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Women are sometimes taken for granted, undermined, and oppressed. To be working in a mostly-male dominant profession comes with its challenges. Sports journalism felt more like a man’s-only occupation until Suzy Kolber popped up.

Generally, many people, men and women alike, have or had the mentality that women are not meant for sports or don’t have what it takes to understand the sport.

Following the emergence of female journalists, the misconception is regularly getting debunked.

Suzy Kolber Holding An Award
Suzy Kolber Holding An Award (Source: Twitter)

However, what was it like in the 80s to be working as a reporter specializing in sports? Well, Suzy Kolber’s life story can profoundly answer that.

Although it wasn’t easy, the Pennsylvanian wasn’t the one to cease her pursuit.

At the age of 59 as one of the most successful and prominent reporters, Ms. Kolber paved a passage for younger generations to transpire.

As of 2024, Suzy serves as a sideline reporter, co-producer, sportscaster, and the host of the American pregame television program Monday Night Countdown on ESPN.

In January 2023, the Associated Press revealed that Bills assistant athletic trainer Denny Kellington received a fifth-place vote for NFL’s MVP award from Suzy Kolber.

Indeed, this article will discuss everything available on the sportscaster. We hope you stick with us to the end!

Quick Facts

Full Name Suzanne Lisa Kolber
Birth Date May 14, 1964
Birth Place Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Nick Name Suzy
Religion Undefined
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Sandy Run Middle School; Upper Dublin High School; University of Miami
Horoscope Taurus
Father’s Name Gene Kolber
Mother’s Name Sandra Kolber
Siblings None
Age 59 Years Old
Height 5’7”/1.73 m/173 cm
Weight 61 kg/134 lb.
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Married Yes
Husband Eric Brady
Children Yes (Kellyn Brady)
Profession Sportscaster, Reporter, Anchor
Net Worth $18 Million
Affiliations ESPN, ABC, FOX Sports
Active Since 1984
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Last Update March 2024

Early Life, Education, & Parents

Born as Suzanne Lisa Kolber and known professionally as Suzy Kolber, the anchor hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (U.S.). She celebrates her birthday on May 14, being born to Gene and Sandra Kolber in 1964.

However, no information is available on the whereabouts of her parents or any possible siblings.

Raised as a Philly girl, Suzy attended a local school called Sandy Run Middle School. Thereafter, she transferred to Upper Dublin High School.

Upon completing high school sometime in 1982, Kolber enrolled at the University of Miami. Similarly, in 1986, the Philly native graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts and telecommunications.

Moreover, while she was still an undergraduate, Suzy undertook the role of sports director from 1984 until the day of her graduation.

With experience at Dynamic Cable located in Coral Gables, Florida, and as a member of the UM Water Ski team, it can be said that Kolber had quite a fascination with sports.

After concluding her studies at the University of Miami, CBS Sports recruited her as one of their videotape coordinator in New York City. From there on, the American sportscaster had only to look forward.

Age, Height, & Body Measurements

Born in 1984, Suzy, as of 2024, is 59 years old.

Even after 31 years of service as a journalist, it hasn’t managed to tire out the Pennsylvanian.

The sportscaster stands at a height of 1.73 m and weighs approximately 134 lbs.

During her youth, Kolber was easy to pass as a film actress, undoubtedly. Although she is getting older, it is evident that Suzy maintains her fitness.

The most captivating trait of Kolber is her blonde hair, icy blue eyes, and cheerful smile.

Besides, being a working mother, having to shuffle time between work and tending to motherly duties must be exacting.

Despite the odds, it is fascinating to see how Suzy has triumphed in both her professional and personal life.


As mentioned above, before working at the prestigious ESPN, Kolber started her career as a sports director for Dynamic Cable. Subsequently, the Pennsylvanian landed a job at CBS serving as a video coordinator.

Between 1985 to 1989, Suzy was part of WTVJ-TV based in Miami, where she worked as a producer and, along the way, won a Sports Emmy for her contribution.

After which, most jobs that followed were either as a freelancer or a producer.

Suzy Kolber At Studio
Suzy Kolber At Studio (Source: Tuko)

To illustrate, Kolber was a specials program producer for WPLG-TV and went on to produce Greyhound Racing and Cowboys Special Edition; both were magazine shows.

Similarly, she produced and reported for Breeders’ Cup Newsfeed and Inside Edition.

Suzy also became a producer for WCIX-TV and, in a similar way, undertook the role of producing director for NFL Films.

Simultaneously, the Philly native worked as an anchor for WPEC-TV before signing for ESPN in 1993.

Time At ESPN

In 1999, the Pennsylvanian rejoined ESPN after a brief stint at FOX Sports. Most importantly, the sportscaster gained prominence for her NFL games coverage while working as a sideline reporter.

In particular, Suzy and Michele Tafoya would jointly report on Super Bowl XL for Monday Night Football, a previously owned segment by ABC Sports. At ESPN, the Philly native was part of a variety of programs.

ESPN X Games, Grand Slam Tennis competition, and NASCAR pre-game coverages were some of the highlights of Kolber’s career at ESPN.

The sportscaster received the Maxwell Club Sports Broadcaster of the Year Award in 2006, becoming the first-ever female broadcaster.

In the same way, Suzy served as an on-site reporter as well as studio host, covering tournaments like Wimbledon, Summer, and Winter X Games, when NFL season was on a break.

Further, she hosted a segment called Sports Figures, a special show that starred sports stars teaching math and physics.

Suzy will be available on the desk with other co-hosts for Monday Night Countdown, a pregame television program, when the 2023-24 NFL season starts.

In this show, all the hosts discuss and analyze the game.

Monday Night & NASCAR Countdown

Moving on, Suzy’s appointment as the lead host for NASCAR Countdown in 2007 was as mysterious as the disappearance of Brent Musberger, who, up until that point, hosted the show.

However, there was no follow-up from ESPN regarding this matter, and everything progressed normally.

Talking about Monday Night, Ms. Kolber was part of two different Monday Night segments; Monday Night Football and Monday Night Countdown.

When Michele Tafoya left for NBC Sports, hosts such as Ed Werder, Wendi Nix, and Rachel Nichols stepped in for the reporting role, while Suzy came in as a fill-in.

Simultaneously, being a mother effectively ended her sideline career; henceforth, she served as a host for NFL32.

When host Stuart Scott similarly battled with appendix cancer, Kolber got appointed to Monday Night Countdown segment.

Monday Night Football Crew
Monday Night Football Crew (Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Unfortunately, when Scott passed away, a mourning Suzy had to step in as a permanent on-site host reluctantly.

Besides, Suzy had also worked for Fox Sports. After Kolber left ESPN in November 1996, she worked as an anchor for Fox Sports News and other several NFL games. She returned back to ESPN in August 1999.

Net Worth, Salary & Income

For instance, with a 3-decades experience that shaped her entire life, rising to prominence in a nascent stage and remaining at the top is a commendable achievement on Suzy’s part.

Therefore, after such a long service, her fortunes shouldn’t surprise anyone. She has an estimated net worth of $18 million as of 2024.

She is one of the highest-earning active sportscasters at the moment.

Similarly, sources also disclose that the blonde anchor makes a stunning $3 million in salary every year.

The amount that Kolber walks away with is not a mere digit and doesn’t happen to come by with ease.

Years of struggle and hard work led the Pennsylvanian to a height where she is professionally and financially accomplished.

In fact, being a prominent television figure certainly has its advantages. In the same way, Suzy lent her voice to several videogame series, most notably Sega’s video game, Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s Playstation 2, and ESPN NFL Football.

And these endorsements likely yielded her a significant income. Kolber serves as a spokesperson for Pepsi and Chevrolet, and many commercial campaigns can attest to this fact.

Suzy Kolber Relationship Status | Husband & Kids

To begin with, the immensely talented broadcaster remains a married woman, having tied the knot in 2008. Her husband is Eric Brady, with whom she was in a relationship for several years.

Nevertheless, her loving husband’s life, as of late, is pretty much a mystery.

The world is aware that Suzy and Eric are as inseparable as they were in their youths, a modern testament to a healthy marriage.

Besides, the couple shares happiness with their one and only child, a daughter named Kellyn.

Kellyn was conceived the same year Brady and Kolber announced their engagement; the mother was 44 years old at the time of birth.

Social Media Presence

The American sportscaster is not much of a social media person. However, she manages to post once in a while.

Her social media posts are all about her sportscasting journey with her co-hosts. She is available on Instagram under the handle @suzy.kolber and Twitter @SuzyKolber.

Instagram: 12.1k followers

Twitter: 33.4k followers

Facebook: 10k followers


Being at the line of scrimmage and covering sports has earned her millions of fans worldwide.

Suzy Kolber's Popularity Graph
Suzy Kolber’s Popularity Graph (Source: Google Trends)

The above image shows brief information about the popularity of Suzy Kolber based on Google searches in the United States over a year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Whom is Suzy Kolber married to?

Suzy is married to Eric Brady.

Who got drunk and kissed Suzy Kolber?

When Suzy was interviewing former Jets quarterback player Joe Namath, he was drunk and told Kolber that he wanted to kiss her.

Where did Suzy Kolber grow up?

Kolber was born and grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

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