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“How people die remains in the memory of those who live on.”

Lamar Odom, a former basketball star whose son Jayden Odom died six months after his birth, is still remembered by his family.

Similarly, Lamar Odom is a well-known athlete primarily renowned for his basketball accomplishments and talents. He is also the ex-husband of Khloe Kardashian, a famous American influencer.

Jayden Odom
Late Jayden Odom (Source-Instagram)

Jayden Odom was the third child of Lamar Odom and Liza Morales, Lamar’s high school girlfriend. Witnessing the death of a six-month-old son was a tragic moment for both of them.

Let’s look at Jayden Odom’s family, the cause of death, and more. Before that, here’s quick facts table about him.

Jayden Odom | Quick Facts

Full Name Jayden Odom
Birth Date December 15, 2005
Death of burial June 29, 2006
Birth Place New York, United States
Nick Name Not Known
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Horoscope Sagittarius
Father’s Name Lamar Odom
Mother’s Name  Liza Morales
Grandfather’s name Joe Odom
Grandmother’s name Cathy Mercer
Siblings Lamar Odom Jr, Destiny Odom
Died at the age of Six month old
Height Not known
Weight Not known
Cause of death Sudden Infant Syndrome (SIDS)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Father’s profession Basketball player
Mother’s Profession Author
Marital status of parents Unmarried
Father’s Net Worth Around $30 million
Social Media Lamar Odom’s InstagramTwitter
Lamar Odon’s Merch Book, Notebook
Last Update July, 2024

Jayden Odom | Early Life & Family

On December 15, 2005, Jayden was born in the United States to parents Lamar Odom and Liza Morales.

Moreover, Jayden had two siblings, Lamar Odom Jr and sister Destiny Odom. He was the third child of his parents.

His father, Lamar Odom, is a former NBA player, and his mother, Liza Morales, is an author.

Jayden with his mom and siblings.
Jayden with his mom, Liza, and siblings (Source-Instagram)

Jayden had a mixed racial background because his father was black and his mother, Liza, was white.

Similarly, the youngest, Jayden, was adored by his parents, brother, and sister. Tragically, he didn’t have enough chance to experience all of his family’s affection.

Lamar Odom’s son, Jayden Odom, with a cute smile and shining eyes, was no less than a doll.

Lamar Odom’s life after the arrival of Jayden?

Still, Lamar recalls the memory of his youngest son coming into the world. In one of his previous interviews, he recalled the events surrounding his son’s arrival.

Odom went on to say that he recalls being in the room with his son as he saw him coming into the world, which he finds refreshing and joyful.

He enjoys playing with the baby boy alongside his daughter, Destiny, and son, Lamar Jr. Jayden. According to Lamar, Jayden was quite aggressive and large for his age.

Jayden’s style of play was harsh, as he liked to be tossed in the bed and like to fight and play with him.

Similarly, Jayden had large eyes and would follow Lamar around everywhere he went as if he recognized him from somewhere else.

Jayden became one of Lamar’s biggest joys and saddest sorrows in his life, which he could never forget.

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Jayden Odom | Cause of death

In the last offseason, on the morning of June 29, 2006, three children of Lamar were with Liza.

Lamar received a desperate call from Liza, saying Jayden had stopped breathing and had been taken to the hospital.

As soon as Lamar got the call, he panicked, and he went to the hospital; and the hospital told him that they couldn’t revive him.

The cause of his death was sudden infant syndrome (SIDS). SIDS is an unexpected death that happens most often during sleep and can affect healthy infants under one year.

When Jayden took his last breath, he was six and a half months old. The tragic loss of Jayden was shocking news for all of Lamar’s fans.

Lamar and Liza after Jayden’s sudden death?

Lamar, after his son’s death.

We all grieve differently from the loss of someone we love. Lamar tried to be challenging in the aftermath of the devastating news, but he didn’t weep much as he had to take care of his family.

He also became a big shoulder for everyone in the family to lean on, so he had to be strong for his children and the rest of the family.

But, before facing his loved ones, Lamar wanted to spend some more time with Jayden. So, Lamar took one last hold of Jayden in a hospital room.

Lamar could not leave the hospital and sat for three hours, holding Jayden for the final time.

Similarly, Lamar spent much of his summer grieving alone, away from his family and friends, after saying farewell to his son.

Lamar tattoo of his late son, Jayden on his chest.
Lamar tattoo of his late son, Jayden. (

Finally, he returned to the game and resolved not to succumb to rage or contempt. He had a tattoo of Jayden on his chest that he could look at and recall.

Lamar misses his kid, and he has a sound of Jayden on one of the cellphones that he often plays, reminding him of how much he misses him and wondering what he would have looked like if he had lived.

So, in every game, he would write his deceased mother’s name, Kaffy, on one shoe and his deceased grandmother’s name, Grandma, on the other.

He always wants to keep the people he cares about near him, whether it’s a tattoo of his deceased kid or a name tattoo of his deceased mother and grandmother in his shoe while he plays.

Liza Morales, after Jayden Odom’s Death

Jayden’s mother, Liza, recalls her son and posts photos of him on his birthdays, counting down the years he would have lived if he had survived.

With the grief of losing a baby, Liza went through a lot. She was diagnosed with severe depression and attempted to improve her situation by depending heavily on her faith.

She published a book called Cutting Trauma Ties to change the narrative around mental illness in ethnic groups and continue to better her mental health.

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Jayden Odom | Parent’s Background & Upbringing.

Jayden’s father, Lamar, was born on November 6, 1979, to Joe Odom and Cathy Mercer in New York, Queens.

Lamar had a tough childhood because his mother died when he was young, and on the other hand, his father was a drug addict.

As a kid, he could not gain his parents’ affection and was eventually raised by his grandmother, Mildred Mercer.

Furthermore, his grandma became his entire family, and when she died, Lamar was left alone.

Moving on to Liza Morales’s Upbringing and family, She was also born in New York, Queen.
She grew up in a two-parent home in a middle-class family. She had a stepbrother, Nathan.

As she grew older, she saw her family quarreling and fighting at the age of seven. She still remembers the night when her parents fought and argued, which continued for years.

Her parents were divorced when she was in high school, and she started living with her mother.

Jayden Odom | Parent’s Love Story

Now, let’s talk about Jayden Odom’s parents and the relationship between Lamar Odom and Liza Morales.

Jayden’s parents’ relationship has taken many twists and turns over their lives, some good and some bad.

Lamar Odom and Liza Morales initially met at Christ the King Regional High School, where they both attended.

They were extremely close friends for a couple of years, and after Lamar graduated from high school and transferred to another school, they continued to meet and communicate with one other.

The two gradually grew to like one other and remained in touch even after graduating from high school.

Likewise, Liza got pregnant at the age of 18 and had their first child, destiny, at 19.

Liza and Lamar Odom with kids, Destiny and Lamar Jr
Liza and Lamar Odom with kids Destiny and Lamar Jr. (

A year later, while attending the University of Rhode Island, Lamar dropped out and chose to enter the NBA Draft. Lamar approached Liza one day and asked her to go to Los Angeles with him and their first kid.

So, at the age of 20, Liza abandoned all she loved in New York and moved to Los Angeles with her kid and boyfriend Lamar.

After a few years, she became pregnant with her second child, Lamar Odom Jr. As Lamar’s family grew and his career flourished, many new ladies entered his life.

Liza stayed because she cared about her family, even though she knew their lives would change.

Again couple of years later, Liza got pregnant with her third child, Jayden Odom.

The family flew over to New York to attend Lamar’s aunt’s funeral and stayed for a week when Young Odom passed away.

Lamar, after ending up a relationship with Liza.

Lamar’s life changed dramatically when he married Khloe Kardashian 2009, a television influencer, and appeared on the popular show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

Similarly, Lamar had a relationship with Taraji P Henson before coming to Khloe, but he ended it because he fell in love with her.

He also got divorced from Khloe and was unmarried for a while. He announced his engagement to Sabrina Parr in 2019 but later called it off.

As a result, Lamar and Liza’s high school romance ended, and Lamar blamed himself for ruining it and expressed regret.

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Jayden Odom | Parent’s Net Worth

Jayden’s father, Lamar, had played for six different NBA teams and has earned enough money to be living a comfortable life.

His net worth is approximately $30 million, although no specific figure has been released.

Similarly, Liza Morales is an author and has also worked as a real estate agent. She has also made an appearance in VH1’s Basketball Wives.

Morales is a working woman who lives her life on her terms. Her estimated net worth is in the $3 million range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Lamar Odom still in a relationship?

Since breaking up with his ex-girlfriend Sabina Parr, Lamar remains single and hasn’t been linked to anyone.

What year would Jayden Odom have been if he had lived?

If Jayden had survived, he would have been 16 years old.

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