Jake Haener Bio: NFL Draft, Parents & Stats

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Jake Haener is a young American Football player from California who has played quarterback position for years.

Further, he has had an inspiring journey to the top of the game. Despite having a shaky season and losing his confidence, the young athlete has risen to the challenge.

Since then, his commanding presence on the field has pushed him to the top of his division. Not to mention, Jake was awarded “All-Mountain West’s honorable mention quarterback.”

As of 2021, he is playing impressively and is among the four captains of his team.

Jake Haener Football Player
Jake Haener

In this article, you will find more information about the player, like Jake’s early life, career, height, weight, and other information.

Also, here are some quick facts about the player before we head any further into the details.

Quick Facts

Name Jake Haener
Nickname “Haener”
Birthdate October 27, 2002
Birthplace Danville, California
Age 21 years old
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac Horse
Nationality American
Body type Athletic
Hair color Black
Skin Dark
Height 6 feet (183cm)
Weight 194 lbs. (88 kg)
Class Freshman
Profession Football Player
Position Quarterback
Teams Monte Vista Mustangs
Washington Huskies
Current Team Fresno State Bulldogs 
Jersey Number #7
Parents Ryan Haener
Julie Haener
Relationship status Single
Social Media On a hiatus
Gender Male
Net Worth $2 million
Bulldogs’ Merch  Tshirts, Accessories
Last Update July, 2024

Jake Haener | Early Life and Background

Jake Haener was born in 2002 in Danville, California, in the United States of America. He is the son of Ryan Haener and Julie Haener.

Jake’s mom was an anchor for Channel 47 in California in the early 1990s. She was very famous among the locals. At the same time, his dad played football during his early high school days.

Jake’s source of inspiration for picking up football can be traced to his father. His dad played football during his early high school days.

Similarly, he was a classmate of Kevin Sweeney at Bullard High School. When Kevin transferred, his father took the Bullard quarterback role.

Jake Haener and Julie Haener
Jake Haener and his mother.

Likewise, his mom and dad met for the first time in a football game at the Bulldog Stadium.

Hence, Jake was interested in football from an early age. He recalled his background naturally pushed his interests to football.

Thus, he would often watch the games with his family members. Also, he would sit on vast local grounds, watching the game that he hoped to one day dominate.

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Jake Haener | Career

The Beginning

Jake Haener enrolled at Monte Vista High School. MaxPreps ranked it among top schools with a dedicated football program.

Eventually, Jake started playing football too. The Varsity team of Monte Vista High School was famously known as “The Mustangs.”

As a junior, he passed 3,005 yards on 208-for-321 passing with 35 touchdowns and just six interceptions. Thus, he impressed the coaches in his first season with the Mustangs.

As a result, Haener went into sophomore year after playing on the varsity team. His sophomore year was full of ups and downs. But it was expected by the coaching team.

Sophomore and Senior Year

Throughout his second season, his main focus was on improving his mechanics. Jake put in a lot of effort in practicing with his teammates. However, it was clear that he was a unique football player.

Consequently, he threw for 2,483 yards on 219-for-377 passing with 18 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Accordingly, he was ranked as the No. 53 quarterback in the nation by the rivals.com website.

Similarly, Jake was ranked as the No. 20 pro-style QB prospect, and 247sports.com has him ranked as the No. 31 pro-style QB prospect. Also, ESPN ranked him as the No. 28 “pocket passer.”

The whole team of Monte Vista wanted him to develop into a complete footballer. His performance in the second season was something that every player desired. Jake was eager to repeat it in his senior years.

However, Jake recalls his favorite moment of the season to be in 2015. The Mustangs went on a streak of 7-4. Likewise, they played in the CIF NCS Division I quarterfinals.

Offers and Commitment 

Jake was leading on the rankings and performing well in the big games. Thus, he had caught the eye of the football scouts from reputed colleges.

Hence, he started getting a lot of offers because of the scout reports. He was approached by Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders as early as February 2016.

Jake knew this was a very significant point in his career. Hence, he decided not to rush his decision and explore every option. After four months of his first-ever offer, he was impressed by Washington Huskies.

Jake was influenced so much that he committed on the same day the Huskies offered to join.

Thus, he joined the Huskies on June 18, 2016. Jake settled in really quickly within the Huskies team. Therefore, he was handed his debut 38 days after committing to the team. 

Washington Huskies

Jake made his Huskies debut in the win over Deer Valley on August 26, 2016. He went 13-17 for 221 yards and 4 touchdowns in a win over Deer Valley. The most notable moment of the game was his 12-yard pass to Ty Jones.

Similarly, he featured on the team two weeks later. Jake connected on 15 of 20 passes for 276 yards and 3 touchdowns in a win at Foothill. It was full of ups and downs for him, but he was happy he could help the team win.

Jake Haeners throws for Washington Huskies
Jake Haener debuts for Washington Huskies

Consequently, he was called for the game next week against California on September 23, 2016. Jake wanted to finish his 2016 with a 100%-win ratio.

Jake started four games for the Huskies in 2016. Additionally, he enjoyed contributing to secure a win as a team.

Thus, he paid an official visit to Washington Huskies on January 20, 2017. A week later, he signed the letter of intent to the Huskies on February 01, 2017.

The tale of the underdog.

Jake didn’t see much game action and redshirted during the 2017 season. Then, he served as a backup to senior Jake Browning in 2018. On the other hand, Jacob Eason had transferred to the Huskies following an injury.

However, due to the NCAA rules, he had to sit out the 2018 season. Also, everyone was sure Eason would be the first choice to replace Jake Browning in 2019. Similarly, Jake wasn’t a highly recruited prospect, and many questioned his abilities.

Everyone asked if he could compete with Eason’s height, profile, and NFL potential. Yet, Haener chose to stay and compete. Nonetheless, he was happy in the role of the underdog.

But, Jake was confident in making a run at the job. The duo was allowed to scrim against each other during the first three weeks of camp. Eventually, he believed he could start the position and pull off a shock.

Accordingly, Jake was still well-liked by his coaches and teammates. They had seen and known him close and admired his character.

Likewise, Jake had faith in throwing the ball deep to give receivers a chance to make plays in training.

The Awkward Transfer

Jake focused his 2018 season completely on training. However, his best efforts both on and off-season were insufficient.

The Huskies coach announced that Jacob Eason had secured the starting position. As plain as it might have seemed to outsiders, he was devastated when the Huskies chose Eason.

Washington confirmed Jake had left the football program. The announcement came 24 hours after the team news was delivered.

Hence, a lot of fans thought Jake was unhappy with the decision. Even the coaches at the team described the event as awkward.

But, the Huskies didn’t want any controversy and wished Jake the best for his future. It was a tough decision for Jake too. But, he believed it was necessary to make if he wanted to be a starter.

Jake Haener | Finding his place

Jake felt undesired during his final year at the University of Washington. He fell down the ranks despite working hard and focusing on his training.

Hence, he decided to enroll at a new school as soon as possible. Jake wanted to secure two years of eligibility in 2020 and 2021.

Eventually, Jake Haener decided to join Fresno State Bulldogs. Furthermore, he got permission to wear a retired Bulldogs number No. 9. This number was made famous by Kevin Sweeney in 1983-1986. 

His first season as a junior with the team was memorable. Also, he led the league rankings and was number four in the NCAA Passing average category. He averaged every game with a 336.8-yard clip.

Jake Haener
Jake Haener playing for his new team.

Similarly, Jake was number in the NCAA in total offense with a distance of 339.8 yards/game. 

Additionally, he was ranked number six in the NCAA with 25 completions per game. Also, he had a top fifty finish in almost every category, including points responsible.

Despite his ups and downs, it seems he’s finally found a home where he fits. We hope he continues this form and reaches the NFL Draft.

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Is Jake Haener Married? | Know About His Marital Status

According to several sources, Jake isn’t married or in any relationship with anyone. It’s hard to believe the athlete is single because he has such a warm personality.

Many of Jake’s teammates, on the other hand, believe he is secretly dating. However, he has avoided public appearances with his girlfriend. Nonetheless, the athlete has made no indications about his possible relationship.

Besides, Jake has a bright future in Major Leagues as a rising star. As a result, he might be focusing on his training rather than putting effort into love or marriage. Hence, it is hard to find much about this aspect.

Regardless, he has maintained the distance between his professional and personal life. Thus, not much information is known about his personal life.

Jake Haener | Age, Height, and Personality

Jake Haener is an upcoming talent in the Mountain West Conference scene. Hence, he has a body to prove it. He has an athletic body with remarkable flexibility and strength in his hands and legs.

At the time of writing this article, Jake is currently 21 years of age. He looks fresh and fit to compete in the higher college leagues.

Moreover, the athlete is rigid and stands at a medium height of 6 ft. 0 in (1.83 m).

Over time, he’s gathered various techniques making him a versatile quarterback. Additionally, he feels weak in few defensive areas. Hence, he dedicates himself to exercises that enhance his attributes in these areas.

Jake would spend four days a week with former BYU and NFL quarterback John Beck. He would focus on shoulder mobility and endurance exercises.

Further, he focused on team-building and chemistry to make up for the lack of spring practices.

It’s obvious from his photos that he’s kept himself in shape to go on a long path. Yet, his exact body measurements are unknown.

Jake Haener | Net Worth & Earnings

Jake Haener accounts for much of his net worth as a professional football player. He has been a regular starter for the teams since high school. And he’s played for a lot of teams over time.

Jake played on the Mustangs during his time at Monte Vista High School. Similarly, he received a scholarship to study at Washington University. He played few games under the banner.

Likewise, he was the first substitute for the quarterback position.

Furthermore, at present, Jake is the first-choice quarterback at Fresno State Bulldogs among five. He had an impressive first season with them. Accordingly, the team voted him as the main captain at the end of 2020.

Therefore, we can assume that he gathered a lot of earning during his league appearances.

However, there is no exact information on his net worth and salary. Research says that the average salary of a four-star player is about $350,000 annually. So, we can assume that he makes a similar amount to that range.

Additionally, his parents are also from a well-known background. Thus, Jake’s net worth is assumed to be around $2 million.

Jake Haener | Social Media and Breaks

Jake comes from a family with having significant social background. However, despite his popularity, Jake does not have any social media platforms.

Then, when we researched further, we found out that Jake has been avoiding social media. Likewise, he has blocked other thoughts from Day 13 of “Washington Spring Ball.”

After Wednesday’s practice session, he revealed that he had deleted his accounts.

Also, Jake isn’t interested in hearing or reading what fans and press have to say about his chances. Therefore, Jake feels he doesn’t need people to tell him how his job should be done.

Jake was sure everyone would write him off and call him the underdog. Hence, he is focusing on proving them wrong. And, he is ready to fight and do everything in his power to help his team succeed.

Also, Jake’s decision to quit social media was influenced by his coach. Nonetheless, we can only hope Jake opens a social media account. So, his fans could reach out to him and show them their love and support.

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Queries on Jake Haener

What is Jake Haener studying at Fresno State University?

Jake is studying Communications major at the Fresno State University

Does Jake Haener have a younger brother?

Yes, Jake Haener has a younger brother named Kyle.

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