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A man of versatile talent, Ryan Doyle is a whole packaged athlete with a net worth of around $5 million. At present, he is not just a free runner but also a martial artist, coach, and actor. 

Additionally, Ryan is the two-time winner of the Red Bull Art of Motion competition. Therefore, it is safe to say Ryan commenced his career from his early teenage days. 

Ryan Doyle
Freerunner, Ryan Doyle

Initially, Ryan was involved in martial arts, and later, he started free running. Indeed, the blend of martial arts with his free-running style helped him a lot. 

Quick Facts

Full Name Ryan Doyle
Date of Birth 22 September 1984
Birth Place Liverpool, England
Nick Name None
Religion Christianity 
Nationality British 
Ethnicity White 
Zodiac Sign  Virgo 
Age 39 years old
Height 1.73 m (5’8″)
Weight Unknown 
Hair Color Dark Brown 
Eye Color Dark Brown 
Build Athletic 
Father’s Name Name Unknown 
Mother’s Name Name Unknown 
Siblings A brother, Anthony Doyle 
Education Liverpool Hope University
Marital Status Married 
Wife  Hannah (@ditzydoodarr)
Kids None
Profession martial artist, coach, and actor
Sport  Free running 
Net Worth $5 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
Website  www.ryandoylemusic.com
Merch  Free runner knee brace, Free runner shoes
Last Update  June, 2024

Ryan Doyle Net Worth | Career Earnings and Endorsement 

With his own guts and sense, Ryan Doyle became the National Tricking Champion for four years. Apparently, he is also the foremost international free runner to win the Red Bull Championship. 

Since then, Ryan is the Parkour Ambassador for Red Bull and the Art-of-Motion Consultant. In the meantime, he is also the founding athlete of WFPF (World Freerunning Parkour Federation). Well, he has been with them since 2007.

Moving on, Doyle is also the director of RAD Production. Back in 2016, he hosted the WFPF Parkour Championship in Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay that was live-streamed.

Two years later, in 2018, he also hosted the live stream WFPF’s “World Parkour Championship” in Mardin, Turkey. 

Besides, he is also the brand ambassador for the New Image Labs. 

Ryan live hosting in Mardin
Ryan live hosting in Mardin/Instagram.

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Net Worth of Ryan Doyle in Different Currencies

Ryan Doyle is currently the most decorated free runner and earns a hefty amount. Additionally, he is into several projects that give him a handsome earning. 

However, it is yet not in an exact amount about how much Ryan makes. Well, we have provided the estimated amount from his career with his $5 million.

Currency Net Worth
Euro €4.2 Million
Pound Sterling £3.6 Million
Australian Dollar A$6.6 Million
Canadian Dollar C$6.26 Million
Indian Rupee ₹7,372,592,500
BitCoin ฿143.67

Apart from it, Ryan Doyle has also founded his free running academy in his hometown, Liverpool.

Right there, he teaches others the style of running and the techniques involved. Well, he founded this institution back in 2004.

Also, this academy is the UK’s biggest Urban Sports facility. It was opened alongside the partnership with members of the Liverpool Parkour community. Today, it has been a twist in the modern gym arena. 

Acting and Media Coverage

As a matter of fact, Ryan Doyle is a graduate of Liverpool Hope University in the faculty of Media TV Production. As per him, Ryan never knew he would be indulged in an acting career until his graduation. 

Initially, he was also indulged in training for acting classes with Magul theatre school. Glancing back at his first work, Ryan integrated action choreography.

However, his first appearance in media was as the supporting character in the UK series “Hollyoaks.”

Way earlier in 2006, Ryan produced another short action film titled “SACRIFICE” and entered the National Student Film Festival. However, he was also a part of the National Extreme Tricks Battle the same day.

Altogether, he won both the national titles the same day. Likewise, Ryan’s youtube series, “Travel Story,” is one of the inspiring action videos for youngsters who are devoted to free running. 

Ryan in science fiction movie
Ryan in science fiction movie/Instagram

In 2023, YouTube Streamy Awards, Ryan gained the “Best International Series” for the same vital YouTube series.

On a similar account, Ryan depicts numerous projects under his hand. Some of the media appearances he made include “National-Geographics’s-Fight Science,” “The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon,” and stunt-doubled for Ellen Degeneres.

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Ryan Doyle appeared as the antagonist in the 2011 movie ‘Finch.’ During the movie duration, you can find him portraying his stunts and loads of actions.

Similarly, Ryan starred in the 2017 action science-fiction movie titled “Mindgamer’s.” Well, Ryan is also part of the BBC TV series “The Apprentice.”

At the same time, Ryan Doyle starred in the MTVs Ultimate Parkour Challenge. Not to mention, he is the voice of the disciplines of parkour and stands to deliver its message all over the globe. 

One of his recent works is with the Warner Brothers’ new action SciFi DXM. As explained by Ryan himself, he portrays a character of a paralyzed movement-master.

As the story develops, the master undergoes a dangerous quantum science experiment so that he could walk again. 

Ryan Doyle Net Worth | Lifestyle

Doyle leads an active and fulfilled life. As per him, he will never be enough with parkour and will be doing it as far as he can go. With parkour and free running, Ryan has traveled to numerous places. 

In fact, he has set his aim to travel all over the globe and experience their culture. Overall, his “Travel Story” series covers up all the places he has visited date. 

Ryan posing in China
Ryan in China/Instagram

Some of the major locations include China (Great Wall and Shanghai), India (Taj Mahal), Peru (Machu Picchu), Jordan (Petra), Italy (Rome), Brazil (Rio), Santorini (Greece), Dubai (Bastakiya), and Hong Kong.


  • 2X World freerunning Champion Red Bull AOM
  • ‘Winner’ Best International Series on YouTube
  • “Winner” for ‘Best Film” at 2006 Screentest Film Festival with “Sacrifice”
  • National Tricking Champion UK (2006)
  • 4x National tricking Champion
  • World Champion – Red Bull in (2007)
  • 2x World Freerunning Champion AoM (2011)
  • “Winner” for 2013 Best International Series on Youtube

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General Facts on Ryan Doyle 

  1. Ryan Doyle has been an artistic child since his early days. At the age of three, Ryan broke his arm doing a front flip. 
  2. Ryan Doyle deeply respects and follows Jackie Chan. Apparently, he discovered Chan and his works when he was a teenager. This, he joined the Korean martial arts class and gained his 1st-degree black belt in KUK-SOOL-WON.
  3. Ryan is a self-taught runner who commenced his days after mixing gymnastics with his martial arts techniques. 

Social Media

For further exposure to Ryan Doyle, do be sure to check out his social media sites. He is on Instagram as Ryan Doyle (@ryan_doyle) with 30.1k followers. 

Likewise, he is on Twitter as Ryan Doyle (@Ryan_Doyle) with 21.6k followers. Also, you can find the free runner on YouTube as Ryan Doyle with 69k subscribers. 

Ryan with his wife, Hannah
Ryan with his wife, Hannah/Instagram

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  • “Most kids learn to crawl, walk, run, jump and that’s about it. Only a handful carry on to explore more creative movements without even knowing why. I guess I was one of those.”
  • “It’s the feeling, like a sense of hidden power. The ability to escape or see opportunities that others don’t.”
  • “It’s not about mastering movements, it’s about mastering yourself, if you learn how your body works you will have full control over what it can do.”

Ryan Doyle | FAQs

What car does Ryan Doyle drive?

It is no doubt that Ryan Doyle is a car fanatic and depicts numerous one. Well, as for his current ride, Ryan drives Lexus.

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