Tito Trinidad Bio: Wrestling Career, Net Worth & Parents

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The great ones will always be remembered! Tito Trinidad is a great former boxer from Puerto Rico who still receives heaps of praise combined with sweet remembrance.

Tito competed professionally from 1990 to 2008. However, he was one of the most underrated boxers globally throughout the decade. 

Likewise, Trinidad has been in the business since 12 years old. 

Tito Trinidad

Today, we will dig deeper into the personal and professional life of Tito Trinidad. Let’s get started!

Quick Facts: Tito Trinidad

Full name Félix Juan Trinidad García
Popular As Felix “Tito” Trinidad
Nickname Tito
Birthdate January 10, 1973
Birthplace Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Nationality Puerto Rican
Horoscope Capricorn
Age 51 Years Old
Father’s name Felix Trinidad Sr.
Mother’s name Irma Doris Trinidad
Sibling A sister
Sister’s name Luz M. Trinidad
Education Not Known
Marital status Married
Spouse Sharon Santiago
Children Five Daughters (one from another relationship)
Daughters’ Name Laryssa Trinidad
Leysha Trinidad
Alayah Trinidad
Ashley Trinidad
Alondra Nicole
Height 5 feet 11 inches (1.8 cm)
Weight Not Known
Reach 72 1⁄2 in (184 cm)
Body type Athletic
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Profession Former Boxer
Stance Orthodox
Total Fights 45
Wins 42
Wins by Knockout 35
Loses 3
Net worth Around $30 million
Career Highlights and Awards IBF welterweight title in 1993
WBA welterweight title in 1999
WBA super welterweight title in 2000
IBF super welterweight title in 2000
WBA middleweight title in 2001
Social media Handles Instagram, Twitter
Merch Boxing Champion Fight Fan T-Shirt, Vida y Milagros de Tito Trinidad (Spanish Edition)
Last Update May, 2024

Tito Trinidad – Early Life and Family

Felix “Tito” Trinidad, popularly known as “Tito” Trinidad, was born on January 10, 1973, in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. He was born to parents Felix Trinidad Sr. and Irma Doris Trinidad.

Aside from his parents, Tito has a sister, Luz M. Trinidad. 

Likewise, the family moved to Cupey Alto, a subdivision of San Juan, Puerto Rico, when Tito was a child.

It’s a father-son thing.

Tito was born to be a boxer, no doubt about it. His indulgence in boxing from the early age of 12 shows his level of attachment with the sport.

Tito got it from his father. Felix Trinidad Sr. was a featherweight champion in the 1970s. He trained Tito and passed the love for boxing.

Moreover, Tito soon got into boxing after his father’s career ended.

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Personal Life: Wife and Daughter 

As for his personal life, Tito Trinidad is a married man and tied to Sharon Santiago. The couple first met when the Trinidad family moved to Cupey Alto.

Sharon’s neighbor/friend was Tito’s classmate, and they first met at that friend’s place. Trinidad was head over heels, stunned by Sharon’s charming personality.

Tito Trinidad and Sharon Santiago

He even tried impressing her with his red Ford Mustang. As a result, Felix attempted everything to get her attention with the help of their familiar friend.

However, Sharon’s family initially denied the relationship. Her mother discovered them when she saw Trinidad getting nervous at her neighbor’s house.

Similarly, Sharon’s father objected to the relationship as Trinidad was an athlete, and the profession was inevitably subjected to violence, facilitating a negative public image.

Fortunately, all the odds were broken, and the couple got married. They now have four daughters: Larysha Trinidad, Leysha Trinidad, Alayah Trinidad, and Ashley Trinidad.

Moreover, Trinidad has one more daughter, Alondra Nicole, from his relationship with another woman.

Boxing Records

The boxing veteran started early and fought for almost two decades. He was an International Boxing Federation champion and the World Boxing Council champion. 

Similarly, he participated in 45 fights but lost only 3.35 of his victories by knockout.

Professional Boxing Career

Similarly, Tito made his professional boxing debut on March 10, 1990, at 17 years old.

Welter Weight

As a debutant, he fought against another debutant, boxer Angel Romero. Tito won the bout via knockout in the second round. Moreover, he knocked out nine of his ten opponents after that. 

Trinidad’s fights then transitioned into more serious ones where he fought against experienced and well-trained boxers such as Jake Rodriguez and Raul Gonzalez.

Tito faced Jake Rodriguez on December 6, 1991. Moreover, he won the bout via unanimous decision. However, Felix suffered from an injury to his right hand while fighting.

He then remained inactive for five months, recovering from the damage, while his career had just started to flourish.

Moreover, Trinidad won over IBF welterweight champion Maurice Blocker and received the title. This victory paved his path to being a regular player on Showtime Championship Boxing.

He defended his title for the next three years, winning over several opponents.

Trinidad vs. Camacho

Tito fought with Hector Camacho on January 29, 1994, in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, he injured himself with a cut over his left eye in the bout.

Nonetheless, he stood up as a winner via a unanimous decision. The judges provided him with 117–109, 116–110, and 119–106.

Trinidad vs. Campas

Trinidad fought against Yori Boy Campas on September 17, 1994. He traveled to the MGM Grand so that he could defend the title.

With a record of 56-0, Campas scored a knockdown in the second round. This was the second knockdown in Tito’s career.

Moreover, Tito injured Campas’ face and broke his nose. He happened to be the first person to have defeated Campas, giving him his first career loss.

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Trinidad vs. Oba Carr

Tiro fought against the undefeated Oba Carr in his fourth fight in the United States. In the second round, Carr scored a knockdown against Tito via a quick right-hand punch.

However, Tito continued the fight, injuring Carr with a punch. He scored three knockdowns before a technical knockout stopped the fight.

For four years, Tito defended his title against numerous fighters in Showtime’s fights. 

Felix demonstrated his skills, dominating and injuring Zulu with punches on his head and body. Zulu then fell and made efforts to raise.

However, the referee stopped the fight before Zulu could rise.

Trinidad vs. Whitaker

Trinidad fought for his welterweight championship against Pernell Whitaker on February 20, 1999. He won the bout by unanimous decision. The victory was his thirteenth successful defense.

Both Tito and Whitaker demonstrated excessive pushing, used their jabs, and attacked each other. As a result, the judges provided them with 117–111, 118–109, and 118–109.

Trinidad vs. De La Hoya

Trinidad fought against Oscar De la Hoya in the spring of 1999. They exchanged punches and pressured each other.

Trinidad’s eyes got swollen, and his nose also started bleeding. Nonetheless, he won the final two rounds of the bout.

Light Middleweight

Trinidad vacated the welterweight championships in 2000, moving to the light-middleweight division. He then challenged the champion of World Boxing Associations, David Reid.

Tito controlled the fight in the 8th, 9th, and 10th rounds, also opening cut over Reid’s eye. Moreover, he also dominated the eleventh round, scoring three knockdowns.

Trinidad vs. Vargas Highlights 

Tito fought against the International Boxing Federation’s junior middleweight champion Fernando Vargas in a unification card on December 2, 2000. Tito dominated the bout initially.

However, he got a cut over his right eye in the second round. Tito also fell in the fourth round after Vargas punched him on his jaw. 

Nonetheless, Trinidad regained control in the sixth round and maintained it throughout the bout.

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Trinidad vs. Joppy

Tito elevated to Middleweight as he participated in Don King’s middleweight unification tournament.

The tournament featured WBC champion Keith Holmes, IBF champion Bernard Hopkins, and WBA champion William Joppy.

Tito was scheduled to fight with Joppy. He won over Joppy in the fifth round of the tournament by technical knockout.

He scored a knockdown in the latter half of the first round, then the fourth and fifth round. The referee then stopped the fight while Joppy attempted to continue the fight.

Trinidad vs. Hopkins

Trinidad was scheduled to fight with Hopkins on September 15, 2001. However, the fight could not happen as terrorists attacked the World Trade Center.

The fight was then rescheduled to happen on September 29. Initially, the fight went slow and caught pace in the later rounds.

However, after the twelfth round, Tito’s father entered the ring, causing the disturbance. The referee then stopped the fight by technical knockout.

Trinidad vs. Mayorga

Tito faced Ricardo Mayorga in Madison Square Garden on March 2, 2004. He caught pace finally on the fifth round as he injured his opponent, opening a cut under his eye.

Trinidad vs. Mayorga
Trinidad vs. Mayorga
Likewise, he recorded numerous knocks out on the eight rounds. On the other hand, Mayorga caught an excellent pace after two knockouts.
However, Tito won the feud by technical knockout after the third knockdown.

Trinidad vs. Winky Wright

Tito fought with Winky Wright on May 14, 2005, to defend the World Boxing Council’s number one challenger title in the Middleweight division.

However, Wright became victorious in the bout by decision. The judges gave him 120-107 and 119-108 twice. 

Tito’s father, who trained Tito, managed and stood by him, chose not to continue in his corner. Tito then went through a temporary retirement phase.

Trinidad vs. Jones Jr.

Tito faced former four-division champion Roy Jones Jr. on January 19, 2008. He won the first two rounds.

But Jones came out as a winner in all the rounds that followed. Hence, the judge declared Jones Jr. as the winner via unanimous decision. Also, they gave him scores of 117–109 and 116–110 twice.

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Tito remained absent from fights for quite a while after facing Jones Jr. Similarly, he had not made any announcement initially but finally broke the news of his retirement on October 12, 2009.

Similarly, Tito said he was between 95 and 98 percent certain that he would not indulge in boxing again.

After that, he was spotted making public appearances, attending boxing cards, and participating in other public activities.

Moreover, Felix associated with the World Wrestling Council as a guest referee in their show in July 2009. He then became a part of a storyline that also included Orlando Colón.

Further, Tito showed interest in purchasing the Changos de Naranjito in 2010

Tito Trinidad: Boxing Record

45 fights 42 wins 3 losses
By knockout 35 1
By decision 7 2

Tito Trinidad: Controversy

Before Tito faced Hopkins, Hopkins’ team visited Tito’s dressing room to watch Tito’s taping as a part of a regular boxing ritual.

However, they claimed that Tito’s hands were not wrapped correctly. They threatened to cancel the fight if he did not rewrap it precisely.

Hopkins’ trainer Bouie Fisher also said that the Chief Inspector of NYSAC insisted that Trinidad’s camp needed to rewrap his hands properly without developing a direct connection between the tape and skin.

International Boxing Hall of Fame

Tito was declared eligible for the Boxing Hall of Fame in 2019. In addition, he was voted into the 2014 Class of the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Also, he got officially inducted into it during a ceremony conducted on June 4, 2014. Trinidad was the tenth Puerto Rican to have received such an honor.

Tito Trinidad’s Net Worth & Fortune 

The former Puerto Rican boxer got broke, seeking court-mandated relief on his debt after discovering that his top aide, Jose “Pepe” Ramos, misspend over $63 million.

Ramos worked as Tito’s English-Spanish interpreter for years. He was also serving as Tito’s investment advisor since 1991.

They had personal friendships aside as Ramos was a very dear friend of Tito’s family. Moreover, Ramos was the best man at Tito’s wedding.

However, Ramos was in charge of managing a large percentage equivalent of $85 million of Tito’s earnings.

Also, he got singled out by Trinidad and his family as the only perpetrator responsible for the evil series of investments.

Moreover, they said that Ramos made the decisions without consulting and receiving consent from Tito and his father.

Likewise, Ramos went for the most conservative possible investments and gambled largely on the Puerto Rican government bonds. As a result, the very bonds were recently downgraded to “junk bond” status.

Hence, Tito was left with almost $9 million in assets, with a massive $30 million in debt.

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Net Worth of Tito Trinidad in Different Currencies

Let’s look into Tito Trinidad’s net worth in different currencies, including the Euro and Pound.

Currency Net Worth
Euro 26,648,400
Pound Sterling £22,637,550 
Australian Dollar A$42,246,000 
Canadian Dollar C$38,051,850 
Indian Rupee 2,262,900,000 
BitCoin ฿582 

Social Media Presence

You can follow Tito Trinidad on social media via these links:

Instagram – 58.5k Followers 

Twitter– 4.8k Followers 

Common Queries

Why did Tito Trinidad retire?

Tito Trinidad announced his retirement on October 12, 2009. It was later reported that he decided after he evaluated all present factors and listened to his father, manager, and trainer’s recommendation.

Who win in Tito Trinidad vs. Oscar De la Hoya?

 Trinidad and Oscar De la Hoya faced each other in 1999 when Tito became victorious.

When did Tito Trinidad fight with Yori Boy Campas?

Tito fought with Yori Boy in September 1994.

Did Mayweather fight with Tito?

No, Mayweather has not fought with Tito.

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