the admission requirements were high.”― Ara Parseghian

“My mother was really courageous.”― Ara Parseghian

Football coach, Ara Parseghian's excitment in the victory
Football coach Ara Parseghian’s excitement in the victory

“In my own opinion, psychology in football is far more important than anyone believes, including the coaches.”― Ara Parseghian

“The game is not won by a pep talk on Saturday. It’s won by preparation of your club from Monday until game time. If they’re not ready on Saturday, you’re not going to get them ready by trying to inspire them with a dog-eat-dog sermon on that day.”― Ara Parseghian

“I can’t think of anything that’s hit me harder in my life than when I learned that three of our youngest grandchildren were diagnosed with Niemann-Pick C.”― Ara Parseghian

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“External pressure I never worried about.”― Ara Parseghian

“I had grown up during a time when Notre Dame football was held in the highest esteem. I listened to all of the games on the radio.”― Ara Parseghian

“I have been around football all of my life.”― Ara Parseghian

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“When I make a fist, it’s strong, and you can’t tear it apart. As long as there’s unity, there’s strength.”― Ara Parseghian      

“The most difficult problem about coaching at Notre Dame is losing early.”― Ara Parseghian

“I’d go to clinics and hear coaches say, ‘You block with your helmet. You tackle with your helmet.’ I’d say, ‘No way! You block with your shoulder. It’s a lot stronger blow, and you don’t risk nearly as much. Why be stupid?’”― Ara Parseghian

“You get different philosophies in coaching, usually depending on what position the coach himself played.”― Ara Parseghian

“If you can hang in games by staying close defensively, then good things can happen.”― Ara Parseghian

“There is nothing more painful than watching a child with a terminal disease.”― Ara Parseghian

“I’ve been blessed in many ways, but none of the heights from football can ever compare to the depths you go through when you lose a child.”― Ara Parseghian

“You learn early in athletics that you’ll have ups and downs.”― Ara Parseghian

“You are going to get knocked down, but you don’t lie there. You get up and face the challenge.”― Ara Parseghian

“When you set these high expectations and goals, and they are demolished so early in the season, that has an effect on the psyche. It wears you down.”― Ara Parseghian

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