Bianca Carelli Bio: Early Life & WWE Debut

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Bianca Carelli, daughter of the semi-retired professional wrestler with the renowned cobra move, Santino Marella, made her professional WWE debut on April 29, 2022. She got a stage name, “Arianna Grace,” and is all hyped up to follow in her father’s footsteps.

Bianca is a proud Canadian. Wait, Canadian? We know it’s confusing as Santino says he is Italian and talks in Italian ascent in WWE.

So, let us clear up your confusion. Santino and Bianca are from Canada. However, WWE is a show, and to make it more interesting, WWE uses some gimmicks and gives characters to the wrestler. Therefore, Santino is just following his gimmick role.

Arianna Grace, New WWE Name For Bianca Carelli (Source: Diva Dirt)

Now, about Bianca, she is a young talent who just got hired by WWE on 2022 February 4. As a proud Father, Santino tweeted about his daughter’s achievements on his Twitter.

Without wasting time, let us dive deep into the life of Bianca. Here, we discuss her career, early life, love life, and many more.

But first, let us have an instant look at the quick facts.

Bianca Carelli | Quick Facts

Full Name Bianca Carelli
Birth Date 1994
Birth Place Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nick Name The Iron Princess 
Age 30 Years Old
Nationality Canadian 
Ethnicity Mixed (Italian, Pakastani, Metis & Finnish)
Education Not Available 
Horoscope Not Available 
Father’s Name Santino Marella
Mother’s Name Petrina
Siblings 1 half-brother
Height 5’6″/1.70 m/1.70 cm
Weight 63 kg/139 lb.
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Brown
Build Athletic 
Sexual Orientation  Straight 
Marital Status Single
Boyfriend  No
Children No
Profession Professional Wrestler
Affiliation  WWE
Trained by WWE
Active Since 2020
Career Earnings $100k-$500k
Salary Not Available 
Merch of WWE Championship Belt, UNO Card Game
Social Media Instagram 
Last Update May, 2024

Bianca Carelli | Early Life & Education

Early Life

As we already know, Bianca is the daughter of Santino Marella and his ex-wife, Petrina.

Bianca’s love for wrestling came from her Father. But as a child, she wanted to become a surgeon.

However, as she grew up, she understood the complexity of being a surgeon and had no time for fun, family, and other things. So, she dropped the idea of being a surgeon.

Bianca’s childhood was awesome; even though her parents divorced, they didn’t let Bianca feel left out, as one of them was always available for her.

Bianca Carelli
Then & Now, Times May Change, But Bianca’s Love For Wrestling Remains The Same. (Source: Instagram)

Bianca is a Canadian and has always loved her country. Even though her Father portrayed himself as an Italian, Santino loves Canada.

And Bianca always thought it was funny that everyone thought they were Italian. She even recalls her Father trying Italian accents at home, which was quite amusing for her as a child to hear daily.


In 2009, Carelli joined E.C. Drury High School, where she was on the girls’ field hockey team. She was a volunteer in her school’s Wrestling club and also a member of the Drama Club.

After a year, she moved to Milton District High School where she became a Mustangs Cheerleader.

The following year, she again changed her school and got admitted to Richview Collegiate Institute. Carelli became the co-president of the DECA club.

And in 2013, she joined Western University in London, Ontario, where she was very active in different clubs including Medical Science club, the Western Space Society etc.

She has completed her biology degree before she joined the professional wrestlers at the WWE Performance Center.

Bianca Carelli | Physical Features

Undoubtedly, Bianca is one beautiful woman. She is one example that girls don’t always have to be weak; they can be fit and even wrestle.

Santino’s daughter stands at 5 ft. 6 inches (1.70 meters) and weighs around 63 kg (139 lb.). Besides, Bianca takes good care of her diet and is very strict about it.

Bianca even goes to the gym with her dad, Santino, who guides her and trains her there. However, what compliments Bianca the most is her dark hair and beautiful brown eyes.

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Bianca Carelli | Career

Bianca is a rising star, and her career has just begun. On February 4, 2022, WWE signed her, and she trained in the WWE Performance Center.

She is the second generation of her family to have chosen wrestling as a career. However, Bianca’s career started in 2020.

She has been part of 9 fights in small competitions, and her professional WWE debut was on April 29, 2022, against Amari Miller in the episode of NXT Level Up.

However, apart from being a wrestler, Bianca is a model. She also won Miss Ontario in 2013. Apart from that, she is a BAA women’s Champion and host of Walk Through and Tries.

Miss Toronto Bianca Carelli.
Miss Toronto, Bianca Carelli (Source: Wrestling World)

Nonetheless, Bianca is also a sports nutritionist and a licensed personal trainer.

So far, Carelli has featured in 20 matches in WWE, winning only 4 of them.

She has not accomplished much in her career yet but stay tuned with us to learn recent news about Bianca.

Bianca Carelli | Road To WWE

As she is the daughter of a famous wrestler, she knew everything about wrestling from childhood.

Bianca knows what a wrestler must do and how to maintain themselves and impress the public.

But her Father does have a significant role in making Bianca a part of WWE. Once Santino posted a picture of Bianca on his Instagram and tagged Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to take a look at Bianca.

Santino’s daughter has been trained to be a wrestler since her childhood. Plus, Santino is a proud Father and refers to his daughter as one strong and fierce woman.

Further, WWE superstar Beth Phoenix appreciated Bianca and mentioned that Bianca was ready to be a superstar.

Even though Santino helped her get some attention, Bianca did everything independently. She practiced day and night to be a part of WWE.

Finally, her hard work paid off, and WWE signed her. She started her training on February 4, 2022, at the performance center.

Santino confirmed this news of her signing the contract with WWE via Twitter. Shortly after his tweet, the news spread like wildfire, and the internet went crazy; everyone started talking about Bianca, and now more people know about her.

Further, Santino also mentioned that he couldn’t wait to go to WrestleMania to see his daughter as an audience. Indeed, Santino is a proud Father who is supportive of Bianca’s WWE debut.

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Bianca Carelli | Net Worth

Bianca has just started her career, and there’s still a long way to go. Even though she is new in WWE, it does not mean she has not earned money.

Bianca is a model and has even won Miss Toronto, so it is evident that she has earned a good amount of money as prize money.

As per sources, Bianca has a net worth of around $100k-$500k.

Bianca Carelli | Personal Life

For now, Bianca is focused on her career. Her life has always been beautiful and no less than a fairy tale, and now she is determined to improve it. So she is not dating anyone currently.

Apart from that, she has a loving Father, plus she shares a good relationship with her stepmom, Anna Babij.

Bianca Carelli with family.
Bianca With Her Father, Her Stepmom, And Her Half-Brother (Source: Instagram)

Anna is a bikini fitness competitor. Santino and Anna got married in 2015.

In 2018, Anna and Santino welcomed their son; even though Bianca and her half-brother have a huge age difference, she loves her brother and spends time with him when possible.

More details on her personal life are still obscure as she has just begun her professional WWE career. We will keep you updated as new information about her unveils.

Bianca Carelli | Social Media Presence

Bianca is very active on social media. She keeps posting her gym and training videos on her Instagram account under the handle @ariannagrace_wwe.

Apart from Instagram, the pageant winner is not active on any other social site. However, her social media does give an introduction to Bianca’s personality.

Instagram: 68.6k followers


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Arianna Grace (@ariannagrace_wwe)

Bianca Carelli | Popularity

Since her debut in professional WWE, her popularity is continuously growing. There was a hike in her popularity graph during the month of February, since her signing by WWE made big news.

Bianca’s Popularity (Source: Google Trends)

The above graph gives a brief information about Bianca’s popularity in the United States over a year.

Bianca Carelli | FAQs

When will Bianca make her WWE debut?

Bianca made her professional WWE debut on April 29, 2022. In her debut match at WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida, USA, she defeated Amari Miller.

Does Bianca have a good relationship with her stepmom, Anna Babij?

Yes, she does. The entire family goes on vacations together, and Bianca keeps sharing the picture of the whole family on Instagram. Nonetheless, her stepmom, Anna Babij, is a great supporter of Bianca, and they both share a cordial relationship.

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