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One of the most refined and successful rock climbers, Emily Harrington, is known for her versatility, with a net worth of around $2 million.

Well, Harrington is also considered as one of the richest female rock climbers on the field. 

When it comes to actions, Emily has been a pacesetter in many areas. Nonetheless, she is always prepared to take risks and is full of adventure.

To explain, Emily is the world’s first female climber to climb El Capitan’s Golden Gate route in a day. Apart from that, she is also the first female climber to scale multiple 5.14 sport climbs.

Furthermore, Emily has been active in rock climbing since her early teenage stage. Today, she is connected with it directly or indirectly in many forms. 

Emily Harrington
Badass lady Emily Harrington survives a deadly fall off El Captain.

In this article today, we will discuss Emily Harrington’s net worth in detail. Apart from that, we will also discuss her lifestyle, how she spends her millions, and many other things.

But before we start our article, let us have an instant glance at the quick facts.

Quick Facts

Full Name Emily Harrington 
Date of Birth August 17, 1986
Birth Place Boulder, Colorado
Nick Name Not Available
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign  Leo
Age 37 years old
Height 5’2″/160 cm
Weight 60 kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Build Hourglass
Father’s Name Tim Harrington
Mother’s Name Julie Harrington
Siblings Not Available
Education The University of Colorado at Boulder
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend  Adrian Ballinger 
Kids No
Profession Professional Rock Climber
  • Five times US National Sport Climbing Champion 
  • North American Sport Climbing Champion twice.
  • 2005 World Champion-Runner Up
  • Serre Chavalier Invitational Champion, 2006
  • 2012 Ouray Ice Festival Champion
Type of Climber   Lead climbing, Bouldering, Deep-water solo
Record   first female ascents of multiple 5.14 sport climbs
Net Worth $2 Million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Website  http://emilyharrington.com/
Rock Climbing Merch  Shoes, Skin Kit
Last Update May, 2024

Emily Harrington Net Worth

With a net worth of around $2 million, Emily Harrington is expected to earn around $50,000 and $150,000 in a year.

Not to forget, she is also a motivational speaker, and one can contact her manager if they want her to be a part of their event. Thus, in these sessions, Emily shares her experiences, proud moments, failures, successes, and fears.

Apart from that, she provides valuable insight into the motivation and creative problem-solving methods. Likewise, Emily has also been featured in a movie and documentaries.

Besides, she has got endorsement deals and contracts from some renowned big companies. Hence, all these other ventures add up to her fortune. 

Moreover, Emily earns around $50,000-$1 million every year as a salary. And it is also expected that she earns a whopping amount of $70,000-$1 million from her brand deals and endorsements.

Emily Harrington climbing
Harrington sets a world record by climbing El Captain in just twenty-four hours.

However, nothing much has been disclosed about her earnings and how she spends her millions.

But if we find further information regarding her income and expenditures, we will surely update you.

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Net Worth of Emily Harrington in Different Currencies

Indeed, Emily Harrington stars on the top line of the professional female climbers and earns one of the highest amounts in the area. However, her net worth hasn’t been surely estimated. 

Still, Harrington makes around $2 million in the estimated value. Well, given table below depicts Emily’s net worth in different currencies, including bitcoin. 

Currency Net Worth
Euro €1,691,200
Pound Sterling £1,448,710
Australian Dollar A$2,667,628
Canadian Dollar C$2,492,180
Indian Rupee ₹14,92,25,000
BitCoin ฿3802.28

Emily Harrington Net Worth: Lifestyle 

Emily Harrington is a hard worker, adventurous, and passionate climber. She has been maintaining it since her early days. At the same time, Emily is quite religious and places her beliefs in Christianity. 

Additionally, Harrington has climbed almost all of those hardest routes and all over Asia, Europe, New Zealand, and South America. 

Furthermore, Emily lives with her boyfriend, who is also a fellow rock climber. Plus, Emily and he boyfriend both lead a healthy life so that they can perform well.

Moreover, Emily follows a special diet routine, hits the gym now and then, and does yoga and other exercises.

Workout Routine and Eating Habits

As crazy as it may sound, Emily Harrington, from her early childhood, was interested in rock climbing. And from the beginning, she worked hard to keep herself fit and trim.

Well, Emily kept herself in shape and strength by simply climbing, mostly three to four times a week. 

Not to mention, the rock climber tries to make her training session interesting and exciting to avoid getting bored with repeated routine workouts.

Right then, she indulges herself in aerobic exercises, gymnastics, campusing, sit-ups, and pull-ups. 

Also, Emily is provided with every necessary equipment by various companies to help in the company’s advertising.

Emily and Adrian
Emily and Adrian successfully break their 8000-meter record.

Just as her workout schedule, Emily has never had a specific diet plan but is not a vegetarian.

However, she tries to avoid processed food and sometimes drinks alcohol by maintaining the proportion.

Emily Harrington Net Worth: Brand Endorsements & Sponsorships

Emily Harrington has evolved as a leading force in the rock climbing industry. 

Undoubtedly, every brand would love to endorse their product through Emily because she is a renowned name in rock climbing. So, unquestionably, to increase their brand value and market value, they choose Emily as their product endorser.

Moving on, Harrington has also endorsed The North Face. Today, North Face is one of the known brands that has sponsored many athletes from different fields.

Emily harrington on the top of Mt. Everest
One of the proudest moments for Emily after she successfully reaches at the to pf Mt. Everest.

Not to mention, Emily also endorses La Sportiva and gets paid a massive amount from this brand deal.

Apart from that, she also endorses Petzl, a huge brand that sponsors many famous rock climbers.

Similarly, Petzl has also sponsored Chris Sharma, one of the best rock climbers of his era.

Movies and Documentaries 

Among all the films and documentaries, the most notable works are Cremaster 3 in 2002, Drawing Restraint 9 in 2009, and River of Fundament in 2014. 

Apart from it, Emily Harrington is also in the 2014 movie, Drawing Restraint 17.

Furthermore, this badass lady has garnered a good amount of fortune from her filmy career.

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Emily Harrington Net Worth: Vacation 

Not very long ago, Emily Harrington and Adrian went to North Lake Tahoe City, California, for an exotic vacation.

Since both these love birds love rock climbing, they are often seen vacationing in rocky areas to do rock climbing.

Talking about their Tahoe City trip, this was a two weeks long trip. Nonetheless, this beautiful couple explored a lot about Tahoe during this trip, and part of that, they tried any other adventure.

Likewise, time and again, Emily and her boyfriend took a break from their busy schedule and visit as many places as possible.

Nonetheless, Emily and Adrian have also visited Nepal to climb the highest peak globally, Mt. Everest.

Emily Harrington Net Worth: Charity

However, Emily is a great athlete and adventurer; she is a good human being as well. Besides, she helps everyone who requires help.

Harrington, in 2015 joins hands with the water community to end the water crisis. Water Foundation is a non-profit organization that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

Emily Harrington Awards and Achievements

No doubt that Emily is one of the greatest and renowned female athletes, adventures, and rock climbers in the history. She is best known for her adventurous and fearless nature.

Unquestionably, she has bagged a lot of awards and achievements in her name.

Emily’s achievements and awards are listed below.

  • Five times US National Sport Climbing Champion
  • North American Sport Climbing Champion twice
  • 2005 World Champion-Runner Up
  • Serre Chavalier Invitational Champion, 2006
  • 2012 Ouray Ice Festival Champion

A glance at Emily Harrington’s Life

Harrington, the rock climber, was born on August 17, 1986, in Boulder, Colorado, United States. Thus, she was born to Tim Harrington (father) and Julie Harrington (mother).

From a very early age, Emily was competitive, and she was very fearless and willing to take challenges. Hence, she started climbing artificial walls and compete with the local gym team. 

Emily Harrington at hospital recovering slowly after her 40-feet fall down.
Emily Harrington recovering slowly after her 40-feet fall down.

Nonetheless, she always pushed herself off-limits to train herself. Even though the road to success was full of ups and downs, she never gave up and continues to work hard.

As a result, Emily became the first lady climber and fourth overall climber to climb El Captain via Golden Gate. Unfortunately, during her first attempt, Emily fell off the cliff but survived and recovered by God’s grace.

Undoubtedly, Emily is an inspiration to many youths and aspiring rock climbers. Indeed, she is an example of “hard work pays off.” 

Some Facts about Emily Harrington

  • Emily started rock climbing professionally from the age of nineteen. And it has been fourteen years since she has been rock climbing actively.
  • However, Emily never thought she could climb Mt. Everest, yet she tried and succeeded.
  • Harrington became the first woman to send El Capitan’s Golden Gate in just twenty-four hours.

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Social Media Presence

Emily Harrington is active on Instagram and Twitter. You can check out more on Emily Harrington’s personal life through her social media handles. Besides, she is on Instagram as Emily Harrington (@emilyaharrington).

Moreover, she is also on Twitter as Emily Harrington (@emilyaharringto) with 12.7k followers. By far, she has made 3,060 tweets in total.


  • “The chimney had the same angle for three hundred and sixty meters. It was almost vertical, so when you fell, you fell hard into the wall. So it’s something different [… ] I had to get used to the falling to just keep this out of my mind. Like to not be scared to fall.”
  • “I never believed I could actually free climb El Cap in a day when I first set the goal for Emily Harrington, it didn’t seem like a realistic objective for me.”
  • “It didn’t seem like a realistic objective for me.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Emily’s boyfriend Adrian Ballinger also a rock climber?

Yes, Adrian Ballinger is also a rock climber. He and Emily together have also climbed Mt. Everest.

Were Emily and Alex Honnold dating?

No, both Emily and Alex have always been good friends.

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