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Khabib is a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter from Russia and the current UFC lightweight champion. He is one of the most successful MMA fighters so far.

He is currently signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and he is ruling the arena with wins after wins.

Khabib is one of the most Dominant players UFC has ever produced in a long period of time.

Despite coming from a remote village in Russia, Khabib has had a very interesting journey filled with ups and downs and struggles. 

Khabib at one of his UFC matches
Khabib at one of his UFC matches

From a small village to an MMA champion, we will discuss his career and life in detail here. Let have a look at some of the Quick facts about Khabib.

Quick Facts

Full Name Khabib Nurmagomedov
Birth Date 20 September 1988
Birth Place Sildi, Dagestan ASSR, Russia SFSR, Soviet Union
Nick Name The Eagle
Religion Muslim
Nationality Russian
Ethnicity Avar
Education The Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.
Horoscope Leo
Father’s Name Abdulmanap
Mother’s Name Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Age 35 Years Old
Height 5 Feet 10Inches
Weight 70 kg
Shoe Size Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Body Measurement Unknown
Figure unknown
Married Yes
Wife unknown
Children Magomed Nurmagomedov
Profession Mixed Martial Artist
Net Worth $30 million
Salary Under review
Currently Works At UFC
Affiliations  Unknown
Active Since 2008
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch Hoodie, T-Shirt, Rookie Card
Last Update July, 2024


Khabib – Wiki bio, Early Life, Education and Parents

Khabib was born on 20 September 198 in a remote village in Sildi, Dagestan ASSR, Russia SFSR, Soviet Union. He later moved to  Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan.

Although He had to move from place to place in his childhood, his father finally permanently lived in Kirovaul. He had a very average childhood.

Talking about his education, he completed his basic primary education in Russia.

Although Khabib is completely dedicated to his career and UFC right now, he is a third-year student at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov was not only a well-respected athlete but also an ex veteran of the Army.

Khabib was very inspired by his father, which is why he chose to learn martial arts. Initially, Khabib’s father was his coach.

According to various sources available on the internet, his initial training included a fight with a bear.

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Khabib – Age, Height, and Body Measurements


Khabib is a wrestler and is a very popular face in the mixed martial arts world.

The popular face in MMA was born on 20 September 1988, and he is 35 years old now.

Although he was born in a remote place in Russia, he is one of the most popular Russian celebrities today.

The profession Khabib has involved in needs hard training, and the body must be very fit. He has a height of 5 feet 10 inches, which is a decent height.

Despite being a relatively short athlete, he is popular for combining his body into his game. He can easily confuse his opponents when necessary.

He weighs 70kg and plays in the lightweight championships.

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Khabib – Career

With all the struggles and hard work, Khabib has become a very popular name in mixed martial arts. He is at the top of his career right now.

However, his journey was not that smooth. Here, we will discuss his career in detail.

Early Career

Khabib made his MMA debut in September 2008 and gained popularity with four wins within a month.

Then, he participated in the Atrium Cup tournament champion and defeated three of his opponents there.

The 16-0 winning streak of Khabib in the regional circuits of Russia and Ukraine was the performance that got him a contract with the UFC in 2012.

In the next three years of the tournament, he was undefeated. This performance gained him popularity all around the world and opened his path for the international championships.

However, the 16-0 winning streak of Khabib in the regional circuits of Russia and Ukraine was the performance that got him a contract with the UFC in 2012.

Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC)

After UFC signed a six-fight deal with Khabib in late 2011, he made a very impressive debut in the UFC with a third-round win over Kamal Shalorus.

He then fought with other faces like Gleison Tibau on 7 July 2012 and Thiago Tavares on 19 January 2013. He knocked out the latter in the first round.

Similarly, Khabib continued to play in the UFC and win matches. Also, he defeated Abel Trujillo on 19 January 2013, where he set a new UFC record for the most takedowns in a single fight with 21 successful takedowns out of 28 attempts.

By then, he was already making a buzz in the UFC and was getting more matches to play.

Later in 2013, he faced Pat Healy, and that was the game where he showed off his skills and amazed everybody.

He challenged  ‘GilbKert Melendez’ in 2013, but the fight could not happen for various reasons.

His next win was Rafael dos Anjos on 19 April 2014. Khabib was set up with  Donald Cerrone and  Tony Ferguson in late, where he could not compete, citing a knee injury.

Khabib in UFC in 2018
Khabib in UFC in 2018

After competing in so many matches and winning, it was time for Khabib to go for the title. He was set to fight the reigning UFC Lightweight Champion, Eddie Alvarez.

However, Eddie pulled himself back, and the match couldn’t happen. Khabib was not happy about it and called Eddie a ‘Bullshit Champ’ on social media.

Eddie chose to compete against the other UFC star Conor McGregor.

Khabib – Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC) Lightweight

Khabib has an impressive record in the MMA world and also in the UFC. He is a lightweight fighter who has competed in many matches.

Here, we will take a look at his UFC lightweight championship in detail.

Khabib is the first Muslim to win the UFC championship

Khabib won the UFC lightweight championship on 7 April 2018. He was set to fight Tony Ferguson but was canceled due to injury.

He then fought with Al Iaquinta, which he dominated, controlling Iaquinta from start to finish and won the championship.

Khabib Vs. Mc. Gregor 2019
Khabib Vs. Mc. Gregor 2019

Conor McGregor was another popular UFC fighter then. Khabib was set against Coner to defend his lightweight championship.

Since both players were very popular worldwide, the match was anticipated to be a very competitive match.

The match was the most viewed as per view show in MMA’s history, with Over 2.4 million views.

he sold his shirt for $,100,000 and donated the money to the charity.

Recently, Khabib fought with  Dustin Poirier on 7 September 2019 and defended his title for the second time.

He won the fight via a rear-naked choke submission in the third round. After the fight, he sold his shirt for $ 100,000 and donated the money to the charity.

Likewise, on April 18, 2020, he fought against Tony Ferguson at UFC 249. Due to the global pandemic Covid-19, he could not travel to other countries, so he was removed from the card.

Similarly, he fought with Gaethje in the main event at UFC 254 and won the fight via technical submission. 

This was the last fight of his carer. After that, the MMA fighter, in his post-fight interview, announced his retirement.

Actually, Khabib’s mother did not want to continue the fighting career after his dad passed away.

So the fighter promised his mother that he’d retire from his career and not continue his fighting career.

Khabib – Championships and Records

Out of 28 appearances in MMA, Khabib has won all 28 games

Khabib is one of the most accomplished players in the history of MMA. He has participated in various tournaments and has won most of them.

He is a one-time UFC Champion and is the reigning champion. Moreover, he has also scored other records like Two successful title defenses and ‘most takedowns in a single UFC fight.’

Out of 28 appearances in MMA, Khabib has won all 28 games, which is why he is one of the most feared players in MMA.

Khabib – Personal Life, Wife, and Children


Most people are well aware of the name Khabib. He is a very popular personality all around the world. Despite being a popular person, there are things that people do not know about him.

Although Khabib is a very secretive person in real life, we have dug out his personal information. Khabib is a married man and was married in June 2013.

As noted in an interview with the Russian media, Khabib’s father said that he is married to a distant relative Khabib married his long time ago childhood friend and distant relative Patimat Nurmagomedova.

Khabib with his Wife
Khabib with his Wife

He has three children with her: One son and a daughter. His daughter was born on 1 June 2015, and a son was born on 30 December 2017.

Khabib’s son is named after Khabib’s great-grandfather – Magomed Nurmagomedov. His daughter’s name is Fatima Nurmagomedova and Husayn Nurmagomedov, respectively.

The MMA fighter is a Muslim, and he is proud of his culture. He is fluent in various languages, including  Avar, Russian, English, Turkish, and Arabic.

Also, he does not leave a chance to promote his culture after his wins. Recently, Khabib’s father was admitted to the hospital after contracting the COVID-19 virus while undergoing heart surgery.

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Khabib – Salary and Net worth

As we all know, the sports industry is one of the most successful platforms in the world. Players make a huge amount of money from various sports, and Mixed Martial arts is no exception.

Khabib has a net worth of $30 million

Like many players, Khabib also makes a huge amount of money from his profession. Khabib has a net worth of $30 million.

Also, he made a whopping $16 million in 2019-20 and was one of the most successful athletes in Russia.

Although Khabib makes a huge amount of money, he smiles to live and is down to earth. Occasionally, he is seen donating some of his earnings to charity.

As of now, the MMA Fighter resides in Makhachkala, the largest city in Dagestan. He owns a lavish house with a variety of cars.

Khabib – Some Famous Quotes


Of course, I am tough, but I am smart, too. I’m more smart than tough. People are watching my record and say that this guy is tough.

This is not about tough; this is about the mind. You think when you fight. This is about everything.

My style is not like anyone. I’m not a typical wrestler.

Online Presence and Social Media

Khabib is one of the most popular celebrities online. Since he is from the sports entertainment world, he needs to maintain an online presence.

He is active on Instagram and Twitter.

The Instagram handle of Khabib has 21.7 million followers. Also, he was the most followed Russian celebrity as of 2019.

He also has a Twitter account, which has 1.1 million followers as of now. He also has a bio on Wikipedia.

Some FAQs

Who was Khabib’s last fight scheduled with?

Khabib’s last fight was scheduled with Justin Gaethje on October 24, 2020. After the match, Khabib retired from his career.

When did Nurmagomedov retire from his career?

He retired from his career in the year 2021. Khabib’s mother does not want him to continue his career after the death of his father. So he took retirement from his career.

When did Khabib Father die?

In May 2020, Abdulmanap(Khabib’s Father) was placed in a medically induced coma after suffering from Covid-19 following heart surgery. He died on June 3, 2020, at a clinic in Moscow.

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