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Wolf Blitzer is a known face among CNN viewers, and those who know about Wolf Blitzer must know who Lynn Greenfield is. The wife of Wolf Blitzer, Lynn Greenfield, has spent more than 40 years of happy married life and is looking forward to more years together.

Greenfield carries on with a private life away from the public eye even though her better half is one of the well-known countenances of one of the world’s famous news channels.

Wolf Blitzer And Lynn Greenfield
Wolf Blitzer And Lynn Greenfield. (Source: Listal)

As most are already familiar with the life history of respected news anchor and author Wolf Blitzer, we will get to know about his beloved wife of almost five decades on this page.

Lynn Greenfield | Quick Facts 

Full Name Lynn Greenfield 
Birth Date September 16, 1950 
Age 73 Years Old
Gender Female
Weight 132 lb
Height 1.76 m
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Personal Shopper/ Socialite 
Parents N/A
Married/Single Married
Children 1 (Ilana Blitzer)
Divorce Never
Net Worth  Estimated $500 K
Education N/A 
Social Media N/A
Siblings Not mentioned
Eyes color Dark Brown 
Hair Blonde
Wolf Blitzer’s Merch Books (Wolf Blitzer)
Last Update March, 2024

Lynn Greenfield | Husband And Relationship

Lynn Greenfield’s hometown is Margate City, New Jersey. Sadly, no mentions of who her parents are available at the moment.

As per the source’s claim, Lynn is Christian, while her ethnicity happens to be Caucasian.

The famous socialite, Lynn, lives with her husband in Bethesda, Maryland, and mostly stays away from the flashing lights that surround her husband.

Lynn Greenfield (Source: Pinterest)
Lynn Greenfield (Source: Pinterest)

She doesn’t care to be in the spotlight at all like her significant other. Having said that, Lynn has gone to events and functions to help her better half.

They also have been spotted going out for meals together. Similarly, gorgeous Lynn accompanies her husband when he has to travel worldwide due to work purposes.


Since Lynn is entirely private about her personal life, she seems to have managed to keep information about her education protected from curious eyes.

Hence, unfortunately, we are unable to shed light on how much she has studied.


Sadly, no information on what Lynn Greenfield used to do before becoming the wife of Wolf Blitzer is available.

However, several media outlets reported that Lynn Greenfield used to be a Personal Shopper at the Saks Fifth Avenue store in Chevy Chase.

Furthermore, Lynn invests the majority of her free energy in gardening as it has developed into a hobby.

She is a skilled Gardner and perhaps the best floriculturist in Northern America.

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How Old Is Lynn Greenfield? Age, Height, And Weight

Talking about this famous socialite, Lynn is a gorgeous woman in her 70s. She knows how to take care of herself and what a splendid job she has done!

At 73 years old, Greenfield is still radiant and youthful. As per her zodiac sign, she is Virgo.

From what we know, they are known to be hard-working and perfectionists. Moreover, Greenfield stands 1.73 m tall and weighs around 132 lb.

To maintain a curvaceous figure is commendable on her part. We are sure she follows strict diets and exercise routines. 

Other than that, Greenfield has got gorgeous dark brown eyes and wavy blonde locks that frame her face perfectly. 

Lynn Greenfield | Personal Life, Family, And Wedding

Lynn Greenfield married her longtime Partner, Wolf Blitzer. Wolf was born in Germany to Polish Jewish parents.

They celebrated their nuptial in 1973 and, ever since then, the couple has been in blissful marriage life.

Before marrying Wolf Blitzer, Lynn was never married before. Wolf is her one and only husband. And by the number of their marriage years, it is only going to be added more.

About Her Famous Husband | Wolf Blitzer

Wolf Issac Blitzer is a pretty popular household name in America. He is an American Journalist, author, and T.V. anchorperson. Wolf has been filling in as a CNN Journalist since 1990.

And right now, he is one of the chief Anchors at the organization. He completed three decades at the network in 2020.

Wolf runs the popular news segment, the host of The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer, and, until 2021, filled in as its lead political anchor.

Blitzer started his profession in 1972 with the Reuters News Agency in Tel Aviv.

Presently, he turned into a Washington, D.C., reporter for The Jerusalem Post and announced from the country’s capital for over 15 years.

Blitzer has written about a broad scope of significant breaking stories worldwide that have formed the worldwide political scene throughout the long term.

All through his profession, Blitzer has interviews with a portion of history’s most eminent figures from everywhere in the world.

A long list of notable figures interviewed by Blitzer, includes Barack Obama, Dalai Lama, South African President Nelson Mandela, and many more.


Lynn and Wolf have one daughter named Ilana Blitzer. Their daughter was once married to Joseph Gendelman of Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services before tying the knot with David Snider.

The explanation of the whereabouts behind her first spouse’s separation is as yet indistinct 

Still, while searching about the daughter on the online platform, the daughter seems to be using the previous husband’s name.

Ilana Blitzer
Ilana Blitzer (Source: Pinterest)

Many online platforms have claimed Joseph Gendelman to be the first husband of Lynn Greenfield, although it is entirely false.

Further, The New York Times covered the wedding ceremony of Ilana and Joseph. The cover story details how they met and how their romance blossomed.

As per the news article, the couple got married in 2008. Nevertheless, Ilana is happily married to David Snider.

She gave birth to a baby boy Ruben in August of 2016 with David. As of now, Ruben is the only grandchild of Lynn and Wolf.

The information on Wolf being a granddad partook in the CNN news section. In the feature, Wolf was holding newly born Ruben.

Besides having a happy family, Ilana has a prosperous professional career too. Ilana is the beauty director of a Health magazine and All You Magazine in New York.

Lynn Greenfield | Net Worth And Charity

Expertly, Lynn is a personal shopper at Saks. In addition, she has styled her own significant other, Wolf Blitzer, who complimented her work during an interview in 2011.

Lynn’s rundown of Client incorporates activist Beth Dosoretz who praises her work.

Her customer list is long, which is how she makes an annual income of more than 250 thousand U.S. dollars and has a net worth of above $500 thousand.

As per many online sources, her husband’s net worth is around $25 million.

Associated Charities

There is no information on what type of charities Lynn supports or if she runs her charity organization.

Although Lynn Greenfield is mostly known for being the spouse of America’s famous author and anchor, She has played a massive role in shaping her husband’s professional career.

And for that matter, Lynn Greenfield perfectly fits with the famous saying, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman.”

Considering Lynn is a private person, there are not many things about Lynn you can find on the internet. Any information on her online comes from her husband.

In a few years, Lynn Greenfield and Wolf Blitzer will celebrate the golden jubilee of their marital nuptials.

Their life taught us that we could accomplish a successful married life despite having a professional and reportedly busy life.

Social Media Presence

Lynn Greenfield is not on any of the popular social media platforms. Henceforth, she does not have accounts on any social media sites where we spend precious hours of our life.

But we can find her husband, Wolf Blitzer, on almost all social networking sites under the username @Wolfblitzer.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Wolf Blitzer (@wolfblitzer)

 However, all of Wolf Blitzer’s posts on these online platforms are related to politics. Only a few seats are for families. And it is the same with her daughter’s social media pages too.

Some FAQs

Is Lynn Greenfield a florist?

Lynn Greenfield is very interested in gardening and spends most of her free time taking care of the garden and plants. She is a reputed Gardner and is considered to be one of the best florists in Northern America.

What is Wolf Blitzer’s age?

Born on March 22, 1948, Blitzer is 75 years old as of 2024.

Is Lynn the owner of  Lynn Greenfield Property Services Ltd?

No, Lynn Greenfield, whom we are talking on this article is not an owner of any Property Services.

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