Jerry Buss Wife And His Kids: Remembering The Lakers Legend

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American Businessman Jerry Buss was married to his wife, JoAnn Mueller, for many years. During their marriage, both Jerry and JoAnn lived happily. However, they had personal differences after many years.

Jerry and his wife, JoAnn, gave birth to their five children, who live luxurious lives. 

Also, his children are the ones who have been maintaining his legacy in the NBA world.

Jerry Buss With His Daughter, Jeanie Buss
Jerry Buss With His Daughter, Jeanie Buss (Source: Instagram)

Jerry Buss is the most respected personality in the NBA, as he formed one of the best teams, The Lakers. He established several prominent players through the team, including the late Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and many more.

In addition, under Jerry’s management, The Lakers won ten League Championships during the 1980s.

Likewise, Jerry was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame for contributing to the National Basketball League.

Apart from being the principal owner of The Lakers, Jerry was also an investor and a philanthropist.

From all his businesses and investments, Jerry earned a massive fortune. At the time of his death (2013), his reported wealth was a whopping $600 Million.

Brief On Jerry Buss And His Wife, JoAnn Mueller

The late businessman and JoAnn were married for more than a decade. They both went to the University of Wyoming. But they were not so close until they danced together.

After that one dance, Jerry and JoAnn began developing feelings for each other. And eventually, they became a couple.

Then, Jerry and JoAnn took their relationship to a new level. They exchanged their wedding vows in 1952 in front of their loved ones and family members.

Jerry Buss And His Former Wife, JoAnn Mueller
Jerry Buss And His Former Wife, JoAnn Mueller (Source: Instagram)

Jerry and JoAnn moved to Los Angeles to live a blissful married life. And they, indeed, were happy together, living under the same roof.

However, the husband and wife faced a rough patch later in their marriage life. Their relationship went beyond fixation, so they filed for a divorce.

In 1972, Jerry and JoAnn got legally separated from each other.

They Had Children Together

Jerry and JoAnn welcomed their first child named Lee in 1952. However, it is reported that they gave up Lee for the adoption.

Then, JoAnn gave birth to Johnny in 1956. Three years later, the next son, named Jim Buss, was born.

In 1961, they were blessed with a daughter, Jeanie Buss, who significantly expanded The Lakers. The two also gave birth to their youngest daughter, Janie, in 1963.

Jerry Buss's Two Daughter During Their Childhood
Jerry Buss’s Two Daughters During Their Childhood (Source: Instagram)

After the death of Jerry in 2013, all his children received 11% of shares each (66% in total) of the NBA’s Lakers.

His oldest daughter, Jeanie, has been the team’s controlling owner and president since then.

Jerry Buss’s Previous Relationships

Jerry was known to be a womanizer as he was frequently linked with several women. 

After divorcing his late wife, JoAnn, he had a serious relationship with Veronica Hoff. Even he married her while he was still JoAnn’s husband.

Also, Jerry was romantically involved with a Playboy bunny, Debbie Zafrani. 

Not only this, the late businessman also dated Karen Demel. And he also had children named Joey (1985) and Jesse (1988) with her.

Insight Into Jerry Buss And JoAnn Buss’s Death

The businessman fought cancer for a year before his death. Due to his severe health, he was hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. 

On 18 February 2013, Jerry took his last breath. Though he was a cancer patient, he died due to kidney failure.

Jerry’s unsudden demise broke many hearts. His body was laid to rest at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

Nearly six years after his death, JoAnn also left the world for an unknown reason. She was 86 years old at that time. 

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