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Eryk Anders is a young, multi-talented, and hardworking man who got famous early in his life. He is an American professional mixed martial artist.

Anders is currently working for UFC. In addition to that, he is a former football player as well; he played for the NFL during his high school days.

Currently, Eryk Anders started as immature in the UFC, in2012. He follows his fitness routine religiously and goes to the gym regularly.

As it is said, “Hard work pays off.” Admittedly, Eryk’s success is the reward of his hard work, discipline, and dedication.

Eryk Anders
Eryk Anders.

During his childhood, Eryk Anders had to move from one place to another most of the time, as his mother was in the military.

However, his family settled in Texas in his mid-teens. Undoubtedly, Eryk’s military upbringing is the main reason for his disciplined nature.

Today, we dive into the life of Eryk Anders; we will discuss his childhood, career, net worth, and family. But first, let’s have a glance at the quick facts.

Quick Facts:

Full Name Eryk Anders
Birth Place Clark Air Base, Mabalacat, Philippines
Birth Date April 21, 1987
Nickname Ya Boi
Religion Undefined
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Father Gayle Anders
Mother Kerrie Lindberg
Education High School: Smithson Valley High School
College: University of Alabama
Horoscope Taurus
Win-Loss record 13-5
Started Career 2012
Reach 193 cm
Age 37 Years Old
Height Six ft. 1 inch
Weight 93 kg
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Annual Salary $61,000
Marital Status Married (Yasmin Anders)
Children 2
Profession Professional Mixed Martial Artist
Net Worth $2.5- 3 million
Affiliations Spartan Fitness MMA, UFC
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch Poster
Last Update June, 2024

Where is Eryk Anders from? Early life, Parents, and Education

Eryk Anders was born in Clark Air Base, Philippines, to parents Gayle Anders and Kerrie Lindberg. Anders had a normal childhood. However, he had to travel a lot as his parents had a military background.

Anders’s mother was in the military. Sadly, not much information is available about his parents and early life. But it is assumed that Eryk had a great childhood, and his parents did everything to make him happy.

Later, in Ander’s mid-teens, his whole family settled in Texas. Eryk’s actual journey began from there. He joined Smithson Valley High School and played football for the school back then. After graduation, he went to the University of Alabama in 2006.

His passion and love for football made him a football player in his university days. Besides, he even played for the NFL. Anders was even signed as a free agent for Cleveland Browns.

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Eryk, before starting his career as a professional martial arts artist, did various jobs. He was confused and was searching for the goal in his life.

Though Anders already was a football player, he didn’t want to make it his career. Certainly, Eryk wanted to do something different.

How old is Eryk Anders? Age, Height, and Weight

Having been born in the year 1987 makes Eryk 34 years old as of writing. Likewise, Andres shares his birthday on April 21, making his birth sign Taurus According to his horoscope, he is stoic, determined, and ambitious.

This is true; Anders is a fighter and is strong and ruthless. He knows his capability and is always pushing himself to do better.

Moreover, Eryk is 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 93 kg (205lb). He has got black hair, and brown eyes and has a reach of 191 cm.

Eryk Anders
Eryk Anders stands 6 feet 1 inch tall.

Indeed, Eryk Andres respects his work. He goes to the gym every day to keep himself fit. As a fighter, he should always be healthy, and Anders tries his best to keep himself sound, fit, and healthy.

Eryk Anders Carrer – Football, Martial Arts, UFC


From his college days, Anders loved playing football. After moving to Texas, he started playing football for Smithson Valley High School.

He won a lot of games in his senior years. From 2006-2009 Anders was doing great after joining the University of Alabama.

He even signed a contract with Cleveland Browns as a free agent for NFL. But he didn’t want to make football a career. Eryk loved football, but it was not something he had wanted to do all his life.

Boxing Career | Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Anders was a football player, yet he was confused about what to do in life. Then, Eryk decided to begin a career in mixed martial arts. He started his career as an amateur in 2012.

Before making his professional debut in 2015, he won 22 MMA amateur fights. Anders’s first match was against Josh Rasberry for Strike Hard Production. Amazingly, Eryk won that match in just 40 seconds.

Eryk Anders inside the ring
Eryk Anders is inside the ring.

One plus point for Andres was, he was already a football player and had a fit body. Back then, he was 235 pounds and lost some weight to meet the criteria of 185 pounds for middleweights. This helped him to lose some weight as well.

Anders has different techniques to defeat his opponent. He won his second match against Demarcus Sharp by unanimous decision.

At the same time, he defeated Garrick James by TKO. Similarly, he won the match against Dekaire Sanders by submission through the rear-naked choke.

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Similarly, Eryk joined Bellator MMA on August 21, 2016, and Legacy Fighting Alliance on March 10, 2017. Besides, Anders won the middleweight championship in Legacy Fighting Alliance as well.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

Eryk made his octagon debut in 2017 and has won 13 games (8 by knockout, one by submission, and four by decision) so far.

Anders faced Rafael Natal in his first match and eventually won. Rafael withdrew from the match due to a neck injury, and Anders won the game by knockout. That was Ander’s first match in UFC and his first victory as well.

There has been no looking back for Eryk after that, plus he has won several games. However, Anders feels he is better than his record portrays him.

Recently, Anders has not been performing well, and he feels he can perform much better. Consequently, he is waiting for that one opportunity to prove himself.

Some of Anders’ highlighted moments in UFC are:

  • Eryk won the game against Markus Perez Echeimberg on December 9, 2017, by unanimous decision. However, Anders was supposed to face John Phillips, but later, John was removed and replaced by Markus (then a promotional newcomer).
  • Anders lost the fight against Lyoto Machida on February 3, 2018, via a controversial split decision. Whereas many media (16 of 23 media outlets) totaled the fight for Anders.
  • Eryk Anders also lost the game against Thiago Santos in the 205 division.
  • Similarly, Eryk won his first Performance of the Night award on August 25, 2018. He won the match against Tim Williams via knockout.
  • Besides, Anders won the Fight of the Night award at UFC Night Fight 135. But he did not win the match, and he lost against Thiago Santos. Eryk lost the match via the referee stoppage TKO in the third round.
  • On April 13, 2019, Eryk competed against Khalil Rountree at UFC 236. Well, most expected this match to end violently or end up a staring contest. However, this bout ended as Eryk’s loss via unanimous decision. 

Lately, Anders had a match against Krzysztof Jotko at UFC Fight Night, which was postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic till May 16, 2020. Sadly, Eryk lost the match via a unanimous decision.

What is Eryk Anders’ fight record | MMA Record

21 Matches 14 Wins 5 Loses, 1 Draw, and 1 No contest
By Knockout 8 1
By Submission 1 0
By Decision 5 4

Learn more about his fighting career and news on Tapology.

Total 18 matches, 13 wins, and five losses. Whereas eight won by knockout, one by submission, and four by decision. Likewise, one loss by knockout, 0 by submission, and four by decision.

Eryk Anders Net Worth & Fight Purse

Currently, Anders’s net worth is estimated to be $2.5-3 million. Since Eryk started his career in 2012, he has earned a good amount of money.

Till now, Anders has earned $ 104,000 from fight purse. Eryk took home $50,000 from the show. Likewise, he took $50,000 from the Fight of the Night bonus and $4,000 from fight week incentive pay.

Who is Eryk Anders’s wife? Family, Wife & Kids

Eryk is happily married and a proud father of two kids. He is married to Yasmin Anders. Yasim went to Alabama to finish school; she is originally from Brazil. 

Eryk and Yasmin met when Yasmin visited her coaches for English classes, and they both saw each other there. It was an instant attraction.

At first, Yasmin had no intention to stay in America, but later she fell in love with Eryk, which eventually changed her decision.

Anders and Yasmen
Eryk Anders and Yasmen.

Now, they have two kids, Isreal and Noah. Both are happy and are trying to manage time for one another as they both are busy. Yasmin is also an English teacher; in her spare time, she does bodybuilding with her husband.

When Eryk gets in from training, he doesn’t want to talk; he doesn’t want to cuddle. He works so hard; he’s just so drained all he wants to do is eat and rest when he’s training for a fight.

They both are living a simple life rather than luxurious and extravagant life. Yasmin also says people assume that fighters have a luxurious life, but that is not true. Some fighters don’t earn well. They have their own struggle, which most people are unaware of.

Every people have their own struggle, yet they are being strong and maintain their calm. Likewise, Eryk is also trying his best to give his best in every match. He has just started, and he still has a long road to go.

Indeed, Anders is a determined, dedicated, and disciplined player. He loves his family and is a complete family man. Whenever he is free, he loves spending time with his family.

Eryk Anders | Social Media Presence 

Eryk is very active on social media. He shares posts about his games, social affairs, and family. Anders loves sharing his opinions on social media. Whether it is a sensitive topic or a controversial statement, he never fails to express his views.

Instagram account: 49.9k followers

Twitter account: 19.6k followers

Eryk Anders | Some FAQs:

What year did Eryk Anders play for the Alabama Crimson Tide? What is his Alabama stats like?

Eryk Anders played for the Crimson Tide from (2006 to 2009) as a linebacker, starting 14 games in his senior season.

During his career in Alabama, Eryk maintained the statistics of 98 tackles, eight sacks, two forced fumbles, and an interception. 

How long was Eryk Anders suspended?

The footballer has been suspended for 60 days with 45 days of no contact.

When is Eryk Anders’s next fight?

According to MMA Fighting, Eryk Anders’s next fight is against Darren Stewart, set for the UFC event on March 13, 2021.

Does Eryk Anders have any tattoos?

Yes, the fighter has a lot of tattoos on his arms and chest. 

What is Eryk Anders’s ethnicity?

Eryk Anders holds American Nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity.

What is Eryk Anders’s ranking?

The fighters’ ranking is #33.

Where does Eryk Anders train?

Eryk Anders trains at Fortis MMA in Texas St, Dallas, United States.

What is Anders’s nickname?

Eryk Ander’s nickname is Ya Boi.

Does Eryk Anders like his nickname?

No, he hates his nickname. He feels it’s awful, from the idea to the spelling. He says it is so bad that it actually may be good.

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