How to Clean Golf Balls?

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Golf is undoubtedly the world’s most famous sport, invented in Scotland in the 1450s.

Even 50 years after Alan Shepard took the most famous swings in the history of humanity on the surface of the moon, it remains the only sport ever played on the moon.

We don’t know what possibly happened to the golf ball that Alan took to the moon. But golf balls often get lost while playing on the courses.

The game justifies gentlemanly behavior, and everything about the game is impeccable. But have you noticed how a dirty golf ball can give you a great deal of dissatisfaction from your shot?

How to clean golf balls?
How to keep your golf balls clean (Source:

Not only that but, a dirty ball can get mixed up with the environment and become hard to allocate; also, giving your opponent an upper hand.

Therefore having a clean ball is highly important for a shot to be as clean as you expect. Losing a ball means that your opponent gets an advantage from your foul.

Most importantly, it is close to having a new one if you know how to clean your golf balls. That too, without even spending any extra dollars on it!

Hence, instead of worrying about the visibility of an unclean ball, you should look into methods to keep them clean.

Why do you need to have clean golf balls?

Golf balls go through a lot in the course; they have to withstand every terrain, including muds, sand, rain, woods, and whatnot.

Similarly, Golf balls are designed with dimples and the given ergonomics for a reason.

Also, the stuck-up dirt not only ruins that advantage and makes your ball perform awfully. It sometimes ruins your game and gets lost, never to be found again.

Many ballers don’t take cleaning golf balls seriously and wonder why the shot didn’t reach their expectations.

The only thing they do to clean the ball is by rubbing it with a towel or on their pants which isn’t enough.

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Things needed to clean your golf balls.

Every golfer has to understand the necessity of clean golf balls and put an effort to clean it so that it doesn’t affect their performance.

Likewise, whenever you find a beat-up golf ball lying on the course, don’t just let it be there. A lot of things can be done to make it reusable.

If nothing, they can be your dead shots during your practice, so why waste it, right? So, here are a few things that you can tell your caddie to do after finding any lost ball.

So, if we are on the same page and if you are willing to put an effort to clean those lost and found golf balls, then here are a few things that you need:

Dishwashing soap

These days, many products make many promises, but the same old product with the same formula but market with a different name in the end-use.

So, you don’t need some fancy golf ball washing soap to get a golf ball cleaned up! You can do it with the easily available household dishwashing soap or the dishwashing liquid.

How to clean your golf balls?
How to clean your golf balls? (Source: Meantformotion)

This cleaning agent is mild and doesn’t take away the coating of the golf ball, and as long as you don’t use the diss scrubber, you will not harm the paint coating of the ball.

Hence, the most important thing is to use a soft foam scrubber while cleaning the golf ball with your hands.


Yes, another best way to shine your golf ball is to use the regular bleach in your washing machine.

A shining white golf ball looks so aesthetically pleasing, and we’re determined to keep the balls pristine white. 

Furthermore, we can also opt out to add some bleach to the dishwashing solution to bleach and glow the balls.

Soft-bristled brush or cloth or a foam scrubber

Using a rugged brush and rubbing the surface can only make the ball lose its paint, and that’s yet for the ball.

Not to mention, the ball goes through so much on the course, and that’s enough reason for the golf to lose its paint job, right?

And rubbing it on a rough surface isn’t the solution. If you want to keep the ball fresh, you should always use the soft bristle brush.

Another hack is to use the old toothbrush to get the mud and dirt off its dimples.

Towel or cloth

Another key is using the dish drying cloth or a soft towel to dry the golf ball. A soft towel will wipe all the remaining dirt off the golf ball and wouldn’t damage the ball’s paint coating.

As we don’t want to harm the ball, we definitely have to use a soft cloth to wipe them off and dry them to be ready for the next shots.

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How do you clean your golf balls?

After knowing what items are needed to clean a golf ball, let’s know how to use them properly and get the desired result with soap, bleach, brush, and a cloth, shall we?

So, now that you know that we don’t need the fancy golf ball cleaning shampoo pouches let’s look at the actual cleaning process here.

Method One (Conventional Cleaning)

  • First, put all of the golf balls that you collected from a course in a bucket. Then fill it up with lukewarm water and make sure the balls are fully soaked inside water.
  • Then add dishwashing soap or a dishwashing liquid into the bucket and give it a good mix.
  • Make sure all balls are properly dipped into the water soap mixture, and let the ball sit inside the solution for some thirty minutes.
  • After the balls have been in the solution for around thirty minutes, use a soft bristle brush to give them a good scrub, and then drain the water soap solution.
  • Then replace the solution with clean water and add a few bottle caps of bleach into it.
  • After adding the bleach, just let the ball sit there for over forty-five minutes so that the bleach gets to whiten up the ball’s surface.
  • Now rinse the balls with clean water and use a towel to wipe the balls. You can keep the balls under the sun to completely dry them out.

So, that was a conventional method of cleaning a golf ball, but do you know that you can even use a dishwasher to give the ball a good clean?

Method Two: Using Dishwasher

  • First, put the dirty golf balls inside the dishwasher, and now add some usual dishwashing detergent into it and give it a run.
  • It is better to clean the balls in the dishwasher twice for a good result.
  • Once you are done, use a towel to soak the water from the ball and let it dry completely.
How to clean your golf balls?
Clean golf balls with dishwasher (source: Golfweek)

These two methods are useful when your golf balls are mildly dirty. However, there are instances where these balls get totally dirty, right?

So, what should anyone do if these balls are fairly dirty? Don’t worry, friends, we’ve got your back on this one as well.

Method Three (Using Car Washing Soap along with Ammonia bleach or Vinegar)

  • First, keep in mind that you wouldn’t want to remove the dirt and debris by cleaning the golf ball with abrasive or acidic substances; or a hard scrubber.
  • It’s always recommended to use a car wash soap instead of a regular dishwashing soap, which is usually advised for a mildly dirty golf ball.
  • Dip those balls into the bucket filled with water and car washing soap solution. And then give it a good stir.
  • After half an hour, take them out and give them a gentle scrub with a soft-bristled brush. Then change the water in the bucket with clean water and dip the balls into it.
  • Now pour a healthy amount of either undiluted ammonia-based bleach or synthetic vinegar to clean the ball.
  • However, don’t mix these chemicals as the reaction can entirely remove the paint from the golf ball.
  • Likewise, if you are using concentrated bleach, don’t forget to use gloves while cleaning them.
  • Keep the ball in the solution for half an hour. Then drain the bucket and use a towel to clean it, and finally, let it dry in the sun.

Taking care of the Golf Ball

So, these were a few remedies for cleaning your golf ball, but the key to a clean ball is to carry a towel, especially for balls. 

Similarly, use a cloth and water to clean the ball even after playing in a well-maintained course.

You can also use a cleaning pouch rather than rubbing the ball on your trousers.

Finally, if your ball loses its color after being played for a long time, you can still use it for dead shots till it’s lost, right?

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It’s an eco-friendly solution

So, these above-mentioned steps can be taken to clean your golf balls.

If you think it’s a lot of hassle, you should also realize that these simple steps improve your game.

Moreover, it also makes the game more eco-friendly and saves you a lot of money. So, why not clean your used golf balls and re-use them as well, right?

By doing that, you’d be able to play with a shining ball, not having to buy a new one compared to your fellow golfers.

We hope the article serves your search, and for more interesting reads on cleaning golf bags, or taking proper shots on the course, keep up with our blogs.

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