Top 10 Funniest Moments in History of Cricket

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Cricket, the gentleman’s game, is a serious affair, but it also has its share of funniest moments. In the history of cricket, there have been laugh-out-loud moments that have lightened the game’s mood.

The game has gotten much more competitive. While playing the longer format, i.e., Test cricket, the players have to play a single match for five days. So, sometimes the players also engage in fun activities.

These laugh-out-loud moments are enjoyable for the players as well as the audience. But, of course, a little fun moment does not harm anybody. After all, everyone loves a good laugh.

So, these top 10 funniest moments in the history of cricket bring a smile to the face of the cricket fans.

Top 10 Funniest Moments in History of Cricket

In this article, we’ll be covering everything from slipped trousers to funny runouts and crazy fans.

So, let’s not waste any time and dive straight into the top 10 funniest moments in the history of cricket.

Incident Player/Team
Falling Over the Wicket Injaman-Ul-Haq
White Indian Player Jarvo
Warning to Batsman Chris Gayle
Batting Antics Steve Smith
Missed Run Out S Badrinath
Celebration Jason Gillespie
Underarm Ball Glen McGrath
Misfield Abdul Razzaq
Crowd Imitating Player Ronnie Irani
Trousers Slipping Neil Mckenzie

10. Injaman-Ul-Haq Hit Out

Despite being one of the best batsmen of all time, Inzamam-ul-Haq has been part of some of the funniest moments in cricket history. Due to his heavyweight, he struggled to run between the wickets.

Injaman-Ul-Haq Hit Out
Injaman-Ul-Haq Hit Out 

The gold medal to the funniest runout moment occurred in a Test match with England. In the test match, he got out by falling over the stumps.

In cricket, there have been incidents of hit wicket where the batsman’s bat accidentally touches the stumps. But, this is the rare case of the batsman knocking down the stumps. It’s the easiest wicket for the bowler.

You can watch the video from Youtube.

9. Jarvo India’s First White Player

Something amusing happened during the India vs. England Test match. While the tension between India and England was growing, Jarvo’s entry eased the pressure.

During the warmup, Jarvo (Daniel Jarvis) entered the ground dressed as an Indian player. He tried to mingle with the Indian players.

When security tried to stop him, he pointed to his T-shirt and claimed that he was part of the Indian squad. Of course, the security guards didn’t believe him. But, he was adamant that he was part of the Indian squad.

Moments later, he turned into an internet sensation. Videos of Jarvo spread all over the Internet. Netizens loved Jarvo. He even tried to pull off the same prank again but was unsuccessful.

8. Chris Gayle Warning Batsman

The universe boss, Chris Gayle, is no stranger to cricket fans. He always enjoys being on the field. So many moments could be included in the list of the top 10 funniest moments in cricket.

However, there’s one moment that ranks relatively higher among the funniest moments in his career. It occurred during a match between West Indies and England during the ODI world cup.

Eoin Morgan left the crease even before the bowler bowled the ball. Chris noticed this and warned Morgan. However, the way to warn was just unusual.

He took the run-up, but instead of bowling, he stopped and mocked the runout gesture. It was just so funny that even Eoin Morgan couldn’t help but smile.

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7. Steve Smith Batting Antics

During a test match, batters leave the unplayable deliveries. Other batters just raise over their shoulders to leave the delivery. But, Steve Smith has his own way of leaving the delivery.

Smith often leaves the ball and brings his bat forward while saying, how’s that. Smith makes noise while defending the ball also. Steve’s batting was always unorthodox, but now even the way he leaves the ball is unorthodox.

Steve Smith
Steve Smith Batting Antics

We can see how he’s amusing himself in the videos. During the test match, the players have to be immensely focused for an extended period. So maybe it just helps him to be focused while also distracting the opposition bowlers.

Indian fast bowler Bumrah also mocked his style during India vs. Australia test match in 2021.

6. CSK Missed Run Out

Chennai Super Kings is one of the best teams in the IPL. The team’s always filled with great players.

But, in 2009, in a match against Deccan Chargers, an incident can be nicknamed the comedy of errors.

The fielders had a simple chance of run out. But, due to miscommunication among the Deccan Chargers batsmen, the Chennai team had a clear chance of runout. But, they missed not one, but two simple chances.

Even the commentators could not help but laugh. One of the commentators remarked, “Play it a thousand times, and you won’t stop laughing.” And that is the most accurate description of this bizarre screwup.

This was definitely the worst performance by the Chennai fielders. Ironically, the captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is regarded as one of the best hands behind the stumps. But, unfortunately, he could only watch the train wreck.

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5. Jason Gillespie Celebration

Every player has a way of celebrating victory. Some of the celebrations are incredible, and many copy such celebrations, while some celebrations are outright weird.

The celebration by Jason Gillespie after striking 50 was just pure fun. First, he hit the half-century in a match against New Zealand.

Jason Gillespie Celebration
Jason Gillespie Celebration.

Then, after scoring the runs, he celebrated by using his bat as a horse. That’s right. Gillespie rode his bat and galloped in the ground for a few steps.

Celebrations by players like Dwane Bravo, Sheldon Cottrell, and Chris Gayle are also fun, but this is the most bizarre celebration in the history of the cricket. So, naturally, it gets the spot on our list of top 10 funniest moments in cricket history.

4. Red Card by an Umpire

Yes, you read this right. But, of course, there’s no red card in cricket. This is why this incident is among the funniest in the cricket history list of the top 10 funniest moments.

New Zealand was playing a T20 match against Australia. McGrath was bowling the last over. Kiwis needed 45 runs from the last ball. So the last ball was just a formality.

So, McGrath decided to have some fun. He walked a few paces and pretended to throw an underarm bowl. But he didn’t bowl the bowl.

The wacky umpire Billy Bowden was born for such moments. He immediately pulled out a red notebook from his pocket and showed it to McGrath. The whole stadium erupted into laughter.

3. Abdul Razzaq Misfield

Where do I start? Once Pakistan used to be one of the best teams in the world. They dominated all the formats of the game and were a good fielding team.

Currently, things are going only downhill for the Pakistani team. This is true particularly of the fielding aspect of the Pakistani team.

The funniest among all the clips is Abdul Razzaq failing to catch a ball. Razzaq ran to stop the ball. He managed to stop the ball, but he slipped. Razzaq got up again to catch the ball but again managed to fall.

Other moments such as missed catches by Kamran Akmal, Shaheen Afridi are also some of the funniest moments in the history of cricket.

2. The Crowd Imitating Ronnie Irani

It’s the one of the sweetest and funniest moments in the history of cricket. So often, the crowd can be hostile to the player fielding near the boundary. But, not in this case. Rather, it was just the opposite in this case.

England was playing an ODI match against Australia. Australia needed just 21 runs from 49 balls. To make matters worse for England, they had lost only three wickets.

The Crowd Imitating Ronnie Irani.
The Crowd Imitating Ronnie Irani.

So, it was just a formality before Australia won the match. English player Ronnie Irani was fielding near the boundary line. He began the warmup exercises.

The crowd behind him started to imitate him. Initially, there were only a few. Moments later, Ronnie realized that the crowd was imitating him. So he began to do the exercises on purpose. Together they carried out many moves.

Even the England’s player had a good laugh. Some way to relieve the tension.

1. Neil Mckenzie Trouser Slip

This is an uber-famous incident. Most cricket fans are familiar with this incident. However, for Neil Mckenzie, this is an embarrassing incident as he was caught with his pants down.

The incident occurred when the South African team was on a tour of Australia. It was the final ODI between the two nations. The Aussies were chasing the target set by the Proteas.

Batsman Micheal Bevan hit the ball for the boundary. Neil Mckenzie tried to save the boundary by diving. But, unfortunately, his trousers slipped at the wrong moment.
Neil Mckenzie could not save the boundary.

It’s the only moment in the history of cricket where a player was caught with his pants down on the field. That’s why this is the number one in the list of top 10 funniest moments in cricket history.

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Stats are not everything about cricket. Like any other game, it is just a game. We, the audience, watch cricket to be entertained.

Similarly, the players also want to be in a good mood during the games. If they take themselves too seriously, then they will put extra pressure on themselves. So, these moments are necessary for the game to survive.

Other worthy moments could be included in this list. Even the cricketing board of England has uploaded a compilation of all the funny moments in the history of the English cricket. So, if you can add other moments, then feel free to mention them in the comments.

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