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Noelle Foley is an actress, model, and aspiring wrestler who mainly came into recognition through the social status of her father, Mick Foley. She wants to follow her father into wrestling and is mostly seen accompanying him wherever Mick goes.

Mick Foley, previously as Cactus Jack, is a retired professional wrestler who also serves as the general manager of WWE RAW, appointed by Stephanie McMahon, only to be fired later.

As of late, she works as a color commentator and occasionally pops into wrestling once in a while.

Noelle Foley, Model
Noelle Foley at Disney World

Stephanie has big shoes to fill if she is to make it in the wrestling world.

But at the moment, the 27-year-old is preparing herself to launch into the business and, in the meantime, is working as a judge on a WWE special show, WWE Kitchen Smackdown.

In this article, we will tackle all the queries you might have on the lovely Foley. As such, we will discuss her upbringing, measurements, career path, net worth, and love life. So, please stick with us to the end and enjoy the read!

Quick Facts

Full Name Noelle Margaret Foley
Date of Birth December 15, 1993
Birth Place Georgia, U.S.
Nick Name None
Religion Christianity
Nationality American 
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign  Sagittarius
Age 30 years old
Height 6’0″ (1.83 m)
Weight 68 kg (150 lbs)
Hair Color Blonde 
Eye Color Blue 
Body measurements 35-25-36
Father’s Name Mick Foley
Mother’s Name Collette Foley
Siblings Dewey Francis Foley
Michael Francis “Mickey” Foley Jr.
Hughie Francis Foley
Education Unavailable 
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend  Frank The Clown “Frank Mustari”
Kids None
Profession Model, wrestler
Appeared in  “Holy Foley!” in WWE Network
Trained at WWE Performance Center in Orlando
Active Years 2016-2018
Net Worth $1million
Social Media Instagram, FacebookYouTube, Twitter 
Last Update May, 2024

Noelle Foley: Mick Foley’s Daughter Wiki-Bio | Early Life, Siblings, & Parents

Noelle Margaret Foley, or commonly known as just Noelle Foley, was born on December 15, 1993, in Georgia, the U.S. She is the daughter of Mick Foley, a retired wrestler, and Colette Foley.

Besides, she isn’t the only child in the family. Noelle is a younger sister to Dewey Francis and an older sister to Michael Francis “Mickey” Jr. and Hughie Francis.

Well, being surrounded by boys in the family certainly injected her with an excess of masculine energy.

Noelle Foley with her family members

Like Noelle, her brothers Mickey and Hughie are internet stars as they have their own YouTube channel called MickeyFoley0105, whereas Dewey is employed at WWE.

Also, Mickey has the autism spectrum but is one of the most fun-loving and kind people in the family.

Apart from the familial details, the information regarding her education is mostly unknown.

Foley is an American citizen and is of white ethnic background. In the same way, she is a Sagittarius based on her birth chart.

Noelle Foley | Age, Height, & Body Measurements

Born in 1993 makes Noelle  30 years old at present. The Georgian is still young and is eager to step into wrestling before her prime time passes, although, at 30, she has already managed to achieve mild stardom mainly through her online presence.

Noelle Foley, Age, Height
Noelle Foley relaxing at the beach

Simultaneously, the internet star has a magnificent height of 6’0″ (1.83 m), undoubtedly inheriting her father’s towering physique. Pertaining to her height, Noelle weighs approximately 68 kg (150 lbs).

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In like manner, in pursuit of being a wrestler, the Georgian enthusiastically stays fit and hence possesses a body measurement of 35-inches of the breast, 25-inches of the waist, and 36-inches of hips.

Despite being a voracious foodie, her incredible shape is proof of how serious she is to wrestling.

Noelle Foley, Food
Noelle Foley is a voracious foodie.

Besides, there is no denying how beautiful Foley is, and in this regard, she definitely takes after her mother.

With natural long blonde hair, icy blue eyes, and a doll-like face, it’s impossible not to fall in love with such a bombshell.

Noelle Foley | Career: Wrestler & Modeling

For several years now, Mick stands as an advocate of women’s wrestling. Naturally, when Noelle developed a passion for the industry, her father was bound to guide her through the hustle and bustle.

Initially, the Georgian first came into the limelight after appearing alongside her father in several TV shows and documentaries.

Beyond the Mat was one such documentary that gave insights and a behind-the-scenes peek on the ring’s dynamics and debunked the false statements that claimed wrestling to be fake.

However, until the age of 15, Noelle didn’t appear before the public’s eye after disappearing from the spotlight at just six years old.

Ultimately, at one point, Foley made a cameo in her father’s comedy special Mick Foley: Cheap Pops.

Additionally, the Georgian had the opportunity to take the WWE stage and not in the way one would imagine.

WWE is known to make unique segments apart from their great wrestling matches; as such, Noelle featured in WWE Slam Christmas alongside her father.

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Likewise, from 2016 onwards, the spring wrestler became a regular in one of her father’s shows titled Holey Foley!, which basically documents the Foley family’s everyday life.

Unfortunately for Noelle, her wrestling career took a significant halt when she sustained an injury during training.

Thus, the only WWE action she got there on was on WWE Kitchen Smackdown that pits wrestling stars against each other in a cook-off.

On the contrary, even with a wrestling career down the drain, the 27-year-old maintains her public stardom with engaging YouTube videos on her channel, which has over 50k+subscribers.

We can mainly learn about makeup tutorials, fashion reviews, and the unboxing of various channel packages.

Noelle Foley | Concussion Syndrome

In 2019, Foley went to a theme park with her boyfriend to make memories and have fun. At the park, their eyes came across a particular roller coaster.

Since it didn’t have any different warning than other roller coasters, the two strapped in to enjoy the ride.

Little did Noelle knew that the ride wouldn’t be as fun as she anticipated.

As soon as the roller coaster dropped, the social media influencer hit her head on the headrest very hard. Moreover, it happened a few more times. 

Noelle Foley For Calvin Klein
Noelle Foley Posing While Wearing Calvin Klein

Immediately after getting off the ride, the actress was nauseous, dizzy, and in a lot of pain. She had a concussion.

However, she failed to recognize it at the moment. Noelle elaborated how the thought of concussion didn’t even cross her mind.

She went through weeks of headaches before her brother suggested that it might be a concussion. Finally, after making a doctor’s appointment, it was confirmed to be a concussion.

Now, Foley suffers from Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) and shares her story so that people don’t mistake concussions for headaches. Likewise, she uses her social media platforms to spread awareness.

Noelle Foley Net Worth | Salary & Income

Talking about her financial details, Noelle proudly sits on a net worth of $1 million. Frankly, it’s an impressive feat for someone whose earning is based solely on internet success.

Moreover, this fortune has neither been granted by her father nor any other external sources.

Net Worth
Noelle Foley at a football game

Indeed, in the modern world, one can make money from any outlet if they put their heart and mind into it. On the contrary, if we move onto Mick’s net worth, it certainly dwindles Noelle’s collective wealth.

To illustrate, Mick, over the years, has amassed a fortune of $18 million.

Even though Cactus jack is a retired man, he hasn’t stopped earning and to this day pockets around $2.88 million every year from writings, commentary, and other stage shows.

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Also, the once fearsome man turned out to be a tender-hearted guy.

Having to take care of his wonderful middle son, who has autism, Mick set out to do good in this world with involvements in charities like Camp Adventure and Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Noelle Foley | Personal Life, Boyfriend & Relationship Status

As much as of a social bird Noelle is, for some time now, her private was in the shadows.

Nonetheless, Foley started opening up eventually, and what we found out was that she has been dating Frank “The Clown” Mustari for six years now.

Frank became a subject to much resentment from the general mass in recent years because an “indie wrestler,” such as himself, is dating a bombshell and Mick Foley’s daughter.

Noelle Foley, Boyfriend
Noelle Foley and her boyfriend, Frank Mustari

However, the thick-skinned clown doesn’t need to sweat over the outrageous comments or hate as Noelle has eyes for him and him only. On top of that, Frank even has the blessing of the WWE Hall of Famer.

Noelle Foley | Social Media Presence

Mick Foley’s daughter is quite active on social media platforms. Hence, below are links to her social media accounts.

Instagram handle (@noellefoley): 1 million followers
Facebook handle (NoelleFoley): 2.7 million followers
YouTube (Noelle Foley): 43.3k subscribers
Twitter handle (@NoelleFoley): 200.7k followers

Some extra likes of Noelle:

Favourite Singer: Madison Beer
Favorite Color: Sky blue
Hobbies: Traveling, Writing

Common Queries:

How old is Noelle Foley?

Since Foley was born on December 15, 1993, she is 27 years old as of now.

Who is Noelle Foley’s mother?

Noelle’s mother is Collette Foley, who is widely known for her roles in WWE Raw, Deadbeats, and Celebrity Wife Swap. 

What does Noelle Foley do?

Currently, Foley is focusing on growing her social media platforms. Besides that, she is also modeling. 

Who is Noelle Foley dating?

The wrestler is dating Frank “The Clown” Mustari. They have been together for over six years now. 

What is Noelle Foley’s shoe size?

Noelle Foley’s shoe size is 10. 

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