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Emily Harrington is a professional rock climber who has been featured in many documentaries and movies.

Likewise, she is the first woman and fourth person of any gender to free climb the El Capitan’s Golden Gate route.

She is a good rock climber but one of the wealthiest rock climbers.

Emily is famous for her flexibility, hard work, determination, and passion. She is always willing to take risks and always goes after something adventurous. 

Similarly, she has free-climbed in many countries, including Nepal, China, Morocco, and Crimea.

Apart from being a rock climber, she is also a motivational speaker. Her motivation usually consists of insightful motivation, and she also teaches creative problem-solving skills.

Emily Harrington
Emily Harrington (Source: Instagram)

To know more about Emily, stick with us till the last of this article. Here, apart from her career, we discuss her childhood, net worth, love life, etc.

But before we begin with our article, let us instantly glance at the quick facts.

Quick Facts

Name Emily Harrington
Date of Birth August 17, 1986
Place of Birth Boulder, Colorado, United States of America
Age 37
Sun sign Leo
Birthstone Periodt
Follows Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education The University of Colorado
Famous as Rock Climber and Adventurer
Record The first woman to free-climb the Golden Gate route up El Capitan
Name of Father Tim Harrington
Name of Mother Julie Harrington
Height 5 feet 2 inches
Weight 60 kgs (132 lbs)
Build Hourglass
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Relationship Status Married
Husband Adrian Ballinger
Social Media Presence InstagramFacebookTwitter
Net Worth $2 million
Salary $150,000
 Merch Rock Climbing Bouldering and Yoga Pants
Last Update April, 2024

Emily Harrington: Early Life and Education

On August 17, 1986, in Boulder, Colorado, Emily Harrington was born to Tim Harrington (father) and Julie Harrington (mother)

About her education, Harrington went to the University of Colorado. In 2007, the free rock climber graduated from university.

Emily Harrington teenager
Emily Harrington at the beginning of her career, 1997. (Source: Instagram)

Harrington had been a risk-taker, fearless, bold, and competitive person from an early age. She was a rebellious type of girl as a teenager.

Besides, Harrington started rock climbing professionally after she turned nineteen.

In the beginning, she used to go to the gym and climb artificial walls there. She even comped with local gym teams.

After a lot of hard work and intense training, Harrington had mastered the art of rock climbing by the time she turned twenty.

Emily Harrington: Body Measurements

Emily is very conscious about her body, and she takes extra care of her diet and exercise.

She does exercise regularly and follows a clean diet. Therefore, due to her diet, she weighs approximately 60 kg or 132 lb which helps her climb.

Emily stands tall at 5 feet 2 inches or 160 cm. Her height is short, yet her hands and legs are long enough to climb mountains and rocks.

Further, the type of body is called a perfect hourglass body.

As per her birth chart horoscope, her zodiac sign is Leo. Usually, people with this sun sign are bold, enthusiastic, and risk-taker.

And Emily is no exception; she is exactly the person her zodiac describes her. Similarly, she uses periodt as her moonstone.

Her blonde hair and blue eyes give beauty to her look. Apart from that, Emily usually prefers her hair to be in braids.

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Emily Harrington: Career

Emily, a native of Colorado, is one of the most versatile and successful climbers worldwide who started her career as a teenager.

In 1997, at the age of nineteen, Emily started rock climbing.

She competed in various national sports climbing competitions in the first phase of her career.

Today Harrington is awarded as a five-time US National Champion in climbing sport.

Likewise, in 2005, Emily took part in World Championship, and not only did she perform well, she successfully became second.

Besides, in 2006, she secured first place in Serre Chevalier Invitational Champion.

After graduating from university, she instantly started getting offers from many teams.

Likewise, the first team that approached Emily was the North Face team, and they requested her to be a part of their athlete team.

In 2012, Ouray Ice Festival, she again secured first place. The 3000-foot high monolith in Yosemite National Park is considered one of her most significant achievements, which she climbed within twenty-four hours.

Nonetheless, Emily climbed El Capitan’s Golden Gate Route in 21 hours, 13 minutes, and 51 seconds at Yosemite National Park.

The first woman to free-climb the Golden Gate route up El Capital is Emily Harrington.
The first woman to free-climb the Golden Gate route up El Capital is Emily Harrington. (Source: Instagram)

To any rock climber, of let us say, climber, climbing Mt. Everest is a dream. But in 2012, Emily lived this dream of hers.

She not only summited Mt. Everest but also successfully got fame from it.

Not only Mt. Everest, but Emily has also summited Hkakabo, Mount Amadablam, and Mount Cho Oyu.

Awards and Accolades

  • Two times North American Sport Climbing Champion
  • World Champion-Runner Up, 2005
  • 2006 Serre Chavalier Invitational Champion
  • Ouray Ice Festival Champion 2012
  • Unites States National Sport Climbing Champion, five times


While Emily was trying to climb the Golden Gate Route, she took 40 footfall and got injured. Even though it was an unfortunate incident, it was good that it did not result in serious injuries.

However, the injury immobilized her spine. Later, she got rescued with the help of the search and rescue team, her boyfriend, and fellow climbers.

Emily Harrington: Daily Workout Routine

Daily, this blonde beauty does Yoga. In addition, she focuses on aerobic exercises, campusing, sit-ups, pull-ups, and gymnastics.

Besides, Emily has many workout types of equipment in her home, and she does some basic workouts in her home.

This equipment is given to her by various brands to promote their brand, which has helped Emily a lot.

However, as much as possible, Harrington tries to avoid packaged or processed food. Plus, she only drinks alcoholic beverages inappropriate amounts.

Emily Harrington: Net Worth

Emily is considered one of the famous and most prosperous rock climbers globally. Harrington earns a lot of money from her climbing career, contributing to her net worth.

Besides, she is a motivational speaker, and she also earns quite a good amount of money from brand deals and sponsorship.

It is expected that Emily has garnered a net worth of $2 million. And she earns around $150,000 a year as a salary.

Emily Harrington is the brand ambassador of The North Face, Petzl, and La Sportiva.

Not only is Emily a good climber but a good human being; she is active in many charitable events.

In 2015, Harrington joined hands with Water Foundation, which helps end the water crisis in developing countries.

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Emily Harrington is a celebrity rock climber who has appeared in National Geographic Adventure Blog.

Likewise, Rock & Ice Magazine, Urban Climber, Outside Magazine, and Women’s Adventure Magazine have featured her in various events.

Further, The North Face has also featured Emily in their Speaker Series.

Emily Harrington: Husband

Even though Emily has earned a hefty amount of money, she prefers to live a simple life with Adrian Ballinger.

She and Adrian tied the knot in 2021, and the wedding was a magical event.

Emily Harrington and her husband, Adrian
Emily Harrington and her husband, Adrian Ballinger. (Source: Instagram)

About Adrian, he is a rock climber by professional, and both Emily and he met while they were on their expedition of Mt. Everest in 2012.

Their camp was set above 21,000 when he saw Emily. Emily was on the expedition from The North Face team. Emily and Adrian connected over a couple of cups of hot coffee.

After the expedition, Emily visited Adrian, which was the beginning of their love story.

However, they could not spend much time together as they constantly traveled, making their relationship pretty strong.

After nine years of dating, they tied their knot in 2021.

But this wedding was different in itself; rather than sending invitations to the hotel ballroom, they invited their guests to hike to the summit of Cotopaxi.

Cotopaxi was a 19,347-foot volcano in Ecuador, and their guests hiked there before joining them for a beach wedding.

On the wedding day, they wore a traditional Tibetan Buddhist ring, a blessing by their friend Dorji Sonam from Nepal.

They were married to two of their closest friends, Esteban Mena and Carla Perez. Emily and Adrian chose Mena and Carla because they were a role model and inspirational couples to Emily and Adrian.

Further, Harrington also designed a tattoo for herself and Adrain, and she both made a matching tattoo. Besides, several other attendees, including Harrington’s parents, also got the tattoo to remember the trip and union of Emily and Adrian.

Social Media Presence 

Emily Harrington is active on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. All her social media handles are verified.

She is an inspirational woman, and many people follow her from all over the world. As a result, she has around 307k followers on Instagram.

Likewise, 13k people follow her on her Twitter account. Besides, above 85k people follow her on Facebook.

She has a website where she shares her rock climbing experiences.

Apart from that, if you want to know more about Emily Harrington, you can find much information about her available all over the internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Emily Harrington expecting a baby?

No, she is not. Both Adrian and Emily are busy in their career and not expecting a baby any time soon.

When did Emily climb El Captain?

On November of 2020, just after COVID-19 pandemic’s lockdown ended.

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