13 Biggest MLB Players Till Now

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This article ranks the 13 biggest MLB players in history. Most of the players mentioned in the articles have retired, and some are beginning their careers.

The most asked question among baseball lovers is if a professional player needs to be of a certain height or built. For instance, Eddie Gaedal was only 3 feet and 7 inches and yet managed to leave his mark in baseball history.

Sean Hjelle
Sean Hjelle (Source: Courier-Journal)

Mostly, the players over the 6 feet height find their way into the MLB. However, there haven’t been any written records of the size and built requirements. 

Regardless, here we have the biggest MLB players who have made their way to the top rankings.

13 Biggest MLB Players Till Now

Before we dig into the information on the players, let us look at the overview of the list of the 13 biggest MLB players and their sizes. The information in this article has been derived from Wikipedia and MLB.

Name of the player Size (Height)
13. Tayron Guerrero 6ft 7 inches
12. Logan Ondrusek 6ft 8 inches
11. Tyler Glasnow 6ft 8inches
10. Richie Sexson 6ft 8 inches
9. Mark Hendrickson 6ft 9inches
8. Aaron Slegers 6ft 10 inches
7. Andrew Brackman 6ft 10 inches
6. Andrew Sisco 6ft 10 inches
5. Chris Young 6ft 10 inches
4. Randy Johnson 6ft 10 inches
3. Eric Hillman 6ft 10 inches
2. Sean Hjelle 6ft 11 inches
1. John Raunch 6ft 11inches

13. Tayron Guerrero

  • Position: Pitcher
  • Team: Currently a free agent
  • Win-loss record (2019): 2-5

Tayron Luis Guerrero is a professional baseball player from Columbia who made his MLB debut in 2016. He has played for the San Diego Padres and the Miami Marlins in his career. 

However, he resides as a free agent as of now. According to the MLB statistics of 2019, he scored a 2-5 win-loss record with 111 strikeouts. 

Tayron Guerrero
Tayron Guerrero (Source: Twitter)

The MLB pitcher stands tall at 2.03 m and weighs approximately 86 kg making him one of the biggest players. 

A shoe fanatic, Tayron loves collecting shoes and wears a size eight. With his built, the shoe size is indeed justifiable.

12. Logan Ondrusek

  • Position: Pitcher
  • Team: San Francisco Giants
  • Win-loss record (2016): 21-11

Logan Jared Ondrusek made his MLB debut with the Cincinnati Reds. Currently, he is signed with the San Francisco Giants. 

Moreover, he also plays for the Tokyo Yakult Swallows in the Nippon Professional Baseball. In the 2016 MLB, he scored a win-loss record of 21-11 with 218 strikeouts. 

Ondrusek is one of the biggest MLB players who stand at 6ft 8 inches tall and 230 lbs.  Recently, he signed with the Leones de Yucatan for the 2021 Mexican league and with the Giants for the Minor League.

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11. Tyler Glasnow

  • Position: Pitcher
  • Team: Tampa Bay Rays
  • Win-loss record (2019): 20-10

The next biggest MLB player on our list is Tyler Glasnow of the Tampa Bay Rays. Glasnow made his MLB debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2016. 

Glasnow is lovingly called a baby Giraffe because of his height. He stands at 6ft 8 inches, roughly 203.2 cm, and weighs 225lbs.

Also, he is one of the newest uprising players who played at the 2021 MLB. His statistics record a 20-20 win-loss with 506 strikeouts. Moreover, Tyler loves tattoos and hip-hop music and has a lower lip tattoo that says “No Juice.” 

10. Richie Sexson

  • Position: First baseman
  • Team: Retired
  • Homers: 306 homers

Richie Sexson is a former baseball player who was called big sexy because of his tall physique. At 6ft 8 inches, he hovered over his teammates when he was an active MLB player. 

Even in school, he created his record of the most homers and most runs batted in. Then, as he made his debut in 1999, he scored 31 homers and made a name for himself in the industry.

Moreover, he is also a two-times All-Star and a Milwaukee Brewers Wall of Honor. The last game he played in his career was for the New York Yankee in 2008. Now, he is happily retired as a baseball coach and lives with his wife in Oregon.

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9. Mark Hendrickson

  • Position: Pitcher
  • Team: Retired
  • Win-loss record: 58-74

Mark Hendrickson is a former baseball player who made his MLB debut in 2002 with the Toronto Blue Jays. Hendrickson also played for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Los Angeles Dodgers, Florida Marlins, and Baltimore Orioles.

This Washington-based athlete is one of the few athletes in the world who is both an MLB and NBA player. Due to his 6ft and 9 inches built, he always made an impact everywhere he went. 

Hendrickson was mainly known for his precise movement and control in the game. Overall, in his MLB career, he recorded 58-74 win-loss with 666 strikeouts. 

Currently, he works as the pitching coach of the Minor League Baseball Team, Aberdeen IronBirds’. 

8. Aaron Slegers

  • Position: Pitcher
  • Team: Tampa Bay Rays
  • Win-loss record (2021): 3-4

Aaron Slegers, the American professional baseball player, is one of the newest players in the 13 biggest MLB players list. Slegers made his MLB debut in 2017 with the Minnesota Twins.

Also, he played for the Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angeles Angels and is currently on a minor league two-year deal with the Rays. 

Aaron Slegers
Aaron Slegers (Source: The New York Times)

As soon as Aaron made his debut, he took the spotlight with his enormous 6 feet and 10 inches height. He was one of the fewest new players to be of that physique. 

Moreover, he is famous for being a member of a tall family. Aaron’s dad is 7 feet tall, whereas his mother is 5 feet and 11 inches tall.

7. Andrew Brackman

  • Position: Pitcher
  • Team: Retired
  • Games pitched: 3

Andrew Warren Brackman is a former American baseball player who made his MLB debut with the New York Yankees in 2011. He made his last MLB appearance in the same year as well. 

Moreover, Brackman is mainly known for his physique as he stands at 6 feet and 10 inches and weighs 230 pounds. Due to his body measurements, he was also a member of the USA’s men’s baseball team.

Similarly, people considered his pitching style a downward plane as he is exceptionally tall and has an overhand action. 

6. Andrew Sisco

  • Position: Pitcher
  • Team: Retired
  • Win-loss record: 3-9

Andrew Frank Sisco is a former MLB player who made his debut with the Kansas City Royals. He is an all-rounder who also played in the Korean and Chinese Professional Baseball League. 

Being at the height of 6 feet and 10 inches and weighing 122 kg, Andrew was sought after by many baseball teams around the globe.

He has been granted and signed as a free agent by the New York Yankees a couple of times throughout his career. Lastly, before his retirement, he signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2012.

In his MLB career, he recorded a 3-9 win-loss record with 141 strikeouts. 

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5. Chris Young

  • Position: Pitcher
  • Team: Retired
  • Win-loss record:  79-67

Chris Young is a former American baseball player who made his debut with the Texas Rangers. Currently, Young serves as the general manager of the Ranges of the Minor League. 

Also, standing at 6 feet 10 inches tall, Young is our fifth-biggest MLB player.

Overall, he has recorded a 79-67 win-loss record in his MLB career with 1,062 strikeouts. Moreover, he also has an All-Star and became the World Series Champion in 2015. 

4. Randy Johnson

  • Position: Pitcher
  • Team: Retired
  • Win-loss record: 303-166

Randy Johnson is also known as the big unit because of his tall height. Standing at 6 feet and 10 inches, he is one of the biggest MLB players in history. 

Moreover, Johnson is also one of the best pitchers of all time. Some of his MLB records include a no-hitter pitch and a perfect game pitch.

Overall, Johnson has made a record of 303-166 win-loss and 4,875 strikeouts in his MLB career. He is a ten times All-Star and also won a World Series Championship in 2001. 

Furthermore, he also won the title of the World Series MVP in 2001, and MLB wins leader in 2002.

3. Eric Hillman

  • Position: Pitcher
  • Team: Retired
  • Win-loss record: 4-14

John Eric Hillman is a former MLB player who also played a Nippon Professional Baseball career. 

Hillman made his MLB debut in 1992 with the New York Mets and retired with the same team in 1994. Overall, in his MLB career, he scored a 4-14 win-loss record with 96 strikeouts. 

Eric was once the tallest baseball player in history, standing at 2.08m. However, later Jon Raunch took the title of the world’s tallest baseball player.

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2. Sean Hjelle

  • Position: Pitcher
  • Team: San Francisco Giants
  • Win-loss record: NA

Sean Hjelle of the San Francisco Giants is a talented giant who stands tall at 6 feet and 11 inches. Although he is a reasonably new baseball player, he also has the second biggest MLB player title.

The Giants picked Hjelle in the 2018 MLB Draft. During his college days, he played baseball and basketball. As a sophomore, he even received the award of Pitcher of the year with a 3.17 ERA.

As he is a new player, we are yet to see how and what records this tall player will achieve in the future.

1. Jon Raunch

  • Position: Pitcher
  • Team: Retired
  • Win-loss record: 43-40

We have come to the end of our list of the biggest MLB players. Standing tall at 6 ft and 11 inches, Jon Raunch is the tallest baseball player in history. 

One of his life’s most outstanding achievements is his Olympics Gold Medal in 2000 for baseball. 

Jon Raunch
Biggest MLB Player Jon Raunch

Jon was selected in the 199 amateur draft by the White Sox. Before his debut, he weighed 290 pounds, and his tall figure instantly got the recruiter’s attention.

Overall in his career, he scored a 43-40 win-loss record with 475 strikeouts. His last MLB appearance was in 2013 as he played for the Miami Marlins.

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In summary, 

Finally, we have concluded our article about the biggest baseball players. As the MLB increases in popularity, new and talented players emerge every year. Will we be able to see a player taller than Jon Raunch? Let us know what your thoughts are!

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