Tom Brady’s Sister Maureen Brady: Softball & Daughter

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Tom Brady-a legendary American football quarterback in the National Football League-is the youngest brother of Maureen Brady, an author who has made a name for herself by writing novels such as Gingers Fire, Give Me Your Good Year, and Foley.

Maureen is the eldest sister of Tom Brady, one of the richest football players, with whom she has a close relationship.

Maureen played softball in high school and set various records as a pitcher. After enrolling at Fresno State University, she continued pitching for them. 

Well, it’s not just Tom; many other softball fans believe Maureen is “the best player in the family.”

Tom Brady, the seven-time Super Bowl champion, was born and raised in San Mateo, California, alongside three elder sisters, Maureen, Julie, and Nancy.

Maureen Brady
Maureen Brady is an ex-softball player and is popularly recognized as Tom Brady’s sister.

Being the youngest kid, Tom was always in the shadow of his sisters in all aspects. However, athletically, his eldest sister Maureen seemed to be naturally gifted.

In this article, we will explore more about Maureen’s kind of athlete.

Similarly, we will explore the family life of Tom Brady. But before we begin, here are some interesting quick facts:

Maureen Brady: Quick Facts

Full Name Maureen Brady
Common name Maureen Brady
Nick Name Maureen 
Birthdate 80
Age Unknown
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Mother’s Name Galynn Patricia Brady
Father’s Name Tom Brady Sr.
Siblings Nancy Brady, Julia Brady, Tom Brady
Birthplace San Mateo California
Home Town San Mateo California
Citizenship American
Residence Bakersfield, California
School Hillsdale High School
College Fresno State University
Education Marketing Major
Height  5 Feet  7 Inches ( 1.78 m/178 cm)
Weight 56 Kg (123 lbs)
Eye Colour Light brown
Hair Colour Light brown
Shoe Size N/A
Martial Status Single
Partner Brian Timmons (ex-husband)
Children Two Daughters, Maya and Hannah
Sport Softball
Profession Writer (Novelist)
Famous for Collegiate softball player and Tom Brady’s sister
Family Maya Brady, Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, Vivian Lake
Hobbies Travel, Sports
Affiliations N/A
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Website SlotoGate Roulette
Popular Novels Gingers Fire, Give Me Your Good Year, and Foley
Last-Update March, 2024

Maureen Brady: Early Life

Maureen Brady is the eldest child of Galynn and Tom Brady. She was born on June 7, 1947. in San Mateo, California. Her exact birth remains doubtful as there are not many facts on this.

Maureen Brady Family
Maureen Brady with her parents, sister, and brother Tom Brady

Among the Bradys, Nancy is the least seen and heard in the media. As a result, there is not much information about her in the public domain, unlike her other siblings.

If you had heard about his ‘twin sister‘ before and wondered who she was, Julie Brady. However, you would be surprised to know that she is not entirely his twin. They only share the exact birthdate!

Julie was born on August 3, 1974, three years before Tom. Due to that, tom jokingly refers to her as his twin sister. However, both of them have a strong bond.

The Brady siblings grew up in an ordinary American family that shared a passion for sports.

Despite not being very well-off, they shared a very close bond. Although Tom Brady Sr. and Galynn tried to introduce their children to music and fine arts through dance, piano, and guitar lessons, the kids had other plans.

They all played sports in their childhood.

Maureen, Nancy, Julie, and Tom all played every sport imaginable during school. They used to go to each other’s games to cheer and support their family. 

Julie Brady once told in an interview that all of the Brady Children caught a competitive spirit early on.

“We used to compete for absolutely everything,” she said, even for the minor things such as controlling the television remote. Their favorite fight weapon used to be water pistols.

Tom fondly remembers how his eldest sister amazed everyone with her athletic strength during her school years.

Tom Brady and his sisters (Source:

“She’d pitch like six or seven games in a day,” he remembers, “and she’d go 7-0 with two no-hitters. It was unbelievable.”

It was an exhausting effort, tom acknowledged, “she’d be exhausted, but she was the player that made it happen.”

His sisters were consistently winning games and making them into newspapers. Tommy’s youngest kid was known as ‘little Brady‘ or ‘Maureen Brady’s brother.’ Tired of being in the shadow of his sisters, he made a pact with his sisters.

He promised that he would be a household name someday, and all of them would be known by his name. In an interview, Maureen fondly remembered this event and shared how proud she was of her little brother. 

Maureen Brady: Softball Career

Maureen primarily played two sports, softball and soccer. In addition, she studied at Hillsdale high school in California.

During this time, Brady was a two-year letter-winner in soccer. Similarly, she was a four-year letter winner in softball. 

In 1990, she was named ‘Junior of the year‘ by CaliHi. She ended her career with 29 no-hitters. In addition, Maureen set a state record with a 111-10 career record, including 14 perfect games, which is still one of the best in the state.

She earned all-league, all-country, and all-peninsula honors in softballs for four years in a row during high school. In addition to that, she was also named the league and team MVP for softball in each of those years.

She graduated from high school in 1991 with a 2.9 GPA.

In 1991, Maureen played in the Junior Olympic Games. In Australia. She considered it her biggest athletic thrill. The young athlete idolized Joe Montana.


After high school, Maureen had several reputed universities lined up to welcome her as an athlete student. These included UC Berkeley, Arizona, and the Pacific.

However, she chose Fresno state university as her alma mater. The main reason for choosing this university was the excellent softball program in the college.

Alongside that, they had beautiful coaching facilities, which included the legendary Margie Wright. Her major was marketing.

Maureen Brady Softball
Maureen Brady played softball for Fresno State University. (Source: Twitter)

During her time with the ‘Fresno Bulldogs,’ Maureen shined even better as an athlete. She was an all-American pitcher in 1994, and she even led the nation in wins.

At the end of her career, she had scored 80-31 on 748.2 career innings pitched. Mauren helped the Bulldogs reach the women’s college world series twice.

In her senior year at FSU, she was honored with the school’s athlete of the year. On the other hand, her younger siblings followed the same course as her and were athletes in their respective colleges.

Nancy played softball at California university, and Julie played soccer at St. Mary’s college in California.

Tom was always a baseball lover, but he pursued football during high school and at Michigan state university.

Maureen did not continue softball throughout her life, but her legacy has still not died. She is a highly regarded school athlete in California. 

San Mateo County inducted her into their sports hall of fame in 1999 to acknowledge her outstanding contribution. 

Maureen Brady: Personal Life and kids.

Maureen has two daughters together, Maya and Hannah. She had them with her ex-husband Brian Timmons. However, Maureen is a single mom now, and she is no longer the father of her kids.

The daughters go by their mother’s last name, Brady. The family has a home in Bakersfield, California. 

There is not much information about her recent partners. However, her daughters take their uncle Tom as a father figure.

Maureen has left her athletic career behind to raise her family. Though she did not follow fame and fortune into the big leagues, she pursued her big dream.

In addition, Maureen also worked as a softball instructor. She has written multiple novels as well.

Reports suggest that she currently teaches creative writing at New York University, the New York Writers Workshop, and the Peripatetic Writing Workshop.

Maureen Brady Daughters
Maureen Brady with her Daughters Maya and Hannah Brady (Source: )

The Brady family needs no introduction to anyone that is into popular culture. Tom Brady and his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, are some of the most famous people in their respective fields. 

Despite coming from a renowned family, Maureen does not like to draw attention and keeps a low profile.

Her daughter also plays softball!

Interestingly, the passion for athletes runs in her daughters as well. Maya Brady played softball for her high school Oaks Christian lies in Westlake village. She was the finalist for Ms. softball state player of the year. 

After graduating high school in 2019, she moved to UCLA. People remember Maureen and Maya as the top mother/daughter duo in California high school athletics. 

Though Tom can not always be near the family due to his commitments, the rest is always finding time to be together. They are always together at Maya’s softball games, Superbowl, or on a relaxing family vacation.

Tom’s twin sister Julie also went on to marry a baseball player. She tied Knots with Kevin Youkilis, the two-time world series champion, in 2012.

The other sister Nancy also got hitched in 2015, with the closest family to witness the ceremony. 

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Maureen Brady: About Brother Tom Brady

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. was born in San Mateo, California, on August 3, 1977. Born as the youngest among four siblings, Tom grew up in the shadow of his three amazing sisters.

Although he did play basketball, baseball, and football since his childhood, people never imagined he’d be a star player someday. But unfortunately, all the athletic limelight was stolen by his sisters.

He went to the University of Michigan with a football scholarship and helped his team win the orange bowl during his final year. However, he was not a significant prospect after graduating from college.

NFL Superstar Tom-Brady (Source: Getty Images)

He got drafted only in the sixth round of the 2000 NLF draft by the New England Patriots. Since then, he has continuously improved his gameplay with talent, intelligence, hard work, and work ethic. 

He has helped his team win seven super bowls and is one of the most highly regarded footballers of the era. 

On March 20, 2020, Brady agreed to terms with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The two-year contract was worth $50 million in guaranteed money, with annual incentives of up to $4.5 million. The agreement included a “no-trade and a no-franchise” tag clause.

Brady suffered knee soreness for the whole of the 2020 season and would undergo a small arthroscopy for regular cleaning on February 11, 2021.

Brady signed a one-year contract extension with the Buccaneers through the 2022 season on March 12, 2021.

After 22 seasons, Brady announced his retirement on February 1, 2022.

The Buccaneers went 24-9 in Brady’s first two seasons with the team, which were the most successful back-to-back seasons in franchise history.

Just 40 days after officially announcing his retirement, Brady confirmed his return to the Buccaneers on March 13, 2022.

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Social Media

Maureen Brady likes to keep her out of the spotlight. She is barely active on social media. Most of her posts are about her daughter and their achievements. Even if you find her social media, remember that she likes to keep most of them private. 

Facebook: Private account

Instagram:  599 followers (private account)

Twitter: 12 followers

Maureen Brady: Frequently Asked Question

Who is Tom Brady’s niece?

Tom Brady’s niece Maya Brady has followed in her family’s footsteps and is making her name as a bright collegiate baseball player. She is currently a freshman at UCLA.

Does Tom Brady’s sister play baseball?

Yes, Tom’s eldest sister Maureen was an all-American pitcher at Fresno State University in the 1990s. However, his other two sisters also played baseball and soccer. 

How much is Tom Brady currently worth?

The NFL quarterback and the GOAT of the NFL, Tom, is among the richest football players in America, having a net worth of $250 Million. Tom recently celebrated his 45th birthday on 3rd august. 

Did Tom Brady ever retire?

Brady announced he is officially retiring from the NFL after 22 seasons on February 1, 2022, departing as arguably the greatest player in the sport’s history. However, 40 days after his announcement, he returned on March 13, 2022.


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