Who is Damian Lillard Father? Single father & Ex-wife

Damian Lillard’s Father, Houston Lillard, is a Father that everyone wants to keep a connection as he is a very kind, honest, and caring person. 

There is an aphorism that says, “An apple never falls far from the tree.” It exactly fits Damian so well.

Damian received many compliments that he is exactly like his Father, Houston, which he proudly doesn’t dispute. 

Damian’s mom often says jokingly, “You’re just like your dad.”

Damian Lillard and his father Houston Lillard during NBA events (Source: Instagram)
Damian Lillard and his Father, Houston Lillard, during NBA events (Source: Instagram)

Damian said they’re like the same person, and if he had to emphasize one thing, they both care a lot about other people. 

Would Damian have made it out of Oakland to be the successful basketball player he is today without his Father? Maybe.

But it’s essential to have a Father or Father figure in one’s life, no matter where you’re from. And Damian is lucky that his Father was always beside him to tackle every challenge facing his life. 

Damian Lillard Father: Quick Facts 

Full NameHouston Lillard
Nick NameHouston
Date Of BirthNot Available
Birth PlaceOakland, California
ResidenceOakland, California
AgeNot Available
Sexual OrientationStraight 
HeightNot Available
WeightNot Available
High SchoolNot Available
Father’s NameNot Available 
Mother’s NameNot Available
Hair ColourBlack 
Eye ColourBlack
Skin ColourDark
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-PartnerGina Johnson
KidsThree: Houston Jr Lillard, Lanae Lillard, and Damian Lillard 
ProfessionNot Available 
Net WorthNot Available
Famous ForFather of Damian Lillard
SalaryNot Available 
Social MediaNot Available
Damian Lillard MerchPoster, Rookie Card
Last UpdateDecember, 2022

Damian Lillard Father: Houston Lillard   

Damian Lillard’s Father, Houston Lillard, is an Oakland occupant. He assisted his family with developing regions. According to Damian, his dad is a serene and genuine man.

As Damian said, his Father has been his best friend for as long as he can remember. Houston has always been a very supportive Father.

He presented his support by going to his basketball games and helping him with his studies.

In addition, he also motivated him by talking about life, and when life topics popped out, Damian said that his dad never held back any punches.

He is all about taking care of his children. Houston took care of everyone in the House, even their cousin of Damian.

According to Damian, his Father was always there to help them and care for the family whenever someone needed something, which never changed. 

Brief Details About Damian Lillard

Damian Lamonte Ollie Lillard Sr., born on July 15, 1990, is an American professional basketball player.

Lillard also plays for the Portland Trail Blazers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Damian played college basketball for the Weber State Wildcats. He also earned third-team All-American honors in 2012.

After being selected by Portland, Lillard has unanimously voted the NBA Rookie of the Year with the sixth pick in the 2012 NBA draft.

He is nicknamed “Dame Time” for the record of making big shots in the clutch. In addition, he has received six NBA All-Star selections.

Moreover, he is one of two players in Trail Blazers franchise history, sharing a six-time All-Star with Clyde Drexler.  

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Damian Lillard: Early Life & Childhood 

Lillard attended high school at Arroyo High School in San Lorenzo, California. He joined the varsity starting lineup as a 5’5″ (1.65 m) freshman.

However, he changed his mind about transferring when his coach did not return to the team. So, Lillard shifted to St. Joseph Notre Dame High School for his sophomore year in Alameda, California.

Indeed the college he joined was the same private school that had produced former NBA point guard Jason Kidd.

Unfortunately, a lack of playing time precipitated Lillard to transfer schools again by year’s end.

Lillard was enthralled by skating and basketball as a child. Furthermore, he spent most of his time at the neighborhood skating rink or basketball court.

Damian Lillard: Social Media Profile 

Damian Lillard has a huge fan following on his social media since he frequently posts updates about his life.

He knows how powerful these social media can be, so he utilizes them at their best. 

He didn’t join social media before he was an NBA star as, according to him, he was swamped and focused on making it to the league. 

But after he joined NBA, he became aware of the power of social media. You can follow Damian on social media; below are the links to his social media;

Instagram 9.3 million followers

Twitter 2.8 million followers 

The bond between Damian Lillard and Houston Lillard 

Damian Lillard and his Father are very close to each other. However, their bond had nourished more when Damian’s Father and mother separated. 

Growing up in an environment of drugs, murder, gangs, and prostitution, it’s certainly more crucial for a young man to grow up having a Father figure or cheerful Father. 

Houston has made sure to be around his kids to steer negativity away from all the deteriorating influences of the street culture. 

Damian Lillard and his family from left his brother Houston Lillard Jr, his sister Lanae Lillard, his father Houston Lillard Sr, Damian Lillard, and his mother Gina Johnson (Source: Instagram)
Damian Lillard and his family from left his brother Houston Lillard Jr, his sister Lanae Lillard, his Father Houston Lillard Sr, Damian Lillard, and his mother, Gina Johnson (Source: Instagram) 

According to Damian, there are too many negative influences in Oakland. He can go on and on about all the self-destruction one can indulge in.

He was very apathetic about all those kinds of stuff, which led him to be a successful basketball player.

Damian feels like now in the NBA, he can provide for his family, and Lillard is in a position where he can change people’s lives.

Not financially, but just having a positive impact on people just like his Father does. 

Houston Lillard, as a Single Father 

It grew up in Oakland, California, one of the most crime-ridden cities in the United States.

Drugs, gangs, and prostitution have been outspread in the city, creating a hostile and sometimes unbearable influence on the youth. 

But, unfortunately, he also had his relatives and friends living a lifestyle like that. 

But Damian is so grateful that his Father single-handedly made them aware of those negative influences, which led him always to distance away from those kinds of stuff. 

Damian Lillard is the man he is today because of Houston Lillard Sr. When his parents split, Damian could have gone down the wrong path.

But thanks to his Father, who handled a difficult situation very well, Damian didn’t lose a beat.

How did Damian Lillard’s Father raise his children? 

According to Damian, Houston is a quiet man, although he keeps his 100 all the time when the thing is essential.

He is a candid man who tells everything you need to hear, not what you want to hear. 

Houston is like that all the time. Damian also said that the challenging behavior of his Father shaped him and his brother the way they are now. 

Likewise, Houston is not just that way with his own kids only. Indeed, he is like that with everyone around him, whether his friends or his children.

Damain Lillard along with his father Houston Lillard Sr. and oldest brother Houston Lillard Jr (Source: Instagram)
Damian Lillard, along with his Father, Houston Lillard Sr., and oldest brother Houston Lillard Jr (Source: Instagram)

Some of the children in East Oakland who do not have their own Father in their life considered Damina’s Father as their own because of his kind and honest behavior.

Damian said that that’s the kind of person his Father is. 

Houston’s honest and constant nature to everybody is a catalyst to his being loved by everyone. Lillard’s friends all love him like a Father. He is a very caring person who rates everyone the same way. 

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Houston Lillard: Net Worth 

There is no information about the occupation of Houston Lillard, so his financial information is tough to track. 

However, he might share his son Damian Lillard’s net worth, which is $70 million. The maximum amount of his wealth is accumulated as a professional basketball player.

He is also engaged in endorsement and several sponsorships through which he makes extra handsome pay.  

Houston Lillard Ex-wife: Gina Johnson 

Houston Lillard’s ex-wife, Gina, coordinated for a medical insurance Company and benefits specialist in Oakland. 

She had to spend all day in front of a computer screen, processing claims. Sadly, she was experiencing health problems of her own. She was having a difficult time.

Gina finds shades of Houston in her son Damian which he proudly accepts as a compliment. 

Houston Lillard ex-wife Gina Johnson also known as the mother of Damian Lillard ( Source: Instagram)
Houston Lillard’s ex-wife Gina Johnson is also known as the mother of Damian Lillard ( Source: Instagram)

Damian had what most would ponder as The perfect American Family, a mother, a Father, a sister, and a brother, all living together under one roof. However, that did not last long.   

When he was in high school, Damian’s parents separated. It was a tragic moment for a young child like him and his siblings.

In Damian’s life, family stability was the crucial thing he acquired. But, unfortunately, it looked as if it was slipping away from him. 

Gina Johnson: Social Media Profile 

Gina’s social media reflects that she is a proud mother of three children. Additionally, she is a proud grandmother too. She often shares a post and an adorable picture of her family. 

You can check her out on Instagram as @sugagee. She has 8,111 followers currently. 

Houston Lillard: Divorce with Gina Johnson

As we all know, when the parents split, the children are the ones who have to endure the most.

Unfortunately, Houston children were only at high school during their teens going through their development stages, so it was not easy to deal with that. 

He and Gina have always had a good relationship, even after the split, which led to easier adjustments for the kids.

In addition, their understanding bond made Houston children feel not that bad.

Damian said, “It didn’t work out, but it was not that bad.” 

They lived in the same city, so Houston’s children got to see both of his parents all the time, so it wasn’t that hard for them.

Damiana stayed with his Father, although he was always with his mother. 

However, Houston established a much more robust bond between his children than ever before.

He did everything to make his children not feel anything left out by participating in everything they did. 

Moreover, Damian discovered something about his dad through his parents’ separation to be more reassured about his life. 

Houston Lillard: Daughter-in-law Kay’La Hanson

Damian Lillard, son of Houston, is married to his longtime college sweetheart Kay’La Hanson in front of family and friends of the NBA star. 

Hanson, from Las Vegas, met Damian Lillard at their college Weber State University in Utah. While Lillard was pursuing a career in basketball, she was doing nursing.  

The couple has been dating for a decade. Finally, Damian Lillard and Kay’La Hanson look forward to new beginnings after the marriage. 

Kayla Hanson has a small business salon named ‘Dipped,’ situated in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Her salon is primarily focused on the business of nails. 

Kay’La Hanson: Social Media Profile

Kay’La is very active on her social media, where she constantly posts about her family, children, and business.

In addition, she keeps posting about varieties of products to promote her small business. 

She has 24.8k followers on her Instagram account currently. She goes by @kayla.lillard; you can check her out as she shares heartwarming pictures of her family. 

Houston Lillard: Grandchildren 

Houston Lillard’s son Damian has three children with his wife, Kay’La Hanson. The couple has a baby boy and twins. 

Damian Lillard and his then-girlfriend Kayla gave birth to a baby boy in 2018. He is named Damian Lillard Jr.

Houston Lillard son Damian and daughter in law with their son and twins (Source: Instagram)
Houston Lillard’s son Damian and daughter-in-law Kayla Hanson with their son and twins (Source: Instagram)

And his two twins are named Kali Emma Lee Lillard and Kalii Laheem Lillard. They were born in March 2018. 

Houston Lillard’s eldest son also has two children. So to summon up, Houston has five grandchildren. 

Houston Lillard: Children 

Houston Lillard has a total of three children with his ex-wife Gina Johnson. His son Damian Lillard is a famous basketball player, and Houston is mainly known as his Father. 

Houston’s other two children are Houston Lillard Jr. and Lanae Lillard.

Brief Details about Lanae Lillard 

Lanae Lillard is the daughter of Houston but is mainly known as the sister of Damian Lillard. She was born on February 25, 1998. 

Lanae Lillard, the younger sister of the superstar of the Portland Trail Blazers, played her first season on the varsity squad for the Pacers.

She had improved over the young season, gaining seven points in Lakeridge’s 65-24 loss to Tigard.

Damian is very supportive of his sister and frequently asks about her every game. She even had a controversy with Paul George and his girlfriend Daniela, about which details you can find here

Lanae Lillard: Social Media Profile 

Lanae Lillard, sister of Damian Lillard, is very active on her social media, where she often shares a story and sometimes posts. 

Below are the details of her social media;

Instagram– 13.3k followers

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Brief Details about Houston Jr Lillard  

Houston Lillard, the eldest son of Houston and brother of Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard, is a head football coach at Jefferson High School in Portland.

Lillard began calling plays as offensive coordinator for the Democrats. 

Lillard’s football career commenced at San Lorenzo High School in Oakland, California. He was an All-League quarterback there.

Like his brother Damian, he also played basketball and averaged 16.0 points per game. After graduation, he played football at Laney Community College. 

Houston Lillard Sr oldest son and Damian brother Houston Lillard Jr (Source: Instagram)
Houston Lillard Sr oldest son and Damian’s brother Houston Lillard Jr (Source: Instagram)

In 2005, Houston threw 1,833 yards and 18 touchdowns and got first-team All-League honors.

Lillard also led the Eagles to a Golden Gate conference championship and a victory in the Capitol Shrine Bowl.

In 2014 Lillard tried to bring back his football playing career when he tried out as a quarterback for the Portland Thunder, the city’s arena football league.

However, things didn’t work out, as former Oregon Ducks quarterback Darron Thomas was at the wheel.

Houston Jr Lillard: Social Media Profile 

Houston Lillard has 19.5k followers on Instagram and is very active on social media. He frequently shares a post giving an update about his life. You can find him on Instagram as @houstonlillard.

You can also find him on Twitter as @flyguyhuey5 with 7630 followers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Houston Lillard Sr divorced?

Yes, Houston Lillard is divorced from his previous marriage to Gina Johson, the mother of Damian Lillard. They got divorced when Damian was in high school. 

However, they share a good and understanding bond even after the divorce. Together they have three children; Houston Jr Lillard, Damian Lillard, and a daughter Lanae Lillard. 

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