Who Is Lisa Richardson? Driver Paul Tracy Wife Or Girlfriend

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Considering the racer’s history of three previous marriage relationships, some people now wonder about the identity of the girl seen with the racer, questioning if Lisa Richardson is Paul Tracy wife.

The relationship between Lisa and Paul heated up when someone attempted to attack Lisa Richardson in her DMs, prompting Paul to address the issue.

Paul Tracy and Lisa Richardson have been in a relationship for a long time.

Paul Tracy The American-Canadian Racer
Paul Tracy The American-Canadian Racer (Source: Instagram)

On December 17, 1968, Paul Anthony Tracy was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, to Tony Tracy and Vivienne Tracy.

He initiated his kart racing journey at age five, swiftly achieving success. He then began car racing at sixteen, securing a notable third-place finish in 1985.

Furthermore, in the 1985 CASC Formula 1600 Challenge Series, Tracy clinched the youngest Canadian Formula Ford champion title.

The subsequent year, he achieved another milestone by becoming the youngest Can-Am race winner.

Unable to secure sponsorship from Canadian companies, Tracy’s father leased a year-old No. 39 Lola T90/00-Chevrolet car for his debut on CART.

Later, he competed for various teams, including Penske Racing, Newman Racing, Forsythe Racing, KV Racing Technology, Vision Racing, A. J. Foyt Enterprises, and more.

Who Is Lisa? Paul Tracy Wife Or Girlfriend?

Paul Tracy is currently in a relationship with Lisa Richardson, and both appear to be deeply in love with each other.

According to Richardson’s Instagram, the couple officially started their relationship on Valentine’s Day in 2018.

Reports indicate that Lisa Richardson is in her 50s, specifically at 52 as of 2023. Lisa is a mother of two daughters herself.

Moreover, Richardson attends most of the races where Paul participates, supporting Tracy.

Paul’s family and Lisa also seem to share a close bond, as Lisa is frequently seen with Paul’s mother on various occasions.

Lisa Richardson With Paul's Family
Lisa Richardson With Paul’s Family (Source: Instagram)

Paul Tracy has been married three times. He tied the knot with nursing student and high school sweetheart Tara Cormier on February 13, 1993.

Paul and Tara welcomed two children together, Alysha Tracy and Conard Tracy.

Likewise, Paul married Liisa Hunter in mid-April of 1998. Opting for a private ceremony, they invited only a select few family members to the wedding.

However, the marriage didn’t last long, and they separated shortly after. Subsequently, Paul married Patty Faraci in April 2005.

Similar to his previous marriage with Patty, the union didn’t last long.

The reasons for the divorces were never disclosed to the media.

Who Attacked Lisa Richardson? 

Being in the spotlight often entails controversy, and the same holds true for Paul, who has found himself embroiled in controversy on numerous occasions.

In 2018, controversy surrounded Paul due to his Facebook comment about immigrants.

While under investigation for the case, Paul shared a screenshot on his Twitter, stating, “ Shut down Facebook, fake account starts attacking my girlfriend. Admits to using face accounts cuz it’s more fun.”

The Conversation Between Lisa And The Poser
The Conversation Between Lisa And The Poser (Source: Twitter)

The conversation involved two people, and it appeared that someone was attempting to attack his girlfriend amid the controversy surrounding Paul.

However, some found the conversation peculiar and questioned why Paul combined the images.

Some wondered how the screenshot would help him escape the situation.

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