12 Best Fans In The World Of Soccer

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Soccer is one of the beloved sports with the best fans in the world. Popular soccer clubs have millions of loyal fan bases worldwide dedicated to every club move and their favorite player. 

The diehard fans of the sport support their clubs through all good and bad times. Similarly, having a huge fan base is one of the signs of how successful the club is and how influential they are to the public.

More than 26 million people watched the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 final match between Argentina and France that was on 8 December 2022. 

Barca Fan During A Match
Soccer Club Barcelona’s Fans Supporting Their Team (Source: CoinDesk)

Big clubs have many highly profiled players on their rosters. Some fans are loyal to the players, and some are loyal to their favorite clubs and home teams. 

Today, we are looking at some of the best fans in the world of soccer. First, let’s have a quick preview.

Quick Overview

The following list is prepared based on the social media followings of various clubs. 

Club Followers 
12. Newcastle United FC 6.2 Million
11. Borussia Dortmund 33.5 Million
10. Arsenal FC 80.5 Million
9. Manchester City 90.2 Million
8. Bayern Munich 91.9 Million
7. Juventus FC 98.5 Million
6. Liverpool FC 102.3 Million
5. Chelsea FC  107.9 Million
4. Paris Saint-Germain FC 112.1 Million
3. Manchester United FC 169.6 Million
2. Real Madrid CF 254.4 Million
1. FC Barcelona 259.4 Million

12 Best Fans In The World Of Soccer

We have taken references from TheFootballLovers and SportsBrief as our primary sources. 

12. Newcastle United FC

The English club Newcastle United FC is one of the oldest English teams and has around 6.2 million social media followers.

The club was founded on December 9, 1892, and plays in the Premier League, the top league of English soccer.

Newcastle United fan
Newcastle United fan (Source: Dirty South Soccer)

The club has won four League titles, six FA Cups, FA Charity Shield, Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, and the 2006 UEFA Intertoto Cup.

The club has an official supporters club known as the Newcastle United Supporters Trust. Since it is one of the oldest clubs, Newcastle has a strong and loyal fanbase in its home country and worldwide.

11. Borussia Dortmund

On number 11, we have the German professional sports club, Borussia Dortmund. The club was founded on December 19, 1909, and plays in German’s top-tier soccer league system, Bundesliga.

Dortmund FC is part of a large membership-based sports club. Similarly, it is also Germany’s second-largest sports club. The club has over 40 million followers worldwide and 33.5 million across social media.

Borussia Dortmund fans at the game
Borussia Dortmund Fans At The Game (Source: Pxhere.com)

The club plays its home game at Westfalenstadion, Germany’s largest stadium. The highest average attendance at the stadium is the highest among any association soccer club.

It shows that the club has one of the best fanbases in the world and shows up to support the team. There are over 950 officially registered Dortmund fan clubs worldwide.

10. Arsenal FC

On number 10, we have the professional English club Arsenal FC. The club plays in the Premier League and has won 13 League titles.

The club was founded in October 1886. It was the first to join the Soccer League from the South of England. They are the second club with the most wins in top-flight matches in English soccer history.

Arsenal supporters
Arsenal Fans Cheering During Arsenal’s Game (Source: Wikimedia.org)

As a result, Arsenal has one of the best fanbases that is limited not only to England but worldwide. One of the most successful English teams, they have earned their fans’ respect and support through their games.

The Arsenal fans call themselves Gooners, a nickname derived from the Gunners. The club has not been at its best recently, but the Gooners have remained loyal to them.

9. Manchester City

The ninth-best fans in the world of soccer go to Manchester City’s fanbase. The English soccer club was founded in 1880 as St. Mark’s.

The club enjoyed major success during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Manchester City is one of the most valuable clubs, whose worth was estimated to be $4 billion in 2021 by Forbes.

Manchester City fans pitch invasion, 2012
Manchester City Fans Pitch Invasion, 2012 (Source: Wikimedia.org)

One of the reasons Manchester has the best fans is also because of the players they sign into the team. Players like David Silva, Colin Bell, Sergio Aguero, and Bert Trautmann, among many others, have played for the club.

The club is one of the world’s top English clubs and the first to win the domestic treble. Their fan base is one of the strongest and has over 330 fan clubs worldwide. 

8. Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is one of the most successful clubs in the history of German soccer. Therefore, there is no question that the club has one of the large and best fans in the world.

The club was founded in 1900. Since its founding, Bayern Munich has won a record 32 national titles and numerous honors. It ranks first in the UEFA club rankings as of 2022.

Bavaria Munich supports, 2019
Bavaria Munich Supporters, 2019 (Source: Getty Images)

Bayern Munich has over 91.9 million followers on its various social media platforms. Similarly, they have more than 3,500 supporters club worldwide as they are one of German’s largest sports clubs.

The club is the third highest-earning soccer club. Their home stadium is the Allianz Arena and has local rivalries with Borussia Dortmund.

7. Juventus FC

Next, we have Juventus FC as number 7 on our list of the best fans in the world of soccer. Nicknamed “the Old Lady,” the Italian club was founded in 1897.

Since its founding, the club has won 36 official league titles, 14 Coppa Italia titles, and nine Supercoppa Italiana titles. On top of it being one of the most successful teams, it is also one of the top-ten wealthiest clubs.

Juventus fans
Juventus Fans (Source: Wikimedia.org)

The Old Lady has one of the largest national and worldwide fanbases. The fanbase is not only concentrated in the club’s origin city but throughout Italy.

The club’s popularity further soared when they signed Cristiano Ronaldo. Their fanbase spread worldwide, and Juventus became the symbol for Iitalianita,” meaning Italian-ness.

6. Liverpool FC

On number 6, we have the Reds, Liverpool FC. The club is a professional English soccer club that competes in the Premier League.

The club was founded in 1892. It has established itself as the domestic and European soccer powerhouse. Moreover, the club’s anthem is “You’ll never walk alone.”

Liverpool supporters
Liverpool Supporters (Source: Wikimedia.org)

Liverpool has one of the biggest and most loyal fanbases in the world. They are among one the most widely supported clubs. The club support further rose under Jurgen Klopp’s management.

Some players who have been part of the team’s roster are Kenny Dalglish, John Barnes, Ian Rush, and Phil Neal, among others. It is among one of the most valuable clubs worldwide.

5. Chelsea FC

Chelsea is another English professional club with a huge social media presence and fanbase worldwide. It competes in the top division of English soccer, the Premier League.

The club was founded in 1905. They are one of the five clubs to have won three pre-1999 main European club competitions. Their fans and supporters also know the club as “The Blues.”

Chelsea fans
Chelsea Fans (Source: Football365)

Chelsea is the fourth-most successful club among English clubs. They have won many domestic and international trophies, like six league titles, eight FA Cups, the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and many more.

The club is one of the most valuable clubs in the world. Similarly, Chelsea is the eighth highest-earning club in the world.

4. Paris Saint-Germain FC

Number 4 on our list of the best fans in the world of soccer, we have Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)’s supporters. They are a French professional soccer club and, thus, compete in the top division of French soccer, Ligue 1.

Among the clubs on our list, PSG is comparatively newly founded. It was founded in 1970. Their fans also know them by nicknames like Les Parisiens (The Parisians) and Les Rouge-et-Bleu (The Red-and-Blues).

PSG fans
PSG Fans (Source: Wikimedia.org)

PSG is France’s most successful soccer club. Therefore, they have a strong fanbase in their home country. Similarly, they have dedicated fans worldwide, evident from their 107.9 million followers across social media.

The club is the wealthiest French soccer club. They are the seventh most valuable club in the world. PSG’s popularity has increased since they have become regular in the UEFA Champions League.

3. Manchester United FC

The list would not be complete without Manchester United in it. The Red Devils have one of the most dedicated and best fanbases worldwide.

The English club is a professional soccer club that was founded in 1878. They are among the most successful English clubs with 20 League titles, 21 FA Community Shields, 12 FA Cups, and five.

Manchester United supporters
Manchester United Fans (Source: Eurosport)

Similarly, Manchester United is the first English club to win the European treble. One of the reasons for the club having one of the best fan support is because of their success.

The club is among the most widely supported, with over 350 million fans worldwide. They have over 200 official clubs in more than 24 countries.

2. Real Madrid CF

The second club with the best fans in the world of soccer is Real Madrid CF. The Spanish professional soccer club has over 254.4 million followers across social media.

The club was founded in 1902. The club’s supporters call them various nicknames like Los Blancos (The Whites), La Casa Blanca (The White House), Los Merengues (The Meringues), and Los Vikingos (The Vikings).

Real Madrid supporters
Real Madrid Supporters (Source: Getty Images)

Real Madrid is one of the successful soccer clubs that have won a record seven club world championships.

They have established themselves as one of the major Spanish and European soccer powerhouses.

The club has a huge, loyal fanbase in their home country and internationally. Similarly, they have over 1,800 fan clubs worldwide with 170 million supporters.

1. FC Barcelona

The club with the best fans in the world club is FC Barcelona. The Spanish club is one of the most successful teams who compete in the top Spanish soccer division, La Liga.

The club was founded in 1899. Barcelona is the first European club to achieve a continental treble twice. Similarly, they have domestically won a record 75 trophies.

FC Barcelona fans
FC Barcelona Fans (Source: Flickr)

They are one of the most supported teams in the world, with the largest social media following among the sports teams. Furthermore, the supporters own and operate the club.

Barcelona supporters are some of the most passionate fanbases. They not only support but also protect their club and its members. Additionally, the club’s motto is “Més que un club” (“More than a club”).


Having many followers is a sign of successful clubs, but it does not make them the best. The support from their fanbase motivates the players and club to do better and boost their morale.

These clubs are some of the best in the world, so no wonder they have such a loyal fanbase. They are the best fans in the world of soccer!

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