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LiAngelo Ball, an American basketball player, plays as a shooting guard for the NBA G-league team Greensboro Swarm. He comes from a family with a basketball background; his brothers Lonzo & LaMelo play in the NBA.

Family dynamics have become popular in professions such as entertainment and politics. Similarly, in sports, Lavar Ball has pulled it off with his son, LiAngelo Ball. 

LiAngelo is one of three sons of Lavar Ball, who possesses both physical qualities and technical skills.

LiAngelo Ball Is An NBA G League
Greensboro Swarm Player LiAngelo Ball (Source: Basketball Forever)

Ball has become one of the most popular league players. He was able to gain massive popularity because of his last name and his Big Baller Brand. 

Ball hadn’t appeared in matches for the Swarm since Dec. 27, 2022, and again held out from another game due to an ankle injury in a loss against Motor City (123-119) on 15 Feb. 2023.

Besides, as one of the NBA’s prominent names, we will look further at his details in the article below.

Quick Facts

Full Name LiAngelo Robert Ball
Nickname Gelo
Birthday November 24, 1998
Age 25 Years Old
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Nationality American
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Birthplace Chino Hills, California, USA
Residence California, USA
Father’s Name Lavar Ball
Mom’s Name Tina Ball
  • LaMelo Ball
  • Lonzo Ball
Height 6’5″/1.95 m/195 cm
Weight 98 kg/215 lb.
Wingspan 6’9″/2.05 m/205 cm
Body Type Athletic
Skin Fair
Education Lovington High School
Texas Tech University
Profession Basketball player
Position Small Forward/ Guard
Education Chino Hills High School
Affiliated Teams
  • Prienai (2018)
  • Los Angeles Ballers (2018)
  • Oklahoma City Blue (2020)
  • Detroit Pistons (2020)
Current Team Greensboro Swarm
Jersey Number #3
Relationship Status Single
Girlfriend No
  • Denise Reann
  • Izzy Morris
  • Jaden Owens
  • Ally Rossel
Children A Daughter (Zoey Christina Ball) With Denise Reann (July 22, 2018)
Social Media Instagram
Net Worth Around $5 Million
Merch  Silver Edition Card
Last Update May 2024

Early Life, Family & Background

LiAngelo is the middle child of the Ball family, born on November 24, 1998. He grew up with his two siblings in Anaheim, California.

Not to mention, his brothers, LaMelo and Lonzo, are also basketball players. 

It does not come as a surprise since the whole family is associated with basketball.

His father, Lavar Ball, is a former athlete who played college basketball for the Cal State Los Angeles Golden Eagles.

On top of that, LiAngelo’s mother, Tina Ball, was also a college basketball player at Cal State Los Angeles. 

LiAngelo Ball With His Family (In Extreme Left Is Lonzo And Next To Him Is Lamelo)
LiAngelo Ball With His Brothers Lonzo And LaMelo, Including His Parents (Source: Bull Wire)

Thus, basketball’s prominence in the Ball family made a career in sports inevitable for LiAngelo.

As a result, the young player began to train under the guidance of his father at the tender age of four. 

LiAngelo played basketball and football at seven with his brothers. Besides, as a teenager, he competed in the Amateur Athletic Union for Big Ballers VTX.

His basketball career in high school began after joining Chino Hill High School at age 15. 

During high school, he drew much attention from the Los Angeles Times. 

Basketball Career  

LiAngelo’s performances as a Chino Hills High School sophomore drew tremendous attention from colleges worldwide. 

He led his high school to the country’s 22 best sports. His ranking was 50th as the best shooting guard in his class. 

Besides, before his sophomore year ended, LiAngelo became the first Chino Hills Player to commit to a college team. 

He expressed his commitment to joining the UCLA Bruins for the class of 2017.

Before leaving, he helped his high school team become number one in the country, drawing the attention of The New York Times. 

LiAngelo Ball (L) And Lamelo Ball Takes Part In Their First Training Session In Prienai, Lithuania
LiAngelo Ball (L) And LaMelo Ball In Basketball Court (Source: The

He played as a shooting guard during high school and led his team’s scoring chart. His remarkable performance led his team to a 60-game winning streak between 2015 and 2017. 

After his high school career, LiAngelo decided to enroll at the University of California. 

However, his career at the university was cut short after LiAngelo Ball was caught shoplifting sunglasses in a shop in China. 

Consequently, LiAngelo was suspended from Chino Hill’s basketball program. 

NBA Draft & Turning Pro

Shortly after, he set his sight on joining his brother Lonzo in the NBA. In 2017, LiAngelo Ball joined the Lithuanian Basketball League Team, BC Prienai. 

Thus, he became a professional basketball player at the age of 19. 

Furthermore, he spent the 2017/18 season with BC Prienai before his return to the U.S. However, LiAngelo was undrafted during the NBA Draft. 

It led him to join the Junior Basketball Association team, Los Angeles Ballers. LiAngelo spent a season with the Ballers and won a JBA championship. 

In addition, he was also named the Finals MVP and All-Star Game MVP. 

Professional Career

Although LiAngelo was not a highly touted prospect during high school, it did not stop him from preparing for the NBA. 

He joined UCLA with his brother LaMelo and signed with Prienai of the Lithuanian Basketball League. LaMelo became a professional basketball player after high school, like his elder brother. 

After the brother’s move to Lithuania, multiple American sports media covered the news. 

He made his professional debut on January 13, 2018. However, despite the hype, he went scoreless as the team lost 95-86 against Lietkabelis. 

LiAngelo made his first appearance for the team after a month. He recorded 13 points during the 97-95 victory against Šiauliai.

Shortly after, LiAngelo announced his entry into the 2018 NBA Draft on March 27, 2018. 

However, most analysts and critics believed that LiAngelo was a long shot to being selected. 

Despite his injury, which he suffered in a match against Juventus Utena, he left Prienai with his father, who was part of the coaching team at Virginijus Šeškus.

Before he arrived in the NBA, LiAngelo finished the LKl season with 2.7 rebounds and 12.6 points per game.

Also, he recorded 41.5% shooting from the three-point line. Sadly, LiAngelo wasn’t drafted during the 2018 NBA Draft.  

Los Angeles Ballers (2018)

LiAngelo signed with the Los Angeles Ballers of the Junior Basketball Association on July 9, 2018. The league was founded by his father.

Then LiAngelo joined the league mid-way through the season and debuted on July 15, 2018. He recorded ten rebounds, 53 points, and ten assists during his debut. 

His spectacular performance during the match won him an All-Star Game MVP award. Besides, he scored a season-high 58 points in his first playoff in a 157-134 win against Philadelphia Ballers. 

LiAngelo Ball Playing For Charlotte
LiAngelo Ball Playing For Charlotte (Source: Kings James Gospel)

LiAngelo matched his season-high of 58 points, six assists, and 11 rebounds against the Seattle Ballers. Also, Ball was named the Finals MVP after the game. 

His progression would not end here, as he was among 14 players selected for the JBA USA Team. The team faced numerous European teams during the international tour. 

However, LiAngelo’s basketball journey came to a halt in July 2019. Gelo suffered an ankle injury and had to go through surgery. 

The injury sidelined Ball for most of the 2019-20 season. 

Oklahoma City Blue 

After his spectacular season with the Ballers, LiAngelo signed with the Oklahoma City Blue on December 29, 2019. He was a practice player for the NBA G League side. 

He could not shine as the rest of the season was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Detroit Pistons 

Despite his quiet season with the Blue, LiAngelo signed a training camp contract with the Detroit Pistons on December 2, 2020. 

Sadly, LiAngelo did not appear in the games and was waived on December 11 during the pre-season. 

Greensboro Swarm

After the Pistons waived him, his younger brother LaMelo invited him to work out with the Charlotte Hornets. He trained with the team for weeks, and in the process, he impressed some of the Hornets’ staff. 

As a result, the shooting guard played for Charlotte in the Summer League. Finally, on October 14, 2021, the Hornets offered him a contract and signed him up. 

However, they waived him the very next day. Nevertheless, the Greensboro Swarm had him on their team a few days later. The Swarm selected him as 14th overall in the 2021 Annual NBA Development League Draft.

Ball joined the Charlotte Hornets for the 2022 NBA Summer League, followed by a non-guaranteed contract on September 26, 2022. However, he was waived on October 15, 2022.

Later on, October 23, 2022, Ball rejoined the Greensboro Swarm for training camp.

In Greensboro, LiAngelo Ball, since Dec. 27, 2022, had not played and again held out from the recent match due to an ankle injury in a loss against Motor City (123-119) on 15 Feb. 2023.


  • 2018 Junior Basketball Association (JBA) champion 
  • JBA Finals MVP in 2018
  • Named to the JBA All-Star in 2018
  • 2018 All-Star Game Co-MVP in JBA

G League Stats

Greensboro Swarm 31 13.1 4.4 .382 .500 0.2 0.4 0.4 0.7

Career Stats So Far

Despite missing out on the 2018 NBA Draft, LiAngelo Ball is consistently going strong. He continues to harbor hope of being a part of America’s premier basketball league. 

Further, his endeavor toward the NBA is inevitable if he is consistent with his impressive career stats. 

LiAngelo played 100 games and 65 games during high school, his senior and junior years. 

He played four games for the Los Angeles Ballers during the regular season and averaged 11.5 assists and 51.8 points per game with the Ballers.  


While Lavar Ball is against tattoos, all three Ball brothers have attractive tattoos. Some of LiAngelo’s tattoos include the number 21, a tribute to the late Nnamdi, his friend. 

Additionally, he has the word “prevail” tattooed on the left side of his stomach. Besides, he also has two inscriptions on the back and a lion with a basketball on the front. 

If you want to look at his tattoos in-depth, you can join Ball’s family web show, “Ball in the Family,” on Facebook. 

His tattoo’s specific episode is titled “Meeting Halfway,” season two, episode 17.

Age, Weight & Height

LiAngelo Ball is currently 25 years old. He is an attractive athlete standing 1.95 m tall. 

Besides, he weighs around 215 lb. LiAngelo has maintained his fitness with a training routine and strict diet despite his immense physical stature. 

Girlfriend & Ex-Girlfriends

LiAngelo has a daughter Zoey Christina Ball, with his high school ex-girlfriend Denise Garcia.

Zoey was born on July 22, 2018, and Ball spends much time with his daughter, Zoey.

After Denise, LiAngelo was in a relationship with Izzy Morris, a social media influencer. She was born on December 10, 1999.

They began dating as juniors at Chino Hill High School & were together throughout high school until 2018.

In one of the episodes of “Ball In the Family,” LiAngelo Ball confirmed that he has split up with Isabella “Izzy.”

The two broke up after LiAngelo left for UCLA for the Lithuanian basketball league.

LiAngelo Ball And Ally
LiAngelo Ball With His Girlfriend Ally Rossel (Source: Instagram)

Later, the California-born athlete was in a relationship with Jaden Owens. The couple began dating back in 2018 and got separated somewhere in 2021.

After a series of conversations, the couple met for the first time in July 2018. At the time, LiAngelo was playing for Los Angeles Ballers.

Jaden is also a basketball player who plays point guard like LiAngelo.

During high school, Jaden was a regular starter for four years. She was also her high school team captain for three years and was named the McDonald’s All-American. 

After studying Communication at UCLA, Jaden has played for Baylor Bears as a senior since 2020 in the #10 jersey. 

At present LiAngelo is officially dating Ally Rossel, an Instagram influencer, they have been dating since 2021, and the first time they met was through Rossel’s sister.

Girlfriends Fued Over LiAngelo

Since Jaden and LiAngelo have been together, the couple has been dealing with controversies. One of the recent ones includes an incident with his ex-girlfriend Izzy. 

It happened in October 2018 when Jaden and LiAngelo had just begun dating. At the time, Izzy and Jaden got into a feud after Izzy left a sarcastic comment “LOL” on Jaden’s picture. 

The Instagram clash went back and forth after Jaden’s sister threatened Izzy. She warned Izzy to stay out of Jaden’s comment section. 

Not, to say the least, the couple wasn’t affected by the feud; later, they eventually broke up for other reasons. As of this writing, LiAngelo is dating Ally Rossel, an Instagram influencer.

Net Worth & Salary

After leaving UCLA, LiAngelo was preparing for the 2018 Draft. As he went undrafted because of suspension on December 11, 2017, he signed with Prienai of the LKL.

Detroit Pistons, a prominent NBA team, waived him shortly after being signed in late 2020, and since then, he is yet to accomplish his NBA endeavors.

His time at the Lithuanian basketball league and the Junior Basketball League contributed to his total net worth. 

Besides, LiAngelo reportedly made around $50k monthly on both teams. He also earns from his Family’s Big Baller Brand and the reality show. 

LiAngelo Ball’s net worth is around $5 million as of 2024. In February 2021, he purchased a house with over half a dozen bedrooms in Chino Hills for $2.8 million.

Social Media Presence 

LiAngelo is quite active on social media platforms. You can catch him posting pictures of his cars, accessories, and clothing on Instagram, where he has over 2.9 million followers.

You can follow him under the user name @gelo. 

Similarly, he is active on Twitter under the username @liAngeloBall, with over 332k followers on the platform.

LiAngelo was featured on the cover page of James Magazine USA, photographed by Jim Jordon Photography on June 17, 2022.

Search Graph

Fans search for LiAngelo’s dating life & girlfriend along with his NBA achievements. 

LiAngelo Ball's Search Trend
LiAngelo Ball’s Search Trend (Source: Google Trends)

The above graph illustrates his search rate for the past 12 months.


  • In a media feature, Los Angeles Times called the brothers “quite a duo.”
  • LiAngelo Ball and his brother Lonzo shared the MVP accolade in a tournament at Fairfax High School.
  • In January 2018, a Lithuanian reporter asked LiAngelo out, and he sheepishly replied, “No comment.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Did LiAngelo's friend die?

Yes, Nnamdi died after a brain injury he suffered while skateboarding. 

When was LiAngelo Ball's first NBA game?

Although LiAngelo was signed with the Detroit Pistons, the team waived him before he could play an official game in the NBA. Hence, he has yet to debut in the league. 

Does LiAngelo have a sister?

No, the basketball Player does not have a sister. 

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