Quintez Cephus Bio: NFL, Girlfriend, Net Worth & Sexual Assault

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Football players choose the NFL as a career-building platform wisely and prudently when they are sure of doing the best.

There are few players, despite doing the best, who stay in the spotlight due to personal clashes.

Today, we will talk about an explosive receiver who got a red flag and eventually had to miss an entire season. The identification is Quintez Cephus, famous for beating the odds of life.

To pinpoint, he is a professional football receiver for the Detroit Lions of the NFL. He serves as a wide receiver there.

Before enrolling in NFL, Quintez remained a football player at both his high school and college. Its been about a year that he has been in the field professionally.

Quintez Cephus
Quintez Cephus

Thus, he has not grabbed any such awards and recognitions in his name. However, his physicality and athleticism have become a strong suit.

Besides sports, there are a lot of things to talk about him, his life, the pain, the agony, twists, and turns that he survived.

Explore Quintez Cephus, his life, and a story of hardship beyond win and losses while you read this article. Moreover, tune to this page if you want to know the reason for his suspension for a year.

But, before that, let’s try to know him better with clear-cut, easy-going, quick facts.

Quintez Cephus | Quick Facts

Full Name Quintez Cephus
Birth Date April 1, 1998
Birth Place Macon, Georgia
Nick Name Q, Quintez
Religion Not known
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Education Stratford Academy, University of Wisconsin
Horoscope Aries
Father’sName Andre Taylor
Mother’sName Lakesha
Siblings A brother and a sister
Age 26 Years Old
Height 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight 207 lb (94 kg)
Roster Status Active
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Jersey No. 87
Build Athlete
Marital Status Single
Girlfriend Not known
Position Wide Reciever
Profession NFL player
Net Worth $3,599,288
Salary Around $610,000
Currently Plays for Detroit Lions
League NFL
Active Since 2020-present
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Update May, 2024

Quintez Cephus | Early Life

Quintez Cephus was born on April 1, 1998, to his parents Andre Taylor and Aklesha, in Macon, Georgia. He is not the sole kid in the family as he grew along with his brother and sister.

Quiteez is an American by nationality and has a black ethnicity. He was raised in Central Georgia by his mother, as his father did not live with them, but Andre was a prominent part of their lives.

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Quintez had to go through a lot since his childhood days. From facing the racial issues to being far-flung from his father for four years at two’s tender age. It was sports that help mold his life.

His father, Andre, was sentenced to jail in the early 2000s for cocaine trafficking and aggravated assault. Quintez frequently made visits to the jail to meet his father.

Talking about his father, Andre was also called Gangsta Dre, a high-affiliated member of the Westside Gangster Crips street gang. But Andre never allowed his criminal shadow even to touch his son.

Andre had mirrors in his cars to keep an eye on his son and act as surveillance if anyone does anything wrong to his son.

He made sure, Quintez catches another route to standards, dignity, and respect. Andre made sure that his son learns the value of hard work and respect.

Quintez always remained silent in his class as his classmates criticized him saying, he doesn’t belong here just because he is black. He always felt like an outsider.

However, Andre helped his son acquire admission in a private school when he reached the eighth standard and helped him fight the battle that every black person has to face while living in America.

Quintez Cephus | High School Career

He attended Stratford Academy in Macon, Georgia. He turned out to be an outstanding athlete at basketball and football.

According to his high school coach, Mark Fariba, Quintez had already visualized himself as a top athlete. Both athletics and study were important to them.

Quintez accomplished both on and off the field. He qualified academically at UW and received Divison I scholarships in football and basketball.

He wanted to carry on his dad’s preachings and not travel on the same path which his father did.

Quintez appeared as a  running back, wide receiver, and defense throughout his high school football, receiving a three-star recruiting grade.

Quintez Cephus | College Career

His father, Andre, sent an email to the Wisconsin wide receivers coach Ted Gilmore, saying all the facts that would intrigue the coach and make him hire Quintez as one of the players for the team Badgers.

And eventually, the same thing happened so. Ted was way impressed by Quintez’s raw athletic ability.

He interrogated with the basketball head coach at Stratford University, Janie Dickey, and diagnosed all over Quintez’s game throughout his high school journey.

And further, Tim and Wisconsin extended their hands to Quintez and offered him a scholarship.

Although, he had offers coming from  Miami, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, and Georgia Southern.

Quintez also joined Furman Paladins to play basketball but eventually decided to go for football.

He notched thirty passes and finished a hundred-yard receiving game in his sophomore year against Purdue. He was also enrolled in track and field.

However, Quintez broke his leg and had to stand out for the rest of the season and underwent surgery.

Things did not go well so far for him as he was again suspended for an entire season due to some legal charges.

Quintez was allowed back again by NCAA in August 2019 and showed his stunts in the senior season.

The football team always hovered him with their support. He headed the team in receptions, received yards, received touchdowns, and took part in the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine.

Appraisals and acknowledgment followed him after the Scouting Combine. Later on January 6, 2020, Quintez announced the 2020 NFL draft.

Quintez Cephus | Professional Career

The Detroit Lions hired him with the 166th overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft in the fifth round.  First, it was heard that Quintez was engaged in exchange for cornerback Darius Slay who was traded to the Philadephia Eagles.

Finally, in July, Quintez and the Lions agreed to a four-year contract.

Quintez Cephus | Personal Life

Well, coming to the personal aspects of his life, he had a tough road to travel, full of hurdles, we must say.

First, facing racial issues in class, and second, the pain of staying away from his father and the rest of the obstacles were on their way.

During Quintez’s freshman year at Wisconsin University, he lost his mother, who was battling cancer. Either way, he had to overcome his mother’s loss, which he slowly did.

Yes, it took time to gather those shattered pieces of a broken heart, trying harder to overcome the loss. But, this was not it.

His father, Andre, who just turned thirty-nine, was shot dead on April 3, 2017.

Quintez, after hearing the news, left the practice at the University of Wisconsin and went back to his hometown to be with his family with his coach Gilmore.

As claimed by sources, Andre was in a heated argument with Calvin Stapleton outside a store in Macon the very day.

When Andre refused to elongate the discussion and walked away, Calvin shot him on his head with a pistol. Andre died the next day.

Following that, Calvin got accused of murder charges and criminal street gang activity. However, Calvin was found guilty. Click here to read more.

Calvin Stapleton
Calvin Stapleton, the shooter of Andre Taylor in the Bibb Country Superior Court

Quintez shared a special bond with his father that no one can ever take place. Whatever he is today, that is just because of his father. Andre taught him to live with respect and dignity.

There were no ways that could fulfill the void or lessen the grieving moment.  His sophomore season went into a particular pause after his father’s death.

But anyhow, he had to join his career, which he did only physically.

Sexual Assaulted

Although, Quintez manage to pop up as UW’s no.2 wide receiver. And a heart-broken athlete at the same time. He also wore a  sticker on his helmet that had his father’s initials to pay him homage.

A year later, on the night of April 21 and early morning of April 22, Quintez, 21, was involved in sexual acts with two 18-year-old women in Madison’s apartment.

Those two women were University students.

The women later accused him of rape charges and claimed the act was conducted without any consent and they were too drunk to understand what was going on.

Moreover, according to them, Quitez took the situation’s benefit.

Quintez in the dreadlock hairstyle look
in the dreadlock hairstyle look

Quintez was charged with second and third-degree sexual abuse, and if proved guilty, he would be sentenced to life in jail for 40 years in the latter case.

As a result, Quintez was suspended for an entire season at WU for violating the code of conduct. However, he was found innocent after presenting the proof in court with his lawyer, Stephen Meyer.

Click here to read actually what happened in Madison’s apartment during the night in detail. Was it rape or a sexual act between the pair at a voluntary will?

Either way, the mishaps destroyed him mentally. He went sleepless for many nights, knowing he was innocent. He even cut his dreadlocks just because that would make people view him as an—–.

Watch out for this video where the wide receiver goes vocal about all the dramatic and unbearable losses he faced in life, including how hard it is to be a Black in America.

People also search for

Who is Quintez’s girlfriend?

After having such gruesome moments one after one, we cannot even think of him having time to make a girlfriend.

He has gone through a lot. Maybe after things fall into place, Quintez will have someone who understands him fully.

What is Quintez Cephus 40-yard dash time?

Quintez Cephus’ 40-yard dash time is 4.73-second.

Quintez Cephus | Net Worth

Keeping his personal issues aside, Quintez has been trying to level up to live up to his father’s dream every day.

Let the bygones be bygone. Now, Quintez is all set to focus on his career. According to online sources, he has signed a four-year contract with the Detroit Lions worth $3,599,288, which offers him a base salary of $899,822.

And we can assume that,

“Quintez Cephus has an accumulated net worth of around $3599288 as of 2024.”

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Quintez Cephus | Social Media Presence

Talking about his social media presence, Quitenz is quite a finite personality. He seems to be fairly active on Twitter and Instagram.

He keeps posting about random stuff, different facets of life, and, most importantly, football. Go, give him a follow if you want to know more about him.

Scroll down a little bit and click on the links.

Instagram handle- @qodeep_87 with 27.6k followers.

Twitter handle- @QoDeep_87 with 12.2k followers.

The first and foremost thing that we get to learn from his life is that we need to keep fighting and grow stronger.

Have been put in miserable circumstances does not mean we are less than anyone out there in this world.

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