Where Is Jimbo Fisher Now? Will He Seek New Job At LSU In 2024?

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As Texas A&M ends an abysmal 2023 season following the departure of its head coach, Jimbo Fisher, the college football world is now wondering where the football coach is.

With rumors swirling about a potential move to LSU in 2024, many are eager to know where Fisher’s coaching journey will take him next.

Jimbo Fisher Coached At Texas A&M From 2017-2023
Jimbo Fisher Coached At Texas A&M From 2017-2023 (Source: ESPN)

Jimbo Fisher, born October 9, 1965, is a name synonymous with success in college football coaching.

With a storied career, Fisher’s journey through the ranks has been nothing short of remarkable.

A native of Clarksburg, West Virginia, Fisher’s love for football began when he started playing the game in high school.

Although he initially attended Clemson University to play baseball, he transferred to Salem College, where he played quarterback.

Fisher eventually transferred to Samford University to play his final season for the Bulldogs. 

Similarly, Fisher’s coaching career began to gain momentum when he was hired as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Samford.

Fisher had coaching stints at Auburn, Cincinnati, and LSU. Finally, he rose to the head coach position at Florida State in 2010.

After Florida State, he led the Texas A&M Aggies until his termination on November 12, 2023.

Where Is Jimbo Fisher Now?

Texas A&M fired head football coach Jimbo Fisher back in November after a series of deliberations.

Fisher had been with the program for six seasons with a record of 45-25. However, he had a 6-4 record through 10 games for the 2023 season.

As per reports, his departure came amid a recent struggle to meet the high expectations set by the university.

Jimbo Fisher Coached At Texas State Before Texas A&M
Jimbo Fisher Coached At Florida State Before Texas A&M (Source: USA Today Sports)

Texas A&M’s decision to part ways with Fisher came with a hefty price tag. Fisher’s contract was bought for a staggering $76 million, making it the largest buyout for a head coach in history.

Following his termination, Jimbo Fisher finds himself out of a job for the remainder of the 2023 college football season.

As Fisher contemplates his next move, the football world is buzzing with speculation about where he might land in 2024.

According to Texas A&M insider Billy Liucci of TexAgs, there is optimism that Fisher might receive interest from schools like Mississippi State and Michigan State.

In November 2023, he discussed possible landing spots for Fisher on “Pregaming the SEC.”

While Fisher has not been officially linked to any openings, many are closely watching his next move.

Will Fisher Join LSU in 2024?

One intriguing rumor circulating in college football circles is the possibility of Jimbo Fisher returning to LSU in 2024.

The rumor gains traction, especially considering Fisher’s past link to the LSU coaching job in 2021.

It is worth noting that Fisher dispelled those rumors back then. Given the current scenario, with him open to new opportunities, he suggests a potential reunion with the Tigers.

Jimbo Fisher In Action
Jimbo Fisher In Action (Source: Aggies Wire)

The speculation intensifies with the uncertainty surrounding LSU coach Brian Kelly, who is rumored to be a target for Michigan.

In the meantime, the Wolverines’ coach, Jim Harbaugh, has continually been linked to several NFL teams ahead of 2024.

Billy Liucci, who accurately reported Fisher’s firing, believes Fisher won’t stay away for long.

“I think he’ll coach again,” Liucci said of Fisher in November. “If not this year, next year. He definitely wants to.”

In addition, LSU Athletics Director Scott Woodward, formerly at Texas A&M, hired Fisher away from Florida State.

If Kelly were to leave LSU, it could open the door for Fisher to step in.

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