Saints OC Klint Kubiak Wife Tessa Kubiak: Married Life And Kids

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Tessa Kubiak, the talented wife of football coach Klint Kubiak, seamlessly transitions from her remarkable days as a standout volleyball player to embracing the roles of a loving partner and devoted mother of four.

From earning accolades on the volleyball court to creating a loving home with Klint, Tessa’s journey reflects the seamless blend of sportsmanship and family values, making her an integral part of the Kubiak legacy beyond the football realm.

Klint Kubiak Is An American Football Coach
Klint Kubiak Is An American Football Coach (Source: Saints Wire – USA Today)

Klint Kubiak, born on February 17, 1987, is an American football coach known for his journey in playing and coaching.

Starting at Colorado State University, Kubiak was not just a standout player but a team captain, showcasing his leadership prowess.

His coaching journey kicked off at Texas A&M, where he earned his coaching stripes and a master’s degree in human resource development.

Kubiak entered the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings in 2013 and later made coaching stops at the University of Kansas and the Denver Broncos.

In 2021, he became the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings, succeeding his father, Gary Kubiak.

A return to the Denver Broncos followed in 2022, where he took on play-calling duties during the season’s challenges.

Furthermore, he joined the San Francisco 49ers as their passing game coordinator in 2023.

Now, with the New Orleans Saints from 2024, Kubiak is making waves as their offensive coordinator, bringing a wealth of experience to the team.

Saints OC Klint Kubiak Wife Tessa Kubiak

Klint Kubiak’s love story with his wife, Tessa Kubiak, blossomed at Colorado State University.

Engaged during Tessa’s stellar tenure as a volleyball sensation, they exchanged vows in a summer 2010 wedding, marking the start of their enchanting journey together.

Tessa, a former Colorado State volleyball player and preseason Co-Player of the Year in the Mountain West Conference, brought her athletic prowess and vibrant spirit to their relationship.

Now, as the mother of their four children, Tessa stands as a pillar of support for Klint in both triumphs and challenges.

Their love story blossomed, transcending the football field, and they continue to create a beautiful family together.

Klint Kubiak With His Wife Tessa Kubiak And Four Beautiful Kids
Klint Kubiak With His Wife Tessa Kubiak And Four Beautiful Kids (Source: Facebook)

Tessa’s impressive journey as a volleyball player, highlighted by achievements like being named to the Mountain West all-conference team and earning numerous accolades, adds to the richness of their shared narrative.

From her stellar performance on the court to her academic achievements, Tessa’s well-rounded character complements Klint’s football prowess.

Her accomplishments, both on and off the court, add depth to their family narrative.

From her standout performances at Colorado State to her roles as a wife and mom, Tessa exemplifies strength, grace, and the beauty of shared dreams.

As they navigate the intricacies of marriage and parenthood, Klint and Tessa Kubiak exemplify a partnership built on love, shared passions, and a commitment to family.

From Super Bowl Heartbreak To New Beginnings With The Saints

In a post-Super Bowl twist, Klint Kubiak, the passing game coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers, may not have clinched a ring, but he’s secured a new chapter in his coaching journey.

According to NFL Media, Kubiak has reached a deal with the New Orleans Saints to step into their next offensive coordinator role, making headlines less than 24 hours after the final whistle of Super Bowl LVIII.

Previously a key figure in the 49ers’ offensive playbook under Kyle Shanahan, Kubiak’s skills didn’t go unnoticed.

Despite not being the head play-caller, his contributions drew attention, and the Saints wasted no time in bringing him on board.

49ers Passing Game Coordinator Klint Kubiak Has Officially Joined The Saints As Their New Offensive Coordinator
49ers Passing Game Coordinator Klint Kubiak Has Officially Joined The Saints As Their New Offensive Coordinator (Source: 49ers Webzone)

A football legacy in the making, Klint Kubiak is the son of former Broncos and Texans head coach Gary Kubiak, who led Denver to a Super Bowl victory in 2015.

Now, stepping into the shoes of Pete Carmichael Jr., the Saints’ longest-tenured offensive coordinator from 2009-2023, Kubiak has big shoes to fill.

Carmichael’s exit, concluding 15 seasons, marked the end of an era for the Saints, and now Kubiak faces the task of improving an offense that encountered challenges in 2023.

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