10 Top Sports Apps Loved by Sports Fans

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If you are a sports fan, we suggest you keep reading the article. Here, we have compiled the top sports apps list that might be handy to stay up-to-date with your favorite sports.

Nothing can beat the experience of live sports. However, not everyone can attend the play, but with the help of the sports app, you can enjoy sports anywhere at any time.

We must thank technological advancement for this. Sports fans can significantly take advantage of the technology and be up-to-date with the breaking news. It has also helped in the speedy access to information.

Sports apps
Sports apps (Source: Sensortower.com)

One can find many different apps at present. But there are few which may be highly beloved by sports fans. Hence, we have come up with this list of some top sports apps.

These apps provide you with the news, live streams, play-by-play review events, etc. So without further ado, let us look at some of the top ones loved by the fans.

10 Top Sports Apps Loved By Sports Fans 2024

We have assembled the list primarily with the help of trusted sources like TechPresident, NetSolutions, etc. Let us look at the preview of the list before going through the details.

Sports Apps Installs
10. Flahscore Over 10 million
9. 365Scores Over 10 million 
8. BBC Sport Over 1 million 
7. LiveScore Over 50 million 
6. SofaScore Over 10 million 
5. CBS Sports Over 10 million 
4. theScore Over 10 million 
3. Yahoo Sports Over 10 million 
2. ESPN Over 50 million 
1. Bleacher Report Over 10 million 

10. Flashscore

Starting on our number 10 is MSN Sports. The app covers sports like soccer, tennis, basketball, and over 30 sports. It also features 6000 competitions worldwide, thus making it one of the top sports loved by sports fans.

The app notifies the users with fast and accurate sports news. Likewise, it also features live soccer scores, tennis scores, and other sports results.

The app’s speed is outstanding as the users will be notified of the events occurring in the game simultaneously as the live audience.

FlashScore (Source: Reviews.tn)

Similarly, the users can also follow their favorite matches, teams, and competitions. The users can also personalize the live score data across any device, and the app provides live text commentary.

The Flashscore app is one of the best apps for sports lovers. Its unique features and fast and accurate news has made the app one of the top sports apps. So why not download the app and be up-to-date with your favorite sports?

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9. 365Scores

365Scores is one of the sports apps loved by sports fans and our number 9 of the top sports apps. It is a global sports technology hub that provides fans with coverage of around ten sports.

The app users can access the latest news, statistics, and original content and customize the news feeds. Additionally, it boasts on-demand content libraries of enormous scale and quality.

365scores app
365scores app (Source: 365scores.com)

365Scores allows its users to follow their favorite teams and matches. In addition, there is a live game tracker for real-time updates and live player ratings with heatmaps.

The notification systems keep the users updated with the latest sports news. The additional feature of the app is that it includes the Multistage Football Trivia Game. It is a clever way to keep the users engaged with the app.

8. BBC Sport

The BBC is one of the world’s oldest national broadcasters and the largest broadcasters globally. BBC Sport app is the sports division that provides all the sports coverage for the broadcaster.

The app is one of the top sports apps loved by sports fans. It has been rated as one of the best sports streaming apps and provides all the latest sports news.

Users can also see the live score updates and the highlights of the games. One of the notable features of the app is its privacy protocols. It ensures the complete data security of its user and safe streaming.

BBC Sports app
BBC Sports app (Source: BBC.co.uk)

Users can personalize the app with the help of the “My Sport” page. Likewise, the easy sharing feature helps users share trending stories and score updates on social media.

If you are looking for good sports apps, then BBC Sports is one of the best for you to try.

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7. LiveScore

On number 7 of the top sports apps loved by sports fans, we have LiveScore. LiveScore has been providing real-time game scoring features since 1998.

After the launch of the app, it has continued to provide the service and many more. One of the sports app’s notable features is that it is available in more than 50 countries and shows live scores from about 60 international leagues.

Users can add preferred games to their favorite section, and there is also a feature of live notifications on specific games.

SofaScore app
SofaScore app (Source: Netsolutions.com)

Likewise, there is also an option for live commentary with each match which is a treat for sports fanatics.

The other features of the sports apps are the calendar feature which helps users track upcoming matches, explore options to find favorite sports, bell tracking, and the calendar feature.

6. SofaScore

SofaScore app is one of the best sports apps that provides sports-related services from 20 different sports and around 11,000 tournaments. In addition, the service is provided in more than 30 languages.

If you are a fan of international soccer, this app is the best one. You can keep them updated with live matches and also score updates.

One notable feature of the app is that users can synchronize it with Android wear smartwatches. Android smartwatch users can stream a small video clip of scored goal.

SofaScore app
SofaScore app (Source: Netsolutions.com)

Likewise, the app offers real-time updates and player ratings. The live match updates include commentary in English and Spanish. Users can also chat with their fellow sports enthusiasts with the chat option.

The app has introduced Quzzies and Battle Draft to make the platform more engaging and fun for the users. If you need one, there is even a clock widget for a countdown timer.

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5. CBS Sports

The CBS Sports app is number 5 of the top sports apps. This app is best for soccer enthusiasts and provides the best live sports news. In addition, the app provides customized updates on scores, stats, and analytics.

The app provides features like fantasy football and player stats, all with game previews and up-to-date game scores. In addition, the app offers live sports streaming services for NCAA Basketball and PGA Tour.

The notable feature of the app is that the users can tune into CBS Sports Radio for live broadcasts. Furthermore, users can watch the CBS Sports HQ channel.

CBS Sports app
CBS Sports app (Source: Netsolutions.com)

The app users have highly rated the user-friendly and intuitive interface of the app. Additionally, one can get daily advice on betting from experts.

The app also provides personalized news and updates along with 24/7 sporting news. With on-demand sporting highlights, CBS Sports is one of the sports apps to keep you updated about your favorite sports.

4. theScore

theScore sports app is released from the famous Canadian sports network Sportsnet 360 (previously known as theScore.) The app has one of the best interfaces and designs to make a quick and easy browsing experience for the fans.

The app is also popular among sports fans. It provides quick sports updates, analysis, and scores. Likewise, the app also provides breaking sports news.

Some of the app’s notable features are its real-time score dashboard and social media elements.

theScore app
theScore app (Source: Netsolutions.com)

Likewise, the event sports calendar helps to keep the users updated about the upcoming games.

The other features include the personalized news feed, social media sharing options, and group chat options.

With this app, the users can engage with their friends, family, and sports enthusiasts alike. In addition, it provides a great atmosphere to enjoy the sports.

3. Yahoo Sports

We have reached our top 3 apps on the list. On our, number 3 is Yahoo Sports. The app is the best free sports app for Android and iOS users.

The apps provide you with sports information, live games, and updates without the subscription charges. Moreover, Yahoo is well known for providing email services and online directories.

Now with the launch of the app, they have become a popular platform for sports-related activities. In addition, the app users have highly rated the app’s simple user interface.

Yahoo Sports app
Yahoo Sports app (Source: Netsolutions.com)

It facilitates the user to skim through their significant sports content quickly. Furthermore, the users can personalize the updates based on their favorite teams.

There are numerous blogs and news articles from which the users can curate the contents.

The Yahoo Sports app allows the user to watch live local and primetime games. It is one of the prime sports apps to quench your inner sports enthusiasm.


Our number 2 of the top sports apps goes to ESPN. ESPN is an American international sports channel. It has always provided sport-related news and update, and with this app, they offer the same services and more.

The app gives access to thousands of live events and shows from the ESPN networks. Similarly, it provides scores, on-demand news, highlights, and expert analysis with its unique design and interface.

ESPN app
ESPN app (Source: ESPN.com)

Although the app is free, the users can stream ESPN networks TV a pay-TV subscription for no additional cost.

The subscription service provides live sports, exclusive originals, fantasy tools, premium articles, etc.

Likewise, the app covers almost all sports-related activities, including College Sports and ESPN Shows like SportsCenter, PTI, First Take, etc. Thus, the app is one of the highly-rated sports apps.

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1. Bleacher Report

And our number 1 top sports app goes to Bleacher Report. Bleacher Report has become the go-to hub for the ultimate sports news and provides all the breaking news, news, update, and everything related to sports.

With the launch of sports apps, it has become easier for sports fans to catch up with the latest sports-related activities. The app’s most notable feature is it interacts with its main website.

The users can personalize the app according to their needs and follow their favorite sports, leagues, and teams. The app also provides all the breaking news and score updates quickly.

Bleacher Report app
Bleacher Report app (Source: Netsolution.com)

The other notable features include bookmarking features to keep track of interesting stories and the carousels feature, which allows users to scroll through their favorite teams on the app’s home page.

The app is perfect for any sports fan. Moreover, they cover almost every sport with the latest rumors and predictions.


These sports apps have been blessings for those passionate about sports. With their help, fans can enjoy sports and keep themselves updated anywhere and at any place.

If you are looking for good sports apps to use, we hope this list was able to assist you. These apps will provide you with all the sport-related activities to satisfy your inner sports fanatics.

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