Top 13 Best Cricket Bats in the World

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From every international level cricket player to national-level cricket player, district-level
cricket player, and every entry-level cricket player, the kind of cricket bat they use for
their game matters a lot. It shows their personality and power. 

We believe only a cricket lover can understand what it feels like to have the best cricket instruments in their hand.

That’s why cricket lovers and players wait for the best cricket bats to come into the market. And if you are dreaming of your cricket career, the quality of the cricket bat works like a key to your dream. 

Despite these pandemics, people have not lost their interest in sports, nor the demand for sports instruments have gone downwards. Because, whether a beginner or an expert, no matter which level of cricket player you are, the craze is the craze, it increases every day.

That’s the reason why we have come up with a list of the top 13 best cricket bats in the world in the year 2024 for cricket players and lovers all around the world.

13 Best Cricket Bats in the World

This article will let you know the names of the most popular and most suitable cricket bats based on their features.

Further, you can get these stunning bats from Amazon (link given down below).

So, let’s have a quick view on the name list of 13 best cricket bats in the world in the year 2024:

Name Manufacturer Willow Type
Kookaburra Fever Pro 2000 Kookaburra English Willow
Adidas Incurza Adidas English Willow
Gray – Nicolls Viper Gray Nicolls English Willow
Gunn and Moore Icon Gunn and Moore English Willow
SG Cobra Sanspareils Greenlands English Willow
Puma Ballistic Puma English Willow
SS Ton Gladiator Sareen Sports English Willow
CA Plus 15000 Camo Edition CA English Willow
Kookaburra Angry Beast Kookaburra English Willow
Reebok Blast Reebok English Willow
Spartan CG Authority Spartan Sports English Willow
MRF Genius Grand Edition MRF English Willow
SS Magnum English Willow Sareen Sports English Willow

13.  Kookaburra Fever Pro 2000

Kookaburra introduced Kookaburra Fever Pro 2000, one of the latest best cricket bats, to offer a new experience to the cricketers. The bat is absolutely a good choice for shorter formats of the game.

A slightly bowed short blade and a long oval-shaped handle make it a perfect bat for all cricket players. It is comfortable to handle and has an eye-catchy appearance.

Designed and manufactured by use of level 2 Unbleached Willow, its offset large edge and spine profile provides an extended sweet spot that fits with a counter-balanced
handle to enhance pickup and grip. 

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12.  Adidas Incurza

Adidas Incurza is a product of Adidas, one of the largest sports item manufacturers.

It is one of the most preferred brands in the world that are indulged in manufacturing
perfectly suitable sports equipment for sports lovers, and their cricket bats are no

best cricket bats in the world
Adidas Incurza Cricket Bat (Source: Amazon)

Adidas Incurza has been designed and manufactured by use of premium level-1
English Willow.

The 38.40 mm thick large edge with a square face makes the bat one of the best cricket bats in the world. Whereas a rubber toe guard protects the bat from getting
damaged in any case. 

11. Gray – Nicolls Viper

Gray Nicolls is another most famous and oldest cricket equipment manufacturing company, established to empower batters.

Founded in 1855 in a village of East Sussex, the company is highly famous amongst cricketers for its art technology and the craftsmanship used for manufacturing bats.

Gray Nicolls Viper is manufactured with the collaboration of Gray Nicolls’ Heritage and
the modern age need of cricketers.

It is perfectly made and designed by high-grade English Willow and balanced to give a lightweight pickup enhancing shot making all around the ground.

It has a twelve-piece cane handle for enhanced flexibility and grip, a steep spine profile, and massive thick edges for hard hitters. 

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10. Gunn and Moore Icon

Gunn and Moore, also known as GM, have been crafting cricket bats for more than a
century. It is known for some of the best craftsmen in the world. GM is prevalent for
structuring sports bats using advanced DMX technologies.

Manufactured and incredibly designed by the best quality English Willow, Gunn and
Moore Icon is a premium world famous range of bats from GM Cricket with a 38 mm
thick edge and flat face.

Engineered for maximum power and precision, it ensures the best strokeplay in any condition. Its full concaved back profile design maximizes pick-up and provides a perfect balance for a shot.

The all-new HEX grip is there to offer most of the grip available on the market and to ensure perfect grip at all times.

Product Link: Gun and Moore

9. SG Cobra

Sanspareils Greenlands, also known as SG, is one of the large sports gear and
equipment manufacturers. It is well known for manufacturing bats, especially for cricket.

Sanspareils Greenlands Cricket Bat
Sanspareils Greenlands Cricket Bat.

SG Cobra is an ideal choice for players giving shots with sharp control and huge force. 
It is made and designed of English Willow and is suitable for intermediate-level cricket

A short handle developed with multiple premium Sarawak cane handle enhances smart performance and comfortable grip with full control. Its thick edge and curved blades provide excellently light pick-up and better control.  

Product Link: Sanspareils Greenlands Cricket Bat.

8. Puma Ballistic

Puma is another popular company for manufacturing world-class sports items. It has
been manufacturing different sorts of sports items like sports apparel,
footwear, and other accessories. The brand was established in 1948.

The Puma Group owns three brands, including Puma, Cobra Golf, and Tretorn, and exports its products to more than 120 countries. It has headquarters in Herzogenaurach (Germany), Boston, London, and Hong Kong.

To match the need of players, Puma manufactured and designed Puma Ballistic with English Willow. It is a perfect cricket bat for the senior players who are well experienced.

Puma Ballistic has a massive profile with lighter pickup and flowing edges with a slight bow that assists for better performance. In addition, the oval-shaped handle is more comfortable. It offers optimum grip and control while batting. 

Product Link: from Puma Ballistic

7. SS Ton Gladiator

SS Ton Gladiator is designed to meet the desire and needs of the world’s top players.
Manufactured by super grade 1 English Willow, it has 9-13 straight grains.

It has a 38-40 mm thick, slightly bowed edge that enhances perfectly balanced pickup. Also, it assists in optimum performance and provides an incredible bounce-back aspect leading to attacking style.

SS Ton Gladiator has twelve pieces of power drive Sarawak cane handle for power hitting. The sweet spot and its balance are kept mid to low, which ensures the better
swing and momentum of the bat during big hits.  

Product Link: SS Ton Gladiator

6. CA Plus 15000 Camo Edition

CA is one of the most popular cricket bats manufacturers. It produces excellent bats
every year. CA Plus 15000 is another outstanding product manufactured by CA.

CA Plus 15000 Camo Edition
Cricket bat by CA Plus 15000 Camo Edition.

CA manufactured these bats from best grade 1 English Willow. It has stout edges with extra meat in the middle, making the bat more responsive and trustworthy.

CA Plus 15000 is a 9 grains cricket bat with super balance and excellent grip.

Product Link: CA Plus 15000

5.  Kookaburra Angry Beast

Kookaburra Angry Beast bat is made from unbleached English willow and specializes in
catering to the players with attacking style. This incredible bat features a red snake grip
for total control and a huge edge for great hits.

It is naturally air-dried and hand-crafted for the optimum power to pickup ratio and comes with a 12-piece power drive Sarawak cane handle. Kookaburra Angry Beast (Blaze) has a huge profile with a light pickup and a dynamic power face.

4. Reebok Blast

Reebok is one of the most popular brands for producing international-level sports items. It has been associated with the game for a long time, and Reebok Blast is its latest and outstanding product.

Reebok Blast is manufactured with the use of English Willow and is best for leather balls. It has an amalgamation of technology with tradition. This product depicts a traditional appearance providing the notion of a weighted but light pickup. 

It has a curved blade and thick edges with an embossed toed protector for long-term
protection. This bat is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate levels. 

3. Spartan CG Authority

Spartan CG Authority is a product of Spartan Sports, an Australian sports item
manufacturing company that has occupied a great space in the international market.

Manufactured by using level 1 English Willow, these bats are renowned for their massive stroke-making abilities and mighty shots. It has a rubber handle grip, spacious 9 pieces sweet cane handle, and spot as well as broad edges.

CG Authority’s flat Face with slight curvature provides a more even distribution for accurate placement across the face. The mid-sweet spot with a full profile also ensures maximum edge thickness and side profiling for destructive power and precision.

2. MRF Genius Grand Edition

MRF Genius Grand Edition is one of the best cricket bats of the international brand MRF. It is a combination of premium quality English Willow and a special kind of technology. Handmade with the latest equipment, the bat has a modern shape and style.

best cricket bats in the world
MRF Genius Grand Edition Cricket Bat (Source: Amazon)

Its handle is short and designed with a 12 piece Sarawak cane and rubber lamination
technology. This sort of handle is perfect for hard hitters and for controlling the bat in all
directions. Its mid-middle profile is perfect for all types of players as well as all types of

MRF Genius Grand Edition is one of the most expensive bats available in the market. However, it is one of the best cricket bats available till now for a leather ball.

Product Link: MRF Genius Grand Edition

It is synonymous with Sachin Tendulkar and is also used by the Indian cricketer Virat Kohli

1. SS Magnum English Willow

Last but not least, SS Magnum is another most popular cricket bat of the current date. It is manufactured and designed with the use of air-dried English Willow and is
perfectly suitable for junior players.

The bat has a modern shape with massive concave TON edges that enable high impact with optimum performance. In addition, it has a very light pick-up, short and round handle, and a specially designed scale grip.

The huge edge is designed to provide good rebound quality. 

Product Link: SS Magnum


With the rise in the number of cricket lovers and players, many companies are manufacturing different sorts of cricket bats that meet the desire and needs of the

Besides MRF, Adidas, Puma, and all the above brands, many others are competing with each other. However, those mentioned above are trendy ones.

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