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Kenya is home to the world’s best runner. For instance, Eliud Kipchoge, Paul Kibii Tergat, David Lekuta Rudisha, and many others. 

Likewise, today we will be talking about one Kenyan runner in particular, who is Kibiwott Kandie. He is a long-distance runner, and a marathoner has an estimated net worth of $1.1 million (120 Kshs.)

Kenyan runner Kibiwott Kandie
Kenyan runner Kibiwott Kandie

Kandie was born on 20th July 1996 in the Rift Valley province of Kenya. He is the fourth child among his eight other siblings. 

As a child, due to lack of enough family income, he had to spend most of his days bare-footed. This was because his school was 7 km away from his house. On top of that, he had to take this journey four times a day, probably for lunch and classes.

However, the athlete still enjoyed running and even participated in school races. After finishing school, despite his parent’s request to continue high school, he decided to pursue his dream as an athlete.

Consequently, his professional training started in 2017. He started representing Kenya and was very good at it. 

As for 2021, he is training in the Ngong area near Nairobi. He is also serving as active personnel of Kenya Defense forces.

In this article, we will be covering areas like Kibiwott Kandie’s net worth, endorsements, book publications, and also his income sources. 

Firstly, let us look at his quick fact table. 

Quick facts:

Full Name Kibiwott Kandie
Nick Name Moh ( derived from “Kiplimo” meaning: Grazing Calf ), Kandie
Date Of Birth 20th July 1996
Birth Place Rift Valley, Kenya
Age 27 years old
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Horoscope Cancer
Religion Christian
Nationality Kenyan
Ethnicity African, Kalenjin
Eye Color N/A
Skin Color Dark
Tattoos N/A
Marital Status N/A
Spouse N/A
Kids N/A
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings Nine: 5 Brothers and 3 Sisters
High School N/A
High School Records N/A
Name of University N/A
University Records N/A
Profession Athlete and Soldier
Active from 2017 – present
Position Long distance-runner, Marathoner
Current Team N/A
Former Team N/A
Record  Half – marathon (57:32 )
Net Worth 120 Kenyan Shillings ($1.1 million)
Salary N/A
Endorsements N/A
Foundation N/A
Social Media Facebook 
Last Update April, 2024


Kibiwott Kandie: Net worth and Endorsement

As of 2021, the Kenyan athlete has a net worth of 120 million Kshs. This amount of 120 million kshs ( Kenyan shilling ) converts to about $1.1 million.

A major portion of this amount was earned through his athletic career. The remaining comes from endorsement and other sources that are kept private.

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Moving on, Kibiwott has had endorsement deals with prestigious brands like Adidas and Nike. During his long runs, he is seen wearing the clothes wear of the mentioned brands.  

For instance, he used the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro for creating some of his best records. Moreover, this Adidas Pro consists of 39mm foam along with carbon-infused rods, which work together to mimic the metatarsal bone.

Details of his other assets and income sources have not been revealed yet. 

Kibiwott Kandie: Lifestyle

As an athlete, most of Kibiwott’s day is occupied by training.

Firstly, early at 6 am, he goes for his first run, running over almost 20 km. Secondly, he goes for another 8 km run followed by some exercise.

And finally, in the afternoon, he goes for his final 10 km run. He loves his job in the military a reason for this may be because it supports the life of an athlete. Lastly, Kandie spends most of his day training with his new coach Jopesh Cheromei.

Kibiwott with other runners
Kibiwott with other runners

He is constantly traveling to different nations such as Prague, Istanbul, and Poland as a part of his professional career. Furthermore, now he is working hard toward his dream, to make the Kenyan team win the Olympics in Tokyo.

Kibiwott Kandie: Career

The Kenyan has been competing in international events for Kenya. For example, he won the Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon, taking place in the Emirates in Prague, Czech Republic.

Nevertheless, a world record was also set by him by being the first person to finish a marathon in less than 58 minutes, 57:32 to be exact.

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This achievement was made by him in the Valencia Half Marathon event, in Spain in the year 2020. For this, he was warmly welcomed in his home country. He is also working hard to make the Kenyan team win and be recognized globally.

Another feat achieved by him was on 4th April 2021 when he set a record of 59:32 at the Istanbul Half Marathon that was held in Turkey.

Olympic 2021 Tokyo 

The Kenyan athlete had plans to participate in the Tokyo Olympics 2021. He was really looking forward to winning a gold medal for his country. However, there was a turn of events at the trial.

The training was pretty rough, and thus, Kandie had a right knee injury just before the trials. The world marathon silver medalist is in Japan at the moment, resting and hoping to get well soon. 

He said, 

“I know most Kenyans were hoping to see me at the trials after I had promised them,”


Furthermore, the athlete said that the full recovery will take about a month. 

Despite the injury, Kibiwott is optimistic to run other races in the Championships held this year. He further mentioned that he is determined to participate in World Athletics Championships which are held in Eugene, United States. 

Moreover, he will also be running in the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games in England.

We all hope that the Kenyan athlete will be back on his feet and will soon participate in the other races. 

Awards and Achievements 

No doubt, Kibiwott has set records and has also gracefully won many international competitions as well.  Moreover, recently a year ago he also set a new record for the half marathon race. The time was 57:32. 

Previously, this record was held by another marathon runner, named Geoffrey Kamworor whose record was 57:33. 

Below are some of his  achievements, 

  • 2019 Saint Silvester Road Race, Brazil: winner
  • 2020 Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon, UAE: winner
  • 2020 Prague Half Marathon, Czech Republic: winner
  • 2020 World Championships (HM), Poland: second place
  • 2020 Valencia Half Marathon, Spain: winner
  • 2020 marathon world record for finishing in 57:32
  • 2021 Istanbul Half Marathon, Turkey: winner

3 Facts About Kibiwott Kandie

  1. He is currently serving as a Kenyan Soldier.
  2. Inspired by Paul Tergat, he wants to get a world record in the marathon.
  3. He runs 160 – 170 km every week as a part of his practice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Kibiwott Kandie’s ranking? 

In this sport, there are different ranks given to athletes accordingly to their race. 

For instance, 10,000 m, and 5,000 m races.  Likewise, Kibiwott has also been ranked according to the different meters. 

Firstly, in the Men’s 10,000m, he holds the 361st rank worldwide. Secondly, at the men’s overall world ranking, the athlete secures the 88th rank. Lastly, there is also a category of Men’s road running, where Kandie secures the 1st rank. 

What are Kibiwott Kandie’s best records of all time? 

The Kenyan athlete has many records now. Some of the best of all times are as follows, 

  • 5000 m ( time 14 :19: 2h ) 
  • 10,000 m ( time 28:28:0h ) 
  • 10 km ( time 27:56 )
  • 15 km ( time 42: 59 )
  • Half-marathon ( time 57:32 ) 
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