Is Hwang UI Jo Gay Or Does He Have Girlfriend? Leaked Video

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An individual who claims to be Hwang Ui Jo’s former girlfriend has made public accusations about the Korean national team striker’s personal life, raising eyebrows about his sexuality and controversy. 

On June 25, the alleged ex-girlfriend shared a post in which she stated that she had been in a relationship with the soccer player.

In her post, she accused him of gaslighting her and asserted that he had treated multiple women, including celebrities, in a similar manner.

Hwang UI Jo During A Game
Hwang UI Jo During A Game (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, she uploaded a video of explicit content allegedly involving Hwang Ui Jo. It has been reported that she gained access to the soccer star‘s phone and leaked the video.

In response to these allegations, Hwang Ui Jo’s management agency, UJ Sports, has issued a statement denying the claims.

Moreover, the agency also asserted that the circulating video does not feature Hwang Ui Jo.

Is Hwang UI Jo Gay Or Does He Have A Girlfriend?

No, Hwang Ui-jo is not gay, as he previously had a girlfriend. He was in a relationship with Hyomin, a member of the girl group “T-ara.”

Even before they confirmed their dating status, there were speculations about their romantic involvement, especially after they were seen together in Switzerland.

In 2022, it was reported that Hyomin had ended her relationship with the soccer star. However, neither the singer nor him released an official statement regarding their relationship.

On March 8, Hyomin’s management confirmed the breakup, validating the earlier reports.

Currently, the dating life of the athlete is behind the curtain as he has yet to reveal his partner.

So, it is still not confirmed whether he is dating anyone or not, but one thing is for sure, he is not gay. 

Did Hyomin Have Negative Feelings Toward Hwang?

Nearly after two months after the breakup between South Korean singer Hyomin and soccer star Hwang, fans speculated if the two broke up on bad terms.

They both moved on, but on April 21, Hyomin shared a glimpse of her English study notes on her personal Instagram account.

One particular sentence in her notebook, “I’d rather die than marry him,” caught the attention and sparked curiosity.

Deleted Instagram Post
Deleted Instagram Post (Source: Instagram)

Fans assumed that the former flames were in bad blood.

However, Hyomin later deleted that post and replaced it with another portion of her notes that said, “Most of all, you should go on a diet.”

 Hwang UI Jo Leaked Image And Video

Hwang Ui Jo has found himself in hot water following the leak of an explicit video and images on social media, allegedly by his girlfriend.

The individual involved in this incident has accused Hwang of being manipulative and exploiting others for his own gain, as mentioned earlier.

These revelations have further intensified the scrutiny surrounding the forward for K League 1 club FC Seoul and his personal life.

Furthermore, the leaker also made additional claims suggesting that the videos featuring Hwang and the women involved might have been recorded either with their consent or without their knowledge through hidden cameras.

In addition to these allegations, she took to social media to share private conversations and recordings as evidence to support her claims.

Following the scandal, Hwang Ui Jo switched his INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT to private.

On Twitter, users expressed a wide range of emotions, from shock and outrage to disappointment and support.

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