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The pride of Mexico, Ricardo Ferretti is a renowned former professional football player and a current manager at FC Juárez. He is also popularly referred to as Tuca. 

In 1971 Ricardo Ferretti made his debut as a professional player with Botafogo Football Club. He represented the team until 1975. 

Ricardo Ferretti is best known for his career as a professional footballer. However, he spent most of his time on the pitch as a midfielder. Furthermore, his retirement happened in 1991.

Moreover, Ricardo started his coaching career at UNAM in the same year.

Ricardo Ferretti
Ricardo Ferretti

Besides, Ricardo was named the interim coach in August 2015 for the Mexican national team.

Further, he won the CONCACAF Cup at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, against the U.S.A. Also, he is one of the Richest Brazilian-born football players. 

Furthermore, Ferretti is one of the most popular Soccer players in history. 

Quick Facts

Name Ricardo Ferretti de Oliveira 
Date of birth February 22, 1954
Birthplace Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Age 70 Years Old
Nationality Mexican 
Parents Victorino Ferretti and Aryad de Oliveria
Siblings Four
Nickname Tuca
Professional debut 1971
Debut team Botafogo Football Club
Profession Former football player
Current professional manager
Retirement 1991
Debut as manager 1991 (Tigres UNAM )
Interim Coach August 2015 (Mexico)
Affiliated teams (Player) Vasco da Gama
Affiliated teams (Manager) Guadalajara
Monarcas Morelia
Tigres UANL
Pumas UNAM
Mexican National team
Relationship Status Married
Wife Not Known
Children Not Known
Social Media Twitter 
Net Worth $20 million
Tigres UANL Merch  Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Navy Gold Snapback
Last Update March, 2024

Ricardo Ferretti | Early Life & Family

Ferretti is born to his father, Victorino Ferretti, and his mother, Aryad de Oliveria. Ricardo spent most of his childhood playing football on the beaches of Brazil. 

Ricardo grew up in Rio de Janeiro with his four siblings. He was the fourth among five children of his parents. 

He preferred to stay away from home and play football on the beach until dawn. Ricardo was given his nickname “Tuca” by his mother. For those, it was the first word Ferretti spoke as a baby. 

Sadly the information regarding Ricardo’s educational background is missing on the internet.

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Ricardo Ferretti | Age, Height, and Nationality

Ferretti is 70 years old as of 2024. Likewise, he is born under the sun-sign Pisces.

As a former footballer, Ricardo Ferretti keeps his physique on top form. Ferretti follows a strict diet and works out on a routine.

Also, Ricardo stands 5’8″ ft tall and weighs around 74 kg, regarding his height and weight.

Moreover, he has black hair color with a brown pair of eyes. Unfortunately, the body measurement of Ricardo is not available on the internet.

Similarly, he belongs to the Brazilian nationality. Sadly the information regarding Ricardo’s ethnical group and the religion he follows is unavailable.

Ricardo Ferretti | Career Stats 

Ferretti is renowned in the world of football as an attacking midfielder. He is known for his leadership, mobility, and right-footed solid skills. 

He was also a free-kick specialist; who spent most of his career playing for Pumas UNAM.

Furthermore, he played for other notable clubs like Vasco da Gama, Bonsucesso, and Botafogo in his native Brazil.

Ricardo Ferretti for the Atlas

Similarly, he represented Atlas, Toluca, Neza, and Monterrey teams in Mexico. And coached famous Mexican football player Jorge Campos during his coaching years at UNAM.

As a manager, Ricardo Ferretti had two stints with Pumas UNAM and three stints with Tigres UANL. His experience playing for clubs like Pumas UNAM club has significantly contributed to his coaching career.

Likewise, he has also managed Guadalajara, Toluca, and Monarcas Morelia. Ricardo is one of two managers in Mexican football history to manage 1,000 league matches.

The other manager is Ignacio Trelles. Furthermore, Ricardo served for the Mexican national team as interim coach on two occasions. 

In addition, he led Mexico to the final and won the CONCACAF Cup in 2015.

Tigres UANL’s Coach 

Later in 2000, Ricardo moved to Tigres UANL, the team consistently failed to qualify for the playoffs. However, the team had numerous star players from the Mexico national team. 

The star players included the likes of Luis Hernandez and Jorge Campos.

During his first year at the Tigres, he was able to qualify the team for the playoffs. Later that year, Ricardo pushed the team into the runners-up position.

Ricardo Ferretti at Tigres

Ricardo Ferretti left the Tigres in 2003. During his time in the club, his success and good economic standing made him the best-paid coach.

Not to mention, Tigre’s failure to defeat Rayados in the semi-finals leads the board not to renew Ricardo’s contract. Instead, it prompted Ricardo to move to Toluca for Apertura in early 2003. 

Tigres signed the famous Nery Pumpido as their coach in the same season. However, the two coaches’ similarities in the play style led to no changes in the squad’s roaster.

In addition, local media in Monterrey also reported a rumor that Ricardo was coaching Tigres behind Pompidou. 

Like the previous season, Tigres became the runner-up again after defeating Ferretti’s Toluca in the semi-final.

A Prominent Return

In 2004 despite qualifying for the playoffs and personal differences with José Cardoz, he had to part ways with the team. 

Ricardo moves on to be the coach at Morelia. His team’s endeavors had mixed success, but it did not help the team from escaping relegation.

Later on January 1, 2006, Tigres appointed Ricardo as their coach for the second time. During his spell at the club, the Tigres qualified for and on the InterLiga. However, the team failed to be eligible for the Clausura playoffs in 2006. 

It stopped Tigre’s advancement in the Libertadores. Due to this failure, Tigres ceased the relationship with Ricardo on June 30, 2006.

Pumas UNAM

Ricardo went on to join the Pumas on May 23, 2006 and led them to the final. The Pumas faced Atlante in the finals during the 2006 season. The team performed brilliantly and came in as an underdog. 

In addition, Pumas shined during the playoffs by using their home-field advantage against opponents.

However, Pumas could not deliver during the first leg against Atlante. Furthermore, they had to suffer a 2-1 loss against Atalanta.

During the 20O9 season, Ricardo led Pumas to the finals after an astonishing performance in the playoffs. 

Pumas, as the underdog, goes on to in a 3-2 victory against Pachuca.

Return to Tigres UANL

However, after Pumas’s elimination from the playoffs in 2010, Ricardo quit as the manager. Tigres quickly took the opportunity. Ferretti was appointed again as the coach by Tigres in 2010. 

During the 2011 season, he led the team to the final. The game ended in a victory for the Tigres. The Tigres won the Apertura 2011 league title after defeating rival Santos Laguna. 

It was the first title for Tigres in 29 years. Ricardo was awarded as the best manager of the tournament. 

New hope for Tigres

In 2015, Ricardo led the Tigress to the Copa Libertadores final. The Tigres was the third Mexican team to claim the achievement. 

However, Tigres loses the final match against América. Shortly after, they qualified for the playoffs in eighth place. However, they lost in the quarterfinals against the city rival Monterrey. 

Also, Ricardo led Tigres to win their fifth league title. Tigres won the game on penalty kicks against América. The match was also Ricardo’s 1000th league match as a professional manager in Mexico.

Similarly, he became the first manager to have five league titles. His position as manager ended on May 8, 2021, after a 1-0 loss to Atlas.

FC Juárez

After leaving the Tigres, the professional football manager is appointed as the manager of Juárez. Juárez appointed Ferretti on 3 June 2021.

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Mexico National Team

After the discharge of Miguel Herrera for an incident that happened off the field, Ricardo Ferretti was called to serve as an interim manager for Mexico. 

However, he made several statements in the past regarding his disinterest in managing the Mexico national team.

Nonetheless, he agreed to manage the Mexican team as an interim manager.

Ricardo Ferretti is an Interim Manager for Mexico
Ricardo Ferretti is an Interim Manager for Mexico.

Mexico drew against Argentina and Trinidad & Tobago during the process under Ricardo in friendlies.

The Mexican team also won the CONCACAF Cup in 2015 against the United States. The national team then qualified for the Confederations Cup in 2017. 

Furthermore, Ricardo won his farewell against Panama. After the departure of Juan Carlos Osorio in 2018. He was once again called for his services by the Mexican football federation.

He serves as the interim manager against Chile, Costa Rica, the United States, and Urug in friendly matches.

Ricardo Ferretti | Trivia

As a manager, Ricardo has three stints at Tigres UANL, and two at Pumas UNAM. In addition, he managed Monarcas Morelia, Guadalajara, and Toluca. 

Furthermore, Ricardo Ferretti is one of two managers to manage 1,000 league matches in Mexican football history. 

Also, he has served as interim coach for the Mexican national team on two occasions. Moreover, he won the 2015 CONCACAF Cup with Mexico. 

Ricardo Ferretti | Honors

As a Player


  • CONCACAF Champions’ Cup: 1980, 1982
  • Mexican Primera División: 1980–81, 1990–91
  • Copa Interamericana: 1980


  • Mexican Primera División Best Winger: 1980–81


  • Copa México: 1988–89

As a Manager


  • Mexican Primera División: Verano 1997


  • Campeón de Campeones: 2003
  • CONCACAF Champions’ Cup: 2003


  • Mexican Primera División: Clausura 2009

Tigres UANL

  • Copa MX: Clausura 2014
  • Liga MX: Apertura 2011, Apertura 2015, Apertura 2016, Apertura 2017, Clausura 2019
  • Interlingua: 2006
  • CONCACAF Champions League: 2020
  • Campeón de Campeones: 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Campeones Cup: 2018


  • CONCACAF Cup: 2015


  • Mexican Primera División Best Manager: 1996–97, Clausura 2011, Clausura 2009, Apertura 2011
  • Liga MX Best XI Manager: Apertura 2017 

Ricardo Ferretti | Wife and Children

Ricardo does not share much about his married life as a private person. He has presented himself as a strong character on and off the pitch as a player and a coach. 

Nonetheless, he expresses his softer side on different occasions. The Telemundo Deportes posted a video on their Twitter account. 

You can see his calm demeanor and the affectionate side of Ricardo in the video. In addition, the video showcases Ricardo’s son, who is not happy when the food is withdrawn from him.

The Tigres coach is very affectionate and calm, living and feeding his little son, who is unhappy when the Brazilian helmsman withdraws the food.

Due to his private life preference, Ricardo has kept his wife and son away from the spotlight. Thus, not much information is not found about his family. 

Ricardo Ferretti | Net Worth

Ricardo Ferretti is best known for his coaching career and is a former footballer.

Also, he spent most of his football career playing as a midfielder in Mexico’s top football club.

So, it’s speculated that he earned most of his fortune from his football career. His net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. 

Not to mention, he is regarded as one of the second best-paid soccer coaches in the North American country. While working with the Tigres, he received an annual contract worth 3.8 million U.S. dollars.

Likewise, he is involved with various brands and endorsements, from where he earns a good amount from promoting the brands to his fans.

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Net Worth of Ricardo Ferretti in Different Currencies

Below is the net worth of Ricardo Ferretti in different currencies, including the Euro and Pound: 

Currency Net Worth
Euro 17,796,600 
Pound Sterling £15,098,328 
Australian Dollar A$28,070,180 
Canadian Dollar C$25,789,600 
Indian Rupee 1,520,270,000 
BitCoin ฿423 

Ricardo Ferretti | Social Media

Twitter: 295 Followers

Queries on Ricardo Ferretti

Why did Ferretti leaves Tiger in 2004? 

In 2004, Ferretti was able to win the semi-final against Ferretti’s Toluca and became runner-up.

However, due to some personal differences with José Cardozo, Ferretti was separated from the team despite qualifying for the playoffs in all his seasons in Toluca.

Is Ricardo Ferretti also a karate player?

Ricardo is not a karate player. In fact, he has never played karate in his life. He mainly focused on football rather than other sports.

Why is there a Ricardo Ferretti obituary?

The obituary does not belong to the football manager Ricardo Ferretti. He is still alive and works as a manager for FC Juárez.


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