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It is great to know; these days, women are strong, independent, and capable. They do not depend on anyone; instead, women empower themselves, which is great in itself.

Talking about strong, independent women, Torrie Wilson is one perfect example of this.

Torrie, from her early childhood, loved modeling. But the problem with her was that she was timid even though Wilson used to participate in every school program.

Torrie didn’t limit herself and went on experimenting with different things. She was into dancing, cheerleading, and track and field as well.

Wilson’s mother was so supportive and pushed her to pursue her dreams.

Tori Wilson
Torrie Wilson

However, Wilson never gave up. She has a name today because she was consistent and knew what she wanted from her life.

Today, we dive into the life of Torrie Wilson. Here, we will discuss her early life, age, education, parents, career, net worth, and many more.

But first, let us have an instant glance at the quick facts.

Quick Facts

Name Torrie Anne Wilson
Birthdate July 24, 1975
Birthplace Boise, Idaho, U.S.
Age 48 Years Old
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Caucasian- White
Horoscope Leo
Father’s Name Al Wilson
Mother’s Name Not known
Education Boise State University
Height 5 ft. 7 inch
Weight 60 kg
Eye color Blue eyes
Hair color Brunette
Body Measurement 36-25-36
Net Worth $20 Million
Trained by Dave Finlay, John Laurinaitis, Billy Kidman
WWE Debut February 21, 1999
WWE Name Torrie Wilson Samantha
Residence Los Angeles, California
Profession Actor, Model, Fitness Competitor, Wrestler
Affiliation WWE
Siblings No
Salary  $260,000
Marital Status Married
Husband Billy Kidman (married in 2003, divorced in 2008) Justin Tupper(2019)
Billed from Boise, Idaho
Achievements Miss Galaxy 1999 WWE Hall of Fame 2019
Social media Twitter, Instagram
Merch Paperback, Poster, Autographed Photo
Last Update July, 2024

Torrie Wilson | Early Life

Torrie Alice Wilson, famously known as Torrie Wilson, was born on July 24, 1975, in Boise, Idaho, United States.

She was born to Al Wilson (father). Late, Al Wilson was a famous soul singer known for his singing and million-selling #1 hit, “Show and Tell.”

However, not much has been mentioned about her mother. But according to sources, when Torrie was a teenager, she developed a fascination with modeling.

At that time, her mother supported her and pushed her to pursue a career in modeling.

Likewise, Wilson did her initial schooling in her hometown Boise, and for higher education, she went to Boise State University. So there she was, studying pre-dietetics.

However, Torrie had an eating disorder, and when she was in her third year of university, she realizes that she needs to lose weight.

Beautiful Torrie Wilson.
Beautiful Torrie Wilson.

Then, Wilson started to look at fashion magazines. And after seeing the magazine’s first page, she instantly knew she wanted a similar body as that model (muscles with a feminine look).

Hence, Torrie was determined to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Amazingly, she also took part in a fitness competition.

Indeed, the main aim of entering the competition was to focus on losing weight. However, she believes that you will focus on it if you set a goal and won’t divert your mind.

In 1999, Wilson won Miss Galaxy as a Fitness Competitor. Soon, Torrie realizes Idoha is not the right place to be for her.

She wanted to do something big in her life, and for that, she has to go out of her comfort zone.

From here, the real struggle of Torrie Wilson toward success begins.

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Torrie Wilson Career


Torrie moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams as an actor and model. However, she thought she couldn’t make it that far.

But as it is said, believe in the process. So, finally, Wilson gets a chance to get featured in her 2nd magazine cover.

In just 3 months of moving to Los Angeles, Torrie was busy doing work. And soon after that, almost 3 months, she was signed by WCW (World Championship Wrestling).

Torrie made her WCW debut in 1999 under the ring name Samantha. As per the storyline, Wilson was brought by The New World Order to seduce David Flair to turn against Ric Flair (David’s father).

While Wilson slapped Ric, David zapped Ric with a teaser. Later, Ric ended up winning the WCW championship. After that, Wilson took a break from WCW for a month.

After that when she made a return in May to accompany David to matches. Wheres as Torrie also acted as a valet of Ric Flair in the 1999 Bash of the Beach.

Ric Flair and Torrie Wilson.
Ric Flair and Torrie Wilson.

Wilson was with David till September; after that, it was shown that Torrie was in Filthy Animal’s locker room flirting with Billy Kidman, which created a feud between Flair and Kidman.

Later, during a match, Wilson backstabbed David and supported Filthy Animals instead. Afterward, she even went with them when they were done beating David.

Torrie Wilson was shown with various wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan, Rick Flair, Eddie Gurrero, etc. Finally, in 2000 she was released by WCW.


However, she was there in WCW for a year only. Shortly after that, in 2001, Torrie signed a contract with WWF.

Torrie Wilson made her SmackDown Debut in 2001; in her first storyline, she was shown as Venice McMahon’s latest love interest.

  • However, Torrie had her debut match against Lita and Trish Stratus, where her partner was Stacy Keibler. Sadly, Torrie lost that match.
  • Later, Torrie and Tajiri were shown as having a love interest as per the storyline. However, Stacy didn’t like this romantic scene between them, resulting in a feud between Stecy and Wilson.
  • After WWE drafts Torriein  SmackDown, Tajiri starts getting jealous as she gets a lot of male attention. Later, he made her wear a geisha outfit and starts to mistreat her at various events.

  • However, Wilson gets tired of Tajiri and starts to undress by standing at the announcer’s table during Tajiri’s match against Hurricane. This distraction causes Tajiri to lose the match.
  • Torrie got a lot of limelight when she started to have a feud with Dawn Marie. Dawn Marie and Al Wilson got married as per the storyline, which Torrie didn’t like.
  • However, Torrie Wilson defeated Dawn Marie in various events after that. Hence, their feud finally came to an end after Torrie defeated Marie in Stepmother vs. Stepdaughter match.

WWE Career Evolution (2003-2007)

  • Not so surprisingly, Torrie gets featured in 2003 playboy magazine. Resulting in a feud between Nidia and Torrie as Nadia was jealous of Torrie being a Playboy model.
  • These years were basically about playboy magazine and the diva’s jealousy towards each other. However, Terrie was always featured in the magazine.
  • In 2005, Torrie, by removing her kimono first, defeated Hiroko in the Kimono match. Soon after that, she also had a short feud with Melina.
  • Melina and Torrie faced each other in two matches. However, every time Melina won the winner.
Torrie Wilson greeting her fans.
Torrie Wilson greeting her fans.
  • Wilson also made a special appearance in ECW in 2006. In the same year, Torrie starts having a love affair with Carlito, as per the storyline.
  • Melina had a match against Torrie which Melina wins. However, even after her win, she continues to beat Torrie. Later, Micke James comes to Torrie’s rescue.
  • In 2007, Carlito dumped Torrie, and they even had a match against each other. Vince McMahon put her in that match as a punishment for laughing at him. Sadly, Torrie loses that match.

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In June 2007, WWE drafted Torrie to SmackDown, and she acts as a valet of Jimmy Wan Yang. However, Jimmy and Torrie had a continuous feud with Victoria and Kenny Dykstra.

In 2017, she participated in various matches, but she never won the diva’s championship match in her entire career till then.

Later in November 2007, she took a break from WWE due to her previous back injury. Doctors warned her not to wrestle or else it would hurt her health.

Finally, in May of 2008, Torrie is released by WWE, and eventually, she retires from WWE.

Frequent Comebacks

Even after retirement, she has been seen in WWE at various events.

  • Besides, she battled in Wrestelmanina XXV 25 Diva Royal to Crown Miss Wrestlemania match, which took place eleven months after her release.
  • Similarly, in 2018 Torrie is seen in WWE for receiving the honor as WWE honors her being “one of the greatest woman superstars of all time.”
  • Besides, she was also seen in the first-ever All-Women’s Battle Royal in 2018.

In 2019, WWE announced Torrie Wilson as the WWE Hall of Fame inductee. Besides, she appeared in a WWE event where she was announced as a WWE Hall of Fame class of 2019.

Torrie Wilson Body Measurement

At the time of writing, Torrie Wilson is 48 years old. Besides, she is a Christian by religion and belongs to the Caucasian white ethnicity.

Likewise, Torrie Wilson has beautiful blue eyes and Brunette hair.

Definitely, she has maintained a good physique. Due to her busy travel schedule, there is no gym in the USA, which she hasn’t worked out. She is a fitness enthusiast.

According to her birth chart horoscope, she is a Leo. People with Leo as a zodiac sign are fierce, determined, and passionate. Likewise, Torrie is passionate about her work and fitness.

Athletic Stats

Height Bust Waist Hips
5’7” 39” 39” 27”

Torrie Wilson Net Worth

Obviously, Torrie has earned a good amount of money as she has worked for so many years.

However, according to, Torrie’s net worth is assumed to be $5 million. Unlike, reported that she has a net worth of $18 million.

Similarly, the richest also provided the data that Torrie Wilson earned $260,000 in 2005 from WWE. However, she has been featured in various magazine covers, WWE merch, music videos, and many more.

Tori Wilson At An Event
Torrie Wilson At An Event

Definitely, Torrie has been working for a long time now, and her $18 million net worth is not surprising at all.

Indeed, Torrie Wilson lives a happy and luxurious life. Her hard work and dedication to her work have definitely paid off.

Torrie Wilson | Wedding And Personal Life

Torrie Wilson’s love life is not as amazing as her career. She has been hurt in love, yet she stands strong.

Torrie Wilson got married to Billy Kidman in 2003. Both Billy and Torrie met each other in WWE. Besides, they were together most of the time, which eventually developed a soft corner inside them.

Tori Wilson During Her Ceremony
Torrie Wilson During Her Ceremony

Sadly, they got divorced in 2008; they were only married for 5 years. Indeed, this incident made Torrie very sad.

But life always gives you a second chance. Torrie Wilson finally got married for the second time in 2019 to Justin Tupper.

Justin is a Senior Vice President of Golf Channel. Indeed, she is so in love with Tupper and feels blessed that she met him.

“I married the most incredible human today & words cannot describe how grateful I am.”

Torris is living a happy life with Tupper these days. She is enjoying every moment with him.

Torrie Wilson | Social Media Presence

Instagram (@torriewilson): 1.1 Million followers

Twitter (@Torrie11): 551.8 thousand followers

Torrie Wilson | FAQs

What were the reviews on Torrie Wilson’s political comment on Brett Kavanaugh?

The reviews of her political comment were mixed.

In 2018, Wilson went on to Twitter to weigh in on Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assault allegations that were delaying his confirmation process to being a Supreme Court judge. 

She wrote, “I pray to God that we don’t end up living in a world where an accusation with zero proof becomes a sentence of guilt. Creating hell for women who’ve been brutalized to be ignored & making it way too easy to ruin a person’s life with an accusation.

Has Torrie Wilson been on WWE Velocity?

Yes, she was quite famous for making an entrance on WWE Velocity.

Did Billy Kidman date Torrie Wilson?

Yes, Kidman had dated the model and professional wrestler. They had met while working in WCW. 

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