Who Is saintkenni, Jabari Smith Jr Girlfriend Or Sister-In-Law?

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The Rockets power forward Jabari Smith Jr. reposted an I.G. story featuring his girlfriend in December 2023. However, due to some confusion, it took the form of trolls.

In his story repost from @saintkenni, Smith Jr. seemed cozy with a girl, but it had some texts referring to him as “brother-in-law.” So, fans began to have misconceptions about whether he posed with his sister-in-law.

Ultimately, it led to floods of trolls & queries about whether Kennedi, who goes by the I.G. handle @saintkenni, is his girlfriend or sister-in-law.

But in reality, the girl in the picture was not Kennedi but the NBA player’s real girlfriend. What’s her name?

Jabari Smith Jr., The Power Forward Of The NBA Team Houston Rockets
Jabari Smith Jr., The Power Forward Of The NBA Team Houston Rockets (Source: Instagram)

Jabari Montsho Smith Jr., an American basketball player, is the son of former NBA star Jabari Smith Sr. & his estranged wife, Taneskia Purnell.

Following his father’s footsteps, he pursued a professional NBA career after his freshman year at Auburn University (2021-22).

Smith Jr. has played for the Houston Rockets of the NBA since 2022. They chose him as the third overall pick in the 2022 NBA draft, behind Paolo Banchero and Chet Holmgren.

On March 9, 2023, he scored his career-high 30 points in a 134-125 overtime loss to the Indiana Pacers.

In the 2022-23 season, Smith made a record of 16 double-doubles, which was the most by a Rockets rookie since Yao Ming in 2003.

Jabari Smith Jr. Girlfriend Or Sister-In-Law

Who Is saintkenni?

Kennedi Brooke Pankey, who goes by the Instagram handle @saintkenni, became a topic of concern among NBA fans overnight after Smith Jr. reposted her story.

In the I.G. story snap of the NBA star, posted by a Twitter page (@oldnbatweetz), Jabari was seen hugging a girl. However, the reposted picture mentioned @jabarismithjr and had the text, “Big BARI, My brother-in-law, I love ya!”.

So, trolls erupted on Twitter due to the misconception that the NBA player was cozy with his sister-in-law.

A Picture Of NBA Player Jabari Smith Jr. With His Girlfriend Which Fans Confused As His Sister-In-Law Due To Texts On Image
A Picture Of NBA Player Jabari Smith Jr. With His Girlfriend Which Fans Confused As His Sister-In-Law Due To Texts On Image (Source: Twitter)

But the truth was different! The girl in that picture was Jabari Smith Jr’s real girlfriend (not Kennedi Pankey)!

The misinformation spread as some online tabloids misinterpreted the situation.

In reality, Kennedi shared a picture of Jabari & his girlfriend in her story & referred to him as her “brother-in-law.” But a different meaning to the context surged when the NBA star reposted it.

Kennedi Brooke (@saintkenni on Instagram) is a good friend of Smith Jr’s girlfriend. She considers her as her sister since both are Lousiana State University’s alums.

That explains that ‘brother-in-law’ thing, but little did she know that it would have another turn of events.

What Does ‘saintkenni’ Do?

A native of Louisiana, Kennedi is the daughter of rapper Peter Pankey (aka Peter Gunz) and his ex-wife Erika McConduit, a CDI officer at Centene Corporation.

She graduated in 2023 from Louisiana State University with a BBA in Business/International Affairs.

Kennedi who goes by @saintkenni on Instagram is a LSU graduate and good friends with Jabari Smith's girlfriend
Kennedi, who goes by @saintkenni on Instagram, is an LSU graduate and good friends with Jabari Smith’s girlfriend (Source: Instagram)

Throughout her academics, she interned at Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, Centene Corporation, National Urban League, and APCO Worldwide.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Kennedi works on Capitol Hill under the direction of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Who Is Jabari Smith Jr.’s Girlfriend? Her Name?

The Rockets player is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Jasmine. She is an alumna of Lousiana State University and goes by the I.G. handle @jaebvby.

According to her Instagram post, she was born in December 2001, which makes her 22 years old now. Jasmine is one year & three months older than her NBA star boyfriend.

NBA Player Jabari Smith With His Girlfriend Jasmine
NBA Player Jabari Smith With His Girlfriend Jasmine (Source: Instagram)

The couple has yet to open up about their dating story. Hints from their Instagram post comments allege that their relationship began in mid-2023.

On November 2, 2023, Smith Jr. shared the first-ever picture with his girlfriend in a carousel of pictures. Then, he dropped another photo of his sweetheart on November 15.

On her part, Jasmine has a series of pictures with her basketball beau on her Instagram highlights. The duo often flirt with comments on each other’s Instagram.

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