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Alongside several criticisms and controversies on several halves of life, Justin Gatlin has been the best in his games. He is a five-time Olympic medalist and a twelve-time World Championship medalist. 

Even with those banned years, Gatlin was back on the field, energetic as ever. Of course, he then broke his own 100 meters record on the track.

His time recorded was 9.45 seconds on the Japanese television show Kasupe. Indeed, it jumps to the top of his profile as he had broken Usain Bolt‘s record.

However, it is considered invalid because it was said that gusts of air supported him to provide momentum.

Sprinter, Justin Gatlin
Sprinter, Justin Gatlin (Souce: Instagram) 

Let’s get to the detail and learn about his biography which includes his lifelong activities and days. We start the journey first with some quick facts and his body measurements.

Quick Facts

Full Name Justin Gatlin
Date of Birth February 10, 1982
Birth Place Brooklyn, New York, United States
Nick Name Unknown 
Religion Unknown  
Nationality American  
Ethnicity Unknown 
Zodiac Sign  Aquarius  
Age 42 years old
Height 6’1″ (1.85 meters)
Weight 183 lb (83 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic 
Father’s Name Willie Gatlin
Mother’s Name Jeanette Gatlin
Siblings None
Education Woodham High School
University of Tennessee 
Marital Status Unmarried 
Girlfriend  Unknown 
Profession Sprinter
Sports Track and field
Event  Sprints
Coach  Dennis Mitchell
Team Nike
Professional since 2003
Net Worth $3.5 million 
Social Media  Instagram, Twitter
Merch  Poster
Last Update  May, 2024

Justin Gatlin | Body Measurements 

Justin Gatlin is a man of tall built towering at 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters). As for his weight, he weighs 183 lbs (83 kg). Well, he has chocolate-colored skin with a toned body structure. 

Likewise, he has black hair and eyes of a similar color. Also, his hair is trimmed much short, and he has a light presence of a beard. 

Workout Routine

With Justin Gatlin, age is nothing much though he knows he won’t be on track always. 

As per Gatlin, he has taken his lifestyle regimen seriously. Well, the essential part is to get his regular enough sleep. Alongside his workouts, he connects with several other athletes from different sports.

Justin during his workout photoshoot
Justin during his workout

“I’m not just a runner, and I’m not just a fast guy. I’m a fighter, and I’m a survivor in life.” -Justin Gatlin.

To elaborate, Justin is with boxing, cycling, or any other sports one year and following the following year.

Also, among all the exercises he carries out, Justin reveals resistance training to be one of the most important. 

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Diet Plan 

As with his workout and bed routines, Justin Gatlin is also strict with what he eats and how much. But, especially when he came up from his ban, he has been extra careful with his diet regime. 

For instance, Gatlin gave up his favorite chocolates. While his friends are up at night for drinks, he is at home hydrating himself and getting to bed at 10 pm sharp. Also, hamburgers and stuff are his occasional things. 

Justin starts his day with a 12- or 16-ounce protein shake with vegetables and whey. Then, after his regular practice sessions, he keeps up his energy with two Nutri-Grain bars. 

Following it, he devours a big salad and a large chicken breast for lunch. By the end of the day, he makes sure that he has had a huge intake of vegetables. 

These all are the secret ingredients for Galin to look young in his 40s.

Justin Gatlin | Early Life and Family

Gatlin was born to his parents, Jeanette Gatlin and Willie Gatlin, in Brooklyn, United States. Celebrating his birthday on February 10, every year, his zodiac sign is Aquarius. 

Later, Justin spent most of his childhood in Pensacola, Florida, with his family. During that time he attended Woodham High School for his early education.

Since his high school days, Justin has been involved as a runner and competed in high hurdles.

Back then, he assisted his high school in bagging the state championship. Herewith, he was recognized by numerous coaches. Later, coaches Vince Anderson and Bill Webb from the University of Tennessee provided him with a scholarship. 

That was how he started sprinting as he shifted from hurdling. Herewith, in 2000, Justin became an amateur sprinter on the field during his college days. He bagged the NCAA outdoor titles for the 100 and 200 meters right then. 

The happiness didn’t last long as he was banned from the games right after it. Justin tested positive for the central nervous system stimulant drug amphetamines. Back then, he was out of the field for two years.

As for the explanation, Justin stated that he had been taking the medication for attention deficit disorder ever since his early days. Indeed, his ban was later lifted in 2002.

Justin Gatlin | Professional Career

Justin Gatlin commenced running professionally on the track during his sophomore year after forgoing his remaining years. Therefore, he moved to Florida and started training under coach Trevor Graham.

Justin claimed the national 60 meters title in Boston and the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham during his first year. Likewise, he also set his record at the Weltklasse Zürich.

Tennessee Hall of Fame inductee
Justin at Tennessee Hall of Fame inductee

The following year, Justin bagged the Olympic Championship with the gold medal in 100 meters and the bronze medal in 200 meters. At the same time, he also completed his program at the university.

Afterward, Justin bagged the 2005 World Championship. The following year, he set his record of 9.76 seconds in 100 meters at the Qatar Athletic Super Grand Prix.

Four Years Ban 

Initially, they revealed Justin’s failed test first in April 2006, which they later confirmed in July. He tested positive for testosterone. After that, however, he pleaded innocence as he started to have never used them knowingly.  

During the discussion, Justin’s coach Trevor Graham made a statement regarding Justin’s massage therapist Christopher Whetstine.

Trevor started that Christopher might have rubbed a cream containing testosterone without their consent. 

Later, Christopher denied the claim. Later, USADA announced Justin to be banned for eight years from the track. Indeed, he was saved from the lifelong ban; however, Justin pleaded to reduce the sentence.

Therefore, with thorough discussion, they minimized the punishment to four years. ESPN reported that Justin assisted his high school as their voluntary coach all those years.

Additionally, he worked for the Houston Texans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While with the Bucs, Justin tried to play as their wide receiver, but he failed in that term. 

Comeback on the Track

By August 2010, Justin Gatlin was back on track through the tour of Estonia and Finland. However, after years of absence, it was hard for Justin to start right through. 

He commenced working alongside Olympian Dennis Mitchell, and the hard work paid off. The year 2012 came as one of his most fruitful years. 

He had broken the previous record for 100 meters at the Qatar Athletic Super Grand Prix with his 9.87 seconds.

In the meantime, he broke that record again with his 9.79 seconds for 100 meters at the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

In the 2013 Golden Gala meet in Rome, Italy, Justin surpassed Usain Bolt in the 100 meters. Following it, Justin only portrayed success and improvement in his career.

Hence, people commenced talking and asking questions if Justin was again gaining benefits from the previously banned drugs. Gatlin has had numerous occasions where he has reached alongside Usain Bolt or surpassed him. 

One of the fastest times recorded in the semifinal of the World Championship belongs to Justin. It dates back to the 2015 World Championships in Athletics. That year, Justin was the only man to ever run below 9.80 seconds. 

By 2016, Justin became the oldest man to win an Olympic medal in a non-relay sprint event. Following it, he bagged several World Championship titles. 

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2021 Tokyo Olympics

Justin Gatlin was all hyped up for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Moreover, he became the oldest man to win a medal and qualify for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. 

Justin running in the game
Justin is the epitome of talent

Before it, he won the Tom Jones Memorial Invitational. However, he ended up having an injury during that moment. 


Throughout his journey, Justin Gatlin has faced several injuries to date. Some weren’t fatal, but some were. As an athlete, it is indeed unknown what one may go through. 

One of the initial injuries he faced was back in 2003. He had a hamstring injury that kept him away from the 2003 National Championships in Palo Alto.

This resulted in him missing the then World Championship game as well. 

Furthermore, to participate in the Olympic Games in Athens, Justin also skipped the 2004 indoor season. Later, he also stepped out of 200 meters race after injuring his ankle during the Olympic game. 

Also, recently in the 2020 US Olympics Trials, Justin struggled with a hamstring injury. 

Awards and Accomplishments

Currently, Justin Gatlin stands on the top five of the all-time list of male 100-meter athletes.  

  • Three-time Olympian (2004, 2012, and 2016)
  • Five-time Olympic medalist (a gold, two silvers, and two bronzes)
  • Right World Championships (four golds and four silvers)
  • Nomination for IAAF Athlete of the Year (2014)
  • Diamond League trophy

Justin Gatlin | Net Worth 

At present, Justin Gatlin depicts a net worth of $3.5 million. Most of his earnings are from the championships and games. In addition, he has earned over $245,000 from competitions and $10 million from endorsement deals. 

The salary amount of Gatlin is also expected to be in the millions. Indeed, most of his lucrative deals did dey up during his ban from the games.

Not to mention, Justin was initially sponsored by Chinese brand Xtep. Additionally, he also holds endorsement deals with Nike.

He was dropped after his ban; however, Nike signed in again. Apart from it, he had also worked for Deuce. 

In the meantime, Justin Gatlin features as a competitor in Spike TV’s show ‘Pros vs. Joes.’

Talking back about 2011, Justin had earned 2 million yen (approximately US$25,000) after setting the record for 100 meters race. 

Besides, Justin also runs his nonprofit organization named the Justin Gatlin Foundation. It can be called the clinic for youths in Staten Island. This foundation aims to motivate and encourage youths on their journey. 

Talking about the other physical assets of Gatlin, he owns a big house in Raleigh, North Carolina (NC), US with a variety of car collections.

Justin Gatlin | Personal Life

When it comes to the private aspect of Justin’s life, he is quite personal with it. He doesn’t share much about his does and relationship.

However, with some research, it is found that Justin has had a relationship before. 

He was linked to a lady named Denise. But unfortunately, not much information is known about it.

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Social Media

Instagram : 369k Followers

 Twitter : 40.4k Followers

Justin Gatlin | FAQs

Where does Justin Gatlin live? What car does he drive?

Justin Gatlin resides in a mansion located in North Carolina, US. As for the car, he drives McLaren 650S Spider in red color.

It is one of the most luxurious cars, and today, its market value is $265,500.

What is the fastest speed of Gatlin?

Gatlin is well known for recording various fast-speed records in championships. On the Japanese TV show Kasupe!, Gatlin ran 100 meters in 9.45 seconds speed which is considered one of the fastest running speeds of Gatlin.

Likewise, in the list of the top speed running Gatlin lists at the no 5 positions.

Is Justin retired?

Justin after spending a long time being an athlete, announced his retirement through his Instagram account. He announced his retirement date on February 18, 2022.

How many Olympic medals have Justin grabbed during his professional career?

During his professional career, Justin grabbed 5 Olympics medals. It includes 1 Gold, 2 Silver, and 2 Bronze medal.

Where is the hometown of Justin?

Justin’s hometown is in Woodham, Florida, US.

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