Stone Cold: WWE, Legacy, and Net Worth

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WWE was much better in the attitude era than it is now, and undoubtedly every one of you would agree. The attitude era gave us some excellent wrestlers, and while talking about the attitude era, you can’t miss one name; you guess it right, Stone Cold.

Six times WWF champion, Stone Cold was one of that era’s finest and most celebrated wrestlers. Even today, he is ranked as one of the top 10 best wrestlers in the history of WWE.

His Savage and rebellious personality attracted the audience, and there barely were moments when the crowd didn’t go mad at his entrance.

Stone Cold Beer-Guzzling During His WWW Game (

So, who is Steve in real life? Is he the same as he is seen on the screen? So, here we are to answer all the answers to your questions. But to know everything about his personal life, stick with us till the last of this article.

But before we begin, let us glance at the quick facts.

Stone Cold | Quick Facts

Full Name  Steven James Anderson
Place of Birth  Austin, Texas, United States
Date of Birth  December 18, 1964
Age 59 Years Old 
Nationality  American 
Religion  Christianity 
Ethnicity  White
Ring Name(s)
  • The Ringmaster
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Stunning Steve Austin
  • SuperstarSteve Austin
Father’s Name  James Anderson
Mother’s Name  Beverly Harrison
  • Jennifer Williams
  • Scott Williams
  • Kevin Williams
  • Eiff Williams
  • Jamie McBride
  • Edna High School 
  • Wharton Country Junior College
  • University of North Texas
  • Professional Wrestler
  • Actor
  • Producer
  • Media Personality
Affiliation  WWE
Height  6′ 2”(188 cm) (1.88m)
Weight  114 kg (252 lbs)
Eye Color  Blue
Hair Color  Bald
Sexual Orientation  Straight 
Marital Status  Married
Wife Kristin Austin

Kathryn Burrhus(ex-wife)

Jeanie Clarke(ex-wife)

Debra Marshall(ex-wife)

  • Jade Adams
  • Cassidy Williams
  • Stephanie Williams
  • Loren Williams
Net Worth  $30 Million 
Salary $12 Million
Social Media  Instagram, Twitter 
Merch T-shirt, Action Toy Figure, Funko Pop with Belt
Last Updated May 2024

Stone Cold | Early Life & Education 

Born in the cold winter of 1964, Stone Cold is the son of James Anderson (Father) and Beverly Harrison (mother).

He had a tragic childhood, and he didn’t get the love of his parents together as they separated when Steve was just a year old.

Soon after the divorce, Steve’s mother found love in Ken Williams and married him.

Steve Austin
Stone Cold In Jersey Number 32 From His College Football Days (Source: Pinterest)

However, luck was in his favor this time as he got a loving and supportive stepfather. Further, Steve even adopted his stepfather’s surname and became Steve James Williams.

Steve has four brothers and a sister, and he spent all his childhood days in Edna, a small part of Texas, playing with his siblings.

Talking about his education, Steve went to Edna High School, where he got his primary schooling. Besides, Steve was good at his studies and sports, which earned him a scholarship from Wharton Country Junior College.


Steve joined the University of North Texas on a full scholarship after completing his junior college education at Wharton Country Junior college.

He was also part of the North Texas football team; at first, he played as a linebacker but later, due to his knee injury, he had to switch to a defensive end.

However, Steve couldn’t continue with his education as he had to start working in the loading dock to support his family.

Many of you might not know that Steve went into wrestling when he was six years and since then, he has wanted to become a wrestler. After his family’s condition improved, he joined Dallas Sportatorium.

A year after training under Chris Adams, he got his most significant break in 1989 in WCCW, and the rest is history; since then, there has not been looking back for Steve.

Stone Cold | Career

Stone Cold got his most significant break in 1989 through World Class Championship Wrestling.

At the beginning of his career, Steve used to earn $20 per flight and had to travel a lot. Since he couldn’t afford to live in hotels, he used to sleep in his car.

To avoid confusion about the name Dutch Mantell changed Steve’s name to Steve Austin. After of year in WCCW, Steve, in the year 1990, joined the United States Wrestling Association.

 He left WSWA behind after some months after joining. In 1991 Steve was introduced in WCW as Stunning Austin Steve.

The Texas Rattlesnake Wasn’t bald before debuting in WWE (

On June 3, 1991, Steve created history by winning against Bobby Eton in WCW World Television Championships. He had a manager named Harley Race at that time.

Struggling Days

After that, Steve joined the Dangerous alliance, led by Paul E. However, that group didn’t last long; it dissolved after Steve lost his championship to Ricky.

However, even though Austin was working hard, he couldn’t get as much audience love as he expected, but he didn’t lose hope.

In 1993, Steve formed a group with Brian Pillman, and they named their team The Hollywood Blonds. Besides, Steve and Brian even won the tag team championship, and they defended it for five months.

But while defending their title against Paul Roma, Pillman suffered an injury and had to take a break. However, after Pillman returned, Steve turned his back on Pillman and hit him.

Stone Cold Posing with His RV In The Desert (Source: Instagram)

But unfortunately, due to less popularity, Steve was fired by WCW’s vice president in 1995. After being fired from WCW, Steve joined ECW, where he was given a name called Stone Cold, and the rest is history.

As soon as Steve enrolled in ECW, he improved his finishing move and got renowned as Stone Cold Stunner. Later, Steve went to WWF in 1996 and made his debut in WWF against Matt Hardy.

Until then, Steve had beautiful blonde hair, but to change his persona, he shaved all of his head. He also won the King of the Ring title, which was the beginning of the best era of WWE.

Then came the moment when everyone recognized Steve; at that time, Steve started to have a feud with Brat Hart, who was already one of the celebrated wrestlers.

However, Steve had to take a break from his career due to an injury and vacant his WWF Tag Team and Intercontinental Championships.

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Beginning Of A Magnificent Career

After Steve recovered from the injury, he started to have feuds with some most prominent names in the WWE, like Vince McMahon, The Rock, The Undertaker, and Triple H.

Steve Austin
Stone Cold And His Bconic Beer (Source: Pinterest)

Steve’s entry on WWW made the fan go crazy. That not-so-friendly Stone Cold being friendly, offering his beer to his opponent and then hitting them with his move, “The Stunner,” was every audience’s favorite.

However, in 2003’s WrestleMania, Steve lost the match against The Rock. As per the storyline, Eric fired Steve the next day.

But to everyone’s surprise, Steve seriously came inside the arena the day after and announced his retirement. He had to do it as per his doctor’s recommendation.

Henceforth, Steve makes his appearance in WWE repeatedly on special occasions.

Career Apart From Wrestling

Even though Steve left WWE, his fans didn’t have to wait long to see him as he made his debut in movies in 2005 with The Longest Yard.

Likewise, his performance was appropriate by all, and he started getting a lot of offers. Steve can be seen in movies like Damage, Hunt to Kill, Recoil, and The Expendables.

Furthermore, he is also a good host; Steve Austin’s Broken Skull challenge is one of the most popular shows in the States. Not to forget, he has been running a podcast named Stone Cold Show since 2014.

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Stone Cold | Net Worth 

It is expected that Steve Austin has garnered a hefty net worth of $30 million. According to wealthygoilla, he is the #6 richest wrestler in the history of WWE.

Undoubtedly, the primary source of Steve’s income has been his wrestling career. But he also earns a particular portion of money through his acting career.

A tremendous amount of money in Steve’s bank account comes from Broken Skull Beers, as he is the ambassador of that brand.

Currently, The Stunning is living in Nevada at the Broken Skull Ranch; he bought this House in 2018. This House is spread over 40 acres and is worth $3.8 million.

Steve Stone Arriving In Quad Bike During Wrestlemania 38, Dallas, TX (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, in 2021, Steve sold his luxurious Los Angeles Marina Del Ray House for $3.595 million.

Apart from that, Stone Cold has been a fan of jeeps and vintage cars. Austin bought his first car while still in school, a 1971 Pontiac Firebird Formula.

Likewise, he owns a 1972 Cutlass Supreme, 1973 Chevrolet Camaro,  1978 Buick Century Wagon, Porche Cayenne Turbo, Corvette Z06, and Mercedes-Benz. 

 Cold also owns jeep-like cars like Dodge Ramcharger, 1995 Ford Branco, Chevrolet Suburban, Chevrolet Silverado Z71, and Range Rover.

Stone Cold | Body Measurements

Undoubtedly, Steve has one of the best robust muscular any wrestler can have. At fifty-seven years old, Steve is an inspiration to many youths who wants to pursue a career in wrestling.

Austin is 6 ft 2 inches tall and weighs around 114 kg. Before shaving his hair, Steve had beautiful blond hair that added aura to his looks.

Even at this age, nineteen times WWF champion Steve workouts four times a week. Steve consumes 3600 calories daily, consisting of 365 grams of protein, 300 grams of carbs, and 125 grams of carbs.


Austin didn’t follow any diet plans when he had knee surgery in 2021. He even didn’t consume beer throughout the year.

Regarding Austin’s workout routine, Monday is leg day; first, he does ten minutes of incline walk and primarily focuses on his calves’ exercise.

Tuesday is a chest day along with bench press and Triceps; Wednesday is a rest day; Thursday, Austin does rows, backs, and some exercise for his biceps. Finally, Friday is overhead press, traps, and shoulders day.

Further, Saturday and Sunday are the rest days for him. Apart from that, Steve believes in eating in proportion and does not have any specific diet plan.

Moreover, he suggests fitness enthusiasts maintain discipline while working out and eat in balance.

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Stone Cold | Personal Life

Steve’s life has been full of roller coaster rides, and he has seen the highest highs and lowest lows. And talking about his love life, it has been a total mess for Austin.

The trauma of three marriages not working out hit Austin hard. In 1990 Austin got married to his high school sweetheart Kathryn Burrhus. However, the pair got separated after two years.

Then, he started dating Jeanie Clarke, who happened to be an English wrestling manager. Jeanie and Austin began to date each other while Austin’s marriage with Burrhus was getting weaker.

Even though Austin was dating Clarke, he was still married to Burrhus. Soon after four months of getting divorced, Austin married Clarke in December 1992.

Stone Cold
Stone Cold With Wife Kristin (Source: Instagram)

From this marriage, Austin has two daughters, Stephanie and Cassidy. Besides, Austin has also adopted Clarke’s daughter from her previous relationship. However, this relationship could not last, and in 1999 Clarke and Steve separated ways.

Divorce, Penalty, And Fourth Marriage

After a year of getting divorced, Steve again tied the knot with Debra Marshall. But unfortunately, this marriage also didn’t last long; in 2002, Debra filed a complaint of domestic violence against Austin.

At that time, Austin ran away and refused to surrender himself to the Police, but later, he was arrested anyways.

Austin was fined $1000 with a year of prohibition and eighty-hour of community service. After this incident, Austin filed for a divorce, which was finalized after six months in February of 2003. 

After a series of unsuccessful relationships, Austin finally found love in Kristin Feres and married her in 2009. Unfortunately, not much information has been found about his wife, Kristin.

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Stone Cold | Social Media Presence

Talking about social media presence, Stone Cold is active on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. His social media is a treat to watch for his fans.

The retired professional boxer goes by the name @eaustevstinbsr on Instagram, with 1299 posts and 5.5 million followers.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Steve Austin (@steveaustinbsr)

Besides, Steve has around 4.7 million followers on his Twitter account. Austin joined Twitter in 2010, and to date, he has made around 35.5k tweets.

Apart from that, if you want to know more about Austin, you can find much information about him, which is available on the internet.

Stone Cold | Popularity Graph

Stone Cold’s popularity has been gradually rising from Nov 28, 2021. The graph shows his google searches over the period of 12 months.

Stone Cold’s Google Trends Over 12 Months (

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the name of the beer that Steve drank while he was in the WWE?

The beer’s name is Broken Skull IPA, manufactured by a California brewery and endorsed by Steve Austin.

Why is number 3:16 significant for Austin?

While Austin won King of the Ring for the first time, the time Austin won was 3:16. Since then, Steve believes 316 is a lucky number for him.

Is Steve Austin the richest wrestler?

Steve is among the top ten richest wrestlers but not the wealthiest. The Rock is the richest wrestler, with a net worth of $800 million. 

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