Who is Jimmy Butler Father? Rumors & Conspiracies

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Is Jimmy Butler actually the son of Michael Jordon? Uncoil this mystery with us and see him make believe in “River stones remain, while water flows away.”

If you google Jimmy Butler’s father, there will be a story of Michael Jordan being his legitimate father. 

Jimmy Butler and Michael Jordan
It’s one of the wildest rumors in the NBA. (Source: Internet)

It’s no joke conspiracies have been circulating for many years, and surprisingly, few people believe them. But we don’t belong in that group. 

Indeed, Butler never got a chance to meet his father, but there is not enough proof or evidence that he is Michael Jordan’s abandoned son. 

Quick Facts | Jimmy Butler

Full Name Jimmy Butler III
Birth Date 08/14/1989
Birth Place Houston 
Nick Name Jimmy Buckets
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Education Marquette
Horoscope Virgo
Father’s Name Not Specified
Mother’s Name Londa Butler
Siblings None
Age 34 years old
Height 201cm-6ft 5inch
Weight 230lb-104kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic
Profession Basketball
Current Team Miami Heat
Wife Kaitlin Nowak (Girlfriend)
Draft Chicago Bulls, 1st round (30th pick, 30th overall), 2011 NBA Draft
Position Small Forward and Shooting Guard
NBA Debut January 1, 2012
Active Years 11 years
Marital Status No
Children Rylee (Daughter)
Salary 34.38 million USD
Net Worth $60 million
Last Update March 2024

How did the rumors begin?

In February 2016, Terez Owens’s self-proclaimed “King of sports media” broke the news he received an anonymous tip that Jordan is Butler’s real father. 

He mentioned in 1988, Michael Jordan did not claim an unwanted baby due to fear of destroying his marriage. So, the baby took the mother’s surname Butler.

Jordan then paid the mother huge money not to harm his public image, role model status, and the legacy he built. 

Later, after 13 years, when payment stopped, the mother kicked the 13 years old child out of his. 

In addition, multiple gossip websites and youtube channels added their hypothesis to make things spicier. 

Such as Butler was endorsed by the Jordan brand, and both were playing for Chicago Bulls; Butler looks more similar to Jordan than his actual two sons. 

Final Thoughts

One evidence regarding this wildest rumor in the NBA is Michael Jordan played Houston in February 1989. 

However, Butler was born in September, and no records state Butler was born prematurely. 

Similarly, Jordan paid handsome money to keep things secret, but Butler was raised poorly. So, if her mother had been paid well, they would have lived a better life. 

Although Butler was kicked out of the house when he was 13 years old, his mother would have easily made money and fame if she had exposed Jordan. So, it doesn’t make sense.

To sum up, this is almost a false story, but there are many exciting concepts for sure. 

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Homeless kid to NBA All-Star

Jimmy Butler has already cemented himself as a legitimate NBA superstar performing every season. 

But he had an unusual path to the NBA. Moreover, his life is no less than Hollywood movies. 

Butler was born on the outskirts of Houston, but his father abandoned his family, so he didn’t know his father growing up. 

Later, at 13, her mother kicks him out of the home. Butler mentioned in a 2011 interview that she told I don’t want to look at you. You have to go. 

He was on his own, and until senior year, Butler hopped around his friend’s and teammates’ houses.

Butler met Jordan Leslie, a freshman football and basketball athlete, in a summer basketball camp before his high school senior year.   

Jordan challenged Butler to a three-point shooting competition. Then they immediately became friends. Soon friends became family.

It all began when Jordan told Butler he could stay in his house for the night. The night led to weeks and weeks to months. 

Jimmy Butler with his Michelle Lambert during Bulls introductory press conference.
Jimmy Butler with her mom Michelle Lambert during Bulls introductory press conference. (Source: Internet)

After a few months, Michelle Lambert, Jordan’s mother, accepted Butler into her family even though she already had six children. 

Michelle accepted Jordan to the family with open arms, but it was not due to basketball. Instead, she liked doing such stuff and gave Butler the home he deserved. 

Later, with his new family’s love and support, he prospered on and off the court, and the rest is history. In a 2017 ESPN interview, Butler said he never considered himself genuinely homeless.

Thanks to Michelle and her loving family, Butler is today due to his hard work and family’s love and support. 

Professional Career

Jimmy Butler attended Tyler for his freshman season. But after his first season, he enrolled in the DI program at Marquette. 

Later, he declared for the NBA draft after graduating from college. In the 2011 NBA draft, Chicago Bulls selected Butler as the 30th overall pick. 

Butler got limited opportunities during his rookie lockout season, but he played all 82 games the following season. 

In June 2017, the Bulls traded Butler to Minnesota Timberwolves. However, just after playing one season, he requested for trade. 

In November 2018, Timberwolves traded Butler to the Philadelphia 76ers. He helped the team to reach the Eastern Conference finals but fell to eventual champions Toronto Raptors.

Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler tries to dribble past Morris. (Source: Internet)

In the 2019 off-season, Butler signed with Miami Heat. In his first season with the Heat, young Butler reached the NBA finals. He also got his fifth All-Star selection that season. 

But his team lost the series 4-2 to Los Angeles Lakers. However, Butler wrote his name in the NBA history book, setting records. 

In the finals, he averaged 40 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assists. Later he joined Lebron James and Jerry West to record 40+ points triple-double in the NBA finals.

Likewise, he is the second player to record 30+ points triple-double and the sixth player in NBA finals history to record multiple triple-doubles. 

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Salary and Net Worth

In the 2021 offseason, Jimmy Butler signed a lucrative contract extension with Miami Heat worth around $142 million for four years. 

Likewise, in 2019 he signed four years of $140 million maximum contracts as a sign and trade agreement between the Sixers and Heat. 

Currently, he is the highest earner in Heats and the 14th best-paid player in the NBA. In the 2021-22 season, he will earn $34 million from his salary.

Moreover, Butler has already earned about $160 million from his salary contracts, which is not bad for a homeless guy in his childhood. 

Besides his salary, he makes around $3 million from his endorsement deals. His sponsors include Aquahydrate, Beats By Dre, Bonobos, Five Four, and Hyperiece.

Butler terminated his Jordan contract eight months with the Jordan brand in 2020 and signed with the Chinese brand Li Ning

The exact net worth of Jimmy Butler is not revealed. However, according to various reliable online sources, he is estimated to have a net worth of $60 million. 


In 2020, Jimmy Butler became a father. Her daughter Rylee was born to her girlfriend, Kaitlin Nowak. However, their current relationship status is unknown.

Likewise, in the GQ interview, he mentioned that Rylee taught him about unconditional love. As he went to the NBA bubble soon after her birth, Butler missed her the whole time.

Jimmy Butler’s daughter’s mother, Kaitlin Nowak. (Source: Instagram)

Butler also mentioned that her daughter had given him a new goal in his life; to teach her she can achieve anything, no matter her gender or race. 

Moreover, he wants to make sure that women and men are on the same level. 

So, Butler is pushing himself and working hard to be the best role model for Rylee.

Butler went through a troubled childhood without the love and support of his parents for many years. 

So, Butler wants to make sure he properly fulfills his responsibility as a father and make sure Rylee is always happy. 

Social Media Presence

Instagram: 7.3 million followers

Twitter: 866.2K followers

Facebook: 2.5 million followers

Youtube: 729k subscribers

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Jimmy Butler adopted?

Jimmy Butler bounced from one friend’s home to another after being kicked out of his house at 13 years old. 

Later, in his senior year at high school, Michelle Lambert, the mom of one of his friends, adopted him. 

Does Jimmy Butler still talk to his biological parents?

In an interview with ESPN, Jimmy Butler mentioned that he still talks to his biological parents.

Butler also said he doesn’t hold any grudges against his parents and is especially close to his biological siblings. 

Jimmy Butler was the talk of the internet recently for which hairstyle?

As an extension of his short cornrows, unbraiding his hair, washing his afro, and freshly installed loc extensions with blonde tips, the NBA baller upgraded his look. 

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