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Michael Strahan, a former defensive end for the New York Giants of NFL, got his hands on T.V. and Journalism and became a famous television personality. “Is Michael Strahan Gay?” is often asked by many of his fans and followers, particularly for his public support and advocacy of gay marriage and gay rights.

Strahan currently runs a show, “Good Morning America” as a co-host on the ABC network and the show, “The $100,000 Pyramid.”

Michael played for the New York Giants of the National Football League (NFL) and helped the Giants win Super Bowl XLII in 2007.

The seven times Pro Bowl roster Strahan was also inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2014.

Michael Strahan during a playoff
Michael Strahan during a playoff (Source: Instagram)

Transitioning from a professional football career to a media person was an excellent move for him, and he equally excelled at it.

Sadly, things got a little out of hand when his ex-wife, Jean Strahan, accused him of having an extra-marital affair with T.V. doctor Ian Smith.

This article will disclose his actual sexuality or, rather, sexual preference. Let’s proceed with some quick facts!

Michael Strahan | Quick Facts

Full Name Michael Anthony Strahan
Birth Date November 21, 1971
Birth Place Houston, Texas, U.S.
Nick Name Bob
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
  • Westbury High School
  • Texas Southern University
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’s Name Gene Willie Strahan
Mother’s Name Louise Strahan
Siblings Five
Age 52 years old
Height 6 Feet 5 inches  (196 cm)
Weight 116 kg (255 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Build Athletic
Profession Journalist, Football analyst, and a Television star
Marital Status Divorced but not single
Kids Three daughters and a son
Favorite food Gujarati
Music preference Western instrumental
Other sports he likes  Golf, Volleyball
Net Worth $65 million
Merch of Michael Strahan Football Card, Books
Last Update May, 2024

The Big Question: Is Michael Strahan Gay?

Michael Strahan has been engaged three times in the past, and all three of his partners were of the opposite sex. 

It’s all the hoaxes and false accusations about his gay status. He is a straight, fun-loving, kind, and generous man.

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Wanda Hutchins (1992-1996)

Strahan got married to Wanda Hutchins in the year 1992. Wanda Hitchins is the owner and CEO of Wanda Home designs, specializing in home decor and furniture.

He had two children with her, a daughter named Tanita Strahan and a son named Michael Anthony Strahan Jr.

Wanda Hutchins, the first wife of Michael Strahan (Source: Liverampup)

The relationship did not last long; the couple divorced in 1996, four years after marriage.

The two ended their marriage on good terms, agreeing to co-parent their kids. But they have been good friends since their divorce. Wanda has even saved him from bad press.

For a long time, the couple decided not to disclose the reason for their split, but years later, Wanda stated that they were just too young and mutually decided to divorce.

Jean Muggli (1999-2006)

Similarly, he married Jean Muggli three years after the divorce; he seemed too lonely without a partner.

Jean Muggli is an American woman native to Carson, North Dakota.

Jean Muggli, the second wife of Michael Strahan (Source: People)

Unlike Wanda, she has no institution or enterprise in her name; she is only famous as Michael Strahan’s ex-wife.

Jean and Michael married in 1999, but Michael divorced again on July 20, 2006.

The couple had two beautiful daughters together, Isabella Strahan and Sophia Strahan.

Isabella and Sophia Strahan smile for the camera as daddy Michael take their picture
Isabella and Sophia Strahan smile for the camera as daddy Michael takes their picture (Source: Instagram)

This divorce was a bit unpleasant compared to the previous one, as Jean reportedly took away Michael’s $15 million as a divorce settlement.

During this period, Wanda Hitchins told the media that Michael was a good man and Jean was evil.

When someone’s ex says that he/she is a good man/woman, you better believe that because it is so rare that an ex supports his/her ex-partner even after their break up.

Michael must have been a good man and a loving husband, so much so that his ex-wife comes to his rescue in times of despair.

She also stated that Jean said, “I wish you all would die,” to Wanda’s two little kids.

Michael also had a couple of remarks about his ex-wife, “Jean is sick, evil lady. Jean is sick. I have been praying for her for years. It’s a shame.”

Nicole Mitchelle (2009-2014)

Following the trend, in August of 2009, Michael got engaged once more to Nicole Mitchelle, Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife.

Nicole Mitchelle is an Actress and a businesswoman; she is the owner of Nicole Murphy Fitness, specializing in health tips, nutrition, healthy food recipes, and workout tutorials.

By this time, you guys might have already predicted the result of their relationship.

Nicole-Mitchelle-and--Michael (Source: Zimbio)
Nicole Mitchelle and Michael (Source: Zimbio)

Yes, the couple called off the engagement in 2014 and headed their separate ways.

Their breakup made waves in the media as Michael reportedly cheated on her.

The story goes as such: Michael was with another girl at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Somehow Nicole got hold of the information that he was there, but she did not know he was with another woman.

Nicole kept banging on his room’s door but to no avail. Nicole was convinced that he was, in fact, with another woman.

After that, she yelled and cursed at him through the door, which got her kicked out of the hotel.

Despite ending their relationship in such an intense and dramatic situation, they remained friends after their split.

Marianna Hewitt & Stefani Vera

According to our sources, Michael was in a relationship with Marianna Hewitt; the two met each other in 2014 and started dating relatively soon.

They dated for quite a while before splitting up for good. Likewise, Marianna Hewitt is a podcaster and Summer Fridays founder.

Marianna Hewitt and Michael were seen together in New York (Source: Daily Mail)

After that, he reportedly went on to date Stefani Vera, a motivational influencer.

However, we don’t have any solid proof of their relationship.

Kayla Quick

Around November 2015, Kayla and Michael were spotted in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Michael went off on the paparazzi after being spotted together with Kayla.

Similarly, in 2018, Kayla and Michael were reunited on New York’s upper east side.

Michael-Strahan-and Kayla-Quick
Michael Strahan and Kayla Quick (Source:

Again, the two were enjoying a lovely romantic late-night dinner. At the time, Kayla Quick worked as a cocktail waitress.

Besides being more than 20 years younger than the man, she was dating, Kayla has also been arrested for disorderly conduct and grand theft.

She was arrested in 2005 after being accused of the alleged burglary of her grandmother’s House.

According to some sources, the two started dating somewhere around 2016.

The duo was leaving Dave Chappel’s 2019 New Year’s Eve Party in Los Angeles.

Who is Michael Strahan dating right now?

Rumors have been going around that Michael and Kayla are still dating, but it is just rumored. Michael has not been seen with another woman for quite a while now.

We do not have any reliable info regarding Michael’s current relationship status.

Is Michael Strahan Gay
Michael Strahan (Source: Instagram)

So, the long-awaited answer to the question, “Is Michael Strahan Gay?

After speculating on his past and present relationships, we do not think he is slightly gay or bisexual.

We conclude that he is a straight man attracted to a female.

Regardless of what some people might claim or think, Michael Strahan is not gay at all.

An accusation of being Gay by his former partner Jean Muggli

Michael Strahan’s gay accusation

Jean stated that her ex-husband, Michael Strahan, was engaged in an extra-marital affair with a guy, specifically, T.V. doctor Ian Smith.

Ian Smith is famous for being a regular contributor on VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club” and ABC’s “The View.”

Besides that, he also wrote medical columns for Men’s Health magazine.

On top of that, she also accused him of abusing her, neglecting their two children, adultery, and recording her sister’s video.

Michael Strahan having fun with Tom Brady
Michael Strahan having fun with Tom Brady (Source: Instagram)

Both sides accused each other of recklessly spending money on a shopping spree.

It is also said that jean broke down during a few of her husband’s testimonies.

According to the Daily News, Jean said that Michael Strahan had moved into Ian Smith’s one-bedroom apartment.

And you can say an alternative lifestyle sprouted,” she added.

Her lawyer stopped Jean before she could elaborate on the claims any further.

Although the claims of her being abused by Strahan were not proven in court, she got away with a considerable portion of Michael’s hard-earned money.

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Michael Strahan denies being gay.

Both Michael and Ian denied having any kind of sexual relationship going on between them.

Ian Smith reportedly said that he is a happily married man and that having an intimate relationship with Michael was impossible.

Furthermore, in the Wendy Williams radio show, Michael said that if his being gay was, in fact, true, “it would hit the fan from the get-go.

They were saying that he dismissed the false allegations made by his ex-wife. He also said he had many bisexual and homosexual friends during the same airing.

It is fine with me. This is New York City. If you can not accept people for being people, then you have no business being here,” said Michael to the radio show interviewer.

Michael also said in an interview, “I think early on when you are reading all these things in the paper that are not true; I am not an adulterer, I am not gay. I mean, I did not beat anybody.

Addressing the accusation that he moved into Ian Smith’s one-bedroom apartment, he commented, “When I had to stay somewhere, he opened his doors. It’s not that I could not stay at any hotel that I want.

The Reason for The Divorce (Jean and Michael)

Sometime after their marriage, Jean Muggli reportedly withdrew 3.3 million dollars from their bank accounts.

Michael tried to confront her, but she refused to listen. As a result, Strahan decided to divorce her.

Strahan and Muggli faced each other in court in 2007. Jean tried to prove that her husband had physically assaulted her, but the claims were dismissed as false.

She also accused him of being gay and having an intimate relationship with his male friend.

Michael Strahan being playful
Michael Strahan being playful (Source: Instagram)

Michael had to pay her a considerable sum of money, a total of $15 million, as a divorce settlement despite the allegations being dismissed.

On top of that, he also had to pay her $18,000 as child support per month.

A brief bio on Michael Strahan

Early Days

Michael Strahan, the former athlete, was born on November 21, 1971. He was born in the city of Houston, Texas.

He was the youngest child born to his Father, Gene Willie Strahan, and his mother, Louise Strahan.

Michal Strahan with his siblings during his childhood (Source: Twitter)

Michael grew up in Mannheim, Germany, with his five other siblings, where she spent most of his childhood.

The family moved to Germany as his Father was a U.S. Army Major, and he was stationed in Germany at the time when Michael was nine.

Michael studied middle school in Germany and later returned to his homeland for his senior year of high school.

Early and Professional Career (Football Career)

After returning from Germany, he joined Westbury High School, playing football, taking full advantage of his big frame.

He did play organized football back in Germany in his middle school, but he did not have much experience compared to his opponents while playing for Westbury High School.

Despite his lack of experience, he did manage to get a scholarship to play at the Texas Southern University in Houston.

Michael Strahan playing football (Source: Twitter)

He proved that he was a talented footballer and was adaptive too.

He continued to impress his teammates and coaches in his college days.

In his senior year of college, his incredible gameplay captured the attention of the National Football League scouts.

The New York Giants drafted him as the 40th overall selection in the 1993 NFL draft. He did not leave the club during his entire career as a professional footballer.

Michael Strahan played for the New York Giants for 15 years.

My unexpected career as a television host

He got a call from the local NYC station inviting him to a Sports Illustrated swimsuit Party, to which Strahan enthusiastically agreed.

He went to the Party, and after spending some time at the Party, the event’s producer approached him.

The producer asked Michael if he could interview some models. Again, Michael agreed to the invitation.

Now Michael stumbled upon something he enjoyed doing but was not very talented at. So he decided to change this fact and became a professional television anchor.

Michael did any job his agent found; no job was too small; it was all a part of growing experience and sharpening his skills.

The Fox NFL Pregame Show hired him in 2008. Why wouldn’t they? After all, he was the perfect candidate for the position.

Michael Strahan in the studio
Michael Strahan in the studio (Source: Instagram)

Michael did not let this achievement get in his head. He did not stop doing side gigs whenever possible.

Then in 2010, he was made the anchor for the well-known T.V. show Live! With Regis and Kelly.

His charismatic personality and ever-smiley face raised the show’s ratings during his time there.

Michael eventually left the job for an even bigger one, a full-time contributor to Good Morning America.

In 2015, Strahan released his best-selling book, “Wake Up Happy: The Dream Big, Win Big Guide to Transforming Your Life.” 

The book includes personal stories and motivational advice to inspire readers to turn up the heat and go from good to great in pursuing their ambitions. 

Michael Strahan | The man of many talents and Charisma

Michael formed SMAC Entertainment Company, which brings his skills, determination, leadership, experience, and humor to the multi-dimensional talent management, music, branding, and production Company.

In addition to representing dynamic and globally recognized talent, SMAC has produced substantial and diversified content, most notably “The Joker’s Wild.

Strahan hosted the first “Kids’ Choice Sports Awards” in 2014 and the most recent ceremony in 2019.

Michael Strahan’s different Ventures (Source:

 In addition, Strahan was nominated for a 2014 Sports Emmy Award in the category of “Outstanding Sports Personality – Studio Analyst.”

Since joining “Good Morning America,” the morning show won the Daytime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Morning Program” in 2017 and 2018.

Strahan also tackled the world of scripted network primetime television as the star of “Brothers,” a 30-minute sitcom on Fox from Sony Pictures Television. 

Strahan has made memorable cameo appearances in the hit films “Magic Mike XXL” and “Charlie’s Angels” (2019).

The works of Michael, where he has worked as an Executive Producer (Credit:

He has also lent his voice to the animated film “Ice Age: Collision Course.”

Additionally, co-founded by Strahan, Tom Brady, and Gotham Chopra, Religion of Sports released “The Great Brady Heist,” which chronicles the disappearance of Tom Brady’s jersey following the 2017 Super Bowl LI.

Michael Strahan Space Tour | Blue Origin | Jeff Bezos

Michael Strahan had a few of the most remarkable moments of his life in space in a Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos’ New Shepard rocket while he orbited above the earth.

In December 2021, he flew to space and landed successfully with his other companions.

Michaell Strahan Ringing the Bell Before boarding the Blue Origin (Source: Blue Origin)

“Being there at the first launch… it was mind-blowing,” Strahan told his GMA co-anchors.

Michael added, “I believe that space travel will bring many technological breakthroughs and innovations to us here on Earth, and I just wanted to be a part of it.

He was among the few Journalists who first asked jeff Bezos how it felt above there in space. Who knew Jeff would offer him to go there after a month?!

Strahan, and five other members of his crew, upon arrival, were greeted by Bezos, who opened the capsule door and said, “Welcome back, guys.”  

I want to go back,” Strahan said after landing.

Social Media Links

Instagram: 1.5 million followers

Twitter: 1.3 million followers

Facebook: 1.1 million followers

Michael Strahan’s website

Michael Strahan Popularity

Michael is not a new name in the television and Journalism world. He has ventured into multiple projects and draws attention all over him.

Michael Strahan’s popularity in the U.S. for the past 5 years (Source: Google)


Is Michael Strahan rich?

Michael Strahan has a net worth of $65 million. That speaks for itself. Some sources estimate that he earns $17 million yearly from endorsements and hostings.

How many S.B. rings does Michael Strahan have?

Michael Strahan has won three Super Bowls (S.B.) in his professional football career. All three Super Bowl wins were with the New York Giants.

Does Michael Strahan have a wife?

No, Michael is currently unmarried. The last person he dated was Kayla Quick, 20 years younger than him, who was jailed for robbing her grandmother’s House.

Did Michael Strahan fix his teeth?

Yes, Michael Strahan did fix his teeth. He underwent a procedure to fill in the gap between his two front teeth. The opening was kind of iconic for the T.V. host.

What happened with Michael Strahan’s ex-wife?

After the divorce, she got in a lot of trouble. Perhaps Michael was right; she is sick and evil. She was arrested for violating an order of protection.

What did Michael Strahan say about being in space?

Michael Strahan said, “You’re looking at darkness, and you realize I’m going to change and go from darkness to look down at light instead of light to look down at darkness.”

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