The Miz Net Worth: House, Lifestyle & Charity

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The two-time WWE Champion “The Miz” has a net worth of $14 million.

The Miz is a professional wrestler from the United States. Fans and athletes often know him as the “Chick Magnet.”

The Miz loved athletics and acting from a very early age. Accordingly, he was the captain of the basketball team, literary, and swimming club. 

However, everything changed when he dropped out of college to pursue an acting career. As a result, he appeared on “The Real World” in 2001, the same platform where he got his iconic name. 

Throughout, The Miz has changed into one of the best wrestlers in the WWE universe. Often known for his bad-boy attitude, he has several achievements and honors to his name.

The Miz
The Miz

Michael has been in the WWE Tag Team Championship four times. Also, he was in the undisputed WWE United States Championship two times.

Likewise, in 2011, he was ranked the “Most Hated Wrestler of the Year.” Yet, by the year 2016, he transformed into “Most Improved Wrestler of the Year.”

Also, here are some quick facts about the player before we head any further into the details.

Quick Facts

Stage Name The Miz
Full Name Michael Gregory Mizanin
Nickname “The Awesome One”
“The Chick Magnet”
“The Grand Mizard of Lust”
Birthdate October 8, 1980
Birthplace Parma, Ohio, United States
Age 43 Years Old
Residence Thousand Oaks, California, U.S.
Sexual Orientation Straight
Zodiac sign Libra
Chinese Zodiac Monkey
Nationality American
Ethnicity American-White
Religion Christianity
Body type Athletic
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye color Blue
Skin Dark
Height 6’2″ (1.88 m)
Weight 221 lb (100 kg)
Shoe Size 11 (US)
Chest 43 in (110 cm)
Biceps 17 in (43 cm)
Thighs 32 in (82 cm)
Profession Professional Wrestler and Actor
Debut 2003
Trained by Al Snow
Bill DeMott
Ultimate Pro Wrestling
High School Normandy High School
College Miami University
Parents George Mizanin (Father)
Barbara Pappas (Mother)
Siblings Jimmy (step-brother),
Tonia (step-sister)
Relationship status Married
Married Year 2014
Wife Maryse Ouellet
Children Madison Jade Mizanin (daughter),
Monroe Sky Mizanin (daughter)
Net Worth $14 million
Merch  Action Figure, Funko Pop
Last Update May, 2024

The Miz Net Worth and Income

The Miz made his tremendous net worth of $14 million from his pro wrestling career. Similarly, he’s had his fair share of involvement in sponsorships and endorsements.

According to Pay Wizard, his previous contract in 2018 was speculated to be around $2.5 million a year. Also, he has been with the WWE for more than a decade. Also, per sources, he signed a $712,000 per year contract in 2016.

Since he has shot up to feature in main events and sell PPVs and merchandise commissions, consequently, he signed a 3-year contract again with the WWE.

According to Give Me Sport, The Miz signed a new WWE contract in 2019. Per his deal, he is set to stay with the company till 2022, at least.

Furthermore, he has a designated role in movie franchises like The Marines and Scooby-Doo. And, he is part of his reality show. Thus, his net worth is set to increase in the years to come.

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The Miz Net Worth | Cars & House


The Miz regularly makes adjustments to his portfolio of houses and mansions under his name. 

Likewise, as per Sportskeeda, the wrestler bought a new $6.4 million mansion with his wife. It is located in Thousand Oakes, California, and covers around 10,400 square feet.

The real estate was built in 2001 and had six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The property is also filled with luxuries like dual vanities, fireplaces, a wine cellar, and landscaping.

The Miz's California house
The Miz and Maryse’s $6.4 million California house

Similarly, Michael owned an Austin Mansion in 2017. It was a Euro-inspired farmhouse purchased for $2.6 million. This property was equipped with bedrooms, five full baths, and five half-baths.

However, he listed it on sale for $2.75 million just fifteen months after buying the property.

Hollywood Hills West House

At the same time, The Miz also owned a huge Mediterranean-style farmhouse in Hollywood Hills West. Per LA Times, the WWE star and his family lived there for more than five years after purchasing for $1.865 million.

Accordingly, they were pretty much attached to this 4,500 square feet mansion. As a result, they had made modifications themselves to suit their needs.

Moreover, the luxury home had four-bedroom and four bathrooms. It also included a swimming pool, a basketball court, and a unique glass-walled spa.

Yet, they listed it for 3.65 million in 2017, per Baltimore Sun.


The Miz has amassed an enormous net worth after staying with WWE for more than a decade. Throughout, he loves owning luxury cars in his garage.

Per HotCars, The Miz loves his Audi R8 for the gullwing doors. These doors open in both directions of up and away.

Furthermore, the luxury car cost him around $171,000 and has a 5.2 Liter engine.

He also flexed that his car could reach a top speed of 330 km/hr and get from 0-100 in 3.2 seconds.

Jeep Wrangler

Similarly, The Miz got himself a modified Jeep Wrangler in 2017. It is one of the fanciest cars in his garage and cost him around $35,000. He has refined the car to meet his daily lifestyle needs and comfort.

It has a 3.6-liter V6 engine beneath the hood, which produces 285 horsepower. The WWE wrestler loves this piece for its retro military design from World War II.

Furthermore, he also owns a Mercedes Benz 450D, which cost him around 75,000 dollars. This gorgeous car can reach a top speed of 250 km/h.

The Miz Net Worth | Lifestyle & Vacations


The Miz has shared story arcs with John Cena, CM Punk, John Morrison, and many top-tier superstars. So naturally, therefore, he’s increased his net worth and loves living a luxurious lifestyle.

Similarly, the wrestler has a reality show with his wife where he provides a direct glance at his daily lifestyle. Since he needs to be in shape, he prefers a moderated diet.

The Miz prefers to eat a nutritious low-carb, high-protein diet. He follows a tight diet and avoids carbs at night. Also, sweet potatoes and other multigrain items help him meet his carb needs.

Likewise, per Work Out Info Guru, the WWE star follows a rigorous exercise regimen and trains four days a week.

After training sessions and workouts, he loves spending time with his family in the evenings. Then, he decompresses with his children and pets. The family has adopted two dogs and a cat as part of their life.


The Miz loves having a vacation once in a while, more so a personal getaway with his wife, fellow WWE Superstars, and sometimes his family only.

Per Sportskeeda, The Miz went on a vacation with his wife, Maryse. The pair were spotted enjoying their time in the tropical climate of the Bahamas.

Similarly, both the divas shared their exotic photographs on their Instagram, which went viral.

The Miz and Maryse Ouellet on a vacation
The Miz on vacation in the Bahamas with Maryse Ouellet

Likewise, Miz and Maryse traveled to Australia to get away from their hectic professional life. Also, they chilled out near the Sydney Harbor and clicked photos for memoirs.

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The Miz Net Worth | Charity

Michael’s rise to WWE Universe is nothing short of an underdog story. Hence, he is often seen supporting the underdogs. Throughout, he has been part of several fundraisers and non-profit services.

In 2018, he partnered with Asuka to participate in the WWE Mixed Match Challenge. They battled with many teams by the name of “Team Awe-ska.”

Consequently, they won the $100,000 prize money from the tournament.

The duo decided to donate the prize pool to Rescue Dogs Rock, an organization that helped rehabilitate homeless, abused, or neglected dogs. Both of them visited the non-profit organization and met the dogs sheltered there.

Also, per the Travelers Championship, the wrestler participated in the Travelers Celebrity Pro-Am tournament. He ventured with Michael Bolton, Eddie Money, and other artists to help raise funds for the charity.

Similarly, they were part of the concert organized by the REACH Foundation.

Likewise, The Miz also took part in the Lupus Poker Tournament in LA. He ventured with his wife, Maryse Ouellet, and played poker to raise funds for the charity.

Furthermore, he makes sure to appear in any charity works conducted by the WWE studios.

The Miz | Movies, Endorsements, And Book Publications

Movies and Media

The Miz has amassed a portfolio of playing significant roles in big movie franchises. As mentioned earlier, he had his show in the WWE by the name “The Miz show.” Accordingly, he has appeared in various TV and reality shows.

In 2012, he starred in the movie “The Campaign” 2012. However, his most consistent role would be in “The Marine 3: Homefront” as Jake Carter. It was a movie franchise made by WWE Studios.

Similarly, he played himself in “Queens of the Ring” like himself in 2013. Also, he voiced himself in “Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery” in 2014.

Some of his other notable performances can be seen in Fighting with My Family, The Main Event, Fear Family Game Night, Oh My English, What Comes Up, and Must Go Down. 

Moreover, the WWE wrestler winner of “Fear Factor” and “Battle of the Network Reality Stars” in 2006. Recently, he hosted “Cannonball” and “Miz & Mrs.” in 2020.

Finally, he is a playable character in the EA Sports WWE 2K21 video game series. In 2021, he had a WWE Rating of 86.


Known in the WWE Universe as “The Awesome One,” The Miz is a charismatic character. Hence, he has several endorsement and sponsorship deals.

Per Superbhub, The Miz has endorsed big companies like Coca-Cola, Cricket Wireless TV, and Domino’s Pizza. As a result, The Miz has appeared in several Dominos advertisements.

Similarly, he was featured in a Cricket Wireless TV commercial too. It was broadcasted in the special edition of “The Miz TV.”

Likewise, The Miz partnered with John Morrison in an episode of “The Dirt Sheet.” The duo endorsed Castrol GTX as the top-selling motor oil.

Furthermore, his catchphrase “Awesome” was included with limited edition Hunger Bars. It was a partnership venture with SNICKERS®.

Book Publications

The Miz seems to have enjoyed a versatile career in the WWE. he started as a host and ended up featuring in the biggest matches. His rise has been meteoric and entirely with ups and downs.

So, there have been several books and pieces written about him. “The Miz (Torque Books: Pro Wrestling Champions)” is one of the famous books written about him by Jim Brew.

Similarly, “The Miz (Epic: Wrestling Superstars) Library” is another book by Blake Markegard. Also, Benjamin Proudfit authored “The Miz” as a condensed biography for children.

The Miz | Professional Career

Mizanin began his professional wrestling career in 2003. He debuted in the Ultimate Pro Wrestling as “the Miz” and received his training too.

In 2004, he decided to step up to “Tough Enough” and Deep South Wrestling. His central idea was to train and learn the required skills from the best.

However, he came up short to Daniel Puder in “Armageddon.”

Yet, WWE knew Mizanin had immense potential. As a result, he started testing out on OVW TV shows. He began his career as the host of Miz TV’s talk show, which gained fan approval.

The Miz
The Miz wins WWE Championship.

Consequently, Mizanin made his debut as the host of SmackDown. By 2007, he was featured in essential pay-per-views. For the Royal Rumble of that year, he entered the ring as the 29th entrant.

In 2010, he won the “Money in the Bank” briefcase. And, he used to cash in on Randy Orton and win the Championship for the first time.

Miz rose to the scene again in 2017, where he created a group called “Miztourage” with Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. The pair helped Miz defend his championships on many occasions.

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3 Facts About “The Miz.”

  • The Miz was the first wrestler in WWE to hold both the United States World Tag Team and the WWE Tag Team Championships at the same time.
  • In 2011, Miz was voted as the most eligible bachelor by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Actually, he ranked first on a list of 500 single, hottest pro wrestlers. Quite an achievement!
  • Michael’s parents were divorced during his early childhood. Hence, he has a step father and two step-siblings.

Social Media Presence

Twitter 3.2M Followers
Instagram 3.5M Followers


What happened between Jim Morrison and The Miz?

The Miz lost a match to Kofi Kingston on Raw on April 13. Actually, Morrison unintentionally disqualified Miz.

Similarly, this earned him a draft pick in the 2009 WWE draft RAW. Consequently, he attacked Morrison and ended his relationship with him.

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