Alex Ovechkin’s Brothers: Tribute To His Late Brother Sergei

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Alex Ovechkin, a Russian professional ice hockey left-winger, has two brothers, Mikhael and the late Sergei, who died in a car accident due to a blood clot. In this article, we have added all the information about his brothers.

Many of the greatest goal scorers consider Alex Ovechkin as one of the best-left wingers in NHL history. But, apart from his professional career, his personal life is equally motivating and intriguing. 

Born in an athlete family, Alex has triumphed in hockey and continued his family legacy. He accomplished success at a very early age, and since then, he has only claimed the pinnacle of his career. 

Alex Ovechkin And His Brother Mikhael Ovechkin At The Rink (Source: RMNB)
Alex Ovechkin And His Brother Mikhael Ovechkin At The Rink (Source: RMNB)

Washington’s victory in 2022 at Rogers Arena allowed Alex to claim a place in the all-time goal scorers list.

However, this article will learn about the Alex Ovechkin brothers. This topic is susceptible to Alex since he lost one of his brothers at the early age of 10. 

Alex didn’t spill anything about his late brother Sergei for long. Still, eventually, he talked about him and told how much he motivates Alex to accomplish tremendous success. 

Let’s learn more about Alex’s two brothers, Sergei and Mikhael Ovechkin. But before that, here are some quick facts about Alex Ovechkin’s brother. 

Alex Ovechkin’s Brother | Quick Facts 

Full Name Mikhael Jr. Ovechkin
Date of Birth Not Available 
Nickname Michael 
Religion Not Available 
Sexuality Straight
Father Name Mikhail Ovechkina
Mother Name  Tatyana Ovechkina
Place Of Birth  Moscow, Russian Soviet Republic
House Location  Not Available 
Gender Male
Ethnicity Not Available 
Age Not Available 
Profession Not Available 
Famous For  Brother Of Alex Ovechkin
Nationality Russian
School Not Available 
Height Not Available 
Weight Not Available
Eye color Black
Favorite Sports Hockey
Siblings Late Sergei Ovechkin, Alexander Ovechkin
Zodiac Sign  Not Available 
Alex Ovechkin’s Merch  Jersey, Trading Card
Last Update May, 2024

Brief Details About Alex Ovechkin 

Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin, born on 17 September 1985, is a Russian professional ice hockey left-winger. Alex currently plays for the Washington Capitals of the NHL. In addition, he is also the captain of the Washington Capitals. 

He is nicknamed “Ovi” (alternately spelled “Ovie”) and “the Great Eight” Ovechkin is one of the greatest ice hockey players of all time. However, Ovechkin’s most abiding nickname is “Great 8.” 

Ovechkin commenced his professional career with Dynamo Moscow of the Russian Superleague.

He played there for four seasons from 2001 to 2005. Furthermore, he returned quickly during the 2012–13 NHL lockout.

Washington Capitals Captain Alex Ovechkin (Source The Newyork Times)
Washington Capitals Captain Alex Ovechkin (Source: The Newyork Times)

Alex’s known for his deadly one-timer, which he usually fires from the left faceoff circle, an area known as his “office.”

Ovechkin has received the Hart Memorial Trophy for the most valuable player in the league three times (2008, 2009 & 2013). 

In addition, Alex is presently studying for a Doctor of Science. He is close to obtaining the degree.

The degree he picked is the Russian equivalent of a higher doctorate or Ph.D. His area of study is Pedagogical Sciences. 

Alex Ovechkin | Early Life 

Ovechkin was born in Moscow and belonged to an athletic family. His Father, Mikhail, was a soccer player, and his mother was a basketball player.

His mother knew from the beginning that her youngest son was fated for sport.

“From birth, it was visible,” she said. Alex was a very active, walking, and curious child. However, he was just two years old when he first picked up a hockey stick.

Alexander Ovechkin's Family (Source: Pinterest)
(In the extreme right) Alexander Ovechkin’s Family( In The Middle Is His Father Mikhail, In Extreme Left is Mikhael, And His Mother, Tatyana Ovechkina, At The Middle) (Source: Pinterest)

Moreover, whenever a hockey game appeared on television, he would leave all his tasks aside from whatever he was doing and not allow his parents to change the channel. 

Alex moved with his family to a tall building on the outskirts of Moscow when he was a child. He attended public school there.

Ovechkin was very driven and never influenced by his friends, who used to get high on harmful stuff. 

Instead, he was attending training sessions all morning and night. Alex always dreamed of playing in the NHL.

In addition, he also kept cards of famous players in his room, especially of his idol Mario Lemieux

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Alex Ovechkin’s Brothers 

Alex Ovechkin is the youngest son of Soviet athletes. His mother is Tatyana Ovechkina, a two-time Olympic gold medalist in basketball (1976, 1980).

While his Father, Mikhail, is a former soccer player.

Likewise, Alex had two older brothers, Sergei and Mikhael. Unfortunately, his older brother Sergei has passed away due to a blood clot. Alex was only ten years old during his elder brother’s demise.  

His elder brother was always obliged to fulfill Alex’s needs. Whenever his parents could not get young Alex to hockey events, his elder brother Sergei came forward, ensuring his more youthful brother got where he needed to go.

Alex’s other brother Mikhael Ovechkin is more of a private and secretive person. So there is not enough information about him.

However, he often travels to see his brother plays and utterly supports him. 

Mikhael Jr. didn’t have his famous sibling’s competitive fire, but he helped him in sports. Furthermore, he also worked for the WNBA’s Washington Mystics.

Alex Ovechkin About His Late Brother Sergei Ovechkin

Alex’s older brother Sergei passed away at the age of 24. However, Alex was only 10 when he lost his older brother.

Unfortunately, his brother died in a car accident unexpectedly because of a blood clot. 

It was a crucial moment for him to spend time with his brother Sergei as he was one of the people who encouraged Ovechkin to get into hockey.

According to Alex, his brother is looking at him from up and giving him all the power and emotions to move ahead. 

When the tragic event happened in 1996, Ovechkin was a young hockey player. Moreover, he had a game the very next day. So his parents took him to the arena and motivated him to suit up.

Alex Ovechkin along with his son who is named after his late brother Sergei (Source: Instagram)
Alex Ovechkin, Along With His Son, Who Is Named After His Late Brother Sergei (Source: Instagram)

It was challenging for Alex to go to the rink knowing about his brother’s death. He remembered that he was crying that day on the bench, and his coach told him to play, and he played with a heavy heart. 

“You’re ten years old. You don’t acknowledge what’s happening.”

Ovechkin said. “It was difficult for my mom, dad, and family. The older son passes away. It was a hard time.”

Alex Ovechkin Took Stanley Cup To His Late Brother Sergei’s grave 

Alex Ovechkin finally won his first championship as a member of the Washington Capitals after 13 seasons of making his NHL debut.

However, that dream likely would not have been discerned without his late brother. 

After being entitled to such a victory, Ovechkin’s father, Mikhail, and his mother, Tatyana, went to the graveyard to share the championship trophy with Sergey Ovechkin.

“It was a difficult moment, it was a difficult moment for my parents, but it is what it is,” Ovechkin said. 

Alex Ovechkin holding Stanley Cup in his hands (Source: USA Today)
Alex Ovechkin Holding Stanley Cup In His Hands (Source: USA Today)

“You can’t reverse time. You can’t change the time, so we move forward. But I think it was vital for me personally because he motivated me to play hard, and I gave what I could on the ice.”

Ovechkin added 61 more in the playoffs and scored 607 regular-season goals. After every one of those tallies, Ovechkin kissed his glove and gestured skyward, realizing Sergey was above. 

He said in the interview that his brother is undoubtedly very proud of him and is looking at him from upstairs. 

During Washington’s victory in 2022 at Rogers Arena, the team’s decorated captain made history again,

By passing Wayne Gretzky for the most road goals in NHL history (403).

Ovechkin, who has had four goals in his last four games, is just nine goals from passing Gordie Howe (801) for second place to be listed on the top goal list of all time.

Sergei As A Motivator To Alex Ovechkin  

The traumatic childhood event probably inspired Ovechkin to become a champion and even one of the game’s best players. Ovechkin scores at a pace that defies his age.

Despite doling out hits like a checking-line forward, he’s one of the most sturdy players in the NHL.

His brother’s death motivates Alex to be more in the right way than the lousy way.

Only Alex and his brother Mikhael live with his family after the demise of Sergie. So, it encourages him to take care of his parents as one of them has to come forward. 

Alex Ovechkin said, “So it doesn’t matter if it’s hockey or something else; I have to be successful.”

His brother had a significant impact on Alex, and maybe he strived for more success in the future to make his brother proud.

We wish him more success in his upcoming endeavors and hope he perpetuates to make his family, brother, and nation proud. 

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Alex Ovechkin Named His First Son After His Late Brother Sergie 

Alex Ovechkin had his first son Sergei on August 18, 2018, with his wife, Nastya Shubskaya.

The couple named the child after his late uncle Sergei, who passed away due to a blood clot. 

Ovechkin has always tried everything to pay tribute to his brother, however possible, throughout his career in the NHL.

In addition, he also has engraved into his gloves in Cyrillic with Ovechkin on the right and Sergie’s name on the left. 

Now, his son, Sergei Aleksandrovich Ovechkin, will carry on that legacy and serve as a tribute to a man who impacted Alex’s life in a significant way. 

Alex Ovechkin | Social Media 

Alex Ovechkin is pretty active on social media, where he consistently shares a snap with his family and pictures of his games.

He has extended support to Russian President Vladimir Putin and often reflects that through his social media.

In addition, he also created a social movement supporting Putin, which he announced through Instagram posts. 


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Alexander Ovechkin (@aleksandrovechkinofficial)

However, Alex has a massive fan following on Instagram, with 1.6 Million followers as of 2024. 

He goes by the username @aleksandrovechkinofficial. The captain of the Washington Capitals is also active on Twitter, where he has accumulated 2.5 Million followers until now and goes by the username @ovi8

Unfortunately, there is no information about Alex’s brother Michael’s social media. According to several sources, he is not active on social media and prefers to live privately. 

Alex Ovechkin Brother | Net Worth 

There is no data about the source of income of Alex Ovechkin’s brother Michael so we cannot estimate his net worth. 

However, Michael’s brother Alex, an NHL superstar, has an estimated $80 million fortune.

Most of Alex’s wealth is accumulated as a professional hockey player. Besides that, he is also engaged in various endorsements and sponsorships. 

On July 27, Ovechkin and the Capitals made a five-year, $47.5 million deal. He’ll turn 40 by the time this new contract with the Capitals is over.

Alex Ovechkin’s Brother | FAQs

Does Alex Ovechkin have any siblings?

Alex Ovechkin is one of the three children of Mikhael Ovechkin and Tatyana Ovechkin. He had two older brothers, Sergei and Mikhael. Unfortunately, he lost his one brother Sergei in a car accident due to a blood clot. 

What is Alex Ovechkin’s net worth ?

Alex Ovechkin, a Russian professional ice hockey left-winger plays for Washington Capitals has a net worth of $80 Million.

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